30 June 2011

Hey everybody... meet "nonny"

You know... the guy who has been so obsessed with me... he's been running around the internet spoofing my identity...And forgery, nonny... that'd be... well... you...
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Visit Length 10 hours 53 mins 46 secs --

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And that's just today's take.

Anyway, dumbass... last chance to email me, 'fess up and apologise for the recent spate of forgery and impersonation & the years of internet threats.

I don't get that before midnight... I forward the data I've collected (and been sent by other bloggers) to both your ISP and the Ontario Provincial Police.

And no, that's not a threat... that's a promise.

Remember back... you were growing up...

...people used to club each other over the head... with babies?

-- Yeah... me neither....
A woman who allegedly used her little girl “as a weapon” has been located, Toronto Police said Wednesday.

The woman, who is about 30 years old, was on the TTC’s Dundas streetcar Friday when a brawl broke out, Const. Wendy Drummond said.

“There was an verbal altercation with another passenger, and the suspect swung the baby (who she was now holding) at the victim.”

C'mon... who doesn't love a...

...good turtle story?
-- NEW YORK -- Runway 4 Left at Kennedy International Airport was closed for more than an hour on Wednesday morning.

In 2009, the same runway was closed due to occupation by 78 diamondback terrapins, engendering some interesting chatter from air traffic controllers.

29 June 2011

In other "big-spirited frontier city" news

Do your teenage sons have "ready smiles", "a love of partying" and "a penchant for getting into the occasional dust-up?" -- halls of macadamia/A "penchant"? Is that what got these "two smiling frontier city partiers" killed?


The gap between actual news & Entertainment Tonight continues to narrow.

I'm just waiting for the Globe & Mail to start all of their crime reporting... "Once upon a time..."

And on the same page...
I rest my case.


RELATED: Teenage partiers... an @risk demographic
Police said the 17-year-old was standing at the edge of the bluffs with a small group of people near Scarborough Crescent, where he was attending a party.

A 911 call was placed at about midnight, but police say they were not contacted immediately after the fall.

Ah, yes... the Cradle of Democracy

20,000 Greeks go absolutely apeshit over impending bankruptcy...
"We don't owe any money, it's the others who stole it," said 69-year-old demonstrator Antonis Vrahas. "We're resisting for a better society for the sake of our children and grandchildren."

Police said 37 policemen were injured during Tuesday's riots.

UPDATE: Greeks take it in the...

...well, you know...
Mr Papandreou says his austerity plan is the only way to get Greece back on its feet.

"We must avoid the country's collapse at all costs. Now is not the time to step back.".

28 June 2011

In other "Crime is Down" news

-- NEWMARKET -- A York police officer, and father of two young children, was killed after being pinned under a van near Newmarket early Tuesday.

The unlicensed driver of the van, a 15-year-old boy, was also taken to hospital, and is in serious condition.
The Harper government wants to make some points with the people... they could do a total rethink of the "Young Offenders" legislation.

Max three years in juvie for murder?

It's not sending the right message.

My latest plea to the British Royal Family

Dear Liz... just another reminder, I'm still waiting for that compensation for my ancestors being chased out of the Scottish Highlands...
"Oliver blames Canada's experience with slavery for much of the black community's inability to support each other and for the stereotypes old-stock Canadians continue to show."
Uh, Don... does that include the guy who appointed you to the Canadian Senate?
"It really flows from the days of slavery . . . because of the slave mentality," he explained, when someone got ahead, they would get dragged down by the group."
And 140 years later, Mr. Cash for Life... that's on us modern-day honkies... how?

Think about it, Abdullah... if he was really...

...trying to piss you off... wouldn't he have used Porky Pig?
-- CAIRO -- An Egyptian Christian telecom mogul has angered Islamic hard-liners by posting an online cartoon of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie in a face veil.

"If you are really a Muslim, and you love your religion, boycott his projects. We have to cut out the tongue of any person who attacks our religion."

27 June 2011

Never a Community Organiser around...

...when you really, really need one...
The federal jury found that the former governor brazenly abused the powers of his office in a series of attempted shakedowns captured on undercover government recordings.

Blagojevich, the fourth former governor convicted of felonies since 1973, likely faces a significant prison sentence.

In the end, jurors agreed with prosecutors that Blagojevich had tried to sell the Senate seat in a variety of ways, including an attempt to steer it to U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in exchange for $1.5 million in campaign cash promised by Jackson supporters.
In the last 38 years, half of the elected Illinois governors have ended up behind bars.

The Chicago Machine... the most corrupt political organisation in North America.

Yes, Peace Moonbeam... of course...

...because profiling terrorists is just so wrong.
-- (CNN) -- The Transportation Security Administration stood by its security officers Sunday after a Florida woman complained that her cancer-stricken, 95-year-old mother was patted down and forced to remove her adult diaper while going through security.

Or maybe, Romeo... just maybe... the Big Head could do the thinking for the Little Head

Here's a thought... how about we start tattooing warning labels on people's genitalia? -- Not everybody, mind you... just the folks who insist on purchasing frequent, unprotected sex with multiple strangers... poor, poor pitiful meWhat's next here... adding "swingers" to Ontario's list of "official" victims?" 'Cos I'm thinkin'... you're too stupid to figure this out, you shouldn't be allowed to go to the bathroom on your own... never mind down to Sammy's Sex Emporium.

And, hang on a sec... wasn't there a recent imbroglio involving the McGuinty government refusing to fund some woman's cancer treatment? But we're supposed to set up yet another government bureaucracy to tell grown men and women that reckless, premeditated, over-the-top promiscuity "MAY" have consequences?

It's past time for a little political triage. I know who I'm voting for this fall.

Yeah... they'd better start thinking about...

...building a new "Circle of Friends University" to go along with this.
-- STOCKHOLM -- At the "Egalia" preschool, staff avoid using words like "him" or "her" and address the 33 kids as "friends" rather than girls and boys.

They've have adopted the genderless "hen," a word that doesn't exist in Swedish but is used in some feminist and gay circles.

To even things out, many preschools have hired "gender pedagogues" to help staff identify language and behavior that risk reinforcing stereotypes.
What kind of parent is willing to experiment on their own child?

My take on this? These kids get to a real-world institution... it ain't gonna be pretty.

26 June 2011


You mean your employer doesn't offer you a gold-plated pension & benefits, seven weeks of holidays yearly and substantial sick leave on top of that? --

Hmmm... I guess maybe that accounts for the 70 percent of Canadians who supported the back to work legislation.

I mean, this one's a no-brain... wait a minute...
"The leftist New Democratic Party had held up the bill with 58 grueling hours of day-and-night debate."
Of course they did.

Hope you're all enjoying Jack Layton's version of "working with all parties to get things done."


"As this is a crown corporation may I suggest it should be reserved for the employment of our former armed service personnel. They deserve a fat cat job with all the benefits at least."

LAST WORD: I'm from the government...

...I'm here to save you, er... enrich me...
One example of how large and untenable this gap has become can be found in Statistics Canada’s recent observation that public sector employees now constitute a majority of all pension plan participants, despite being outnumbered more than three to one in the workforce.

This suggests two types of retirement in the future: one of carefree luxury for public sector employees, and one of reduced expectations for everyone else.

A similar dichotomy is at work with Ontario’s practice of paying a bonus to every corrections staffer who takes fewer than 23 sick days per year.

25 June 2011

This is Rahm's handpicked candidate?

It's true... you really do get the kind of government you deserve...
-- CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago's new top cop says the accessibility to firearms in America is an extension of "government-sponsored racism" that goes back to the days of slavery and Jim Crow.

McCarthy illustrated his point by recalling a crime scene investigation while he was a police official in Newark, New Jersey where five children were shot, two of whom were killed. McCarthy said when he got home, he turned on his television to unwind and found an episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" showing.

"She was caribou hunting and talking about the right to bear arms. Why wasn't she at the crime scene with me?"
Oh my gawd, you moron... let me count the the ways...

a) Sarah Palin lives thousands of miles away from Newark, NJ.
b) She's not a police officer.
c) Hunting caribou has nothing to do with child homicide.

I could go on... but what would be the point? This guy sounds like one of the dumbasses who danced in the street when O.J. got set free.

No wonder Chicago is a war zone.


RELATED: In other "urban firefight" news...
Police have one man in custody after a shooting early Saturday morning in the area of Trinity-Bellwoods Park.

Officers say two men in their 20s were shot in the lower body near Dundas Street West and Shaw Street, just east of Ossington Avenue, around 3:30 a.m.

Friends of the victims drove them to Toronto Western Hospital, where they were treated for non-life-threatening wounds.

LAST WORD: I blame Thomas Jefferson...
-- CHICAGO (CBS) -- The teenage robbery mobs are at it again on North Michigan Avenue.

The Mag Mile earlier this year was hit by similar mobs of young thieves. Attacks on commuters and bicyclists have become violent, and police have stepped up patrols.

President McDreamy just keeps diggin'

Seems even the Dems are getting fed up with this guy...
“It would appear inside the caucus that there is a split on this, and I think the fact that the secretary came over tells you a couple things. One, that the White House is very concerned about the vote, and second, that there is a sudden awareness that the fact that the administration has ignored Congress may carry with it a price.”
And in other "brave holy warrior" news... you've just gotta love the timing on the latest Obama drawdown...
-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- A sport utility vehicle packed with explosives blew up on Saturday outside a small hospital in a remote area of eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 20 people and injuring at least 23 more, government officials said.

Saturday’s attack comes one day after a bicycle rigged with explosives blew up in an outdoor market in the northern province of Kunduz, killing at least 10 people, including a police officer.

The United Nations said that May was the deadliest month for Afghan civilians since it began keeping count in 2007, with 368 civilians killed.

Not limited to leaders of political parties

Wanna have a transcendental moment... without the humiliating risk of being found naked in a Chinatown bordello? -- save a turtleIf there is a less offensive creature in the entire universe, I have certainly never crossed its path... so get out your wallet or chequebook & send these folks a donation...
-- PETERBOROUGH -- Without new funding, the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre may close by August.

"We're on the edge of bankruptcy," says Bob Geddes, a board member with the centre. --
Seriously... look at that face.

Do it now.

24 June 2011

The sun is shining... the birds are birding...

...and I've just spent a few hours outside doing things mechanical.

Had to seal up a swing cylinder on the backhoe... it seems that plugging one leak... stabiliser cylinders... puts pressure on another component... stabiliser hoses... which in turn, pushes oil out a sloppily sealed swing cylinder.

Eventually, I should be able to tighten up the whole machine... but it truly is a process... a sort of "Zen and the Art of Machinery Maintenance" thing. Anyway, this is shaping up to be light blogging day.

Still have to change the engine oil & filter, the hydraulic & transmission filters and the gear oil in the diff. The hoe itself is pretty sloppy... but that's a rebushing, repinning job that's way beyond my meagre mechanical capabilities.

Blogwise... the only thing happening is my buddy nonny losing his mind over the Rob Ford/Gay Pride parade imbroglio.

I'm beginning to figure out why this guy is so obsessed. Apparently, ol' nonnymouse has some sort of homosexual fixation... and he's decided to share all his inner angst with yours truly. It's actually kind of sad how desperately he seems to crave my attention... not something that any amount of naked squirt-gun parade is likely to solve.

Anyway, thanks also, to everyone who has emailed me about nonny running around the intertubes pretending to be me. Just keep those cards & letters coming... impersonation is a criminal offense... and I'll be dealing with that shortly. Not sure what nonny thinks he's accomplishing here... besides revealing his own inner child.

Anyway... anybody knows anything about tractor or machinery maintenance... feel free to chip in here.

Now. where did I leave that grease gun?

23 June 2011

In other "Healing Crystals" news

Evidence clearly suggests, we can simply step back and watch... as the lunatic left slit their own throats...
Ray became an American self-help icon and bestselling author about five years ago, after appearing in the hit New Age documentary 'The Secret', which suggested that sending the right vibes into the universe attracts wealth, love, and health.

"Dude, do you live in a flipping cave or something? Have you never, ever seen this shit? Holy mother of jesus surely, you can't be THIS stupid. Flipping awesome boy, flippin' awesome."

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 12:59 PM, June 23, 2011
Oh my goodness, er... dude.

Is this really all it takes to get you to blow a blood vessel? Bad experience down at the ashram, perchance?

That's so sad.

Yet again... more inspiring heroic activism...

...from the Tammy Wynette of the lunatic left...
Even then, her comments on Tuesday came not of her own initiative, but in response to a question at a press availability – and after Saudi women activists and journalists had questioned her public silence on the subject.
Perhaps Shrillary should take a page out of the Geert Wilders playbook...
This morning the Court of Amsterdam has acquitted Geert Wilders of all charges.

“I am delighted with this ruling,” says Geert Wilders. “It is a victory, not only for me but for all the Dutch people. Today is a victory for freedom of speech."

22 June 2011

Whoa... I had thought this was mandatory...

...sorta like genuflecting every time somebody says "David Suzuki"...
that sound you hear s rob ford's balls clanking
"Asked if he feared his decision would provoke a backlash, he said he is keeping his own tradition of spending the national holiday with his family at their vacation property in Huntsville." --
Hey... you wanna be a vital, thriving element of the community-at-large?

I've said it before and I'll say it again...
"Less feather boas... more David Sedaris."

FROM THE COMMENTS: Attention Gay Toronto!

Really looking for acceptance? Try being a balanced, reasonable human being... like this guy...

And then, there's...
"I will enjoy reading you 'blow a blood vessel' after the gay parade."

Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 7:16 PM, June 23, 2011
Ah, yes... the compassionate, intellectual left once again... complete with laughtrack. No wonder these guys just imploded last election.


RELATED: Why can't Mayor Rob Ford be more like...

...President Obama?

You know... hypocritical...
-- NEW YORK -- President Barack Obama has delivered important political victories for gays but is unlikely to push his support for gay rights much further before the 2012 election in case he alienates independent voters.

Independent voters, seen as less likely to back gay causes, will be crucial in winning closely contested states such as Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Evangelicals mostly vote Republican, but Obama took 30 percent of their votes in 2008 and he cannot afford to lose them, Zogby said. African Americans voted 95 percent for Obama in 2008 and heavily oppose gay marriage.

LAST WORD: Hit me with your rythym stick
The exaltation of homosexuality is second only to the reverence paid to unfettered abortion as a litmus test for political correctness amongst our cognitive and cultural elites.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau said that the government should stay out of the bedrooms of the nation. He did not foresee that once the closet doors were opened wide, the bedrooms of the nations would spill over to occupy the streets of every major city in Canada.

He did not foresee the day when politicians would almost literally be dragged into those bedrooms and forced to admire the antics going on therein.

Playing politics... it's what he does best

Too bad the table stakes here are human lives...
The withdrawal has created deep divisions in Washington. The defence secretary, Robert Gates, argued for a modest reduction – at one point as low as 2,000 – citing the advice of US commanders in Afghanistan that they need to protect gains made during the winter against the Taliban.

But senior White House staff, conscious that the president has an election to fight next year, argued in favour of a reduction that would send a signal to the US public that an end to the war is in sight.
Yeah, what do all those professional soldier know anyway, huh?

Never mind the actual impact on the situation on the ground... let's start campaigning.

It's unfortunate that President McDreamy doesn't have a son or two in the military. That just might have been enough to swing a blatantly political decision... back to the "real world."


RELATED: Because Barry knows best
Afghan officials say at least 12 policemen have been killed or wounded in two separate Taliban attacks on checkpoints.

In other violence, NATO said one of its soldiers was killed Wednesday in an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan.
If you're not gonna listen to the Joint Chiefs... why not fire them and call it a budget saving measure?


LAST WORD: And where's Waldo, er...

...Mrs President McDreamy?
The wife of U.S. president Barack Obama, 47, said Africa's youth must help ensure women are no longer treated as second-class citizens, and that they stand up to violence against women in any form and any place.
Well... I guess standing up & dishing out shopworn platitudes is one approach.

Or, call me wacky... you could go straight to the source of some real problems...
Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma has overcome numerous obstacles to become president of South Africa.

Barely four years ago, his political career was all but written off when he was simultaneously battling allegations of rape and corruption - double charges which would have sunk the career of many politicians.

Mr Zuma was acquitted of rape, but the corruption case proved harder to shake off.
Hell... don't get me started on Winnie Mandela.

Sorry neighbour... your daughter ends up...

..ridin' that shiny brass pole... or publicly naked and smeared with blood... by choice... you have profoundly failed in your parental duties...
Nearly nude volunteers from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were wrapped in plastic and smeared with fake blood in front of Quality Meat Packers Ltd. on Tecumseth St., near Bathurst and King Sts.
Isn't that a little bit like protesting rape by dressing up as a giant, menacing penis?
“We’d like to pick the most meaty looking steakhouses,” said PETA campaigner Emily Lavender, whose current job involves following Prime Minister Stephen Harper around in a seal costume.
Uh, Em... I'm thinkin' you might wanna leave that one off your next job application.


"I'm surprised that the RCMP hasn't clubbed her once or twice if she's following PM Harper around."
Oh, now you've done it... I'm guessing Wendy Mesley's ears are burning as we speak.

21 June 2011

Never a "Queer against Israeli Apartheid"...

...around... when you really, really need one...
A girl of nine has told how she escaped Pakistani terrorists who tried to use her as a human bomb.

Sohana Jawed said she was kidnapped on her way to school in Peshawar, and forced to wear a remotely-controlled suicide jacket.
Here's what I want to know... a story like this hits the airwaves... where do all the people who are constantly shrieking about poor little child soldier Omar Khadr disappear to?

In other "Don't need a weatherman" news

...the only thing notable or newsworthy here... is that ONLY ONE of these morons has managed to kill themselves.
-- "34-year-old Dunn appeared in all of the 'Jackass' movies -- famously shoving a toy car into his rectum in the first flick back in 2002." --
darwin was rightAnd, of course...
"Just hours before his death, Dunn posted a photo on Twitter showing himself drinking with friends."

RELATED: She's a junkie... get over it


LAST WORD: Why it's called Hollyweird
If love is that ageless, couldn't Doug Hutchison perhaps have waited until this little girl had perhaps turned at least 18? If love is destined to last, it would certainly last until she finished high school.

Note to Courtney Stodden: One doesn't tend to rise to stardom by marrying a D-list actor who is 35 years older than you are.

20 June 2011

Beavember? Muffember? Vulvember?

worth a thousand words
"Stencils for suggested hair designs — soon be available for download on Julyna’s Facebook page — include the arrow, the Charlie Chaplin, the Barbara Bush, the Movember, the rising sun, the side part and the David Suzuki."
I can already imagine the water-cooler hijinks... "I'll sponsor you extra for a Suzuki, but hey... you have to prove it."

Looks like preventing a riot...

...is the least of their shortcomings...
“This document that you are referring to in your story is a new piece of information to us,” said Sgt. Peter Thiessen,Integrated Homicide Investigation Team spokesman.

“We were not aware of that document and we are certainly following that document up as quickly as we can to make some determinations around that document.”

RELATED: Of course they won't...

...this is beautiful British Columbia...
"An independent investigation into the Stanley Cup riots will not be a blame game, B.C. Solicitor-General Shirley Bond vowed Monday."
This is Lotus Land... the home of the largest junkie community in North America... they can just blame Stephen Harper.

To PETA... or not to PETA

Yup, a definite win-win situation... and I'm not just talking about all those new-age hippie wannabes bleeding from both ears.
-- NEW YORK -- New York City plans to capture pesky geese that threaten planes departing area airports and send them to Pennsylvania to be cooked for meals for the poor, city officials said.

The city will pay for the capture and transport of the geese to facilities in Pennsylvania where they will be distributed to Pennsylvania food banks, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Environmental Protection said.

19 June 2011

Somewhere, Emmett Leo Kelly is smiling

Live by the Clown... die by the Clown...
At 10:10 p.m. after the event ended, the officer went to his car and a teen approached him, asking him for money, authorities said. When the officer said he had no money, the teen pulled a gun on him, authorities said.

During a struggle with the teen, the officer grabbed hold of the gun, opened fire and killed him.
These predators fear neither the police... nor the justice system... perhaps they should be taught to fear their victims.


RELATED: And while we're on clowns...
"In Vancouver, the police begged for help and were ignored by the pot-smoking, nirvana-loving, socks and sandals set running the city. It’s beyond pathetic."

In other DADT news

Is the CBC relevant? Does it meet the needs of Canadians? What kind of programming should the CBC provide, and what should it do differently?

If you've got a gripe or something good to say, now's your chance. And it's a rare chance at that for Canadians to stand up for, or sound off against the public broadcaster that receives $1.1 billion from taxpayers every year.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the country's broadcast regulator, launched an online consultation Friday until July 18 ahead of the public broadcaster's licence renewal hearing in

"Before you council someone to write a coherent sentence in public after posting their comment, lear to read, before doing so."
Not to mention, spell... huh genius?

18 June 2011

90 year-old Yorkshire grandfather...

...decides to relive World War II glory days...
A search of the car -- not revealed until Thursday -- turned up a Sten MK II machine gun and two high-capacity extended magazine clips.

The Sten MK II, a submachine gun with a 30-round magazine, was the weapon of choice for British troops during the war.
I knew it... it was only a matter of time before one of these crazed veterans... hang on a sec...
Carlton Stewart, of Welland, faces multiple charges, including possession of a prohibited firearm and carrying a firearm in a careless manner.

Steward, 31, was a key witness in the April 2003 fatal shooting at the Scots Corner pub in London.

He was in the basement when Olutobi Johnson, 26, got into a gunfight with 32-year-old Michael Allen in the downstairs men's bathroom of the Dundas St. pub.
Okay... same old, folks... move along... nothing to see here.

That evil, warmongering George W...

...wait a minute...
Still, the disclosure that key figures on the administration’s legal team disagreed with Mr. Obama’s legal view could fuel restiveness in Congress, where lawmakers from both parties this week strongly criticized the White House’s contention that the president could continue the Libya campaign without their authorization because the campaign was not “hostilities.”

The White House unveiled its interpretation of the War Powers Resolution in a package about Libya it sent to Congress late Wednesday.

17 June 2011

In other "Silk-Stocking Socialist" news

The Hudson Yacht Club, founded in 1909, doesn’t look like a promising spot for a young left-winger to get his first real taste of rebellion.

Jack Layton pretty much lived at the club during the summers of his childhood and teenage years.
But, hey... it's not what you're thing... apparently Jacko was an adolescent Cesar Chavaz.

And how does Macleans handle the fact that Layton was found naked in a Chinatown bordello during a sweep for underage Asian prostitutes?

With kid gloves, of course...
Even a late-campaign news story revealing that Layton had been found by Toronto police, back in 1996, in a dubious massage parlour didn’t derail him. Calling the story a “smear,” he said he went for a therapeutic massage and denied anything sexual happened. “I don’t even remember the name of the place,” he says. (It was Velvet Touch.) “I thought it was a legit operation until the police told me otherwise.”
Pop quiz, my friends... when's the last time you "accidentally" wandered into a whorehouse, er... I mean "dubious massage parlour?"

Here's the real question. If this had been Stephen Harper found starkers in a sleazy rub'n tug... do you honestly think he would have received the same special hands-off treatment?

And, no... that's not a rhetorical question.


"Why, just the other day, I headed down to the friendly pharmacist who works in the alley behind my office to pick up some Advil. While I was back there the police came by and told me he wasn't a real pharmacist, and even that he was a drug dealer of all things."

"Naturally I was just plain shocked by this news -- SHOCKED, I tell you."

Show me the Justice

Hang on a sec... aren't "two concurrent 18-year prison terms"... just lawyer-speak for "one term with one third off for good behaviour?"
-- TORONTO -- The decision means Tyshan Riley, 28, will not be prosecuted for the first-degree murder of Eric Mutiisa, 23, shot to death on a driveway in Scarborough’s Malvern area in November 2002.

Nor will he stand trial in the fatal shooting of Omar Hortley, 21, who died in January 2004 as he walked alone on a Malvern street to watch TV at a friend’s house.
Give me one good reason Tyshan the serial killer should ever, ever get quit of federal lockup.

No wonder these bangers just laugh at us.


RELATED: Who's zoomin' who?
A 26-year-old Toronto man has become the city’s 24th homicide victim of 2011 after a shooting Thursday night in the Jane-Finch area.

Police responded to a shooting call around 10 p.m. at a townhouse complex at 2901 Jane St., where up to 40 people had gathered.

"I think that "trying to turn his life around" is third on the list of most dangerous vocations, right after fisherman in the Bering Sea and Taliban scout."

16 June 2011

Let's legalise drugs, hooking & car-b-q's...

...it's a west coast thing...

more thuggeryTime to break out the shocksticks, firehoses and liquid jesus.


"Maybe Libby Davies will endorse an "Incite" safe-riot Centre for those who are predisposed to riots and can do it in a safe and monitored riot-area where Union workers and Police give them a special dispensation from the Laws."

15 June 2011


If every Canadian Senator who drooled between two lips... disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow... how exactly would your life be affected?

The Canadian Senate is nothing more than a golden... make that platinum handshake for party bigwigs & bagmen of all political stripes.

Abolish it now.

I just can't help thinkin'...

...she needs a bodyguard... like a fish needs a bicycle...
"Mr. Young implored the court to use simple logic in viewing a bizarre, incoherent legal regime." --
i get the masochistic part of it nowSpeaking of bizarre... I'm still trying to get my head around the sort of freak who drops a week's salary to get naked & handcuffed under the stern tutelage of Ms. Bedford and her ilk.

We're really gonna enshrine that in the Constitution?



RELATED: Sorry lady, you want safety...

...don't have drug-fueled sex with strangers...
She doesn’t think she will be able to see this constitutional challenge all the way through to its inevitable argument in Ottawa. Just 51, Bedford contracted hepatitis C as a sex trade worker and it’s slowly killing her.
Hmmm... did Ms Bedford notify her clients of her extremely communicable, life-threatening illness before she started whippin' their naked patooties?

Two words... Johnson Aziga.

Meanwhile... in other Hopey-Changey news

-- ASTANA -- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday joined the Chinese and Russian leaders in a rare encounter at a summit in Kazakhstan, where he launched a new attack on the "slavers and colonisers" of the West.

In a characteristically firebrand speech peppered with rhetorical questions, he launched a new call for a wholesale shake-up of the world order, which he said was "managed and run by slavers and colonizers of the past."

"I believe together we can reform the way the world is managed. We can restore the tranquillity of the world," he said.
Uh... that's us they're talking about, by the way. We're the real danger.

Funnily enough, here in Canada... we're all about scoreless sports (on CBC radio as we speak) played by genderless children.

Maybe it won't be as much of a fight as Mahmoud & company imagine. It's not like President McDreamy is about to do anything.

You really think they're gonna choose...

...us over Islam? -- Seriously? --
The Times said that at a closed briefing last week, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee asked Michael Morell, the deputy CIA director, to rate Pakistan's cooperation with the United States on counterterrorism operations, on a scale of 1 to 10.

"Three," Morell replied, according to officials familiar with the exchange, the newspaper said.
Sorry, folks... that's just the way it is.

That whole "my beads are holier than your beads" thing has been killing people the world over since the dawn of time.

Wake up and smell the species.

14 June 2011

I don't know about you... but I'm tired of...

...being played for a patsy...
"All of our intelligence indicates that people are prepared to pay these operations up to $45,000 to be smuggled to Canada in part because they are calculating that they will shortly thereafter be able to sponsor several family members through our very generous family reunification process," Mr. Kenney, the Immigration Minister, told reporters in Ottawa.

The four men who were arrested in Toronto on Tuesday had arrived on the coast of British Columbia almost two years ago, as crewmembers among the 76 migrant Sri Lankan Tamils aboard a ship known as the Ocean Lady.

“The individuals are alleged to be involved with organizing the overall venture and of being active leaders on the vessel,” the RCMP said in a statement. It identified the suspects as Vignarajah Thevarajah, 33, Francis Anthonimuthu Appulonappa, 33, Hamalraj Handasamy, 39, and Jeyachandran Kanagarajah, 32.
Throw 'em in jail... and then deport their criminal asses back to Sri Lanka.

Send a real message here, Mr Prime Minister.

Those uptight, anti-business Conservatives

That lil' glass pipe don't fill itself for nuthin, ya know...

beat me, whip me, make me write hot chequesHey... I wanna make a livin' blowin' unwashed strangers in dirty back alleys... what's it to you?



more nonnysenseDear Nonny...

Thank you, once again, for your daily dozen little rants. Not sure, though, that I get your drift here.

You forgot to explain exactly... how making "Pimp" a legitimate occupation will enhance the lives of either drug-addled prostitutes... or the larger field of folk.

I know the Globe article refers to these men as either "drivers" or "bodyguards"... but one only has to take a drive through Toronto's many hooker strolls to realise that the women in question are less enterprising businesswomen than pathetic sexual slaves.

As for the 60% of Canadian voters who swing left... I, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto... and soon to be Ontario Premier Tim Hudak thank you all for your participation in the political process.

In closing, I reiterate my offer to publish your obviously very personal beef with me... you know, the undisclosed offense I apparently have committed... that causes you to constantly return here to spew invective at myself & my family.

They say confession is good for the soul.

I invite you, once again, to get it all out there and get some closure before you end up blowing a blood vessel and stroking out.

Regards... Neo

13 June 2011

Well, there's recycling... and then there's...

Mrs Ottosson, who runs a lighting business in Nottingham, said: "My daughter and I are both very rational people and we both think ‘it’s just a womb’."

"She needs it more than me. I’ve had two daughters so it’s served me well."
Hmmm... this sounds, to me anyway, like a "mountain to Mohammed" kinda deal.

Wouldn't it be easier & safer for everybody concerned... if mom volunteered to be a surrogate instead of a donor?

12 June 2011

I guess some wars are just...

...holier than others...
"A series of bombings across Afghanistan Saturday killed at least 20 people, including eight children." --
But heck, why stop there?
Two explosions went off minutes apart in the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar Sunday, killing 34 people and injuring nearly 100 in one of the deadliest attacks since the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden last month, officials said.

LAST WORD: Holy War... coming soon to a...

...neighbourhood near you...
“This is going to be huge,” the Somali intelligence official said. “The documents we got from him are about plans not only in Somalia but throughout the world. I think we’ve saved a lot of lives.”

The bombing plans in Mr. Mohammed’s possession were “very specific” and included targets in the West.

No need to panic, folks...

...I'm sure the Car-Salesman-in-Chief has everything under control...
A Chinese ratings house has accused the United States of defaulting on its massive debt, state media said Friday, a day after Beijing urged Washington to put its fiscal house in order.

"In our opinion, the United States has already been defaulting," Guan Jianzhong, president of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. Ltd., the only Chinese agency that gives sovereign ratings.

11 June 2011

You remember the good ol' days...

...back in your callow twenties... your buds were always deviously droppin' you smack in the middle of those huge Coke burns?

Yeah... me neither.
"Caught up with 'friends' he should have never been chumming with, Jonathan was duped by two men known only as Wolf and Bounty into acting as a middleman in a drug deal."
Just another victim, huh?

No such thing as a bad boy in fuzzy-bunny Toronto.


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The hunt is on for a gunman who shot two men, one an innocent bystander, in Little Italy early Sunday.

The many bars in the trendy Bathurst-College Sts. neighbourhood had just emptied for the night when Toronto Police say the gunfire erupted.

Barry... time for a domestic military surge?

Remember back... you were a kid... the local leisure spots resembled downtown Beirut? --
crime is down, huh?Yeah, me neither.

P.S. -- It ain't just the Big Apple.



My biggest fan, nonny... under yet another alias, has decided to ramp up the pseudo-adulation under another two personalities. I'll give you a whiff of the latest lunacy...
"No need to bring the military for a northern-Mexico style bloodbath."
Yeah... you caught me mid-pogrom, you genius. But please... feel free to share all your (cough, cough) theories about those "genocidal Mexicans."

But, c'mon... it's not really the Mexican military that's been getting all that ink this past week... is it?

Nonny also thoughtfully provides some documentation in the form of links to Wikipedia... which really... is simply too lame for words. Yet another shining example of the behavior of the compassionate, intellectual left.


LAST WORD: Let's look a little closer

The lunatic left always likes to trot out the "crime is down" trope. Of course, that overlooks the now infamous observation about "lies, damn lies and statistics".
It's true crime rates - crimes per 100,000 people reported to police, thus accounting for population growth - started falling slowly in the early 1990s.

However, crime rates have never returned to the far lower levels of the early 1960s. Today's crime rate is 131% higher than in 1962, the first year of comparable record-keeping.

Violent crime is up 316%.

10 June 2011

Hey, America...

...you feeling safer yet? -- feeling secure yet?Hmmm, wait a minute... let's ask a Homeland Security Secretary...
"For example, we often times, for travelers entering the United States, we won't not do what is called a secondary inspection just because they are a 35-year- old male who appears to be Muslim, whatever that means."

UPDATE: TSA apologises...
"In a statement to FoxNews.com, the TSA said it’s reviewing the incident but early findings indicate this was an 'isolated case of bad judgment.' The TSA reached out to the Mandy family to apologize and said the man’s toy hammer should have never been confiscated."

You ever notice... there's never a...

..."Queer Against Israeli Apartheid" around... when you really, really need one...
Nothing has been heard of her since she was seen being bundled into a car by three armed men in an area of central Damascus on Monday evening.

With that, Arraf, 35, a Syrian American who was born in Staunton, Va., joined the more than 10,000 people who have been plucked from their homes or from the streets of cities since the Syrian uprising began 11 weeks ago.

09 June 2011

08 June 2011

How the really cool kids roll...

...reader Jeff writes...

more shit from hell
"I left a comment on the Ottawa Sun the other day. Warren had a new avatar. Wearing sunglasses and trying to look cool. About an hour later, the avatar was back to that silly grinning schoolboy one."

"After a quick poke around I found a page that hadn't been changed yet and got a screen capture."
Whaddaya wanna bet "Special K" wears his bluetooth thingie twenty hours a day?

Never a Community Organiser around...

...when you really, really need one...
-- CHICAGO -- The attacks occurred around 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Moments after a group of teens wrestled with Singer over his iPad and BlackBerry, members of the same mob attacked a 42-year-old doctor visiting from Japan. That doctor was beaten and robbed of his iPod Touch while walking in the 700 block of North Lake Shore Drive, authorities said.

Both physicians were in town for the annual convention of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which entered into a 10-year deal with McCormick Place in 2010. The five-day event typically brings in more than 30,000 doctors, vendors and other specialists from around the world.
But, but, but... "the childrens is r futcher"...
On Monday, two 16-year-old boys were ordered held in custody on juvenile charges of attempted armed robbery and aggravated battery.

Three other teens were charged with robbery as adults: Dvonte Sykes, 17, of the 7500 block of South Normal Avenue; Trovolus Pickett, 17, of the 8400 block of South Dorchester Avenue; and Derod'te Wright, 18, of the 3500 block of South State Street. They remained in custody Monday night in lieu of bonds ranging from $200,000 to $300,000.
Let's face it, despite all Barry's hard work... Chicago is a war zone.

Get out while you still can. He did.


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-- CHICAGO - The wife of accused terrorist Dr. Tahawwur Rana says if he beats the rap here, the couple plans to come home to Toronto.

"We are Canadians," Samraz Rama said outside the courthouse Wednesday morning. "We are proud Canadians."

07 June 2011

A beautiful day... a Harper majority...

...the PQ is imploding... who could ask for anything more?
“In my view there is no bad timing to talk about sovereignty, there are only bad messengers.”

Mr. Aussant went further than three of his prominent colleagues – Louise Beaudoin, Pierre Curzi and Lisette Lapointe – who resigned Monday for similar reasons.

And NATO troops reacted to the news...

..."Oh, please, please, please...make it happen."
-- KABUL -- “If more civilian deaths happen, maybe Karzai will actually do something, such as stopping Afghan forces from participating in joint operations,” said Waheed Mujhda, political analyst at the Afghan Analytical and Advisory Centre in Kabul.

06 June 2011

Make it so

I don't understand any of this... but there's a kind of nerdish "contact high", just reading about it...
The same team succeeded last year in trapping dozens of anti-matter atoms and holding them in place for a fraction of a second, a world first at the time.

But that was not long enough for the excitable particles to settle into the stable "ground" state needed for precise measurements.

The new benchmark extended this storage time 5,000 fold, making it possible to carry out crucial experiments.

Scientists will now look for "violations" or discrepancies in something called the charge-parity-time reversal (CPT) symmetry.

Measurements of trapped antihydrogen are due to get underway shortly, and could yield results before the end of the year.

Cars do not crush people...

...pencils don't write poetry...do the mathI just don't get it... the implication here is that society... Canadian society... is somehow responsible for these deaths... instead of, you know... the sociopaths who slammed home the knife or fired the fatal shots.
"Through the prism of murder rates per 100,000 people, the disparity is even more striking: A person living in Toronto public housing during those three years was four to five times more likely to be a homicide victim than someone living anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area."
It seems that J-School 101 also dictates that we learn endearing personal tidbits about the deceased. Reporters relentlessly pursue grief-stricken relatives for that tearful soundbite. And in the end, it's never enough that a life was lost... there also has to be lots of smarmy Oprah-esque subtext, dumping... not on the perpetrators... but on the rest of us.

Apparently, it's necessary to turn murder into "lessons learned"... providing, of course, you never actually point out that these "publicly subsidised" communities are self-perpetuating breeding grounds for violence & misery.

Maybe all the Lois Lane wannabes should save the politically-correct social commentary and bear down on the increasing prevalence of predatory "community-based" gangs who are tearing a swath of terror through the hood. Most of the crime reporting I read nowadays doesn't even give you a description of the perpetrators. It's more gossip than anything remotely resembling news.

You wanna provide your readers with some socially significant commentary, how about you tell us the percentage of shooters that originate in these "special" communities.

Maybe if people could see the outrageous percentage of killers that come from the hood... they'd be less likely to support two billion dollar lunatic left initiatives that target farmers, duck hunters & target shooters.


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Hey, once upon a time... they used to...

...deliver milk right to your house...
Oh, the mail should still be delivered, through rain, snow, sleet and hail, but not to the mailbox hanging on your house. Bring on the once-dreaded, and, really, still despised SuperMailbox.

Most Canadians I hear from will be onside after hearing the posties were rejecting wages that would have risen to $26 an hour at the top end, a coveted defined benefit plan — that’s $3.2 billion in the hole, by the way — and up to seven weeks of vacation.

So, on strike they go.

05 June 2011

That evil, backstabbing Stephen Harp...

...hang on a second...
-- By Warren Kinsella, QMI Agency -- At staff and campaign meetings — which, full disclosure, I also attended for a while — Rocco was a constant presence, beaming away with those impressive equine teeth of his, but contributing precious little.
Oh, good grief... this isn't gonna be another one of those infamous Kinsella... oh, who am I kidding, of course it is...

human shrapnel
Rossi was dishing to the Yanks about what was going on in Ignatieff’s office. He kvetched that Ignatieff wasn’t listening to super-smart guys like him. Instead, Rossi whined, the Grit boss was much more preoccupied with his wife Zsuzsanna Zhosar.
Man... I just had this weird flash of deja-vu... like there was some other Kinsella-Rossi connection... wait...
"Rumours are swirling that the Rocco Rossi team will announce, as early as its Monday morning policy announcement, that it has landed a big political fish for its campaign team."
Hmmm... anybody remember how that Cinderella story worked out?

And, call me wacky... who was the guy who recently planted that machete between the Puffin King's shoulder blades?
"Secondly, Michael Ignatieff feels more comfortable among Rosedalian Liberals. You know, the ones who – over martinis at the Toronto Tennis Club – always felt more kinship with the likes of John Turner or Paul Martin than they did with, say, Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chretien. You know, Liberal lefties who win elections."
Doesn't Mr Kinsella allegedly make a living in "public relations"... specialising in people of a political stripe?

I guess that explains some Liberal insiders infamously coining the phrase "human shrapnel."