30 September 2017

Or possibly she's going senile

One reason she may not have wanted to talk about guns is because the National Rifle Association has a higher approval rating than Congress.

Well, in addition to that, it’s the silencers, it’s the, uh, conceal and carry,” Pelosi said, repeating what the reporter just said, “and it’s also, uh, uh,” she continued, before suffering a brain freeze for several awkward moments, before blurting out, “pier— uh, um, armor-piercing bullets.”

29 September 2017

Take a knee...

...gets knocked on it's ass...insert alt text here
"Well, as it turns out, most Packers fans didn’t want to have a 'conversation,' weren’t interested in 'growing together,' and certainly had no desire to be made 'a little bit uncomfortable.'

Instead, the activity most Packers fans elected to participate in when it came time to honor America, was to chant 'USA! USA! USA!'"

The Steelers and the Broncos have already released statements saying they will end their protests and stand, beginning on Sunday. After what happened at the Packers game tonight, Green Bay may be the next team to join them.

Another one bites the dust...

...Liberal promises, that is...PANTS ON FIRE
In their 2015 platform on open and transparent government, Trudeau’s Liberals stated that transparent government is good government, the report notes. “It’s a sentiment shared by just about every opposition party that seeks power, but often falls out of favour once power is achieved.”
Sort of like electoral reform, I guess.

28 September 2017


••• "At what point will Canadians wake up and realize that their future is in real jeopardy?"•••
liar,liarI've been wondering that since Bill C-68 passed.
Here's the answer: They will wake up when the jeopardy finally becomes the reality. When they go to the store one day, and find that overnight the price of bread has doubled and keeps doubling every day thereafter. When they get to the gas station and there is no gas to be had at any price. When they flick a light switch and the light does not come on.

When they are f•••ing starving in the dark and freezing to death in the Brutal Canadian Winter, that is when they are going to wake up. And not one minute before.

How do I know?


When did the people of Venezuela finally wake up? When the animals at the zoo started looking really tasty, that's when. Before that it was all socialism all the time. Spread that money around!

Are Canadians smarter than Venezuelans? No, they're not. If anything Canadians are dumber. Venezuela doesn't have a killing winter every year to remind them that you have to have heat and lights and food or you're going to • die •.

27 September 2017

Terminally stupid... or just a troll?

...you be the judge...
What do you think is more likely (i) that cops were alerted by the firemen to a suspicious substance that they just happened to find due to a faulty fire alarm, and when cops were investigating the mysterious suspicious substance they just happened to find all those guns, or (ii) that cops knew they could not get a warrant and so they played the dog and pony show with their friends in red trucks? You can ponder it for a while, but not too long.
No pondering necessary. C'mon, you don't actually believe this, do you?

Sweet baby jebus... you do...
You think it is an unreasonable conspiracy theory to assume that they bent the rules and went around the warrant to get him, but it is reasonable to believe that a series of fortunate coincidences got them to that point?
Yes. Yes I do.

Say, are the Paramedics part of this nefarious criminal cabal? Are Garbagemen (or, whatever we're calling them these days) spying on homeowners too?

And, Colonialista... what are your feelings on the Kennedy assassination? No, wait, wait... too easy... I got it... what can you tell us about the "fake moon landings?"


FOR ANYONE WHO MISSED IT: Here's the post...

...that sent Colonialista to his "special place" where Durham Regional cops and firefighters are in cahoots to put "innocent" citizens in jail.


UPDATE: UNME to the rescue...
"The only outrage here is the continued persecution of people for committing non-crime such as drug dealing and owning guns."
Nope... not a joke. This guy is infamous over at SDA for his batshit trollery.

Because it's 2017

They keep telling us that early Islamic scholars were mathematical geniuses... but I'm just not seeing it...islamomath
“Would you give a man with half an intellect a driving licence?” Sheikh Saad al-Hajari, head of the Saudi government’s religious edict authority in the southern province of Assir, alleged at a lecture earlier this month.

“So how would you give one to a woman when she has half an intellect?” he said. “And if they go out to the market this gets halved again! So they now have a quarter of an intellect.”
Maybe a woman with half an intellect should only wear half a burka?


UPDATE: A fly in the ointment...
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Women in Saudi Arabia will be able to get behind the wheel as of next summer, following a landmark royal decree allowing women to drive — but they are still likely to be told to get a man’s permission to buy a car.
Women also cannot be released from prison after doing their sentence without the permission of a male guardian. Drivers licence or no, chattel is chattel.

Anyway, I'm gaining new insight into how the tiny state of Israel has so consistently fended off the massive troglodytic counterweight of Islam that surrounds them.


RELATED: It ain't just Saudi Arabia
A Muslim school leader says girls who wear shorts will be cursed by the Prophet Mohammed.

Almir Colan, a board member of Melbourne’s Garden College Islamic school, has railed against the Victorian government’s plan to allow girls to wear shorts in all state schools.
Shorts in Australia... oh the huge manatee!!!

You'd think Mohammed would have bigger fish to fry these days.

Folks, here's how this works...

...any two year old who sees a gun and doesn't pick it up... oughta be tested for autism...

toddlers & guns
On Monday, relatives who gathered on Darrion Noble’s front porch described him as a devoted father of three. They didn’t want to talk about how the shooting happened.

He had the gun for protection, said Travis Hollins, a cousin. “Family protection.” Stephanie Smith, another cousin, declined to say more about the gun. “I know what happened, but I don’t want to talk about it.”

Police haven’t confirmed who the gun belonged to or whether it was lawfully owned and haven’t said how the gun was stored.
One of the somewhat closed mouth relatives then decided, wisely or unwisely, to season the narrative...
Noble, who went by the nickname “Lil Red,” liked to listen to rapper Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out,” about a man’s release from prison.
Sweet baby jebus.

Not too sure what else to say about some knucklehead who can't appreciate the consequences of combining toddlers and loaded firearms.


RELATED: Call the tune, pay the piper...
The undeniable truth is that neither slavery nor Jim Crow nor the harshest racism has decimated the black family the way the welfare state has.

26 September 2017

I'm more than a little surprised...

... no one is making the obvious comparison...
The disgraced ex-congressman broke down crying as he was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday for convincing a high school student to undress and touch herself via Skype in 2016.

In addition to his prison stint, Weiner was also sentenced to pay a $10,000 fine for his crime, participate in sex offender outpatient treatment program and spend three years on supervised release once his sentence is up.
Weiner's "white privilege" didn't help him out at all.


COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Here in the Great White North...

...we do things a little differently...
OTTAWA — Senate ethics officer Lyse Ricard concluded that Senator Meredith, a 52-year-old, married, Pentecostal minister, had begun a relationship with a 16-year-old girl that later became sexual.

The Senate ethics committee is recommending that disgraced Sen. Don Meredith be expelled for engaging in a sexual relationship with a teenage girl — the first such recommendation in the history of the upper chamber.

Senator Don Meredith will receive a $25,000 annual payout for life even if he is expelled from the Senate. That pension payout relates to his roughly six years of Senate service.
So, to recap... Weiner... hard time for sexting on his cellphone... Meredith... cash for life for actually seducing a teenage girl.

25 September 2017

Gave proof through the night...

..."that our flag was still there"...Villanueva
A spokesman for the NFL's online store, confirmed to ESPN that, over the past 24 hours, more Villanueva gear, including jerseys and name and number T-shirts, has been ordered than that of any other NFL player.

UPDATE: Seems no one could predict...

...that epidermally enhanced millionaire athletes protesting racism and white privilege might be a hard sell to their uber-patriotic blue collar base...
“The backlash, inadvertently, has still been bad but you can only imagine if guys had stepped out and did their own thing and that was what we were trying to avoid. It just didn’t come out that way.”
And, apparently... they still don't get it.


LAST WORD: Politics supercedes entertainment
San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich stated on ESPN2 Monday that “white people have to be made to feel uncomfortable.”
Perhaps Popovich, the highest paid coach in the NBA, at $11 million per season should try coaching for a year or two in the Zimbabwean Basketball association.

That might just fit the bill.

Toronto Star does the unthinkable...

...calls out former DeGrassi child actor for repeatedly ignoring police requests...
Some cited the lyrics in his song 'No Tellin' as a possible explanation. “Yeah, police comin’ round lookin’ for some help on a case they gotta solve, we never help ’em.”

Soares, who was 33, had a rap sheet with three gun possession convictions.
Who, exactly, are Drake's gangbanger pals?
This year, a senior Toronto police officer, now retired, questioned why Drake had invited a young rapper who is facing firearms, assault and kidnapping charges along as his opening act on the European leg of his Boy Meets World tour.
Street-cred by proxy? Seems a little cowardly to me.

Kudos to Torstar (something I never imagined saying) for violating one of Toronto's unwritten taboos.


RELATED: Hey, Aubrey... I get it...

...gotta rub up against some actual thugz to get that gangsta credibility...
His new persona as the cocksure prince of hip-hop ("Last name ever, first name greatest," he brags on "Forever") seemed to clash with his middle-class Jewish upbringing and former career as a teenage soap star.

He was raised by his mother in Forest Hill, an affluent and predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Toronto. He attended Jewish day school, had a Bar Mitzvah at age 13 and observed the Jewish High Holy Days with his mother.
Yessirree, he came up hard.... the mean streets of Forest Hill.

24 September 2017

Those darned Trump lovin', KKK...

...Nazi-worshippin' white suprem... now... wait a freakin' minute...not the kkk
"Suspect Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, opened fire at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ at 11:15 a.m. Sunday, officials said."
FWIW, Mr Samson is apparently a bodybuilder who immigrated to the United States from Sudan.

But, it gets better. Much better.

Samson was stopped by a guy who had a Tennessee concealed carry permit...insert alt text here
One church member, 22-year-old Caleb Engle, confronted the shooter before being pistol whipped in the face. Engle then went to his car to retrieve a gun, which he has under a concealed carry license.

Engle returned to the church to confront the gunman again.

He’s the hero here,” Nashville police chief Steve Anderson said. “He’s the person who stopped this madness in its tracks.”

RELATED: Victims are identifiedinsert alt text here
"At least seven people were wounded – and one woman, Melanie Smith, was killed – when a masked gunman opened fire inside the Burnette Chapel Church in Antioch, Tennessee."
That's strange... suddenly the media doesn't want to talk about race or white privilege. Think we'll see as much coverage as the Dylan Roof shooting got?


A man is in stable condition after being shot late Saturday night in Regent Park, the fourth shooting in the area in the past month.

Police responded to a call at 11:20 p.m. Sept. 23 reporting multiple gunshots in the Gerrard Street East and Sackville Street area.

23 September 2017

Hmmm... an arsenal in his basement...

... but CBC doesn't want you to know his name...

insert alt text here
Officers, aided by the provincial police clandestine lab team, located an unidentified substance along with 33 guns and other prohibited devices, such as overcapacity magazines.

A 33-year-old Oshawa man faces charges that include careless storage of a firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm and possession of a restricted or prohibited firearm.
What's with the secrecy? What could possibly be going... oh, wait... let's try a non-CBC source...
Maisum ANSARI, 33, of New Providence St. in Oshawa is facing 337 firearms charges ...
I googled "Maisum Ansari," Oshawa and got 88 hits, relating to these illegal firearms and an "unidentified substance" that has been sent out for forensic testing. The name was out there in the public domain, but your publicly funded broadcaster chose to conceal it.

If this was Fred Smith, avid deer hunter & target shooter, CBC would be planning a four part Marketplace "Tools of Satan" extravaganza. They'd be following poor Freddie to the crapper.

CBC is deliberating warping news coverage. It happens on a regular basis. I hate being manipulated. How about you?

FROM THE COMMENTS: Defending the indefensable
"The only outrage here is the continued persecution of people for committing non-crime such as drug dealing and owning guns."
RELATED: Oshawa, Oshawa...

...that sounds so familiar...
A teenager has been rushed to a trauma centre with serious injuries following a shooting in Oshawa at Simcoe Street and Wellington Avenue Saturday evening.

Police did not provide further details about the victim or the incident.
No surprise there, huh?

22 September 2017

Where stereotypes come from...

Hamzeh Serhan
Hamzeh Serhan, 20, of Ottawa was sipping on a Slushie in the outdoor courtyard between Ottawa Community Housing units on Caldwell Avenue when he was swarmed by a group of armed youths and gunned down in broad daylight Wednesday.

After he was shot at close range, the victim stood up and turned as if to flee when he was shot in the back another four times. Witnesses, including one eyewitness who said he stood within 20 feet of the shooting, described the suspects as a group of about six black youths, who scattered on foot once the fatal shots were fired.

He said the victim was a man of Middle Eastern descent in his early 20s known to live in the neighbourhood.
The usually extremely vocal Black Lives Matter Ottawa was apparently unavailable for comment.


RELATED: In other Ottawa murder news
Kirvens Lamarre, 22, appeared by video link in an Ottawa courtroom Saturday morning — his first appearance on a second-degree murder charge in the death of 24-year-old Devon Labelle. Labelle, 24, known as “D-Loc,” was found stabbed and bleeding on a busy corner on Montreal Road on the afternoon of April 27.

RELATED2: A growing culture of violence
Mayor John Tory actually presented Aubrey “Drake” Graham with a key to the city in February 2016 — about six months after two people were shot to death during the rapper’s OVO Fest after-party at Muzik nightclub, another unsolved crime the rapper has stayed silent on despite Crime Stoppers urging him to ask witnesses to come forward.
Just keepin' it real, huh Drake?taking the fif
“Just know man like Fif, he’s a sickaz/ You get tanned, he don’t miss tings,” Drake rapped on the record.
Sorry, Aubrey... the evidence suggests otherwise.


LAST WORD: With one week left to go...

...in September, Toronto continues to stack bodies...insert alt text here

Some animals...

...are more equal than others...
The question is, why do we seriously embrace the idea of gender neutral shoes and clothing for the vast numbers of straight children, but at the same time encourage transgender children to run wholeheartedly toward clothing stereotypes for their chosen gender?

21 September 2017

From the folks who brought you...

...the "rub & tug" medical clinic...insert alt text here
Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew attended sweat lodges "to purify himself" and participated in a sun dance event, during which he fasted for four days and pulled buffalo skulls by piercings cut into his body.

"Suffice it to say, it shows a significant degree of commitment by the individual who attends," defence lawyer Jason Miller said.

Kinew also began attending regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
Meanwhile, in other aboriginal people news...
The project, which took 20 years to complete, was started in 1980... Prince Charles of Wales added the final stitch in 2000, making the work the largest stitch embroidery in the world at that time.

But now, the tapestry is receiving complaints for depicting Native Americans as “subhuman, warlike savages,” said Jacqueline Pata, the executive director of National Congress of American Indians.
Apparently there's good art and racist art.

20 September 2017

No more metal cutlery...

...for you, or you, or...
Just when you think school officials have banned everything, they target cartwheels.

A school in the northern Ontario town of Callander, not far from North Bay, has issued a draft handbook of playground rules for the 2017-18 school year – and among the prohibited activities is the common feet-to-hands-to-feet flip.

No reported injuries prompted the ban, said Todd Gribbon, principal at M.T. Davidson public school... BUT... “The activity can cause concussions, and neck and wrist injuries.”

RELATED: Of course it's not as stupid as...
Students at San Diego State University have the opportunity to earn extra credit by determining their personal level of “white privilege.”

"It`s a good thing they haven`t found an historic cesspool... that could cost a few more millions.


insert alt text here...but it's a dry heat...


RELATED: The Jennifer Lawrence of "Politics"
Theresa May suffered an embarrassing moment today as she delivered a speech to a mostly empty room at the United Nations. The Prime Minister's attack on Donald Trump was heard by a handful of diplomats - with vacant seats far outnumbering the officials in the audience.

It was packed to the rafters as Donald Trump delivered his 'rocket man' speech yesterday.

19 September 2017

Just two little words...

...honour... killing...
VIENNA – Police in Austria say a 14-year-old girl from Afghanistan has been stabbed to death and that her 18-year-old brother has confessed to the slaying. The victim's brother allegedly followed her as she made her way to school on Monday, trapping her in a courtyard and stabbed her repeatedly.


The terrorists are winning... in France, anyway.


LAST WORD: Who's zoomin' who?
"Whilst the statistics showed the most popular name for boys and girls were Oliver and Olivia respectively, the decision by the Office to list slight changes to the spelling of Muhammed as completely different names masked the fact that the popular Muslim name was actually in first place, and not in eighth as reported."
It's actually been in first place for five years running.

The all new "What's My Line?"

A Toronto media outlet attempts to turn a terrorist bombing into a harmless game show...insert alt text here
"UK police quiz 2 ex-foster children..."

RELATED: Gotta have priorities, right?
Scarborough’s Islamic Foundation of Toronto is getting $78,000 in federal funds for security cameras, lights and access control at its mosque and school.
I don't even have a family physician.


LAST WORD: You know who needs security?

How about Drake's buddy "Fif" Soares?

18 September 2017

Who wants to be...

...a "post-national state" millionaire... wait, this isn't Canada...get your yahyahs out
"Witnesses described seeing Yahyah Faroukh being arrested outside Aladdins Fried Chicken in Hounslow at midnight on Saturday. He was tackled to the ground before undercover officers took his phone and a forensic team wrapped plastic around his legs and arms."

RELATED: A little closer to home...

Toronto... come for the cuisine... stay for the firefight...
Toronto Police say a gunman opened fire inside Michael’s On Simcoe Restaurant — on Simcoe St., south of Adelaide St. W. — shortly before 9 p.m., killing 54-year-old Simon Giannini and sending patrons running for their lives. As many as 150 people were inside the popular steakhouse when the gunshots rang out.

Giannini’s killing also came less than 24 hours after another man was gunned down in Regent Park, bringing the murder tally to 41 for the year. On Saturday around 1:25 a.m., police found two men with bullet wounds in the Gerrard and River Sts. area. Everone Paul Mitchell, 54, of Toronto, died at the scene while the second man, 57, was taken to hospital.

Ten people have been shot — seven of whom died — in the last month. Gang warfare between the Sic Thugs and the Halal Gang has plagued Regent Park and spread to other areas of the city as well.

UPDATE: Let's not make any hasty assumpt...

...wait a minute...
"Two more shots went off and then within a few seconds there was a fairly young black male that ran out of that door from the restaurant."

LAST WORD: The usual suspects...
Investigators have identified a suspect wanted in connection with the murder of a 33-year-old Leonard Pinnock who was shot to death in a parked vehicle in Toronto last April.

Police have not been successful in their attempts to apprehend 24-year-old Akil Whyte, who is one of two suspects wanted in the fatal shooting.

17 September 2017

That stupid "Mexican Wall" thing...

...is never gonna... sweet baby jebus...
"Hungary has slashed illegal immigration by over 99 per cent after rolling out a series of powerful border fences in response to the European migrant crisis, possibly providing a lesson as to the potential impact of constructing President Trump’s much-discussed southern wall in the U.S."
Say don't the Israelis have a border wall? I wonder how that's working.

16 September 2017

Bomber bagged

Police hunting the London tube bomber have arrested an 18-year-old man in Dover and raided an address in Surrey as investigators raced to thwart a second attack.

Investigators believe the suspect may have been in the port area of Dover to try to board a ferry to leave Britain.


UPDATE: Trump right... cops had him
The suspected Parsons Green bomber was a 'problematic foster child' who was allegedly arrested two weeks ago near to where the attack took place before being freed.

Hours after his arrest, which Scotland Yard described as "significant", a second suspect was detained in Hounslow, west London.

RELATED: Suspect in custody described as "Asian"
On Thursday, Britain’s Home Office announced that police, using broader authorities, had arrested a record 379 people for terrorism- related offenses in the past months, an increase of almost 70 percent.
Think I'm just gonna go with "glass half full" here.

The New Entrepreneurs

He dressed like a lawyer, talked like a lawyer and worked as a lawyer, but in reality, 34-year-old Inayat Kassam was a smooth-talking fraudster with a law degree that wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

The official-looking degrees were enough to impress Dennis Yang, who hired him to manage new business for his Toronto law office.
But enough about fraud, let's get to today's thuggery...
Police received a call about the sound of gunshots at about 1:24 a.m. near Gerrard Street East and River Street in Regent Park. When officers from 51 Division arrived, they found two men. One was pronounced at the scene and one was taken to hospital. The second man is expected to survive.

The identity of the city’s 40th murder victim of the year was not immediately released because police are still in the process of notifying his next-of-kin

15 September 2017

And Winston Churchill wept

Once again, the capricious and unknowable will of, well... THAT GUY...mo murder
A huge counter-terrorism investigation is under way after a bucket bomb was detonated on a packed London Underground train at Parsons Green. Witnesses described scenes of terror and panic after the blast sent a "fireball" and a "wall of flame" through a District line service in west London.

At least 22 people were injured, including a boy believed to be aged about 10.
Could have been much worse... apparently the device malfunctioned, likely a fortuitous by-product of centuries of cousin-marriage.

Stand by for the usual flood of candles and teddy bear memorials...
Social media was similarly awash with people offering a comforting hot drink to those caught up in the aftermath.
As Kate at SDA is wont to say... "We won't let these atrocities change us... and that's a mistake."


RELATED: The fun never stops...insert alt text here
On the heels of the heinous terror attack that just occurred at a London Tube station Friday, reports are now coming in that two women in France have been attacked with a hammer by a man shouting "Allahu Akbar."

UPDATE: Brits expecting more attacksinsert alt text here
Britain lifted its national security threat level to critical from severe on Friday, meaning an attack is expected, after a bomb on a London commuter train injured 29 people.


Toronto cops also have their hands full...rap royalty murder
A 33-year-old man is dead after being shot several times overnight around 3 a.m. inside a building on Glamorgan Avenue, near Kennedy and Ellesmere roads.

The victim has been identified as Anthony Soares
Wait a minute... you mean Anthony “Fif” Soares.
“Just know man like Fif, he’s a sickaz/ You get tanned, he don’t miss tings,” Drake rapped on the record.
Well, "tings" sure didn't miss him.

The MSM ain't talking about the Drake connect here because, uh... patriarchy?

A dramatic scene broke out in the Jane St. and Driftwood Ave. area this morning in what has been described as a knife fight that resulted in police shooting a suspect.
Toronto police have charged 24-year-old Yeshudyan Ragbir with first-degree murder after a woman was found without vital signs in a North York home Wednesday.
It happens so often nowadays... nobody really cares anymore.

Erwin... I've got Photoshop too...

...I'd have thrown in a Doctorate... and saved you $8000 to boot...insert alt text here
In reality, Kings Lake University is little more than a website, run by the Pakistan-based fake degree mill Axact. The investigation found more than 100 Axact-linked schools and accreditation bodies, such as Harvey, Barkley and Nixon University, but none of the schools has a physical address, faculty photos are often stock images, and even the accreditation bodies the websites cite are fake.

Many Canadians could be putting their health and well-being in the hands of nurses, engineers, counsellors and other professionals with phoney credentials.

14 September 2017

As early as 2016...

insert alt text here
"...the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI warned state and local officials that antifa had become increasingly confrontational and were engaging in "domestic terrorist violence."

RELATED: Fighting fire with fire

As Cersei Lannister so famously said to the Sparrows... "I choose violence."
“Our efforts are moving ahead at full speed to put together the best free speech event Berkeley has ever seen,” he said. “I am sparing no expense, including a 16-man Navy SEAL security detail for me and our speakers.”
Say what you will about Milo... he's no pussy.


LAST WORD: Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley
The list now includes columnist Katie Hopkins, author and journalist Mike Cernovich, professor Jordan Peterson, political scientist Charles Murray, former Google employee James Damore, Blackwater Founder Erik Prince, street artist SABO, The Gateway Pundit’s White House Correspondent Lucian Wintrich, journalist Chadwick Moore, author Michael Malice, Breitbart London Editor and author Raheem Kassam, activist and journalist Ariana Rowlands, author Lisa De Pasquale, political commentator Heather Mac Donald, Fox News analyst Monica Crowley, and congressional candidate Stelian Onufrei.

13 September 2017

Sunny Ways indeed

insert alt text here
OTTAWA — Representatives from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Saskatoon Police Service say there is zero chance they will be ready to enforce new laws for legalized pot by next summer.

If the government doesn’t postpone the start date and allow police time to prepare and train their officers, there will be a window of six months to a year to allow organized crime to flourish.

They also say they want the government to reconsider allowing people to grow pot at home, because it will be difficult to police and could make it easier for young people to obtain marijuana.

RELATED: Speaking of cops and drugs...
Two Durham Regional Police constables are facing charges in connection with drug sales allegedly taking place in an Ajax restaurant after allegations that cocaine and marijuana were being sold inside.

On Tuesday, police constables identified as Husen Aswat, 32, and Amandeep Thakur, 30, were arrested and charged, along with three other men.

RELATED2: Everyone a Wynner
TORONTO - Ontario’s opposition parties say the Liberal government rushed the release of the province’s marijuana plan in an attempt to distract from a pair of high-profile trials involving party workers.
Say it isn't so.


LAST WORD: Let's ask a doctor
The Canadian Medical Association repeated its concerns about health risks associated with cannabis, particularly in its smoked form. It urged the government to set the legal age at 21.

12 September 2017

That ol' Religion of Peace

insert alt text here
A teenager from a Christian family has been beaten to death by Muslim classmates at the MC Model Boys Government High School in Pakistan, allegedly for drinking from the same water cooler as them.

The teacher present at the time of the attack turned a blind eye as Sharoon was pummelled to death, although he claimed he simply did not notice the beating as he was reading a newspaper.

11 September 2017

“Embrace ancestry, genetic code...”

...and melanin...
"There was a time when embracing ancestry, genetic code and melanin was a popular political program. But the Nazis lost World War II."

RELATED: In other diversity news...
"It appeared at least the younger Roberts may have felt Grandzol wasn’t moving fast enough. 'The 16-year-old just stepped up to Mr. Grandzol and shot him twice in the head,' Homicide Capt. John Ryan said."
BLM Philadelphia was apparently unavailable for comment.

I'd still prefer to have...

...a family physician...sunny ways
The Freedom of Information request revealing, essentially, that Ontario’s Liberal government doesn’t have a hope in hell of hitting its own target for electric vehicle purchases ••• let alone getting the public to buy them. The Liberals will spend up to $277 million by 2020to increase the use of electric vehicles.”

Wynne’s plan estimates the long-term cost of reducing emissions through electric vehicle subsides at $75 per tonne.

But in a report released in June, Germain Belzile and Mark Milke of the Montreal Economic Institute calculated Ontario’s subsidy program for electric vehicles will cost at least $523 per tonne of emissions saved.
They look you right in the face and they lie.


RELATED: Justin drives a Prius, right?millionaire playboy"What you get when you put a male feminist underwear model in charge of Canada's economy."


LAST WORD: Don't blame me, Ontario...

...I didn't vote for them...
"Interest still has to be paid on that $311.9 billion by taxpayers, at a rate of almost $1 billion a month, or $11.6 billion annually."
Missing Mike Harris yet?

10 September 2017

09 September 2017

With friends like this...

"Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals its embassy in Washington may have funded a 'dry run' for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the claim employees and agents of the kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers and plotters."

All you dirty, smelly hippies...

...listen up...
A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute makes painfully clear, as a treatment for cancer, alternative medicine does not cure; it kills.

RELATED: It's about getting attention...
One study conducted by the Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria at VU University Medical Center, a famous gender clinic in Amsterdam, found that around two-thirds of gender dysphoric minors eventually desisted. That is, the minors ultimately reverted to identify with the gender corresponding with their birth sex.

LAST WORD: The ultimate snowflake solution

08 September 2017

Centre of the Universe...

...chalks up another violent death...murdered
• TORONTO • A man who was stabbed in Scarborough over the weekend and was later pronounced dead in hospital has been identified as 33-year-old Cuhapiryan Mahendrarajah. Police were first called to the area of Danforth Road and Eglinton Avenue at around 2:10 a.m. on Sunday.

A suspect, identified as 18-year-old Prosper Jean Laurent, was arrested that same day and has been charged with second-degree murder in Mahendrarajah’s death.

RELATED: Scarberia Outdoor Shooting Sports Club...

...has another mad midnight minute...
One man was rushed to hospital with serious injuries and another was transported with minor injuries following a drive-by shooting in the city’s Scarborough Village neighbourhood late Friday night.

The two victims were standing outside a bar on Luella Street in the vicinity of Markham Road and Eglinton Avenue.

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In their latest attempt to control the city's rising murder rate, Toronto Police will be rounding up local hunters, farmers and target shooters... wait a minute...

LAST WORD: Toronto's Most Wanted

In PM Selfie's "post national" state...

...government supplied dope is a necessity... independence, not so much...liar,liar
"Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (the Canadian equivalent of America’s Child Protective Services)."

UPDATE: Justin's other mom steps up...

insert alt text hereSo, any entreprenuerial kid who can pass for 19 has just cut out the gangbanger middleman and can resell to the rest of his cohort? Sounds a lot less scary to me. Thanks a lot, Liberal Party.

But don't think this will be a boon for free enterprise...
The government also promised to close the illegal shops like Cannabis Culture that have sprouted across the province. “If you operate one of these facilities, consider yourself on notice,” said Attorney General Yasir Naqvi.
Well, maybe not everybody...
Down Highway 401 at Tyendinaga, near Belleville, the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte are also grappling with the marijuana issue, said Chief Donald Maracle. Unregulated pot shops have opened on the reserve but police haven’t tried to shut any of them down.
As Orwell said, "some animals are more equal than others."


MONTREAL — Liberal Party of Canada CFO Chuck Rifici has become a multimillionaire in just a few months thanks to his stock-traded medical marijuana company, QMI Agency has learned.

Documents show Rifici's initial investment in Tweed Marijuana Inc. has so far sprouted into an $18-million bumper crop.
George Smitherman, a former Ontario Liberal deputy premier... is a promoter of marijuana facility THC Meds Ontario Inc. Mr. Smitherman said, “I don’t think we are going toward a model where legalization means you should grow some stuff in your backyard.”
Funny how that works.


LAST WORD: A fly in the miracle ointment...
Health Canada says it will begin random testing of medical marijuana products to check for the presence of banned pesticides after product recalls affecting nearly 25,000 customers led to reports of illnesses and the possibility of a class action lawsuit.
From the folks who brought you the Phoenix payroll system.

07 September 2017

CNN goes "full retard"

Cockroach milk... official drink of the Antifa...
Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.

Scientists have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its bug babies a formula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar.

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Two masked robbers entered the restaurant early Wednesday and ordered three employees to lie on the floor. Police say three other employees pulled out handguns and opened fire, shooting one of the suspects six times. The other suspect ran off.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office on Thursday said the man killed was 24-year-old De’Carlo Jackson.

Jackson's IQ was below 75, according to court records.

But where are the customers?

The Washington Post in 2015 reported that China used more cement in just two years — 2011 to 2013 — than the U.S. used in all of the 20th century. Let that sink in for a moment. Meanwhile, China now produces five times as much steel as all of Europe each month.

But where are the customers? China built cities without people, malls without customers, and roads without cars, in anticipation that all of those would soon be filled. But many remain empty. China’s population is aging fast, and its growth is grinding to a halt. Still, many of China’s heavily-indebted businesses continue to borrow from government lenders, who have no incentive to stop the game.

06 September 2017


...improving women's lives, one slice at a time...insert alt text here
"In the undated ‘Muslims in Calgary’ article entitled Female Circumcision in Islam, author Asiff Hussein claims both that FGM is 'an Islamic practice' and that it 'brings untold benefits to women'.”

Hussein makes a case for the supposed health benefits, while also admitting the practice reduces what he calls “the excessive sexual arousal in women.”
Well, Asiff, goodness knows we wouldn't want that.


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...over at the World Health Organization say?

If you build it...

insanity...they will come and come and...
"The most recent figures from the National Board of Medicine show that over 83 percent of so-called single-born refugee children who are age-tested are actually adults."
It seems western civilisation is in full, unfettered retreat...
"A 21 year old law student at Edinburgh University mocked ISIS on his Facebook page. Now his school is investigating him for potentially committing a hate crime."
An update here...
He was denounced to educratic authorities by one Esme Allman, a “self-proclaimed feminist and womanist” who enjoys blathering about inclusivity and intersectionality.
But, of course.

04 September 2017

Gonna go out on a limb here...

...and guess that he was crazier than the proverbial shithouse mouse...
"A man who caught on fire when he ran straight into the towering inferno at Burning Man died from his injuries on Sunday. The unidentified party-goer was chased by firefighters as he entered the bonfire. It was not clear why the man had jumped into the conflagration."

03 September 2017

Forget about global warming...

Apparently, it's raining bullets yet again in the storied "northwest end" of the city...rexdale free fire zone
Toronto’s latest murder — in Rexdale — comes just a day removed from a similar wild shooting homicide at a west-end mall not all that far away. Police have identified the victim of Toronto’s 36th homicide of 2017 as Awad Hurre, 34. Witnesses tell reporters there were so many shots, it sounded like Labour Day weekend fireworks.

Det. Sgt. Mike Carbone said “police are looking for four black males in their mid-20s who were wearing dark clothing.”

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Two men are in hospital after a shooting in North York in the Black Creek neighbourhood Sunday afternoon. Toronto police said they received calls for sounds of gunshots near Jane St. and Steeles Ave. W. around 3 p.m.

This is the fifth shooting in the North York area since Aug. 30. when two teenagers were shot.

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A man is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after a shooting in Regent Park early Monday morning.

The incident occurred at around 1:30 a.m. near Sumach and Gerrard streets.

LAST WORD: BLM Toronto unavailable for commentcultural relativity
Toronto police have made an arrest following a violent weekend incident. A 49-year-old man was hit in the head with a hammer Saturday night near Lansdowne Ave. and Davenport Rd. Whitley Hunter, 45, of Toronto, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder.

02 September 2017

Social Justice, huh?

"They smashed cameras and sometimes the faces of reporters, chased down old people, executed beat downs on isolated protestors, mauled passersby, in one case threatened a man in a wheelchair, and in general stormed the streets like a wolf pack after a long hunger and a really bad hair day. Anti-fascism is hard thuggish work."

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"Now, it’s not exactly clear why Swanson took the time to put the peel on a tree instead of just throwing it on the ground like a normal, lazy litterbug. What is clear, however, is that his decision wound up causing some pretty serious emotional devastation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he never wanted even to be seen in a room with that fruit again."

01 September 2017

Dear Hogtown... perhaps frantically renaming...

...those patriarchal, genocidal Sir John A. gradeschools is not your most pressing issue after all...shopping mall shootout
A young man is dead following a daylight shooting inside North York’s Sheridan Mall at Jane St. and Wilson Ave. area shortly after 5 p.m. on Thursday. The man was chased into the mall following an altercation in the parking lot, police say.

Jovane Clark, 22, of Toronto died from a gunshot wound to the head
Northwest Toronto. Come for the food court... stay for the firefight.


UPDATE: The usual suspects, er... narrative...
“He was always smiling, pleasant, he loved kids, he loved to mentor small kids.”

RELATED: Crime is down, huh?

An 18-year-old woman was seriously wounded in a shooting at a restaurant near Pearson International Airport Friday morning.
On Friday afternoon, Toronto police were investigating two separate shootings.
Curiously, not a peep from Black Lives Matter Toronto.