12 October 2011

Tale of Two... well... you be the Judge

Door number one...

"An altercation likely escalated to gunshots, said Det. Sgt. Pauline Gray. Gray would not comment on whether he was 'known to police'."

"'He has a lovely family here in Toronto,' Gray added. 'They’re devastated. We’ve had a lot of contact with them and they’re very supportive.'"
Door number two...
"A 27-year-old gunned down in the city’s east end over the weekend — just steps away from a memorial event for another Thanksgiving murder victim — was allegedly among a group of thugs who kidnapped, tortured and held a man for ransom last year."
I swear... I'm just thankful... I don't live in Toronto.


Anonymous said...

they vote differently in Toronto too.

Carter Hall said...

No doubt he was in the process of turning his life around. This will of course be testified to by one or more of the several mothers of his children.

dmorris said...

One gets the feeling the Toronto police are well versed in Political Correctness,and NOT so well versed in "crime solving 101".

Lessee, gunshots,followed by cars speeding away from the scene. A fool such as I might infer the cars carried the shooters,and would have asked if anyone happened to get a licence plate number,but thankfully,I'm not in charge to send Police down the wrong path.

So,let's turn the investigation toward the community that is always happy to "observe,record,and report",and everything should turn out just fine.

The young fellow "has a lovely family",and I'm sure he was an "A" student in school,and probably would have one day been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,BUT,in the meantime,just happened to stray into kidnapping and extortion.

Perfectly reasonable, I bet most of today's community leaders went down the same path.

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... just happened to stray into kidnapping and extortion."

not something you find out about though, if you only read the toronto red star.

it's like all the things you hear are never revealed to juries... because they might "prejudice" the course of justice.


Al the Fish said...

In winnipeg newspapers, the reports of murders of local gangbangers usually goes something like this: He was a good boy, he loved his children and was expecting another child with his current girlfriend, he hoped by the time he turned 18 he'd find a good job....

Neo Conservative said...

"al the fish says... reports of murders of local gangbangers"

i'm always astounded to hear about these twenty-something year-old bike messengers who were on the verge of being accepted into medical, law or art (pick one) school before their tragic and invariably violent demise.

funny, also... how the star managed to overlook the extortion, kidnapping thing in this young man's cv.