17 October 2011

The Spark

You can choose to sit behind a desk... you can choose to skydive...

choose wiselyOr you can choose to roll the dice at 225 mph.

I think, for most of us... (Albert Einstein et al excepted)... a career is mostly background noise. Some of us just choose to crank up the volume more than others.

Just this summer, a newfound friend of ours... a smart, funny, multi-faceted guy... was told he had pancreatic cancer.

Three months later he was dead.

He was 40 years old.

This was a man who embraced the people around him, who made smart choices, who absolutely radiated humanity. I keep thinking... "I wish we had known him longer... known him better."

Life. Death.

So many imponderables, so little time.

Anyway, his name was Andre... and we think of him fondly and often.

Maybe that's the mark of a life well-lived.


Anonymous said...

Great comment. Kinda puts all the other peripheral stuff into perspective.
Probably don't have to tell you to hug your family today.


Neo Conservative said...

andre definitely was someone who had the spark... that indefinable quality that drew people close. he was married to his highschool sweetheart... and i won't even try to imagine her pain.

like my father-in-law... he will be remembered kindly by all who knew him.