31 January 2018

Torches... Pitchforks...

Remember, back, you were a kid... folks being hunted down by packs of predators...

Yeah... me neither...

UPDATE: Toronto's 5th murder victim id'd

It's always the guys with the bangin' neck tattoos...tattooed**********

"TORONTO — A man who was stabbed after being chased by several men in downtown Toronto on Monday night has died in hospital. It happened at about 8 p.m. in the Yonge and Wellesley Sts. area."

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It's an "altercation." In the words of the Toronto Red Star... "a man being chased by 10 other men followed by a stabbing."

Geez... I hope nobody "altercates" me. As per standard Toronto media protocol... no identifying information in intial reports on either the dearly departed, or the wolfpack who brought him down.

Meanwhile... in other "street robbery" news.

SOTU Roundup in eight little words...

"I wouldn’t want to be Hillary’s liver tonight."

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...if it wasn't for the media...liar, liar
"The color of his skin was like magic, invisible armor. The response to very criticism of him • policy, associates, whatever • was 'RACISM!!!'"

"The Union makes us Strong"

Sadly...fire 'em all
During the investigation, Brig. Gen. Bruce Oliveira said the employee, who had worked at the agency for 10 years, had a history of confusing drills and real-world events. At least two prior incidents had occurred, after which corrections were made and the employee was counselled.

After the mistake was realized, the employee reportedly "froze" and "seemed confused," forcing another worker to take over and send a correction, Oliveira said.

"Vern Miyagi, who oversaw the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency [said] the worker who pressed the alert button 'feels bad'"

Hey, Mr. Miyagi: sympathy on . . . sympathy off

30 January 2018

I just peed myself a little bit

Another story you won't see on CBC...egomaniac
"If the affidavits floating around really are about a guy who likes “themed socks” there is an inferno about to break loose."
Of course, you won't see this in your local community broadsheet either...
“We’ve had an indication from the Prime Minister’s mouth and from the Minister’s mouth that there will be help for newspapers, so both of those are very encouraging,” said Bob Cox, chairman of News Media Canada.
Gotta love the timing on this media bailout package.

Like a Fish...

...needs a Bicycle...wishes
"Forty years ago, before 'let’s chill' egg freezing parties were in vogue, before 'The Bachelorette’s' Kaitlyn Bristowe and other celebrities were tweeting about 'taking control' of their future, young working women were already being warned about their waning fertility."

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"So, one of the most qualified, knowledgeable and experienced people capable of rescuing then managing the entire province of Ontario just happens to be a Mulroney family member? I mean, wow, what are the odds?"

"No problem though, we see how awesome Trudeau 2.0 has turned out."

29 January 2018

From the folks who "ALMOST"...

...brought you a new, improved electoral system...liar, liar
"The Trudeau government is cherry picking certain Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples recommendations without consulting Indigenous Peoples, such as dissolving the Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada."

"Therefore these two historical documents... are being shared to provide some background and context to evaluate what the federal government and the Assembly of First Nations are currently saying and doing 20 years later."
They look us right in the face... and they lie.


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"According to the publisher, "Secret Empires" will expose vast corruption by top Washington figures who leverage their political power to enrich their family members and friends, often by helping grease deals with foreign entities."

Dear MSM... whatever happened to...

..."if it only saves one life"...
The meeting heard compelling — in some cases heart-breaking — accounts from children snatched away from their families, then shunted between as many as 20 foster home and group homes before “aging out” of the system at age 18.
Not that I have a quarrel with Canada’s minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs...
Look, not my business, folks... but you might wanna ask the Hapsburgs about the end product of hundreds of years of inbreeding within a statistically limited gene pool. I will say, there are solid scientific reasons you don't continually marry people you're related to, over hundreds of years. Hell, maybe David Suzuki could explain it better.
Or maybe the government?
"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians – A Federal Report on Comparable Health Indicators 2002. Ottawa: Health Canada.

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"Demographics are often used to explain Western Canada’s relatively high crime rates. Alberta, for instance, is one of the youngest jurisdictions in Canada and the only province with more men than women."
Gotta be all those dumbass cowboys, right?


LAST WORD: In the bosom of their... sweet baby jebus...
Lucy Barney, a nurse-researcher at the Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia and co-author of the paper, said "people congregate in social networks where they feel safe - with their peers."

"This is a real problem when your peers are addicts and end up sharing needles."

28 January 2018

Diversity is our streng...

...oh, oh... get out the chequebook...paid in full
"A group of Asian protesters converged on Queen’s Park Sunday to demand an apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his handling of the hijab hoax. The protesters say they feel insulted that a girl lied that she was assaulted by an Asian man and say Trudeau needs to make amends to their community."
And they're not the only folks with a grievance...
Al-Hasnawi’s father and two brothers are suing for $10,000,000, the expenses related to Al-Hasnawi’s death and expenses related to the lawsuit itself.
What expenses you might ask?
19-year-old Yosif Al-Hasnawi was laid to rest in Iraq on Monday alongside some of the most beloved and revered figures in Shia Islam, a family friend says.
Oh, Canada.


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OTTAWA — Canada has not been invited to a meeting of defence ministers in Paris this week to discuss the fight against ISIL militants, media reports say. Conservative defence critic James Bezan said the apparent snub shows Canada is no longer seen as a valuable ally.
I guess bribery and terrorist rehabilitation seminars weren't on the menu.

I want my socialised medicine...

...and I'm putting my foot down...shithole
"Zytner said his request for the drugs was denied. “They said our case wasn’t severe enough to get the medication.” Health Canada has put ivermectin and albendazole on its Special Access Programme, meaning that they can only be obtained by federal approval on a case-by-case basis."
Perhaps, in Justin Castraux's "post-national" state... the parasites will balance themselves.

Call me cynical, but I suspect if these were Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau's tootsies... the deworming meds would be flown in on a government jet.


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The family of two Winnipeg seniors killed in their vacation home in Jamaica say the couple's bodies should be back in Canada by Wednesday.

Icing that "legacy" cake

"In a moment of woeful irony in the Obama-administration documentary “The Final Year,” UN Ambassador Samantha Power travels to Cameroon to offer photo-op comfort to families terrorized by Boko Haram — only to have her motorcade kill a 7-year-old boy."

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At the time, Obama was a state senator, and according to Dershowitz, had he known Obama had posed with Farrakhan, he wouldn’t have supported him in his initial 2008 bid for the White House.

“Louis Farrakhan is a virulent anti-Semite,” he said. “He’s called Judaism a ‘gutter religion.’ He’s anti-American.”

LAST WORD: And speaking of legacy...
What caught the attention of National Post writer James DiFiore was evidence of non-disclosure agreements (NDA)s for multiple women who had relationships with Peter Mansbridge for which CBC paid, with public funds, for the women to agree to remain silent. For attempting to cover the story, DiFiore was let go from National Post.

27 January 2018

Think about it... they'll do this...

...to their own people... imagine what they'll do to your infidel arse...big bang
KABUL, Afghanistan — At least 95 people were killed and more than 150 were wounded on Saturday when an ambulance packed with explosives was detonated in central Kabul. “Most of the victims are civilians,” Basir Mujahid, a spokesman for Kabul Police said. “It was a terrible attack that killed women, children, shopkeepers and visitors to the area.”

Saturday’s blast came three days after militants affiliated with a local branch of the Islamic State group attacked a Save the Children office in the eastern city of Jalalabad, killing three staff members and one soldier. Four days before that attack, a group of gunmen stormed Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel, killing at least 22 people, including four Americans.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Like OJ, he's looking for...

...the "real killers"...
"They were innocent and randomly targeted for practising their faith," said Neethan Shan, the first Tamil Canadian elected to Toronto City Council and the city's newcomer advocate.
No... Neethan isn't referring to Kabul... he's talking about racist, islamophobic Canada.


LAST WORD: Neethan... tell us about "cultural relativity"
“I cried like a baby on that floor. I cried for God to take me, for them to shoot me, for me not to have to watch what was coming next.”

Bernard had read all the gruesome details. He had seen the pattern over and over: 82 murders in 2017, 423 gruesome attacks. He knew the torture the men would inflict; knew about the wife whose kneecaps were drilled with a Black & Decker; the daughter raped by three men, the husband made to watch. The baby dropped into a boiling bath to drown.

26 January 2018

The first thing we do is...

...hang all the lawyers...heads up
A British Columbia man accused of threatening to join the so-called Islamic State and behead Canadians has fended off the RCMP’s attempts to subject him to a terrorism peace bond.

Two former roommates contacted police in 2016 and reported that Ibrahim “wanted to kill Canadian people by cutting off their heads and that he wanted to join ISIS.” He was also alleged to have mentioned joining ISIS at work.

A police search of his cell phone turned up images about ISIS activities in Syria, including “graphic pictures of beheadings and corpses, firearms, bombings and known terrorists.”
I say we ask Nathan Cirillo's mother what she thinks.


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...a lesson from Norway...
"Reports have circulated of ethnic Norwegians banding together, vigilante-style, to patrol and protect their neighborhoods. If Groruddalen isn’t yet a full-fledged no-go zone, on the scale of Rinkeby or Rosengård, it’s pretty damn close."

LAST WORD: "A place of special concern"

137 lives were lost in terrorist attacks on the Bataclan Theater and other targets in Paris. The perpetrators were soon traced back to Molenbeek, a majority-Muslim neighborhood in Brussels.

"There is almost always a link with Molenbeek," commented Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. "Molenbeek is considered Europe's 'terrorist factory.'"

Well, to be perfectly clear...

...Patrick Brown is a dastardly Conservative... not a social-justice seeking lefty...
A woman who came forward last year with allegations of misconduct against Calgary Skyview MP Darshan Kang stemming from his time as an MLA says the provincial Liberal party never contacted her, despite its promises of an internal investigation.

Liberal Leader David Khan said he would not discuss the investigation, including whether it had taken place.

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LAST WORD: Well... she protected "Slick Willie" too
Hillary Clinton insisted that a Bible-thumping “faith adviser” to her 2008 presidential campaign be kept on board despite accusations that he repeatedly sexually harassed a young woman who worked for him, a new report said Friday.

Airbrushing the Politburo

But, but, but... this is America...
Muhammad said a “staff member” for the Congressional Black Caucus contacted him “sort of in a panic” after he took the photo at a caucus meeting in 2005. Asked whether he thought the photo’s release would have affected Obama’s presidential campaign, Muhammad said, “It absolutely would have made a difference.

Askia Muhammad said that he “gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy. After the nomination was secured and all the way up until the inauguration; then for eight years after he was President, it was kept under cover.”

25 January 2018

Of course, the real question is...

...who disappeared them in the first place?
"Inspector General Michael Horowitz wrote in the letter to Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) that his office will provide copies of the recovered texts to the Justice Department."

UPDATE: Unfuckingbelievable!


LAST WORD: Finding Mohamed Atta?

Where's the fun in that?
Two senior FBI officials who texted each other about President Trump and Hillary Clinton relied on work phones to try to hide their romance from a spouse and made the bureau’s probe of Clinton’s private email server their cover story for being in such close contact.

CBC asks... "What Hijab hoax?"

Just give me more gossip about Patrick Brown's penis...
"The PCs then enjoyed a wide lead over Wynne's Liberals in nearly all opinion polls throughout 2016 and 2017, while his party out-fundraised the Liberals and the Ontario NDP combined. With Brown's face splashed on the cover of the platform, and the election campaign due to begin in early May, the party will be scrambling to get back on track."

"CBC News has not independently confirmed the allegations."
But apparently has no trouble propagating them.

You've just gotta love the timing here.


UPDATE 1:49pm: CBC lubes up the narrative...
The woman, who CBC News has agreed not to identity due to the sexual nature of her complaint, worked for Brown in 2013 when she was 19 years old. She said Brown told her she would "look good on an elephant."
All of which didn't stop her from working for Brown the summer after the incident.


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...is another man's fairy tale romance...
"Pierre Trudeau met Margaret Sinclair while on vacation in Tahiti in 1967. 'I was 18, sitting with my parents, probably in my little bikini,' Margaret told the Globe and Mail's Jan Wong in 1997."

RELATED2: Ask Premier Wynndfarm...
"The situations were confidential, so I’m not going to go into details."
So Liberals in Ontario get to fly under the radar?


LAST WORD: What's a modern gal to do?

24 January 2018

It's not like it's fluoridation...

...or anything really serious...
KCRA-TV reported that the body of Tory Robert Mayes, 34 was recovered Tuesday from a reservoir pipeline supplying drinking water to several Northern California communities, though authorities say the water quality was not affected.

The water is heavily treated before it flows to customers, said El Dorado Irrigation District spokesman Jesse Saich.
Imagine my relief, amigo. It's California, so he was probably vegan... so no biggie, right?

Fairy Tales from "The Hood"

I guess, even the unrepentant SJWs at CTV realised they had gone a Teletubbie too far...pander time
"The last time I saw him we were in church,” Pearl Clarke told CTV News Toronto about a week after her son's death. “He came and sat beside me and gave me a big hug and he kissed me on my forehead and said, 'Mommy, I love you and I really want to change my life.'"
And then somebody blew him away.

The revised article on the CTV webpage has entirely excised the "22 year-old banger channels preschooler" shtick. I can't imagine why.


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From the Comments: "Be on the lookout for young people hacking up their innards while simultaneously blowing bubbles out their arses."

23 January 2018

The Usual Felons

"A 20-year-old Brampton man is accused of five random shootings on a total of seven victims ranging in age from four to 47 in Toronto this month.

Adam Abdi was arrested Monday and faces 48 charges including 7 counts of Attempt Murder."
A suspect wanted in relation to the November killing of Zakaria Iqbal has surrendered. City police say Rhyan Alexander Moore, 27, turned himself in Monday afternoon to Peel Regional Police in Brampton, northwest of Toronto.
Police said Tuesday that a suspect identified as 21-year-old Toronto man Ubaid Said is now wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.
After further investigation, police have identified the suspect as Tristan Palmer, 29, of Toronto.
The 16-year-old boy was arrested on Monday night and police say they seized a loaded CZ Shadow 9-mm handgun. He faces 13 charges that include two counts of attempted murder and two counts of possessing a restricted firearm without a licence.
Black Lives Matters, Toronto... was apparently unavailable for comment.

No wonder the FBI "LOST"...

...five months of text messages...
The thousands of texts @TGowdySC and I reviewed today revealed manifest bias among top FBI officials against @realDonaldTrump. The texts between Strzok and Page referenced a "secret society."

UPDATE: Pres Hopey-Changey in the crosshairs...
“If you don’t think the unmasking has something to do with the weaponization of our Department of Justice and our intelligence services, think again,” said Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), suggesting that the Obama administration had weaponized the executive branch in pursuit of partisan political purposes.

22 January 2018

Gonna wash those Jews...

...right outta my hair...L’Oréal
Amena Khan announced her decision to step down from the campaign in a Twitter post on Monday, where she also claimed to have deleted the controversial posts about Israel.

Breitbart Tech reported on Khan’s anti-Israel tweets on Friday, including her comments that Israel is a nation of “child murderers” and an “illegal state.”

Last year, L’Oréal Paris UK also faced criticism with another diversity hire: transgender model Munroe Bergdorf, who was fired from the company after publishing several racist, anti-white rants.

RELATED: Iraq reveals cost-effective care strategies...

...for the "differently abled"...
The Islamic State has been developing “wheelchair kamikaze jihadis” for several months now. Footage released two weeks ago by the terrorist organization showed a masked man in a wheelchair being loaded with explosives and placed in a car for a suicide mission in Mosul, Iraq.

21 January 2018

20 January 2018

No good deed...

...goes un-akbarred...twats
Gunmen have shot and killed a mother and her daughter who were immunising children against polio in Pakistan’s south-western city of Quetta. Sakina Bibi, 50, and her 20-year-old daughter, Alizah, were providing polio immunisation drops to children when two gunmen riding on a motorcycle shot them.

Both died on their way to the hospital,” said police official Naseebullah Khan.

The Taliban, hardline clerics and other organisations see vaccinations as part of a western conspiracy. Clerics have claimed the vaccines will sterilise Pakistani children. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are the only three countries in the world where polio has still not been eliminated.

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19 January 2018

Toronto cops bag gay serial killer

“We also believe he is responsible for the deaths of men we have not yet identified,” Det.-Sgt. Hank Idsinga said. “At this stage we are most concerned with identifying other victims of Mr. McArthur.”

“I’m telling you that he has killed at least two people and there are more victims.” Idsinga identified the suspect as Bruce McArthur, 66.
Apparently, there are folks in the "community" who think racist Toronto cops just didn't care enough...
“It took someone who was white to be the catalyst for them to get up and do their jobs,” King said, referring to Kinsman’s disappearance, the last of the five to be reported missing.


RELATED: Ah, yes... the notorious "North End"...
TORONTO - A shooting in north-end Toronto has left two men dead and two others in hospital with life-threatening injuries. Toronto police say the four men, all reportedly in their 20s, were found in a car just after 12:30 a.m. at West Dean Park and Rabbit Lane.

UPDATE: Two murdered men id'd
"The two men killed have now been identified by police as Nasurdin Nasir, 26, of Toronto, and Terrell Carr, 24, of Calgary. Carr recently moved to Calgary from Toronto."

RELATED2: Another killer goes down
"Police have arrested a suspect, 24-year-old Henok Mebratu, in connection with the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Malique Ellis inside a Scarborough Village apartment building in December. Mebratu is charged with first-degree murder."

RELATED3: Where's that knife registry?
A male was rushed to a hospital trauma centre in critical condition after he was stabbed inside a business in the Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue area on Saturday afternoon. Police said the suspect is a black male, standing about six-feet-tall, wearing dark blue clothing.

LAST WORD: Remember, back... you were a kid...

...naked homicidal madmen roamed the countryside...

Yeah... me neither.
Nick Hickey, 17, was fatally struck by a driver Wednesday night during what police allege was a frenzied spree through Bells Corners. 37-year-old Guillermo Escobedo-Hoyo is then alleged to have fled to nearby homes where he’s believed by police to have knocked on multiple doors, demanding guns.

Responding officers located the naked man inside a Jeep when they arrived on scene. Escobedo-Hoyo was formally charged on Thursday with second-degree murder in the vehicular homicide.

His lawyer Samir Adam declined to comment outside of court Thursday.

Not sure why he didn't stick with...

..."It's just part and parcel of living in a big city"...
"Before his election, Mr. Khan claimed police stop and search tactics unfairly targeted minority ethnic groups and promised to "do everything in my power" to cut the practice, before reversing his stance as crime surged over the summer."
Well, with London off the vacation list, you can always head to sunny Jamai... sweet baby jebus...
"Canadian sun seekers in Jamaica are being urged to "exercise a high degree of caution" following a spate of violent crime in the popular winter getaway. The Canadian government has issued a travel warning in the wake of a military lockdown in St. James Parish, which includes the popular tourist destination Montego Bay."

RELATED: How about Scandana... wait...
"A Swedish police station was bombed Wednesday evening, only the latest of several attacks against such symbols of the Swedish state in recent years."

18 January 2018


Why settle for facts, when you can have the myth...i have a deram
The plain fact is that not just King’s saintlike image, but practically his entire life, is a lie. King was awarded a PhD in systematic theology in 1955 but it was discovered in 1991 that King plagiarized entire sections of his thesis. [Boston U. Panel Finds Plagiarism by Dr. King, New York Times, October 11, 1991]

RELATED: And only money will ease this pain...
“But in my heart, deep down, I don’t feel whole,” she said. “I believe Georgetown has the means to do much more.”
FWIW... no word yet from Buckingham Palace, on my compensation for the Scottish "Highland Clearances."

It's a story you won't see on CNN.


LAST WORD: Remember... racism is a one-way street...
“'Making mistakes and telling the odd tale at age 11 is part of growing up,' Mayor John Tory said."
Sorry, Mr Mayor... no sale. The brother and the mother were singing from the same hymnal, er... Koran.

Speaking Truth to Poopoo

Sorry, Princess... Trump was right...
Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town. Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health. That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, "a fecalized environment."

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17 January 2018

Diversity is our streng...

Remember, back... you were a kid... innocent teenagers getting caught in gangbanger crossfire...

Yeah... me neither...gangbangers
"Vancouver police have assigned more than 50 officers to the investigation of a brazen gunfight that killed a 15-year-old boy after he was struck by a bullet while passing in a vehicle with his family."
Brazen, huh? As opposed to that usual subtle gunfight?

Get ready for a new campaign to confiscate firearms from farmers, hunters and sport shooters. 'Cos that'll solve all our problems with savage, bloodthirsty criminals, right?

Yes, you smelly, hippie dumbasses... the guns used in these criminal acts are all illegal. Making them super, double illegal will accomplish nothing. Going after criminals and handing out real punishment is the only answer here.


RELATED: The price of political correctness
A comprehensive, three-year research project on the value of having cops in schools has provided a stunning rebuke to the decision last fall by the Toronto District School Board to abruptly cancel its “School Resource Officer” program.

The 258-page analysis, done by two Carleton University professors and their PhD students, shows unequivocally that students overwhelmingly feel safer in school — and even report sleeping better and feeling less anxiety — with SROs.

I remember when you didn't get...

...to bring your babysitter to school with you...
"A professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario has been put on a leave of absence following allegations he referred to a student's aid worker as his 'handler' who 'needed to control' the student in a class Monday night."

UPDATE: Professor officially underbussed


RELATED: Fight the Patriarchy!
Judith Taylor, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Toronto, says there's no way to prove this "feminist experimental practice" is a trend yet, but she confirms that "the subject is very much on the minds of millennials getting married."

16 January 2018

Apparently, you can fool...

...all of the politicians, all of the time...liar,liar
"According to Amir Taheri, the Iranian-born author and expert on Islamic issues, 'This fake Islamic hijab is nothing but a political prop, a weapon of visual terrorism. It is the symbol of a totalitarian ideology inspired more by Nazism and Communism than by Islam. It is as symbolic of Islam as the Mao uniform was of Chinese civilization.'"

RELATED: To co-opt an old lefty meme...lies"When will they ever learn?"


LAST WORD: Stories you won't see on the CBC...
"At least seven students at Excel Academy at Francis Wood High School have been murdered the past 15 months -- all victims of the city’s rising violence."

15 January 2018

That's funny... this phony hate crime...

...isn't drawing nearly as much media attention as the original false report...lies
The alleged, er... totally fabricated incident captured national attention after it was reported Friday and drew public condemnation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.
Toronto Councilor Neethan Shan said, "We need to find ways to get communities to trust the criminal process, and report hate crimes.”
And let's not forget Toronto Mayor John Tory... who also jumped on the Islamophobia bandwagon... or the TDSB... or this compliant sock-puppet...a willing dupeSay, Justin... will reporting a fake hate crime be tolerated? I guess that's different, huh?
"A spokesman for the Toronto District School Board said Monday they are “very thankful” that the alleged assault did not happen."
That's it? No charges, no consequences?

"So under sharia law, that means her brother now has to throw acid on her for shaming the family, right?"
LAST WORD:   Betcha they're not so grateful now...taquiyyaYou can almost smell the journalism...
CBC News is not naming the 11-year-old because she is a minor. Police spokesperson Mark Pugash said the girl who reported the incident will not face any legal consequences.
Don't worry, Muslim community... CBC still has your back...
Amira Elghawaby, a human rights advocate based in Ottawa, said she was saddened to learn that the girl's story was not true, adding it will likely only serve to "embolden those who do hold discriminatory views of Muslims."
Victimhood forever.

Obviously the #metoo movement...

...dodged a patriarchy-lubricated bullet, too...pantsuit on fire
"Hillary Clinton put on a rigid front amid allegations of her husband’s infidelity, often working relentlessly to discredit the women who came forward."

RELATED: Shoulda seen it coming...
“It was white,” she said. “I didn’t get to choose and I prefer red, but it was white wine.”

Yes, we are apparently meant to read the nonconsensual wine choice as foreboding.
Sweet baby jebus.

14 January 2018

Diversity is our streng...

..."Holy Den of Criminals, Batman!!!"
MARKHAM, Ont. -- A U.S. government report says a Toronto-area mall is among the most notorious sources of pirated and counterfeit goods in the world. Pacific Mall, a predominantly Chinese-Canadian shopping centre in Markham, Ont., is one of 18 brick-and-mortar locations and 25 online retailers named by the U.S. Office of the Trade Representative in its annual review of so-called "notorious markets."

The U.S. government says sales of counterfeit goods at Pacific Mall are "sprawling and pervasive" and that vendors "operate largely with impunity (as) requests for assistance from local law enforcement have reportedly gone unanswered."
Maybe the Toronto Police are simply too busy with more important things?

13 January 2018

12 January 2018

With apologies to Willie Nelson...

"...Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys, er... 'gangstas'..."t-rex
"Tarek Dakhil, 23, known to friends as 'T-Rex' was shot multiple times around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in the courtyard of a co-operative housing complex at 3339 Paul Anka Dr."
"Known to friends as 'T-Rex'”... is pretty much a guarantee somebody is gonna light your felonious ass up. Funny how it's always the guys with the way cool street names who live in "subsidised" housing.

Just ask "C-Sick", or "Snoop", or "Greezy".


RELATED: Oshawa... the new wild west...
A 16-year-old boy has been charged with second-degree murder following a fatal stabbing outside a commercial plaza in Oshawa on Thursday afternoon. A victim, now identified as 17-year-old Neveithan Baskaran, was outside a plaza near Taunton and Harmony roads just before 3 p.m. when he was stabbed.

My kind of neutrality

A new civil rights act has come into force in Switzerland that prevents residents who have been on welfare in the past three years from becoming citizens unless they pay back the money they received to the state.

RELATED: Who knew Sweden was racist?
Another part of this official narrative is that Sweden is filled with racists. Oddly enough, a lot of migrants seem to want to come to Sweden despite the fact that Sweden, according to this narrative, is a country filled with racists.

Durbin also criticized Trump for his use of the term “chain migration” because according to the Senate Minority Whip, it was offensive to African-Americans that “migrated” to the United States chains."

LAST WORD: If you left your birth nation...

...to save your family's lives... you were living in a shithole.

11 January 2018

CBC blesses Aboriginal Weed Industry

Canada's national broadcaster rebrands marijuana as "Mohawk Medicine"...mohawk meds
"First Nations entrepreneurs 'asserting sovereignty'"...
Over, you know... the law of the land.

Remember... we don' need no steenkin' science...
VANCOUVER -- A disinterested pharmaceutical industry and the conundrum of finding a convincing placebo are just two reasons experts say "there has been little quality research into medicinal marijuana."

Where stereotypes come from...

...nowhere sensitive and civilised, I assure you...mack daddy
" - TORONTO - Both are charged with numerous offences including trafficking a person for financial benefit, procuring and exercising control, forcible confinement and assault, uttering threats, and advertising another person’s sexual services."

RELATED: Entertainment District earns its name
"One man is being treated in hospital after an early-morning shooting around 3 a.m. on King Street, just east of Bathurst Street. It was reported that two groups of men were fighting in an alley and two gunshots were heard."

LAST WORD: The bodies are dropping...
Toronto’s Homicide Unit has been called in to investigate after 22-year-old Shaquille Wallace was fatally shot in Etobicoke Tuesday night. The incident marked Toronto's second homicide of the year. It was also the second confirmed shooting in Toronto within the same hour.

10 January 2018

Think your kids aren't being co-opted?

Think again...the grievance industry
"The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario called for the removal of Macdonald's name from elementary schools in the province, referring to him as the 'architect of genocide against Indigenous Peoples.'"

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Reg: All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

Attendee: Brought peace?

Reg: Oh, peace - shut up!

LAST WORD: The War on Usinsert alt text here
"A class-action lawsuit filed by former Google employee James Damore has allowed a deep insight into the operations and beliefs of tech giant Google and provided further examples of Silicon Valley’s PC culture."

09 January 2018

Diversity is our streng...

...sweet baby jebus...
This disturbing sight at a Chinatown fish market in Manhattan is turning stomachs. Video posted on Facebook shows an employee of the Hung Kee Food Market on Canal Street wearing winter boots as he stands on top of a rack of fresh fish and attempts to fix a circuit breaker.

Since its posting Wednesday, the video has racked up nearly 3 million views.

08 January 2018

Here we go again...

Just noticed traffic from a Blogger URL presenting itself using my email address. This url consists entirely of pornographic images and exhortations to smoke dope. I have notified Blogger and expect that they will shut this nonsense down shortly.

This infantile attempt to derail free speech is typical of the lunatic left. Unable to actually debate, they always seem to resort to these type of measures. Pathetic.

CBC's never-ending search for "victims"

You say TO-MAY-TOE... I say good riddance...victimsThe only thing these two are victims of... is a lifetime of selfish criminal stupidity.


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Some guy, somewhere, got shot... details at, well... never...
Officers are investigating after a 16-year-old boy showed up at a police station near Osler Street and Davenport Road at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday with serious injuries as a result of a shooting. Police have not released any suspect or suspect vehicle descriptions in connection with this case.
"Police are investigating after a home in Scarborough’s Morningside Heights area was shot up early Sunday. Police don’t have a description of the shooter or shooters."
Two men are in hospital after shots rang out at the busy Lawrence Square Shopping Centre in North York this afternoon. Sgt. Stephen Carmichael said police have collected “amazing” security camera video that appears to show a suspect “ discharge a number of rounds” at the mall, ultimately striking two people.

Police say neither victim is cooperating with investigators.
Yup... it's a mystery.

07 January 2018

Hiccups in Hollyweird

So why do Polanski, Cosby, Spacey, Hoffman, Ratner, Affleck, Toback et al get a pass...
"But by acting so swiftly, a mere nine days after the New York Times first reported allegations of sexual assault against movie producer Harvey Weinstein, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences now finds itself facing a dilemma."

"Put simply: What to do with the rest of them?"
Let's look at fighting injustice, Hollywood style...
“Wearing black on the runway is all well and good, but it will only make a difference when women stop dressing and showing themselves as chattel. We might as well still be wearing corsets.”

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Rose McGowan has lashed out at the stars who wore black to the Golden Globes, accusing them of "Hollywood fakery" for failing to take a stand against the sex abuse claims sooner. She claims the famous females who united against the scandal "wouldn't have lifted a finger" to help if she hadn't gone public with allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Is Donald Trump Winning Bigly?

Let's ask Dilbert...POTUSVSG
"The least persuasive thing a person can do to fight such attacks, according to Adams, is to protest that he's not crazy and stupid -- because the only words people will remember are 'crazy and stupid.'"


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After John Legend denied he was reportedly looking for white, overweight Americans to play Trump supporters for an upcoming music video, he now claimed the casting was for a different project involving his music.
Sounds pretty "deplorable" to me.

06 January 2018

Professional Journalism 101

They say a picture is worth a thous... oh, c'mon now...

Apparently, the CTV News photo archive has no shortage of pictures of the "oppressive white patriarchy."airbrushing the politburoFor what it's worth, the Canadian media always seems to have plenty of pictures of "thought criminal" Dr. Jordan Peterson to hand.


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Ask yourself... why do Canadian news organisations consistently refuse to provide identifying information on urban shooters and shootees?most wantedRemember, magic is all about misdirection. Some guy, somewhere, got shot... details at, well... never...
"A 23-year-old man is in serious condition after he was shot early Saturday in Regent Park, Toronto police say."
"Police say that a man in his 20s was taken to hospital with serious injuries after a drive-by shooting in North York shortly after midnight."

LAST WORD: Another story you won't see...

...on Canadian mainstream media.

05 January 2018

How about right after...

...we start observing Nathan Cirillo Day?insert alt text here
OTTAWA – One of Canada’s most prominent Muslim groups, the National Council of Canadian Muslims is asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to designate the anniversary of the 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting as an official day of remembrance.

"May I suggest a day of remembrance for our battered democracy..."

Still struggling to understand...

...this whole cultural relativity thing...
"Prabhu Ramamoorthy is accused of sexually abusing a 22-year-old sitting in a window seat next to him on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas which landed in Detroit early on Jan. 3, even as his wife was by his side."
Not sure I'll ever understand this sort of thing. If I got caught doing something like this, Mrs Neo would likely cut off my dingus and nail it to a tree. She would absolutely not be party to defending this behaviour.


"Toronto police have asked for the public’s help identifying a suspect after a man committed an indecent act on a TTC subway train in North York."
“He is considered violent and dangerous. If located, do not approach. Call 911 immediately,” police said in a news release Friday, Jan. 5.

Scratch a "Progressive"... find a...

...blossoming sexual predator...
“And he said, ’Oh, you are being a bad girl. You know what I do to bad girls? I spank them.’” Ayers forcibly pulled her out of a chair and whipped her with a metal ruler.

Kennedy stated the episode led her to seek counselling years later.

A longtime advocate of progressive policies in a deeply conservative state, Ayers has written articles for publications including The New York Times and was once a regular contributor to “Morning Edition” on National Public Radio.

Ask Premier Kathleen Wynndfarm

How do you follow up on decimating Ontario's manufacturing sector by having the highest electricity rates in North America?insert alt text hereThat's simple... go after the low end services industries...
TORONTO – The premier of Ontario is accusing the children of Tim Hortons’ billionaire co-founders of bullying their employees by reducing their benefits in response to the province’s increased minimum wage.

While the changes announced in the letter are not a violation of Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, Wynne says she wants Joyce Jr. to reverse his decision.
Forget about Tims... what about every Mom & Pop business in Ontario?

Hmmm... let's get an opinion from someone who hasn't plunged the province into scary, unimaginable debt...
Dan Kelly, head of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, says the Wynne Liberals were repeatedly warned that increasing the minimum wage would hurt workers, but went ahead with the move anyway for purely political reasons.

Business owners had asked for a full impact assessment of the minimum-wage change to determine what the net effect would be, but the government refused to allow that to happen. All they cared about are the optics of this, to flex their credentials with union members in order to try and win the next election.”

04 January 2018

Gonna party like it's 1683

Turkey’s religious affairs state agency came under heavy criticism on Thursday from the main opposition party after it reportedly said girls as young as nine could marry under Islamic law.

In 2016, the government was forced to throw out a bill that could have pardoned men convicted of child-sex assault after a public outcry.

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Ms. Beyak later said First Nations should give up their status cards and become Canadian citizens.
How dare she!

Censorship.... the new normal

Edler said he first realized there would be problems when he was at the station working on the final touches of the piece just before Christmas and saw TTC officials type the word "f--k" on the control panel and take cellphone photographs of the words on the screens.

He said shortly after that he received an email from the TTC brass saying they weren't opening the installation to the public.
FWIW, that's a $500,000 taxpayer dollar artwork the TTC approved and paid for.

03 January 2018

U.S. State Department just collectively...

...shat their jodhpurs...insert alt text here**********

UPDATE: Rocket Man just blinked
"North Korea reopened a border hotline with South Korea on Wednesday, restoring a channel of direct dialogue and signaling a possible thaw in relations between the two Koreas after years of hair-trigger tensions."

Justin and his infamous pals

khadr connect
OTTAWA -- A lawyer for a Canadian man recently freed with his wife and children after years of being held hostage in Afghanistan says his client has been arrested and faces at least a dozen charges.

Eric Granger says Joshua Boyle faces charges including sexual assault, assault and forcible confinement.

Ottawa police refused to provide any specifics.
boyleHmmm... Joshua Boyle... that sounds so familiar...
Canadians have the right to know whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is suddenly playing Crazy 8s with a euchre deck.

After all, what prime minister in his right mind would meet in his parliamentary office with a man who was once married to Zaynab Khadr, the infamous, jihad-endorsing sister of Guantanamo Bay poster boy and terrorist, Omar Khadr.

UPDATE: Will the PM meet with me...

...or only notorious members of the Islamist community?
The Prime Minister's Office also said it would not comment since the investigation is ongoing, although a government official has confirmed that the Boyles met with Trudeau at the family's request.

02 January 2018

Liberté, égalité, fraterni...

...sweet baby jebus...diversity
Shocking video footage has emerged of a policewoman and her captain being brutally stomped by a gang of thugs in a Paris suburb.

The assailants ran away into a nearby housing estate after leaving the patrol car in ruins.

Across France 510 people were arrested overnight on Sunday - up from 456 the year before. And 1,031 cars were set alight, an increase from 935 the year before, according to figures from the interior ministry.
Is Britain that far behind?


- TORONTO - A man allegedly dropped a loaded firearm on the ground outside a downtown nightclub at Bathurst Street and King Street on New Year’s Day.

Bashir Osman, 27, of Kingston, is facing seven gun-related charges.

01 January 2018