21 October 2011

Oh, c'mon... honour killing...

...that'd never happen here in... wait a minute...

-- KINGSTON, Ont. -- May the devil shit on their graves,” Mohammad Shafia told his second wife, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 20 days after the bodies of the couple’s three teenage daughters and Mr. Shafia’s first wife were recovered from a car in the water at the locks.

In another snippet recorded by the device police had placed in a family car, Mr. Shafia told Ms. Yahya, “They committed treason themselves. They betrayed humankind. They betrayed Islam. They betrayed our religion…they betrayed everything.”
But, but, but... Saint Pierre of Montreal swore multiculturalism was the piquant sauce our bland Canadian culture desperately needed.

How far are we gonna go with this politically-correct accommmodation?
"Imagine 'Constable Duncan MacDonald' who is of Scottish heritage, waltzes into the station tomorrow decked out in a ceremonial kilt, complete with sporran. How many nanoseconds would tick by before P.C. MacDonald is hauled before a supervisor and sternly disciplined?"
I thought people came to Canada to embrace our values & lifestyle.

I know that's what my parents did.


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-- KINGSTON, Ont. -- “We must be very clear in understanding that this barbaric practice occurs in many countries and cannot be traced back to Islam,” Imam Sikander Hashmi said.

“In England, provocation, code word for adultery, was a legal defence for men who killed their wives until 2009, so this is only two years ago that this was changed.”
You know, Sikander... I'm thinkin' you could maybe have found a more appropriate example.


Patsplace said...

And to think, more of these animals are being let into Canada as I type.

Neo Conservative said...

well, pat... to be fair, tribal & ethnic conflicts and yes, even human sacrifice have been a large part of many societies in human history. religion, especially... has been the source of much violence and killing throughout recorded history.

we, here... in the "civilised" west... have managed to build nations based on democracy & rule of law. there have been bumps along the way (ie. the salem witch trials, slaughter of aboriginal peoples)... but, over the long run, we seem to have built an approximation of a just society.

what i find perplexing is that multiculturalism, in so many ways, seems to be repudiating these advances... sanctioning the often violent behaviours we thought we had left behind.

if you came to canada, believing that it would lead to a better life... shouldn't you be embracing canadian laws and customs?

if you think it isn't a step in the right direction... why would you choose to stay here?

i just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

One big problem is that Quebec has a lot of control over immigration and favours immigrants from countries that have French as a first, second or third language. So the province ends up getting too many immigrants from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Egypt where French is often an extra language.

Anonymous said...

How are we "accommodating"? They are on trial for multiple murders, doofus.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, nonny... more playground insults. i guess we all have to play at our own speed.

and that "accommodation" thing... let's hope it works out better for quebec than it did for france.