30 June 2016

That Slippery, Lubed & Extra-ribbed slope

Wynne government to set up mandatory "Heteronormative Penis Registry"...
Ontario is introducing gender-neutral driver's licences and health cards. Beginning in early 2017, drivers will be able to select X, instead of an M for male or F for female for their licences. The Liberal government says it is making these changes "to ensure the fair, ethical and equitable treatment of people with trans and non-binary gender identity."
Mr Spock was wrong... "The needs of the many do not begin to outweigh the needs of the statistically insignificant" at all.

Yup... "Don't ask, don't tell, don't care Sugar Bear." I can't wait for Queen's Park to strike down that horrific, tyrannical "Same Species Marriage" nonsense.


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...is our Kaucasian, Khristian Kanadian Islamophobia...
When the Toronto-area man, who is not only gay but also Muslim, learned that the gunman in the Orlando nightclub had professed his allegiance to ISIS, he says he collapsed in disbelief. Hours later, still reeling and heartsick, the 27-year-old, who spoke to CBC News on condition that his real name not be used, took to Facebook to express a pain he thought few would understand.

He worries, too, that the larger problem of hate against the LGBT community will be overshadowed by the focus on the shooter's specific beliefs.
Yeah, like the Canadian media would let that happen.


BONUS CONTENT: National broadcaster's planned weeklong orgy...

...of firearms hysteria abruptly cancelled at last moment...
Windsor police say no guns were stolen from a west-end Canadian Tire after all. Police say that after conducting an inventory, store officials told investigators all firearms are accounted for and none is missing. Police originally said several guns were missing.
Oh, thank the goddess, we're not all gonna die after all.


...by the numbers...insert alt text hereinsert alt text hereinsert alt text here**********

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‘Grime’ rapper Lunar C tweeted ahead of Britain’s European Union referendum that he and “his pals” would “run a train” on Mr. Farage’s daughter. He did not specify which daughter, but Mr. Farage’s young girls are aged 9 and 15 respectively.
How long before the "rap" community starts to trying to spin this violent, misogynistic babble as the "Music of Peace?"

I'm speechless.

29 June 2016

I'm just waiting for Barack Obama...

...to try pinning this atrocity on "gay bodybuilders"....barack o'blabber
Five Saudis, two Iraqis, an Iranian, Jordanian, Tunisian, Ukrainian, Chinese and a Uzbekistan citizen were confirmed to be among the dead as the airport reopened on Wednesday, which was declared a day of national mourning.
The Turks aren't so reticent...
Turkish authorities says they are increasingly convinced the Islamic State group was behind Tuesday's deadly attack on Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.
Nor are the Japanese, for that matter...
Japan's Supreme Court has upheld the government's blanket surveillance of the country's Muslim community.
I'm also looking forward to seeing Justin Trudeau do rhetorical cartwheels to avoid using the "M word".


UPDATE: Obama's hand-picked AG...

...meets on the sly with Mr Bo-Kankles...
Lynch met with the former president for 30 minutes aboard a government-owned private jet at Sky Harbor International Airport, local network ABC15 reported. Lynch, who will have the final legal authority on any indictments concerning Clinton and her former State Department aides, only confirmed the unannounced meeting after she was pressed by the Arizona news station.
You wouldn't understand... it's a Chicago thing.

28 June 2016

Those ignorant, paranoid hillbilly Preppers

It's just so much fun to sit around and make fun of those crazy-ass EOTWAWKI™ survivalists... right? •
"The Strategic National Stockpile got its start back in 1999... since then, even though the details aren't public, it's clear that it has amassed an incredible array of countermeasures against possible security threats."

"Greg Burel, director of the SNS program says, 'We currently value the inventory at a little over $7 billion
That's a whole lot of batshit crazy, Barack.

Somebody's been smokin' the good sh!t

Grandiose Eco-Promises from the failed state that can't even guarantee citizens won't be savagely beheaded by one of its ubiquitous drug cartels...
Mexico will announce that 50 per cent of their electricity will come from clean power sources by 2025 at the Three Amigos summit in Ottawa this week.
The sad truth is, lawless, anarchic Mexico can't predict what will be happening 9 minutes from now... never mind 9 years... but that's just white noise anyway.

The real entertainment here, as usual, will be watching the sheeplike mainstream media kiss Justin Trudeau's ass non-stop for the duration of this event.


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An unstoppable green force meets an immovable religious object...
Once completed, the $80-million project would include replicas of the four Chinese sites. They would cover almost 700 hectares, with traditional temples and a 40-kilometre path for walking meditation.

But a project to build 15 wind turbines nearby is now threatening that vision, according to the Buddhist group that's building the complex.
Oh, my... sort of like what's gonna happen when the University of Toronto sets up a Muslim prayer room next to the LGBT safe space.

27 June 2016

The first rule of "Fright Club"...

...is to pretend that you can't "smell the crazy" wafting out of the dressing room...blame the jews
"The most sobering part of the story isn’t the reaction anti-Semitism receives back in the West Bank: At the end of his 43-minute speech, Abbas received a standing ovation from the audience of European representatives."
And this paranoid rant is by no means an anomaly... just try reading the Palestinian President’s 1982 doctoral dissertation.

So much for Barack Obama's mythical educated, moderate middle-eastern Muslim.

Of course, there's also this...
"Meanwhile, there are pragmatic worries: Many Palestinians who might be fine with the deal themselves don’t want to get assassinated by people who disagree."
There's no negotiating with fanatics. Ever.

Just thank your lucky stars...

...the politicians have declared Toronto a "nuclear weapons-free zone"...
Police say a woman was slashed twice in the face in an unprovoked attack in the Danforth and Pape area when a man approached her and began to yell. Police say a verbal altercation took place between the two, and then the man pulled out a knife and slashed her twice in the face. Police describe him as black and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

It was a busy night for Toronto police, as they responded to several other stabbings and one report of a shooting overnight.

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A 39-year-old man, Courtney Rocker of Toronto has been charged with human trafficking after a teen was recruited into the sex trade earlier this month, Toronto police say.
A man driving a car in Ajax was shot at after getting into a confrontation with two pedestrians, police say. The man was not injured in the shooting but police said the bullet caused damaged to the car’s front grill.

RELATED2: A second shooting has now occurred
Shots rang out in the Keele Street and Dundas Street West area, shortly before midnight on Sunday night. Two teens – a male and a female – have been taken to hospital, one with serious injuries, after a shooting in the Pelham Park area.
The Mayor's office has not yet disclosed which gun club the shooters belonged to... but local hunters and farmers are being rounded up for questioning.


LAST WORD: Institutionalised Anti-Racism
Police say they are looking for a large group of males who were seen running away from the scene of a double shooting in the city’s Pelham Park neighbourhood late Sunday night.

No descriptions of the males have been released.
Media expectations are that police raids will shortly be conducted at select Upper Canada College fraternities.

26 June 2016

The Liberal Party of Canada...

...all about the songs...

a killer agenda
"Meanwhile, another private member’s bill — one that could have a real, tangible effect on the lives on Canadians now and in the future — was quietly voted down by the Liberals in the House of Commons this week."

"Right after the Liberal caucus banded together to vehemently defend a bill about a song that will have zero tangible impact on the lives of everyday Canadians, they linked arms and quietly dismissed a proposal to overhaul the way our health-care system handles, promotes and studies organ donation."
So, "fixing" the national anthem is more of a priority than helping Canadians who need organ transplants?

Shame on you, Justin.

24 June 2016

That smelly old "Weinie Wagger"...

...on the subway... just think of him as an artiste...wash your hands
Performance artist Milo Moiré wears a trapezoidal skirt made up of mirrored surfaces and invites passers-by to reach into a rectangular opening at the front to touch her vagina.
Sweet baby jebus.

I'm looking forward to hearing enthusiastic reviews when she takes her Imaginarium to Tehran, or Baghdad, or...


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Smokey Bear to get leather chaps & glitter sunglasses...gaywash
“I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country,” the president said.
Hmmm... are you sure about that, Mr President?

Liar, liar...

...pantsuit on fire...insert alt text here
In a speech at George Washington University in March 2008, the now-presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said that, when she arrived in Bosnia on March 25, 1996, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”
But, wait for it...
News video footage of her arrival at Tuzla, Bosnia shows then-First Lady Clinton walking calmly from the rear ramp of a U.S. Air Force aircraft alongside her then 16-year-old daughter Chelsea.

Clinton dismissed her fabricated story as a “minor blip” during the interview, “I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement.”
Or, as all of us "little people" would call it... "another f@ckin' lefty lie."


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All the subtlety of Leni Riefenstahl

And while we're at it, where do Sears and Canadian Tire get all those extremely attractive, ambiguously bi-racial folk they throw together in their ads to represent the typical contemporary "Canadian family... cos they're sure not living anywhere around here.

More to the point, how are they all so ridiculously & uniformly enthused about kitchen gadgets and camping equipment?

And then, there's this...ethnic agitpropYup... Toronto, Ontario, Canada... KKK Central.


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"It is expected many of those landing on the Irish coast will have to be quarantined, as they are not a part of the European Union."
Sorry, Jenan... not gonna happen.

Could "Departugal" or "Czechout" be next?

We can only hope.

23 June 2016

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...
A pregnant woman and her husband in Pakistan were tortured and murdered by relatives who disapproved of their marriage, an incident that is part of what is becoming a growing trend in the south Asian nation.

The killing is the latest in a series of similar attacks. The Hindustan Times notes that another pregnant woman, Muqaddas Bibi, was found with her throat slashed in Gujranwala, Pakistan, this week.

The UAE’s The National estimates that 1,000 people a year are murdered for “honor” in Pakistan annually.
That's some "Religion of Peace."


BREAKING: Speaking of atrocities
The motive of the gunman was so far unclear, Frankfurter Allgemeine reported, saying that several scenarios were being considered including a botched robbery, as well as a political or an ideological cause.
You can almost hear Angela Merkel praying... "Don't be Muslim, don't be Muslim..."


LATEST: Confusion reigns in Viernheim

There is now speculation about whether an actual firearm was used in this incident.

The perpetrator has been dealt with...
Hesse state interior minister Peter Beuth confirmed that the gunman was shot and killed during the police operation.

Bigger Hill, Better Death

Travel back with me to a simpler time when every single dope who ever drooled between two lips wasn't super-duper extra special...
"Six months after the Pentagon ordered all combat jobs open to women, seven female Marines are either serving in those posts or waiting to serve. Nearly 86 percent of the women failed the (qualifying) tests, compared with less than 3 percent of the men."
This is life and death. Thank goodness the folks in charge are not bowing to the gawd of political correctness.

PS - Congrats to these 7 women... they earned it.


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A new television series worth watching.

22 June 2016

Pencils write poetry, cars murder pedestrians

"Blaming guns for the Islamist murder of 49 people in the Orlando gay club, is like saying that Zyklon B gas was the cause of the Holocaust..."
Simple. Straight. Succinct.

Of course, not everyone agrees...
"President Barack Obama’s loyal Attorney General is struggling to help the president’s see-no-Islam narrative survive the massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub."
No surprise there, I guess...
"Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen supported Hillary Clinton."
Yeah... I'm shocked.


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Any time the government wants to do anything out of public sight... alarm bells should start ringing...

pencils write poetry
The SIU has said its policy requiring family consent to release the name of a relative killed by police was adopted in 2012 as a result of concerns brought forward by complainants or their family members. It was developed after research into the practices of other police watchdogs, which vary from province to province.

The policy is in contrast to the usual police practice of routinely releasing the names of homicide victims, even if it’s against the wishes of family. In homicide cases, the release of the victim’s name can elicit valuable information.
No talking about the people involved. Let's just demonise guns.

Motorcycle riders are very often referred to as "Organ Donors" in hospital Emergency Rooms. When will the lunatic left start calling for a ban on Harley Davidsons?


LAST WORD: Is Big Media lobbying for a...

...National Narcissists Registry... 'cos, as far as I can see, that'd involve locking up just about everybody in North America under the age of 30...

Remember, despite his own admission, Omar Mateen was an obsessive, in the closet bodybuilder and not an Islamic terrorist. And Christina Grimmie's killer, well... he had a little obsessive-compulsive disorder... and not what some of us "knuckle-draggin' neocons" would call "crazy as a shithouse mouse"...
"Geek Squad killer Kevin Loibl went on a mission to change his appearance for Christina and, toward the end, got hair transplants and Lasik eye surgery. He also went vegan to lose weight."
At least they're not trying to blame it on the gun.

21 June 2016

Just think of it...

...as "protection money"...pay up or else
"I don't have work, I'll be outside chillin' in the hood and stuff but that's not gonna get me far. It'd get me in trouble... I don't need none of that stuff near my family."
Translation... "Gimme a job... or bodies be droppin'.

Hey Canada... ever wonder why your taxes keep heading for the stratosphere?
The federal government, which already funds 6200 summer jobs in the city, had previously announced that they would be doubling the number of overall jobs in the program this year.
I guess the Prime Minister can just add this line item to this years 30 billion dollar deficit.

Wait a minute, jobs for the hood, that sounds so familiar...
"Toronto politicians were shocked to hear the alleged Eaton Centre shooter had a City of Toronto job working with kids up until two weeks ago."
Party on John Tory.


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"Figures released by Toronto police indicate that shooting incidents are up 47 per cent compared to the same period last year."
Let's have the cops round up farmers, hunters and target shooters. That'll fix things.


LAST WORD: It'll take a tragedy...

...for politicians to act...
"Some curious kid is going to come along and the first thing kids do is put things in their mouths."
Sweet baby jebus.

20 June 2016

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...
"Citing the same need for privacy, the Liberal government will also not reveal the shipment in question, only referring to the product as a “military item” – and won’t disclose the specific value of the contract."
But, but, but... this is Canada... we're a nation of "Peacekeepers."

Well, not exactly...
"Canada has soared in global rankings to become the second biggest arms dealer to the Middle East."
Don't worry, people... Justin will just fluff his lovely hair and everyone will look the other way.


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Alberta's NDP party has a few secrets of their own.

“Dreams from My Father?”

You mean the philanderer, the bigamist... the man who abandoned his mistress and mixed race child and fled back to Kenya?

Sounds more like a nightmare to me...
In 2013, the Schomburg Center invited President Obama to see the newly discovered documents, which included nearly two dozen of his father’s letters... nearly three years later, as Mr. Obama celebrates his last Father’s Day in the White House, the center is still waiting for a response.
Your dear ol' daddy is a shallow, dishonourable stereotype... that wouldn't make for a happy Father's Day.

Not seeing the dreams, bro... but I guess you really weren't either.

Spin, spin, spin... it's what the Obama Whitehouse does best.

19 June 2016

Calling Tyrion Lanister

We've got snacks... we've got axes... the only thing missing is booze...more grog
"In recent months, a safety specialist was brought in to inspect Backyard Axe-Throwing League locations as part of the application to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario."

"The AGCO didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment."
I just have to know where you get a "Battleaxe Safety Specialist."

Meanwhile, things are continually hopping in the GTA...
A man is in hospital after a shooting in the Weston Road and Eglinton Avenue West area this morning.
A man in his thirties has been seriously injured after a shooting outside the Scarborough Town Centre Saturday night, Toronto paramedics say.
Toronto police responded to a second shooting at around 5:30 a.m. near Scarborough Golf Club Rd. and Lawrence Ave. Two men in their 30s were rushed to the trauma centre in serious condition.
SIU spokesperson Jason Gennaro said police officers fired one shot and also deployed a conducted energy weapon around 9 a.m. A 42-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene.
I could go on forever.

Maybe a little battleaxe practice would come in handy some dark night.

18 June 2016

CTV still baffled by mass murder...

...at gay Orlando nightclub...
"A motive has yet to be established in the Florida attack by Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old son of Afghan immigrants."
Yes, Virginia... this is truly a mystery. No wonder people are abandoning mainstream media and turning to the internet for all their news needs.

In addition, instead of actually tripping over an answer that might involve some mysterious, unspecified religious practices (such as tossing gay men to their deaths off high buildings) CTV have decided to do a feelgood story on a secretly located "Unity" Mosque in Toronto.

This mosque was established, not by the usual confluence of devout neighbourhood supplicants, but by gay activist lawyer El-Farouk Khaki, who has dedicated this new place of worship to servicing the GTA's vast Muslim homosexual & transgendered community.

It's important to note, the reason El-Farouk is not giving out the location of this "mosque" is to prevent co-religionists like Orlando shooter Omar Mateen from showing up and committing serial mayhem.

Of course, once you get past that whole "death to homosexuals" thing in the Koran, there are strict and detailed requirements for establishing a mosque. I do hope Mr Farouk has followed all of the rules this 67 page pdf file I found at a Muslim website governing such things.


UPDATE: The "Raising Awareness" Chronicles
What started as a mural to mask graffiti on a Toronto garage has evolved into a touching tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting. Victoria Barrington went to an online swapping group to find an artist who would turn her garage into a vibrant art piece in her west-end neighbourhood.

"I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind as I was painting," the 27-year-old said. "We're all queer artists. It just felt that much more meaningful."
No wonder the new caliphate thinks we're ripe for the picking. This makes me think of a local concrete & asphalt company who painted a cement mixer pink to raise awareness of breast cancer.

All this "virtue signalling" has apparently taken the place of actually accomplishing anything... but don't you tell that to the CBC.

17 June 2016

Obama's mandatory plastic cutlery law

Ready for a mind-blowing statistic?obummer
In 2014, you were six times more likely to be murdered with a knife than you were with a rifle. Knives were the weapon of choice in 1,567 murders in 2014, according to the FBI.

It gets crazier. You were also nearly three times more likely to be killed by someone’s fists or feet than you were to be murdered with a rifle.

In 2014, 660 people were murdered with what the FBI calls “personal weapons” – hands, fists, feet – compared to 248 with rifles.

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...but I'm just not seeing it...will of allah
The Anatolia Muslim Youth Association called for an “intervention” this week against the upcoming gay rights parade in Istanbul. The youth group said either the authorities call off the parade or they will “perform their duties” against the gays.

“They can do whatever they want by gathering somewhere, but we definitely don’t want them to walk naked on the sacred soil of our country in the blessed month of Ramadan,” Mican said, playing the sure-to-work Ramadan card."
And the result...
Turkish officials called off the parade citing security concerns. Islamists win.
No comment yet from Toronto's "Queers against Israeli Apartheid."


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"The Pink Pistols is a national gun club for gays and lesbians. It saw its membership soar from about 1,500 members on Saturday to 3,500 on Monday."
Never again, babe... never again.

16 June 2016

Myth Busted

The Canadian Senate, in terms anyone can understand, is your toddler in the back of the Minivan yelling out that you should "turn here, Daddy!!!"...pussy senateJustin just put in his earbuds and turned up the volume.


UPDATE: The Boy-King triumphs again

We don't need no sober second thought...
"Canada has its first doctor-assisted dying law, which excludes those who are suffering intolerably but not at the end of life, after senators backed down from their fight against the House of Commons."

"I don't see how you can say Truedough left the Vets swinging in the breeze, Neo - I mean if they starve or have ailment not treated by VA - they get free assisted suicide now."

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The U.S. House of Representatives voted 383-0 to name it.

The United Kingdom’s parliament voted unanimously to do the same in a debate where MPs hear of children beheaded in front of their parents, mothers seeing their own children crucified and a nine-year-old girl raped so many times she died.

The European Parliament, with members from all sorts of countries and politics of every imaginable stripe, had no problem calling it by name.

Even the small-l liberal American Secretary of State John Kerry understood the word and said it. Genocide. The act to eliminate a whole group of people.

But the Canadian House of Commons. No, not the Liberal-dominated House of Commons.

LAST WORD: He looked us right in the face...

...and he lied...
After campaigning off the backs of veterans, the Trudeau government seems to content to now turn its back to them. More than a broken promise — it’s a disgrace.
Don't look at me... I didn't vote for him.

15 June 2016

Meet "Muhammed Alicia"

Just a dainty little ballerina... trapped in a palooka's body...slaughter
It remains to be seen if the latest fight, which left an opponent so severely injured, will affect the rules of MMA fighting. But for now, Fox remains classified as a female fighter – and ready to fight, with the advantage of being born a man.
What happens when Boyd Burton, er...  Fallon Fox kills some massively overmatched woman in front of millions of pay per view spectators?

Will it result in criminal charges... or a jubilant countrywide celebration of transgender rights? 

So lemme count the ways...

One • you need two thousand dollars... Two •• you have to be a qualified (as in trained) owner of a "restricted" firearms certificate which is not issued without extensive vetting by the RCMP... Three ••• you may only possess 5 round magazines... Four •••• you may only shoot this rifle on a "certified" range at a legal gun club... Five ••••• you may only sell said rifle to another similarly qualified & RCMP approved shooter.

Looking at the hoops, hurdles and obstacles one must negotiate to own this firearm, it becomes obvious that legal owners of registered firearms are not the problem here. Nevertheless, the big brains at Social Justice Central have decided that this rifle is the root of all evil...much ado about nothing
"While proportionally speaking, AR-15s are involved in a very small number of homicides, they have become the weapon of choice for mass shooters, many of whom are young men."
Dear CBC... you mean YOUNG MUSLIM MEN like Syed Rizwan Farook and Omar Mateen?

Curiously, the names of these two men, the perpetrators of the recent San Bernadino & Orlando mass murders are found nowhere in your article. Perhaps we should also, in the interest of gender equity, mention Tashfeen Malik, wife of Mr Farook.

Additionally, and let's use a direct CBC quote here... "AR-15s (more on this below) are involved in a very small number of homicides".

I fail to see any rational argument for trying to deprive law-abiding citizens of this rifle above the hundreds of variants of traditional wood-stocked firearms, which fire, for example, much more powerful deer hunting cartridges.

Is the CBC also aware that part of acquiring a Possession Acquisition License in Canada involves supplying the RCMP with a list of ex-partners & girlfriends, any of whom can torpedo the process if they retain the least bit of animosity for the aspiring gun-owning spouse?

How would the average split-up or divorced spouse/partner react if they were not allowed to purchase a house, a vehicle or participate in an activity like skydiving or bobsledding without the explicit approval of their ex? Could this process possibly be made any more complicated & burdensome?

Anyway, if you're trying to portray typical young men in the United States of America as death dealing sociopaths... leaving out the identities of Syed Rizwan Farook & Omar Mateen in your article... well, that's a slimy, duplicitous omission, wouldn't you say?

Demonising this one firearm is a sideshow... a red herring... in the exact same way that preventing distilleries producing single malt scotch whiskey will eliminate drunk driving fatalities.

I suppose I don't truly expect anything more substantive than this from the press relations arm of the Shiny Pony Party of Canada. Just know that not all of us out here are complete Sheeple.


UPDATE: Forget what the shooter himself actually said...

...it's a total mystery why this mass murder happened...sweet baby jebusPossible motives?

"Despite Omar Mateen’s pledge of support to the Islamic State, other possible explanations emerged."
Hells bells... even the FBI wouldn't touch the M-word with Rush Limbaugh's 10 foot pole...
"FBI Director James Comey defended the bureau’s handling of Mateen during two previous investigations into his apparent terrorist sympathies as to whether there was anything the FBI should have done differently."
Heck, fellows... maybe it was something in his astrological chart. Or, let's ask people who worked with Omar what they thought...
Gilroy, a former Fort Pierce police officer, said Mateen frequently made homophobic and racial comments. Gilroy said he complained to his employer several times but it did nothing because he was Muslim. Gilroy quit after he said Mateen began stalking him via multiple text messages — 20 or 30 a day.
Wow... just wow.


LAST WORD: Oh yeah, just one small final point...bad, bad guns
Only one tiny problem. Omar Mateen did not use an AR-15. The point is that it is not an AR-15 and no one, other than the media, ever claimed it was an AR-15.
Remember, regardless of the make or model, it's the inanimate hunk of metal that's the real threat... not the religious fanatic on the trigger.

14 June 2016

You buy heroin for East Vancouver junkies...

...build special aboriginal prisons and bring in 50,000 Muslim refugees from halfway round the world... there just isn't any money left for WWII vets...
The son of a decorated 94-year-old war veteran says he’s shocked after receiving word Monday afternoon that Petter Blindheim has been rejected once again in his bid to stay in one of 13 beds available at the federally funded Camp Hill Veteran’s Memorial hospital in Halifax.

Instead, the family is being told to apply to enter a provincial long term care facility, with Ottawa reimbursing the province for the daily costs.

A spokesman for the Nova Scotia Health Authority said the current median wait for a nursing home bed in the Halifax area is 285 days.
Thank you Justin Trudeau.

Yet again, the capricious & unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...
A man who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group stabbed French police commander Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, and his 35-year-old companion, Jessica Schneider, to death on Monday night before he was killed in a dramatic police operation. The attacker also took the couple’s 3-year-old son hostage.

A news agency linked to the group said the attack had been carried out by an “Islamic State fighter”, days after posting a similar claim following the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

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I married a gay mass murderer...
Sitora Yusufiy, the ex-wife of Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen claimed Monday that she believed he was homosexual.
No public comment as yet from Toronto activist group "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid."


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“Instead of having all these individual perimeters around every Dunkin Donuts franchise or every gas station, or every J.C. Penny, why not have just one big perimeter around the country?” Steyn concluded. “We could call it a border! And we could have, like, a border security!
No, no... that's just crazy... right?

13 June 2016

More bang for your buck

Looking to replace your plummeting investments in solar panels and gluten-free breakfast cereal?

bang on
• Shares of major gunmakers rallied in trading on Monday, one day after the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Smith & Wesson shares jumped by as much as 11%, while Sturm, Ruger & Company shares rallied 8% •
It took the Orlando police service four hours to enter and clear this building. One citizen with a legally registered firearm and a concealed carry permit could have ended it in four minutes.


RELATED: Just a "Gymrat gone wild"

Funny how the word "Muslim" doesn't make it into the Red Star headline...pumping ironRemember... pencils write poetry... cars kill pedestrians... so will the Toronto Star be calling for the registration or banning of Nautilus™ machines?

Red Star readers, you've been warned... that beefy guy right beside you waiting to use the squat rack is probably a homicidal homophobe.

Or is he?

12 June 2016

Burning people to death...

...in iron cages, throwing homosexuals to their death off tall buildings, lopping bits off womens genitals...shitSounds like more than a playground scuffle to me.


RELATED: Magical thinking will not keep you safe...
A mosque in Toronto is creating a name for itself for welcoming the LGBT community, as well as to people of all faiths. Founder El-Farouk Khaki said it was important for him and his co-founders to create the Unity Mosque...
Bravo to Imam Khaki for being so... oh, wait a minute...
Khaki is also an immigration lawyer and the founder of Salaam, a support group for LGBT Muslims.
Okay... I get it. Gay lawyer/activist pretends he can pull a mosque out of his arse and none of the faithful will object.

Didn't fellow traveller Irshad Manji, before she fled Toronto, equip her home with blastproof windows? I'm just sayin'.

My advice... get some kevlar pyjamas, buddy... the people you're messing with play for keeps.



Thanks for the inspiring story above... as always, your timing is impeccable...
"A suspected Islamic extremist wielding an assault rifle and a handgun has killed about 20 people after taking party-goers hostage inside a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said authorities have not determined the exact number of people killed, but that ‘approximately 20’ have died. Another 42 people were taken to hospital."
Once again, the capricious and unknowable "Will of Allah."


UPDATE2: Stand by for screams of Islamophobia...

...in three... two...
There are 50 dead and 50 more injured in the Orlando nightclub shooting, and Florida is under a state of emergency after Sunday morning's terrorism attack.

11 June 2016

Guys, guys... trust me...

...just blame Stephen Harper... I mean, the Liberals used that one to crown a millionaire trust fund baby/political novice with less actual life experience than your average Pizza-Pizza franchisee...
"City officials were reluctant to link the sinkhole to light rail tunnel construction happening two-dozen metres below..."
Extra points for mentioning Rob Ford. Go on, you know you want to.

10 June 2016

09 June 2016

You've got a Grade 8 education...

...and the sum total of your work experience to date is flogging streetcorner pharmaceuticals... what sort of a "career" do you imagine is on the horizon...
A trio of leaders representing the African Canadian Coalition of Community Organizations came to City Hall Wednesday as Mayor John Tory joined fellow councillors in supporting a gun amnesty program which would trade guns for grocery coupons.

"Coupons are not enough, these people need jobs. They need careers.”
Hang on a second, is that how things work? Do governments just hand out "careers?" It seems the African Canadian Coalition of Community Organizations thinks so.
Knia Singh says, "It’s not enough to say we have gangsters and we have people pulling triggers,” he said. “The real issue is, why are they pulling the triggers? Why are they OK with killing each other indiscriminately anywhere?"
So, Mr Singh... you're acknowledging your "community" is rife with unrepentant murderers? I guess that's a start. Maybe Justin Trudeau can find them life-enriching careers when he beefs up the infrastructure of his enlightened, futuristic "medical marijuana" industry.

PS... if I'd known that John Tory was gonna be handing out "careers" regardless of education or experience, I'd have saved that $20,000 plus per annum it's costing to put my son through university.


UPDATE: Here's one... how about...

...they commit more crimes?
“There are a number of sociological causes for the overrepresentation of African Canadians in prisons and the justice system.”

RELATED: I think we can all agree...

...that talking in politically correct code is not the answer...
“A series of unfortunate events have taken place in and around that address. I wish we could have had a resolution sooner.”
Drop the PC argle-bargle... start calling things by their proper names.

The Reverse Midas Effect

Everything they touch turns to, well... you know...shit
"The Ontario Liberals have been forced to abandon a fund of more than $40 million that failed to stem the loss of nurses in the province after spending 10 times more on expenses than on saving jobs."
It gets better...
That would be bad enough, said McNaughton, if the nursing fund was the only irrevocable trust set up by the Liberal government. But it appears at least seven provincial ministries have set up such trusts in recent years.
Just something to think about while you sit in your local emergency room for six hours waiting for medical attention.

08 June 2016

Your money... their playthings...

Abolish the Canadian Senate.... do it now...
OTTAWA — Former Liberal senator Rod Zimmer died Tuesday at the age of 73, but his pension lives on. Zimmer’s controversial wife, Maygan Sensenberger, will collect $19,700 a year for the rest of her life, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Considering she’s only 27, that could mean millions to Canadian taxpayers.
Of course, there's more to the story...
In 2012, Sensenberger was charged with causing a disturbance on a flight, for which she received a suspended sentence. She had a previous drunk-driving conviction. In 2015, she was charged with attacking two people at a medical clinic. She also was accused of breaking out the window of a police car and threatening emergency workers with knives.
You get the type of government you deserve.


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Zimmer was a true Librano...
Zimmer was appointed to the Senate by Paul Martin after a loyal career as a Liberal Party bagman.
Funny how all we ever hear about is Mike Duffy...
In addition to the $47,132 in ineligible living expenses, the AG says he took several round trips to Winnipeg during which no parliamentary business was done, charging the Senate $102,524.
Hey... if you vote Liberal... you have to wear this.

Wait a minute...

...the government has absolutely no compunction about funding the killing of perfectly healthy people in utero...
One of the key plaintiffs in the court battle for physician-assisted death is celebrating the historic decision coming into effect, but calls the federal government’s handling of the new law a betrayal.

Lee Carter said the Liberal government has crafted a bill so restrictive it would have excluded her own mother, whose medically assisted death outside Canada was at the centre of the Supreme Court of Canada decision.

Kay Carter, 89, was suffering spinal stenosis, a disease that is painful and irreversible but not terminal, when she ended her own life in Switzerland in 2010.
Meanwhile, the government is warehousing Paul Bernardo and Russell Williams... for what?


RELATED: Sometimes the stars all line up...

...and society gets to put one in the win column...
A Vancouver man and alleged drug dealer, 34-year-old Sukhvir Deo is the victim of yesterday’s fatal shooting in the Yonge and Eglinton area, police sources told CTV Toronto. Deo was previously found guilty of five different offences in BC, according to public records.

One police source described Deo to CTV Toronto as “an animal.”
Serendipity. This guy was a cancerous boil on the country.

07 June 2016

Remember... back in the day...

...somebody said something "disrespectful"... you'd whip out your illegal "Saturday Night Special" and blow him right out of his Air Jordans?guns for groceriesYeah, me neither.

Thank goodness the politicians have a solution handy.
City Hall is pondering a gun amnesty and local gangsters must be itching to trade their Glocks for grocery coupons.
Or, call me wacky... we could get the police to turn up the heat on illegal gangs & guns.


UPDATE: It'll be at least as effective...

...as banning "black magic" in Malawi...culture relativityFwiw... the poll at CP24.com is currently running at 73% voting no.


BREAKING: Amnesty my ass...

..."Cry havoc and turn loose the dogs of war"...
"A male is dead following a shooting at Yonge Street, just south of Eglinton Avenue, around 3 p.m., paramedics have confirmed."

"Two men were seen fleeing the area in a black vehicle. One male was last seen wearing a green construction vest, the other an orange construction vest."
The shooters are not the caucasian heirs to a Toronto realty dynasty... so no physical descriptions will be provided.


BREAKING2: Ask Talk Radio... all balls, no PC bullshit
Police are now looking for two black men, one who was wearing a green construction vest, and the second man was wearing an orange construction vest.

Toronto Paramedics say the victim is a man around 30 years old.
Just the facts, ma'am. That's why it's called NEWS. No wonder television & print media are going down the crapper.

Dr Hillary and Mr Hyde

I'm starting to get where Bill Clinton's "bimbo eruptions" must've come from...liar, liar
"I witnessed her obscenity-laced tirades, her shifting of blame, how she berated Vince Foster until he could stand no more, how minor incidents involving blue gloves and botched invitations sent her into a tizzy.

It was like watching Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny obsessing about a quart of missing strawberries – and losing sight of the world war raging about him.

Byrne says he was “shocked” when President Clinton arrived for work at 9am sporting a shiner. Byrne writes, “this was a shiner, a real, live, put-a-steak-on-it black eye.” When he asked the office staff about it the president’s scheduler claimed it was a coffee allergy.

Will firsthand evidence that Hillary Clinton is an angry, even violent, person add to her existing credibility problem or will the media ignore this as old news?
Forget about Benghazi, the Nixonian duplicity and the 30,000 missing emails... Hillary Clinton is an unrepentant puppy-strangling sociopath.


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Hillary Clinton wore a Giorgio Armani jacket worth more than $12,000 during a speech in April about inequality.
Is anybody really surprised?

06 June 2016

Certainly not the "melting pot"...

...the "social justice warriors" are always going on about...
Already, insurance rates in Brampton are the highest in the GTA. I discovered this when I moved to the city and had to buy car insurance. An insurance agent told me this was because of the high rates of crashes and fraudulent claims in Brampton.
Hmmm... that's quite a striking statement. Will the Globe & Mail be checking their "white privilege" anytime soon?


RELATED: The proverbial pot boileth over
Two-thirds of voters in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough have voted against recognizing the Ahuntsic Cultural Centre as an official place of worship in a referendum Sunday.

"The outcome was negative for us and simply we're not going to accept it," said the centre's spokesman Rachid Hajir. "Whatever is behind this is purely and simply Islamophobia."
I don't get it. If you truly believe your new countrymen & neighbours despise you... why on Gawd's, er... Allah's green earth would you choose to just sit there and put your spouses & children at risk?

Do the smart thing and get back to on that big silver bird to the comforting motherly embrace of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Gaza...


LAST WORD: Wild, wild west of GTAbullet time

04 June 2016

Generation Jenner

So, if you're a teenager trapped in an aging male body...tighten up
"It was a fantasy of course: an infantile joke that was the product of a red-wine haze. Except, it wasn’t. Because in 2016 the ball lift, aka a Scrotal Uplift aka a Scrotoplasty, is a bona fide thing. Seriously."

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Is that a horga'hn in your pocket... or are you just glad to see me?


LAST WORD: Quality not Quantity
A man fitted with a £70k eight-inch bionic penis after losing his in an accident as a child has had surgery to make it SMALLER.

03 June 2016

Metro Councillors on a venue...

...that has hosted multiple homicides... watch them go all "Lemony Snickets" on it's ass...
“A series of unfortunate events have taken place in and around that address. I wish we could have had a resolution sooner.”
Unfortunate events? Really? Say, Councillors... you're not soft pedaling here because it's an ethnic hangout, are you? 'Cos, that'd be sorta (reverse) racist..
The establishment in question, which was previously known as Rotana Café and more recently Cloud 9 hookah lounge, has been the scene of three murders in three years.

RELATED: I'm gonna go out on a limb...

...and guess these guys weren't simply out-of-work lobstermen...
Police said "Heart of a King", which evolved from a street gang in Nova Scotia, was involved in several homicides in Toronto, including a double murder on Spadina Avenue earlier this year.
Of course the article doesn't name any of the 53 thugs arrested, but don't you worry... I'm sure it'll all work out just fine...
Brandon Rolle of Nova Scotia Legal Aid, who devised the legal strategy, said he believes cultural assessments are the way of the future for sentencing African-Nova Scotians.
Remember... ixnay on the urdermay.


UPDATE: Oh my gawd... a Toronto media outlet...

... actually named names...

Jahmal Richardson, Mitchel Mannette, Denzell Desmond and Kyle Sparks Mackinnon. I wonder how many of these guys belonged to the Kiwanas?
Inspector Bryan Bott said the Heart of a King gang originated from a gang based in Halifax known as “North Preston’s Finest.”
Preston, Preston... that sounds so familiar.


UPDATE2: Don't congratulate yourselves yet, officers...
Toronto Police Const. Craig Brister said a call came in at about 6:30 p.m. regarding a shooting near Weston Rd. and Imogene Ave. Sgt. Rick Rowsone bristled when asked for his take on the Weston Rd. shooting, which happened shortly before dusk on a Friday.

“What do you make of it? It’s crazy, right? The level of indifference is astonishing.”
And within the hour...
Paramedics rushed a man in his 20s to hospital with life-threatening injuries following a shooting at Aukland Rd. and Bloor St W. Friday afternoon.
Get out while you still can.


UPDATE3: Tell me how black lives matter again...
A 10-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder overnight at Blake Street and Boultbee Avenue, which is near the intersection of Pape and Danforth in Toronto's east end.

This shooting comes less than 24 hours after two other shootings in the city, including a brazen daytime shooting in the city's Sheppard Avenue West and Weston Road area.
Summer of the Gun II.

Remember, don't try this at home...

...unless you're a "professional" journalist...

It goes without saying, (especially when dealing with protected groups like aboriginals) one must never use an unambiguous term like "murdered" when you can dance around actual facts.
Six Nations Police said Wednesday night the three men surrendered shortly after officials learned a 16-year-old boy had succumbed to injuries he suffered earlier in the day.
For the intellectually curious, the unambiguously fatal "injuries" were caused by the explosive supersonic introduction of small, copper-jacketed pieces of lead alloy into this kids body... which is what led to his "succumbing."


RELATED: How exactly is this "shocking?"

In Rexdale, they call this "Wednesday"...
In a second disturbing video clip, that same man approaches the unsuspecting victim, raises the gun from just over a metre away, and opens fire. The victim, who is blurred out, comes to an abrupt stop as he and his BMX bike fall to the ground, but the shooter continues to fire from close range as he backs away.
TORONTO - A high school principal jumped into action Thursday morning when a bloodied student walked into her east-end school looking for help after being stabbed in the chest. Toronto Police were looking for the stabber, described as a black male between 18 and 20, wearing a red hoodie and dark pants.
I remember when Dalton McGuinty made the Toronto Police Force, er, sorry... Service... change the name of the Black Gangs & Guns Unit. I think it's now called the "Random Pieces of Lead Maid Service."


LAST WORD: Do as I say... not as I do

...from our bulging "stuff Stephen Harper would have been publicly pilloried for in the mainstream media" file...
Justin Trudeau made TWO applications to bring foreign nannies into Canada to look after his children, before he became leader of the Liberal Party and a vocal critic of the temporary foreign worker program, which he blames for driving down wages and displacing Canadian workers.
Hey... I didn't vote for him.

02 June 2016

No word yet on how many...

..typing fingers you lose for transgressing...the word of allah**********

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...sure, I occasionally let the dog drive the car... but he's never, ever off his leash...

In almost obsessive-compulsive attention to detail, the Koran specifies the thickness of the stick one should use to beat one's wife.

01 June 2016

Politics 101

No incentives "not to lie."

Provincial and Federal political candidates undergo extensive questioning & screening before being allowed to run. Cabinet Ministers go under a microscope. So, in order to get where they were, these folks either lied extensively... or the Party gave them a pass. And if you're caught out, there's no penalty... in fact, unless you have conservative leanings, you're too often lauded for your "courage."
In the November Canadian Press interview, Tootoo said he was “very proud to be the first aboriginal person, first northern person to be appointed to this position.”
So what underlying event suddenly possessed the Minister to fess up and pack it all in? You the voter don't get to know, as Tootoo is pleading for privacy. And, unlike Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Tootoo will get the heartfelt cooperation of the left-leaning MSM.
Tootoo isn’t the first Liberal MP in this government to seek help for addiction problems.

In January, rookie Newfoundland MP Seamus O’Regan announced he was back to work after getting help for a drinking problem.
So, Seamus O'Reagan & John McCallum can be dried out and rehabilitated... but Hunter Tootoo can't? What are Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party not telling us?


RELATED: Justin's "new age" of openess & transparency
This was his own choice after a very difficult situation,” the prime minister said in a very brief statement Wednesday. “We will have nothing more to say on this matter.”

Asked what the ‘”situation” was, Trudeau did not respond.
Surprise, surprise.


RELATED2: Not the first time...

...somebody has cut Tootoo loose...
"On the evening of July 23, 2006, I was informed by the general manager of Arctic Insurance Brokers Ltd. that they had decided to restructure and that I was no longer part of their structure. I immediately went to my computer to try and email the owner of Mones and Associates for an explanation and discovered that I had already been locked out of their email system."

UPDATE: Tootoo in deep poopoo?
Sources told CTV News there was an incident at the Liberal convention in Winnipeg this past weekend, which was serious enough that Tootoo is also leaving the party’s caucus.
Let the coverup begin, eh Justin?


LAST WORD: Too too secretshsh... it's a secret
BuzzFeed Politics reporters on Twitter (Paul McLeod and Emma Loop) are questioning the differences between this announcement and Seamus O'Regan's departure previously. Interestingly, this one does not include any best wishes from Trudeau or the LPC for a swift recovery, and doesn't express a hope that Tootoo will return to Cabinet soon.

Loop is reporting (via CTV) that "sources say there was an incident with Tootoo at the Lib convention on weekend, serious enough to be kicked from caucus."
Maybe the Liberals can get Sophie to do some risque yoga stuff... and distract all the palookas in the mainstream media.

Crooks Inc.

Ontario's financial accountability officer says the Liberal government is telling ministries to block information he needs to asses their budget forecasts and program costs.

Progressive Conservative finance critic Vic Fedeli says it seems the only time the public can get the real information from the Liberal government is through a cabinet leak or an OPP criminal investigation.

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A strong majority of Democratic voters think Hillary Clinton should keep running for president even if she is charged with a felony in connection with her private email use while secretary of state, according to a new poll.