31 December 2006

A bright shining new year

From my favourite British detective series...
What's worse than choking to death on your own vomit? --- Choking to death on somebody elses...
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Be smarter than you were last year... that's all I'm hoping for.

One question... to be answered honestly

At the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, I'd like to know what percentage of heterosexual parents would be truly happy to find out that their son or daughter was homosexual... c'mon now, fess up.

--- I'm thinkin' the answer is... zip... zero... as in none.

That, of course, is only my hetero-biased opinion. Any otherwise oriented persons are welcome to jump in here... not literally, if you please.

The divergent opinions on this matter is what makes this research pretty significant to sundry and all.
It raises the prospect that pregnant women could one day be offered a treatment to reduce or eliminate the chance that their offspring will be homosexual.

Experts say that, in theory, the “straightening” procedure on humans could be as simple as a hormone supplement for mothers-to-be, worn on the skin like an anti-smoking nicotine patch.
The salient fact here is that if everyone on the planet woke up tomorrow and found they were magically transformed into practising homosexuals... the human race, IVF notwithstanding, would be effectively doomed to extinction.

So you have to ask yourself, what's up with all the individuals and organisations out there who are militantly lobbying to wipe out any perception that being heterosexual is "the norm" in human society?

I say, be who you are... but accept the reality.

The fact is... enough deviation from the putative norm would erase human beings from this planet, for a couple of million years.

Not that that would be a complete disaster.

h/t to SDA


UPDATE: The not so intellectual Empire Strikes back

The person who bills himself as "Canadian Cynic" is so shy he has to post here anonymously, before putting up a frothing personal attack at his own version of myblahg.
Hetero-bias my arse. You can't go two minutes without thinking about "the cock."
Wow, that just blows away my commentary about extinction.

I'm in good company though. He next turns his razor-sharp wit and prodigious vocabulary on Small Dead Animals and AGWN, with a tour-de-force entitled, "Kate, you ignorant slut."


Another vituperative little Bobby McClelland wannabe... it's so cute seeing them struggle to get up and talk.

Next time though, maybe try it without pounding back so many beers. Happy New Year.

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Problem with pests... call TRS

Jack and Gilles may head for the hills... but real Canadians don't bug out...

So says a man known as "Edge"...

Written in felt pen on the cover of his helmet in Pashtu is "Taliban Relocation Service," a tribute to fallen comrade Master Cpl. Jeffrey Walsh...
Unlike certain so-called leaders of some marginal political parties, Cpl. Mark Ejdrygiewicz has no time for weasel words...
Any soldier that doesn't want to come back for another tour here, shouldn't have come in the first place.

"Being gung ho, being enthusiastic about doing his job? Hey that's a good thing," he said. "If you've got soldiers out here wanting to go home, miserable and complaining, they're a risk to you, they're a risk to themselves and they don't need to be here."

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Eco-warrior Liberals strangely silent

Remember how the Liberals went ape when Stephen Harper dared to publicise the case of a Canadian citizen jailed in China?

-- It's funny, but I've yet to hear a peep out of Steffi and his pack of small noisy dogs, about the way China is laying waste to the global environment.
It is often darkness at noon in Datong, just 160 miles west of Beijing, where vehicles drive in daytime with their headlights on to grope through the miasma.

One of the four filthiest towns in China, it stands at the heart of the nation’s coal belt in Shanxi province, a region that mines more coal every year than Britain, Russia and Germany combined.
Most Ontarians are familiar with the political fallout from Dalton McGuinty's broken promise to close the coal fired generating plants in Ontario. Compare our situation with what is going on in China...
The Chinese plan to build no fewer than 500 new coal-fired power stations, adding to some 2,000, most of them unmodernised, that spew smoke, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.
Even without the extra 500 plants, the toxic clouds from China can be seen from space as they make their way across the Pacific Ocean to North America.

C'mon Steffi... this is your big chance. Speak up.

UPDATE: Maybe Steffi should keep quiet
While the Liberals signed the Kyoto accord in 1998 and ratified it in 2002, not only did our emissions go up by 24.2% compared to 13.3% for the U.S. from 1990 to 2003 -- which the media did report -- but that left us with the sixth worst record among the world's key industrialized nations.

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30 December 2006

Nah... I'm thinking round-trip this year

Need somewhere exciting to vacation this year... how about Mina, Saudi Arabia?
2006: 345 die in a crush during a stone-throwing ritual
2004: 251 trampled to death in stampede
2003: 14 are crushed to death
2001: 35 die in stampede
1998: At least 118 trampled to death
1997: 343 pilgrims die and 1,500 injured in fire
1994: 270 killed in stampede
1990: 1,426 pilgrims killed in tunnel leading to holy sites
1987: 400 die as Saudi authorities confront pro-Iranian demonstration

I dunno... the Stations of the Cross are starting to look pretty good to me.

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Set 'em up, we'll knock 'em down

Mullah Omar, from his hidey-hole somewhere in Pakistani tribal lands, issues another heroic directive, yet again pledging other people's lives...
The statement was released as NATO and Afghan forces killed more than 12 Taliban fighters in the volatile south and was timed for the Muslim religious festival of Id al-Adha.

The message urged the Taliban to “sacrifice” their lives and “never submit or accept defeat.”
Canadian troops say, "Yeah... we're good with that."

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Adolph, Ghenghis and Vlad the Impaler...

There's a fresh face around hell's hamster wheel of infamy tonight...
In the months after he seized power on July 16, 1979, he had hundreds of members of his own party and army officers slain.

In 1996, he ordered the slaying of two sons-in-law who had defected to Jordan but returned to Baghdad after receiving guarantees of safety.
That's how Saddam treated friends, allies and members of his own family... imagine what happened to people who really pissed him off.

As for all the happy horseshit about the immorality of the death penalty, I have to believe even the most beneficent deity would have let this one slide.

Baste and turn for all time, Saddam...

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29 December 2006

Old dog, new tricks

It ain't over til it's over... over there.
He's a dad of three grown kids, a husband to Suzanne for 26 years and was playing with his 18-month old grandson last night. But things are going to change Jan. 6 when the Scarborough native, who has lived in Sudbury since the 1980s, will head to St. Jean, Que. for 14 weeks of basic training before five more weeks of officer training.

By June he hopes to be a 50-year-old rookie lieutenant ready for deployment. "It's something I always wanted to do and I am excited."

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28 December 2006

If you're a career criminal...

Thank a Liberal... you know, the guys who financed giving federal prisoners the vote. The same guys who currently oppose Stephen Harper's tough new stance on crime and more specifically, criminals... yeah, those Liberals.
OTTAWA — About 850 convicted criminals — including a suspected biker-gang affiliate who fired 15 shots at police officers and a man who killed a gun salesman execution style — are unlawfully at large in Canada.
This is nuts. Let's get real about crime.

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A most fickle deity

Much like their fellow jihadis in Afghanistan, at the first sign of significant resistance... the Somali Islamofascists fade into the woodwork.
"We have been defeated. I have removed my uniform. Most of my comrades have also changed into civilian clothes," one former SICC fighter told Reuters. "Most of our leaders have fled."
Ah well, I'm sure they'll be around somewhere, doing what they do best... shooting people in the back and terrorizing the civilian populace.

You know... the will of Allah.

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26 December 2006

The cancer runs deep

Like most countries in the Middle East, Iraq just doesn't get democracy. --- Despite ousting Saddam, there seems to be this irresistable urge by anyone in any sort of position of authority, to put a jackbooted foot on somebody's, or maybe just anybody's, neck.

Radical surgery on the body-politic seems to be the only solution.
More than 1,000 UK troops have stormed the headquarters of an Iraqi police unit to rescue 127 prisoners, dozens of whom they had feared would be killed.

The British said the unit was suspected of murder and the rescued prisoners appeared to have been tortured.
Incredibly, the Serious Crimes Unit, set up to investigate major incidents against civilians had instead made itself over as a Death Squad.
The operation showed how closely aligned some police units are with militias and death squads — and the challenges coalition forces face as they transfer authority for security to Iraqis.
It's sad to say, but at this point in time Iraqi society is still so insular, savage and unashamedly tribal that Iraqis can't be trusted to police their own streets.

That's why it's so important to stay the course in Iraq. Without radical surgery, this patient is definitely terminal.

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25 December 2006

They just don't get it

It's the first thing they teach you in law school... never ask a question if you don't already know the answer...

Craig Oliver and the rest of the leftbots at Pinko Central must be pullin' their hair out.

Well, maybe not Craig... but I bet he's stampin' his feet.

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"I don't know what's the reason..."

Lemme help you here George... it just might have something to do with that "indiscriminate, mindless slaughter thing" you guys are apparently locked into...
“No tourists are coming,” said Mr. Baboul, 72, who opened the shop in 1967. “I don't know what's the reason for that. There are no problems, Bethlehem is safe, but tourists are afraid to come.”
Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty horrific when the bloodthirsty freakazoids celebrate the murders of Israeli civilians... but when they start slaughtering each others kids, it's time for sane people to get the hell outta Dodge.

So George... maybe you could pass the word.

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To friend and foe alike...

A few measly minutes into December 25th and before I head upstairs to bed, I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas to the folk who have dropped by, emailed, or left comments here on my virtual doorstep.

I started writing here a few months back, not knowing what to expect.

I have discovered how oddly satisfying it is most days to be able to throw open the virtual shutters and scream into the deepening dark... which has the unexpected added benefit of saving untold wear and tear on my inexplicably tolerant spouse.

Good night...


23 December 2006

Ghosts of Christmas Past

It's probably not a good sign that this item conjured up images of family get-togethers past...
Festivus has three components:

1) The Festivus pole, undecorated (tinsel is distracting)
2) The airing of grievances: you tell your family and friends how they have disappointed you in the past year.
3) Feats of strength: a Festivus party isn't over until a guest or family member has pinned the host in a wrestling match.

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Hey Akhtar, say hi to Allah for me

Rest in pieces, pal - Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Osmani was the latest Taliban commander to be sent, parcel post, to Nirvana...
"The vehicle was completely destroyed, there was nothing to recognize," Collins said. "But we have various intelligence assets that we monitor, that we look at very closely, and of course we work with the intelligence agencies of the Afghan government and through those sources we are sure that he is dead."

During Taliban rule, Osmani was the corps commander of Kandahar, the militia's seat of power.
The Taliban denies that Osmani was the guy turned into extra-crunchy peanut butter by the airstrike, but the fact that US officials spent four days confirming his identity before releasing the news... pretty much locks in a confirmed kill.

In a matter-of-fact statement to the media, U.S. military spokesman Col. Tom Collins addressed the ongoing nature of the conflict...
"There's no doubt that it will have an immediate impact on their ability to conduct attacks," Collins said. "But the Taliban is fairly adaptive.

They'll put somebody else in that position and we'll go after that person, too."

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22 December 2006

What... everybody's got enough virgins?

Taliban fighters have apparently gone to ground, rather than square off with Canadian forces in this latest operation...
NATO troops have encountered little resistance in their execution of Operation Falcon's Summit, which was billed as a major offensive into Taliban country in Afghanistan.

An estimated 400 Taliban insurgents located south of Howz-e Madad have nowhere to go, according to NATO, because the area is surrounded by Canadians to the north and east, British forces to the west, and American and British troops to the south.
The dearth of jihadis is due, no doubt in part, to the more direct, indeed Harper-like message that preceded the advance.
For hard core Taliban members the message is more severe. It reads: "Enemies of the Islamic Rebublic of Afghanistan leave this area." Alongside a picture of a prisoner, it reads: "If we catch you, you will die."
I'm thinkin' we go with less carrot and more stick for a little while.

It seems to have made an impression.

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Tis the season for, well... something

Don't have a "festive holiday" tradition? That's ok... just make one up.
Twas the night before Kwanzaa And all through the 'hood,Maulana Karenga was up to no good. He'd tortured a woman and spent time in jail. He needed a new scam that just wouldn't fail. ("So what if I stuck some chick's toe in a vice? Nobody said revolution was nice!")

Read the whole thing, click on some of the links... then come back and call me bad names. 

 I dare you. 

Thanks to Kathy Shaidle for an early Christmas present.

21 December 2006

Massive layoff of Conspiracy Theorists

It will be a day of mourning for the all-too-energetic, Black Helicopter, Bush bombed the WTC, etc. - Conspiracy Theory industry...
The C.I.A. has reviewed more than 100 million pages, released 30 million pages and created a database of documents, Crest, that is accessible from terminals at the National Archives.

The National Security Agency, the eavesdropping and code-breaking agency, has released 35 million pages, including an extensive collection on the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the escalation of the Vietnam War.
And who was it that actually implemented this long delayed legislation?
“The Bush administration could have said, ‘This is a Clinton thing,’ and abandoned it,” Mr. Aftergood, said. “To their credit, they did not.”
I'm sure the whackjobs will soon have a theory about this.

UPDATE: Speaking of paranoid conspiracy theorists
Robert, you really have to stop reading those spooky spy novels. It is amazing that you a) think that people really spend their days doing psyops and b) if they did they would care about this board, or the NDP for that matter.

Paranoid hubris is an interesting thing to see. The vast majority of Canadians could not care less, and your entire approach cheapens the enterprise of politics in Canada.

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Ontario Attorney-General Michael Bryant has a typically Liberal approach to the ongoing "Courthouse Christmas Tree" flap...
Bryant said he spoke to Ontario Chief Justice Brian Lennox yesterday about whether a Christmas tree placement policy is needed for the 165-plus courthouses in the province of Ontario. "And we agreed that once the season is finished we will sit down in January to have this discussion," Bryant said.
So Bryant is gonna piss away valuable time that the overburdened Chief Justice could be spending on, say... oh, I don't know... the administration of justice?   Are we gonna see a "Status of Holiday Ornamentation Council" open up at Queen's Park? Mr Tory, is the defense ready to present its case?
Conservative Leader John Tory said Bryant appears intent on dragging this matter out when he could resolve it in short order. "All he needs to say to people who are on an orgy of political correctness, 'Get over it, we celebrate all the holidays here...'"
Now, if perennial butt-licker Michael Bryant could just get back to work...

Hey Steffi... start tap dancing

Tell me again...where exactly is Stephane Dion on senate reform?
*** Fully 64 per cent of respondents liked the idea of being able to choose senators for future vacancies in the upper chamber, according to a Decima Research survey, made available exclusively to The Canadian Press.

And a whopping 72 per cent supported limiting senators to eight-year terms.

“While other options, including abolishing the Senate also win public approval, the plan unveiled by the prime minister will at the very least strike most people as a step in the right direction.”
Not with the majority of the people surveyed here, I'm guessing.

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20 December 2006

Jack and Gilles should take a pill

UPDATE: Nobody here is talkin' about turning tail...
Members of Charlie Company Combat Team, consisting of two troops of Canadian Leopard tanks, a company of light armoured vehicles, three platoons of infantry, a company of Afghan National Army soldiers, as well as artillery and support - left the forward operating base near the village Bazar-e-Panjwaii early Wednesday.

"We've been like caged leopards, I guess, waiting to get out on the prowl," said Cpl. Steve Hamel, 28, of Canal Flats, B.C. sitting in a long line of armoured vehicles.

They're making a list...
and checking it twice...
gonna find out who's...
naughty or nice...

Like Prime Minister Stephen Harper and apparently, a sizeable chunk of my fellow Canadians, I believe we are doing a good thing in Afghanistan and that if we abandon the mission, it will be an indelible stain on the fabric of history.

There are faint-hearted folk who strenuously disagree with this opinion. I would say to those individuals, "Just thank your lucky stars you live in a country that values democracy and individual freedoms... and not a country like Afghanistan."

"Because, over there, under the Taliban, with your big, flappin' lefty pieholes... you'd be hanging from a streetlamp before sundown."

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The Sheeple have spoken

Pop culture rules... Britannia drools.
Jack is still the most popular name for baby boys in the UK, while Olivia has become the favourite for a girl, the national statistics agency has said.

Floral names have also done well with Lily, Daisy and Poppy all in the top 30, the agency revealed.
How the mighty have fallen. Apparently, rather than naming their children after ancestors or family members, people here are taking their cues from Angelina Jolie, or TV drivel like 'Big Brother.'

It's more than a little disturbing.

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Another reason why

The ongoing price of political correctness... letting a murderer skate?
Some newspaper reports have suggested Mr Jamma, a prime suspect in the fatal shooting, stole his sister's passport and wore a full niqab (a veil that totally obscures the face) to evade checks at Heathrow airport between Christmas Day last year and New Year's Day.

A BAA Heathrow spokesman told The Times immigration control staff always did visual checks on people coming into the country but added only random checks were made on outgoing passengers.
How about one law, one set of rules... for everyone?

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19 December 2006

Walking Tall

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he could not live with himself if he reduced Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan to further his own political self-interest and that he’s even prepared to lose the next election if it means standing by the military.
I can't think of a single thing to add here.

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Live and don't learn

Until you die...
Gun battles have erupted between armed Palestinians loyal to Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza Strip, killing at least three people and wounding a dozen others.

Rival Palestinian fighters clashed at three locations on Tuesday, breaching a ceasefire agreed on Sunday. At least five children were among the wounded.
This isn't a country, it's a Bermuda triangle of psychosis.
A Fatah official told Al Jazeera that the ceasefire agreed on by Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza Strip was still holding, despite the latest bloodshed.
I give up.

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18 December 2006

Who is Mamdouh Stephanos?

Let me be a little more precise... who exactly is Mamdouh Stephanos to Stephane Dion... I mean, in addition to being his financial lifeline?

When you're in the political fight of your life, what sort of collateral, besides your immortal soul that is... do you pledge for a chilly $350,000.00?
Liberal MP St├ęphane Dion - Total money borrowed: $655,000

Name of Lender

1. Mamdouh Stephanos: $200,000

2. Mamdouh Stephanos: $150,000

3. James Carroll: $30,000

4. Marc de la Bruyere: $100,000

5. Roderick Bryden: $50,000

6. Stephen Bronfman: $50,000

7. Christopher Hoffmann: $25,000

8. Remi Nault: $50,000
C'mon Stephane, introduce us to your new best friend.

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Dion... Mr. Dithers in short pants

Disproving the widely held perception that the Liberals couldn't possibly be any more lost than they were this time last year... Stephane Dion seems intent on making Paul Martin look arrogantly decisive.
Rather than call Duceppe's bluff by not welching on the commitment that former prime minister Paul Martin and his successor, Stephen Harper, have made to Afghanistan and the deeply committed young men and women from Canada rotating through six-month tours there, Dion has been testing the political winds.

The Liberal leader has declared that he may support a negotiated withdrawal of Canadian troops. Just who Dion intends to "negotiate" with -- NATO? The Americans? The Afhgan government? The UN? The Taliban? -- is a mystery.
The Liberal Party got so used to governing by polls, that, in Opposition, they can't seem to make any sort of decisions all on their own.

Perhaps Deputy Leader Ignatieff can stiffen Dion's spine.

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Who gives a krap about Kurds?

The loony-left is too busy screaming about George Bush and Stephen Harper to waste any time on a little genocide...
Mr. Hussein and six co-defendants have pleaded innocent to charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity for their alleged roles in the 1987-88 military offensive against the Kurds, codenamed Operation Anfal.

The prosecution estimates that 180,000 Kurds were killed when Mr. Hussein's army waged a scorched-earth campaign against Kurdish separatist guerrillas, allegedly destroying hundreds of villages, and killing residents or forcing them to flee.
If anybody actually needs additional justification for taking down Saddam, might I suggest this could be it?

Nah... too much work, let's get back to vilifying that monstrous Stephen Harper.

UPDATE: ISG Report - Did they forget something?
Barzani is right to be suspicious of the ISG. Given how much more safe the Kurdish areas are than the Green Zone, one has to wonder why the ISG never bothered to meet with the Kurds of the region. An American failure puts the Kurds in a fatal squeeze between the Turks and the Shi'a and Sunni -- setting up yet another genocide.

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Tense? Well, that's one word

Hamas is rejecting the call for elections to jumpstart the paralyzed Palestinian government... and finding creative ways not to say the word "murder."
“We confirm that the Palestinian government refuses the invitation to early elections because it is unconstitutional and could cause tension among Palestinians,” Mr. Haniyeh said.
I'm not sure what sort of "tension" Hamas mouthpiece Ismail Haniyeh is worried about... but the wholesale violence over the last week in Palestine, including a botched assassination attempt that killed 3 small boys, shows every sign of turning into full-blown civil war.
The shooting erupted only hours after the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas reached a ceasefire that was to end days of bloody fighting.

Elsewhere, the bullet-riddled body of a top security officer affiliated with Fatah, Colonel Adnan Rahmi, was discovered in northern Gaza several hours after he disappeared, Palestinian medical officials and his family said.
The ceasefire so loudly lauded in the mainstream media this weekend, has turned out to be, no surprise... more of a short break to procure ammunition. Along with no jobs, no food and no functioning government, I guess that could make people a little irritable.

Maybe we could send in Taliban Jack to reason with them.

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Putting the "Pro" in procreation

This little gem takes "daddy issues" to a whole other level...
But perhaps if donors were not paid and anonymity were no longer guaranteed, those still willing to participate would seriously consider the repercussions of their actions.

They would have to be prepared to someday meet the people whom they helped create, to answer questions and to deal with a range of erratic emotions from their offspring.
An incredibly incisive look at the collateral consequences of "retail conception" from the 18 year old daughter of an anonymous sperm donor.

h/t David Frum

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17 December 2006

Jesus Christ... don't say the "C" word

Much like Jack "Home for the unspecified and totally insignificant holiday" Layton, a good Liberal never uses the "C" word...
Last year, during the Christmas election campaign then-prime minister Paul Martin bought a wreath. Asked by a reporter if he was buying a holiday wreath or a Christmas wreath, Martin laughed and said: "It's a $240 wreath."
It's this sort of evasion and hypocrisy that allows a man who has described himself as a devout Catholic, to champion homosexual marriage.

Most people overlook the fact that the "value system" that so many people are so quick to ridicule or deny, is the very reason Canada is such a tolerant nation. In a Muslim country for example, Mr. Martin's jubilant homosexual cotillion would be, well, how can I put this delicately... murdered.

As Licia Corbella points out...
The great irony in all of these examples is the very reason we are such a tolerant and free society is because our society is based on the Judeo-Christian ethic. It's why people of all faiths and races risk and sacrifice so much to move here.

With the exception of Japan and Israel, the only free countries in the world are all founded on Christianity.

Chip away at that foundation and what are you left with?

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16 December 2006

So much for the law of the land

Chalk up another victory for Dalton McGuinty and the PC Brigade...

Reinforcing the oh-so-familiar Liberal position that in Ontario, there is one set of laws for aboriginals and another set for the rest of us, the OPP arrested two men as they approached the disputed and occupied land in Caledonia.

Bear in mind that these men were arrested for simply approaching taxpayer owned land, with the sole intent of putting a Canadian flag on display... the same thing that the aboriginal contingent occupying the land was doing.
McHale was arrested along with Mark Vandermaas of London, by the Ontario Provincial Police as they approached the property waving Canadian flags.

CTV's Joel Bowey said the men intended to post the Canadian flag across the street from where aboriginal flags are currently flying.
Contrast the Liberals sliding scale of justice with the position of provincial Conservative Leader John Tory.
John Tory said the Liberals should refuse to negotiate with Six Nations as long as they remain on the disputed land.

There should be "one set of rules" for everyone, Tory said. While Six Nations protesters are allowed to fly their flags on the occupied land, residents who tried to put up Canadian flags near the land recently were threatened with arrest, Tory said.

"This just breeds disrespect for the law," he said. "It breeds a lot of tension and anxiety that I think is unnecessary.

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15 December 2006

If you kiss enough ass...

Do you eventually just not notice the taste anymore?

Hey Mikey, you suckhole... you forgot Zoroastrians.
Attorney General Michael Bryant said he dropped by the courthouse yesterday to "say hello to people, to wish them all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a good Kwanzaa and otherwise to have a good holiday."
By dropping by the courthouse and serially kissing up to Christians, Jews and Blacks, Michael Bryant figures he's spreading warm, gooey politically correct Liberal oil on the stormy Christmas Tree water.

As this Globe and Mail poll shows, 80 percent of the populace disagrees.

UPDATE: Where is Attorney General Michael Bryant now?

Funny, you never see him up at Jane & Finch spreading Kwanzaa cheer.
A 13-year-old boy walked into an emergency room with a bullet wound to the arm and a 16-year-old was rushed to Sunnybrook hospital after a double shooting in the Jane and Finch area last night.
I guess he's got more important things to do.

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Minister of Sunning Himself on a Rock

Dwight Duncan, whose appearance, attitude and accomplishments belie his official title of Minister of Energy, has reluctantly admitted he has been asleep at the switch...
TORONTO — Costs associated with operating Ontario's electricity agencies have soared more than 50 per cent since the old Ontario Hydro was dismantled in 1998, a Globe and Mail analysis has found.

Energy Minister Dwight Duncan conceded that government officials need to examine whether costs associated with overseeing the province's hydro systems can be reined in.
For anyone not making a cabinet minister's salary, with its built in living allowance and expense account, this is a significant burden.

Click below to email Dwight and his boss, Dalton McGuinty to let them know how happy you are at having to bear the brunt of this monstrous incompetence.

Dwight Duncan - Minister of Energy
Fax Number: 416-327-6754

Dalton McGuinty - Premier of Ontario
Fax Number: 416-325-3745

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14 December 2006

Somebody pinch me...

I'm afraid I'm dreaming...
TORONTO, Dec. 14 /CNW/ - The Muslim Canadian Congress has expressed dismay at the decision by Ontario judge to ban a Christmas tree from her court.

"This is stupidity and takes political correctness to new heights," said Farzana Hassan, President of the MCC.

"We should ban political correctness, not the Christmas Tree," said Ms. Hassan.
UPDATE: Good Grief... here's the solution...

Everybody has to bring one of these to work.
Learn the true meaning of Christmas with Charlie Brown's classic pathetic Christmas tree. Leave it bare or dress it up all fancy. The tree is an exact replica of the tree from the famous cartoon, made of wire branches and plastic needles with a criss cross wooden base.

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The mantra of Conservatism

If I hear one more thing about funding "advocacy" or sex-change operations, or 25 percent raises for politicians, I swear I'm gonna scream...

Ok, deep breaths, gotta calm down... say it slowly...
It's about taking the bullhorn away from the extremists and giving a voice back to mainstream, moderate voices in this country.

And it's about time.
It's worth the trip to Uncommon Truths

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Dalton Milktoast defends... something or other

Unlike Prime Minister Stephen Harper... it sure wasn't Christmas.

Again, the use of language by Canadian Press that has absolutely no relation to actual events. CP breathlessly exclaims...
"Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty slammed a Toronto judge"...
The actual words used...
"I think that's unfortunate," McGuinty said.

“We enjoy the wonderful privilege of building a pluralistic and multicultural society.”

“At Queen's Park we celebrated Diwali a few weeks ago, as well at Queen's Park we celebrated Eid. Next week I believe I'm participating in a lighting of the menorah celebration.”
C'mon Dalton... tone it down a little. Let's not get crazy.

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Mysterious Outbreak of MacStiffy

And I'm guessing cigarette sales were up too...
Smokers in Glasgow who sought medical help while trying to kick the habit were accidentally prescribed Viagra instead of an anti-smoking drug. The blunder was caused by a technical problem with a computer system that automatically selects a list of drugs when GPs fill out a prescription.

One Glasgow doctor said yesterday: "Thankfully the side effects of taking Viagra in error are not too serious."

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Feeling no pain

This is a potentially huge discovery... imagine the implications, for instance, for terminal cancer patients.
Researchers have discovered a gene mutation which prevents otherwise healthy carriers from feeling pain.

The University of Cambridge team made the discovery after studying three related families with a rare genetic disorder in northern Pakistan.

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13 December 2006

Not so safe-injection site

The latest lefty outcry over capital punishment...
STARKE, FLA. — A man convicted of murdering the manager of a topless bar 27 years ago was executed by injection Wednesday, appearing to grimace before dying 34 minutes after receiving the first dose of chemicals.
The moonbats are losing their minds because this piece of filth didn't check out with a smile, peacefully drifting towards the light, or in this case... the fire and brimstone at the end of the tunnel.

Who exactly was this fine upstanding citizen?
Diaz, who had a previous conviction for second-degree murder in Puerto Rico...
I'm just thinking, in the best of all possible worlds, a twice convicted murderer really deserves two executions. They should have revived this piece of filth, offered him another last meal and then got out the really big syringe.

And he should be thankful it's not filled with battery acid... because a peaceful exit is much, much more than this thug deserves.

Is it too much to ask the overwrought leftoids to save a few tears for the real victims here?

UPDATE: Can't wait for the movie
BERKELEY, Calif., Dec. 13 — As drama, what happened on stage at the Black Repertory Theater of Berkeley early Wednesday morning was not classic theatrical fare. The actors were mostly motionless, the play had only one line, and everyone in the audience knew how the story was going to end.

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How does this guy get around...

... without trippin' over his balls?

I don't know what I admire more... Sgt. Abdoul Guindo's gung-ho attitude, or his wacky sense of humour.
He's been bombed, strafed and mortared at least 12 times, maybe more. "I prefer the phrase 'living legend' to 'crap magnet,'" he said, cackling.
This guy represents our commitment to 'doing the right thing' despite the danger to his own life. I'd love to put him in a room with Gilles Duceppe & Taliban Jack.
Guindo was born in Quebec City to a Haitian Catholic mother and a Muslim father. He was raised Catholic, and devout.

"Hundred per cent Quebec Catholic boy, cross tattooed on the arm, St. Michael medal around the neck, the whole nine yards," he said.

"How my folks got married I don't know. I blame alcohol."
This is a Canadian soldier.

h/t Phantom Observer

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Try this one out on your boss.

Well, looky here... Dalton's got no problem with extending the legislative session at Queen's Park to give himself a big fat raise.
TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending a proposed 25 per cent pay raise for Ontario politicians as “the right thing to do.”
That's also what Premier McShifty said about a 3 million dollar severance payment to the guy who resigned over malfeasance at Ontario Hydro.

It sure doesn't sound right to me.

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Better to have it & not need it...

Than to need it & not have it...
In the last day before its recess Friday, the US House of Representatives and Senate approved loan guarantees to Israel and the doubling of US arms stored in Israel for emergency use.
Don't kid yourself... they're gonna need it.

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12 December 2006

It was a dark and stormy night...

That madman Stephen Harper... he never just "states" anything, it's always a furious explosion...
ALEXANDER PANETTA - Canadian Press -

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has lashed out at the Bloc Quebecois and accused it of political opportunism for threatening to trigger an election over Afghanistan.
In a stark contrast...
Mr. Duceppe warns... Mr. Duceppe told... Mr. Duceppe said...
If you are as excited about Mr. Panetta's journalistic flourishes as I am, you could write to his boss and share your thoughts.

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7 Glocks, 6 Tasers and 2 Berettas

Here's an item that jumped out at me...insert alt text here
No, that's not a parody of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It's a list of Kanesatake Mohawk Police weapons that have disappeared.
Holy crap... that's more than a little disturbing. The aboriginal community must be screaming for answers.

Nope... better just to blame it on Stephen Harper.
Last night, Kanesatake councillors issued a statement calling the audit "nothing more than an unfair and biased exercise. Its 'flawed analysis' was drafted to please Grand Chief Steve Bonspille and the people that took 67 aboriginal police officers hostage," they said.
Whoa... I guess if you live in a community where the whole police force can be trussed up like a Christmas turkey, a bunch of missing handguns probably is the least of your worries.

UPDATE: Even the commie-pinko CBC is shockedinsert alt text here
"The former federal Liberal government broke its own rules by doling out millions of tax dollars to a special police force in a small Mohawk community near Montreal, according to an audit obtained by CBC News."

A Tale of Two Planets

Find the politician who doesn't have a backbone...
Mr. Harper is having none of your political correctness when it comes to Christmas. Taking part in a tree-lighting ceremony in Ottawa, Mr. Harper made clear he considers this the Christmas season -- not the holiday season, festival season or other non-denominational be-sure-not-to-offend-anyone season.
We won't be needing the MRI machine today.
Jack Layton, on the other hand, issued a release yesterday announcing he will spend the weekend in his constituency, "celebrating the holiday season."

Which holiday isn't mentioned.

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11 December 2006

Leave Farmer Bob out of this...

Let's put taxpayer billions into law enforcement... instead of the "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry." It's simple... more cops can ding more scummers.
A company with a licence to import otherwise illegal weapons for use in the movie industry has been busted for distributing hundreds of guns to Lower Mainland criminal gangs.

Charged in the investigation so far are: Marc Gougeon, a Montreal native who was living in the west end, Aleksandar Radjenovic, of New Westminster, Vancouver resident Taras Tereshcak, Sasa Nikolic, of Burnaby, and Evgueni Ivanov.
Imagine if we had put 2 billion dollars of taxpayer money into chasing bad guys, instead of harassing farmers and hunters? Stephane Dion apparently can't do the math.

C'mon Steffi, let's get real.

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Cheat and Steal

And the Liberals will give you THREE MILLION DOLLARS...
While Parkinson's $3-million severance angers and outrages some, Mr. McGuinty said it was the cheapest way to get rid of Parkinson.
What Dalton chooses not to talk about, is how that money, plus the undocumented $127-million pissed away on Ontario Hydro credit cards, could have gone into health care... or feeding granny.

Actually, who cares about this wasted money crap... did you hear Stephane Dion named his dog Kyoto?

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Bernardo cruises... Granny loses

Hey Dalton... my Grandma should eat at least as well as serial killer Paul Bernardo...
Seniors in subsidized retirement homes — including war veterans who served their country — receive a per capita allotment of $5.46 for three meals a day.

That works out to more than $1.50 less than inmates in Ontario prisons who get $7 and it’s an irksome reality to many in the field of geriatric care.
I blogged about this back in August but the numbers announced were further apart.

What gives? More Liberal shell games?
That's less than half the $11.43 inmates in Ontario correctional facilities get.

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Libs say, "Screw Democracy, more Quotas"

Anybody asking Liberal riding associations how they feel about this...
New Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is pledging to hand-pick women to run in selected ridings across the country in an effort to fulfill a campaign promise.
What ever happened to selection based on ability or merit?

Don't the Liberals want the best qualified candidate... rather than simply basing selection on gender? I've gotta ask, "How many left-handed, lesbian, albino pipefitters are members of parliament? Is Stephane Dion gonna redress that discrepancy too?"

From the party of, "We'll choose for you."

SIDENOTE: Liberals "all about the women"

Issues for Canadian women... Judy Sgro touts "Pink Book"
Remember former Liberal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro? She's continuing her campaign for 'Women's Rights' from the Opposition ranks.

OTTAWA -- Immigration Minister Judy Sgro is defending the government's policy of admitting foreign exotic dancers to work in Canada, saying the strip club business is "a strong industry" with "lots of customers."

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09 December 2006

Always get their man?

"If only he'd videotaped it," said Constable Dudley Do-Right...

Sounds like these Mounties couldn't get laid in a no-charge whorehouse...

This woman apparently called 911, but the RCMP told her there was nothing they could do. She was murdered a short while later.

Then the killer walks... despite confessing.
Willier, who was arrested the day after Moreside's body was found, had confessed to police, but the judge in the case threw out the confession because investigators didn't do enough to ensure Willier spoke to a lawyer beforehand.
You think I'm making this up, don't you? I only wish.

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Flipping that two-headed dinar

C'mon Mahmoud, don't be greedy... it's either one or the other.
The conference, scheduled for Sunday and Monday, was organized by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called the systematic killing of some 6 million Jews a "myth" and "exaggerated." Some 67 foreign researchers from 30 countries are scheduled to attend the two-day meeting.

The Iranian president has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map," and the Tehran conference appeared to be part of Ahmadinejad's public campaign against the Jewish state.
I think I may have figured this thing out.

We know Ahmadinejad's not squeamish about a little genocide... so maybe he just doesn't want Hitler to take all the credit.

Of course, ole' Mahmoud's not a one-trick pony... he's coming for us too.

UPDATE: 11 Dec 2006 -
A Canadian Holocaust Denier?
Shiraz Dossa: University of Toronto, Canada...
"Liberalism, Holocaust and war against Muslims"
Swept up by The Broom

UPDATE: 13 Dec - St. Francis Xavier's Nutty Professor
"Funny how he lives and collects a generous salary in the part of the world he ridicules for a living."

"‘Dr. Dossa (he’s very proud of his PhD) rants all day about George Bush," the poster also wrote. "I still do not know anything about political science. The exams and paper topics are ridiculous. There is no textbook."

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All in the family

The probe into the Jane Creba shooting surfaces some interesting details...
The gun and drug trafficking charges against Steele are based exclusively on selected wiretaps that were among 250,000 recorded in Project Green Apple.

His mom, Valarie Steele, a social advocate, former president of the Jamaica Canadian Association and an adjudicator with the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, has been charged with perjury for allegedly lying about her son's comings and goings while he was under a strict 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew.
What exactly is this social advocate and former president of the Jamaica Canadian Association, hmmm, well... advocating, you might ask.

Ms. Steele, a McGuinty appointee to the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal in 2004, has apparently taught her son not to worry about the rules... or the law.
Valarie Steele, a prominent social activist and a former president of the Jamaica Canadian Association, is heard on a March 28 wiretap counselling a woman named Sonia to "just play it cool" upon entering a hearing scheduled for two days hence.

"Don't tell anybody you know me ... don't acknowledge me," says Steele, who has been a judge on the province's landlord and tenant dispute resolution board for more than two years.

Richard Steele's lawyer, Selwyn Pieters, said outside court that Valarie Steele could not comment because of the presumed investigation that would stem from the wiretap.
Gotta love those "family values."

SIDENOTE: Ms. Steele is apparently also the Chairperson of the Community Police Liaison Committee at 13 Division

LAST WORD: Apparently it's not only "justice" that's blind

As comedian Richard Pryor once said, "Who are you gonna believe... me, or your lyin' eyes?"
Since the charges against Valarie Steele, there has been a groundswell of community support from the Black, African and Caribbean communities as well as from others in the wider society who are alarmed that someone as credible and upstanding as the former JCA President could find herself in this predicament.

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Uphill battle in Afghanistan

This is not good news... the headline reads "Blow for Britain as Helmand's 'cleanest' governor is sacked".
President Karzai of Afghanistan has fired the Governor of Helmand province, a severe setback to Britain’s strategy in the lawless region at the heart of the Taleban resurgence.

British officials regarded Mr Daud as the cleanest governor in Afghanistan and hoped that his extensive experience in development would help to win over Helmand’s population.
It's been obvious from the start, that dealing with a country that's responsible for the production of most of the world's heroin would not be a walk in the park. One of the first steps was to assist the most legitimate of the various rogues who had a shot at taming this virtually lawless entity.

If Karzai is dirty, it changes everything.

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08 December 2006

Geez Brian, how's the neck?

Just how long does it take a career Liberal politician to slam on the brakes and repudiate everything he's ever held sacred..?
"Michael Walker and the Fraser Institute are the most right-wing, Looney Tune institute [or] think-tank that has ever set foot on the soil of Canada," Tobin told reporters in 1999.
At least 24 hours... the damn paperwork is incredible.

h/t Gerry Nicholls

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Harper's like the Black Death

An unnamed Liberal spokesperson, today compared Stephen Harper to the Bubonic Plague, which swept through the medieval world killing millions of people...

"What the frig is this guy up to?" cried the shadowy figure, who insisted on anonymity. "If this Angel of Death keeps on actually doing stuff, we'll never get back in."

"This is not how the game is supposed to be played," he sulked... in reference to the Conservative governments latest plan to "eliminate use of a number of particularly toxic chemicals and place tight controls over others."
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced a new plan to curb the use of toxic chemicals in Canada.

“It includes realistic and enforceable measures that will improve the environment and protect the health and safety of Canadians,” Mr. Harper said, with Environment Minister Rona Ambrose and Health Minister Tony Clement at his side.

"The government has earmarked $300-million for the initiative over the next four years.
As he walked away, the dejected Lib spokesman was heard to mutter, "Goddamit, we spent decades building up relationships with the chemical conglomerates and this idiot Harper pisses it all away in an afternoon."

Unfortunately Conservative spokespersons could not be reached for a rebuttal, as they were all too busy actually doing stuff to improve Canadians lives... to speak to parasitic representatives of the major media outlets.

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French Fried

Ah, France... that bastion of "who really gives a shit"...
Mr Martin said that the MPs were “not suggesting that baby bottles be filled with wine.” The aim was to steer young people “toward a moderate consumption of our quality wines.”
Said Xavier Bertrand, French Health Minister...
“Some people are telling me that it could have been worse. They did not call for cans of beer and wine in the school canteen.”
I'm no mathematician, but Liberal + France = What?

Is it just me...

Or does this seem a little harsh...
A local Islamic religious leader, Sheik Hussein Barre Rage, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that residents in Bulo Burto will be beheaded if they refuse to pray five times a day.

Those who do not follow the law "will definitely be beheaded according to Islamic law," the news agency reported.
These guys could have taught Genghis Khan a thing or two about discipline.

Thank goodness the UN is getting involved... they'll be able to send in a force of peacekeepers with a long history of democracy and respect for individual rights.
It empowers a new force, which is expected to be led by Uganda, to protect the country's transitional leaders and to train a local security force.
Oh my God... they've surpassed my lowest expectations.

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07 December 2006

"It's disagraceful. . . It's dishonourable."

Bill Graham is famous for talking through his ass... pun not initially intended, but hey...
Graham accused the Tories of habitually lying during question period about the track record of the former Liberal government.

He referred specifically to the Tories' oft-repeated assertion that the Liberals did nothing while Maher Arar was being tortured in a Syrian prison.
Don't be a Silly Billy... the facts on that one are pretty clear.
After spending nearly a year in jail, Mr. Arar was finally freed by the Syrians.

By July 2003, Chr├ętien's office sent a letter to Syria demanding Arar's release. But that was 10 months after his arrest and 3 1/2 months after officials first proposed a letter. That was a long delay for a man facing torture.
So Bill, who went totally apeshit over the Belinda 'Doggy' affair, thinks it's ok to toss in a reference to Josef Goebbels, elevating this particular discourse to a new level of asininity.

My advice is, if you're looking for a lesson in honesty, or ethical behaviour... you might wanna try looking a little further than Bill Graham.

UPDATE: Make up your mind Bill...

Are Conservatives just like Nazis, or are they shameless defenders of Zionist War Crimes?

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Hydro, we don' need no stinkin' hydro

UPDATE: Liberal party favours - $127-million on credit cards
TORONTO - The president of Hydro One resigned yesterday and walked away with a $3-million severance package only four days after Ontario's Auditor-General raised concerns about the use of corporate credit cards at the company.

All puff, no blow...
Meanwhile, the province has put the brakes on a wind power mega-project proposed for Lake Ontario off the shores of Prince Edward County.

The Ontario government has deferred Trillium Power Energy Corp.'s plans to build a 710-megawatt wind farm - the largest of its kind in North America...

The Toronto-based private company had proposed building as many as 140 wind turbines in a shallow area of Lake Ontario 17 to 25 kilometres offshore near the Canada/United States water border.
The smart money says buy your generator now... because Dalton's still sitting on his thumb.

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A matter of principle

Unless, of course, I knew we were going to lose...

Thank you for that, Stephane.
He said he was helped in his decision by the fact that the motion is procedural, asking only whether the government should act to end gay and lesbian marriage.

If it had gone to directly striking down same-sex marriage, Mr. Dion said he would have whipped the caucus because the unions are protected by the Charter of Rights.
See Steffi, the whole point of having principles, is that they're not wobbly... they don't change depending on the tactical situation. Apparently the Liberals are more practical than that.
A number of Liberal MPs remain strong opponents of same-sex marriage but will still reject the motion.
I'm stickin' with people with actual "principles."

UPDATE: Dion contemplates dumping Mom's "gift"
I love my mother and I love what she gave to me. And so to remove that from me, I'd be sad,” Mr. Dion said.

“This being said, if I see that it's a liability for our winnability, I will do it.”
Maybe Stephane Dion should look up "principles" in a dictionary.

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Dion distilled

This is how to disassemble a fallacy... talk about surgery with words...
Someone needs to provide me with a rational explanation as to why I should vote for a party leader who can barely express himself in intelligible spoken English, and to add insult to injury, also insists on retaining the citizenship of another country.
This isn't about the fine print legality of dual citizenship, or even the fact that Dion's English makes Jean Chretien sound like Alistair Cooke.

If Stephane Dion is truly committed to the service of this great country, if he is truly a man with a mission, he wouldn't be squabbling over whether or not to give up his, hopefully largely symbolic, French citizenship.

To paraphrase the movie Jerry Maguire... "Show me the loyalty!!!"

Everybody says Dion's a really smart guy. I'm just not seeing it.
Dion is not helping himself by reacting emotionally, revealed in his testy exchanges with reporters after his dual citizenship was first raised by Calgary Sun columnist Ezra Levant. Levant pointed out, rightly, that the Grits would go nuts if Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a dual Canadian-American citizen.

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06 December 2006

Everyday Feminine Protection

And they say chivalry is dead...
I'm willing to buy a woman a gun to defend herself (value up to $700) plus pay for the two tests necessary to obtain a Possession and Acquisition License, plus pay for the license itself, plus pay for membership in a licensed gun club.
While Frank's heart is in the right place, the only time a Canadian woman would be legally allowed to defend herself with a gun would be, ironically... if she were attacked at a gun range.

Despite what the Libs & Dippers are telling you, owners of legally registered handguns aren't walking around downtown just dying to whip out their iron and start blasting.

Handguns in Canada have been restricted and required registration since the 1930's. Any Calamity Jane who imagines that she'll be permitted to carry a handgun has watched too many Dirty Harry movies.

The real trouble is with illegal, unregistered guns owned by thugs.

That's what makes the Farmer Bob Rifle Registry such a joke.

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From your lips to God's ear

I sure hope she's listening...
We are Marlo, Carolina, Joanne, Christine and Jane - a group of women in Halifax who are angry about the Harper government's anti-women mandate.
I know some people have had difficulty getting in touch with the Furious Femmes. I think we now have a solution.

If you want to talk directly to an angry woman... and let's face it people, who doesn't... try clicking on their names above.

I'm sure their employer, the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Womens Health wants to be copied on their good works as well.

Scut work by Silk Stocking and a tip of the hat to The Doggerel Party

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