18 October 2011

Try imagine an alternate universe...

...where former Conservative Premier Mike Harris kills a guy with his car on the busiest street in Toronto... and then writes a book portraying himself as the victim...

“What really attracted me to this book was the unflinching description of one man’s descent into a kind of hell,” Turbide said. “He has been humbled by what happened, but more important, wants to rededicate himself to public service and to overhaul the justice system.
What's life without a dream, huh?
He’d also served as minister of aboriginal affairs and attorney general — where he famously banned pit bulls from the province — and was considered a serious contender to succeed Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Prosecutors dropped charges against Bryant in May 2010 after deciding there was little chance of convicting him.
That's funny... it sure didn't stop them from going after David Chen. Or Ian Thomson.

I guess you gotta go big-picture here. If Toronto was willing to give Dalton a third at-bat... why wouldn't they embrace Michael Bryant in 2015?

Let the rehabilitation begin.