30 April 2007

Suck it up terrorhead...

You got a problem with the "will of Allah"?
-- Washington -- Canadian terrorism suspect Omar Khadr lost his last bid Monday to have the U.S. Supreme Court review his murder case before he faces trial at Guantanamo Bay.
Ya just gotta believe, baby!

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The interior ministry in Iraq says it has received intelligence that the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq has been killed.

Officials said Masri was killed in an "internal battle" between militants.

Is anybody else getting tired of...

This seemingly endless, manufactured Fiberal outrage?
As Joël-Denis Bellavance reported in La Presse on Saturday, documents obtained from Canada’s Foreign Affairs Department show that the Liberal government was warned in 2003, 2004 and 2005 that torture was an ongoing practice in Afghan prisons.

Yet Paul Martin nonetheless signed a 2005 agreement by which our soldiers would transfer detainees to Afghan custody.
How can anyone who reads about the countless episodes of fiberal serial chicanery regarding Afghanistan... not be insane with rage?

These people are just rotten to the core.

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From a training manual recovered at a Manchester safe-house...
At the beginning of the trial, once more the brothers must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them by State Security [investigators] before the judge.

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Virginia Tech "massacre"...

Could have been much worse...

Maybe not for the families and friends of those killed... but take a step back and look at "the Big Picture."
In short, every six and a half years, give or take a couple of months, Americans get massacred. The difference this time is that the body count is so much lower.

Why? Because the weapons were just guns.

But maybe next time we won't be so lucky. Maybe the killer won't use a weapon that requires him to walk across campus to get from the first two victims to the next 30.

Maybe he'll do what killers already do in Iraq: take out scores of people in one blast.
So for anyone sitting there, who just mentally celebrated the convictions and life sentences handed to the would-be British jihadi-bombers... just remember... their friends and fellow madmen are inevitably bringing this sort of insanity to your doorstep.

One mentally-ill loner is the least of your problems.

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Software developer Mohammed Momin Khawaja was employed at Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs when he was arrested.

In 2003 he had travelled to Pakistan and attended a training camp with some of the UK suspects.

According to evidence heard in court, his alleged role was to build a detonator. He is facing trial in Canada.

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Another aboriginal tantrum...

144 years after the fact...
"It belongs to us," James Bryant, a spokesman for the hereditary chiefs of the Allied Tsimshian Tribes of Lax Kw'alaams and Metlakatla, defiantly declared as the collection's new owners shifted uncomfortably in the audience.

The collection's history dates back to its acquisition in 1863, at Old Metlakatla, near present-day Prince Rupert, where it was given up - or stolen, depending on your point of view - as part of the natives' conversion to Christianity
See also... "Gimme that, or I'll kill you."

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If martyrdom is the goal...

Then the so-called "Spring Offensive" is a whopping success...
Nato-led forces and Afghan troops have killed scores of Taleban fighters in the western province of Herat, a coalition statement says.

It said 87 had been killed in a 14-hour battle on Sunday, 49 died two days earlier and one US soldier died.
Despite the dervish-like spinning of CTV and the CBC, the only way to interpret this latest conflict is overwhelming victory for NATO forces.

And they're just getting started...
In the south, Operation Silicon aims to drive Taleban fighters from their stronghold in the Sangin valley in Helmand province - the biggest poppy-producing area in the world for opium.
As I said earlier...
"Every time these death-donkeys go head to head against actual soldiers... they get their asses handed to them."
Remember that when you watch the news tonight.


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-- BAGHDAD, April 30 (Reuters) -- A suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives killed 32 people when he blew himself up among mourners at a Shi'ite funeral north of Baghdad on Monday, Iraqi police said.

The attack took place inside a crowded mourning tent in the town of Khalis in volatile Diyala province, police said.

More than 52 people had been wounded, police said.
Allah must be so proud.

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Anybody got their Koran handy?

I'm just dying to know which hadith covers this situation.
-- PARIS (Reuters) -- Sitting in a cafe near the Champs Elysees, the 26-year-old French-born woman of Algerian descent looks like any other Parisian.

But two months ago, she did something none of her friends have done. She had her hymen re-sewn, technically making her a virgin again.

This 30-minute outpatient procedure, called "hymenoplasty" and costing between 1,500 and 3,000 euros ($2,000-$4,000), is increasingly popular among young women of North African descent in France.
Who says you can't have your virginity and, um... eat it too?

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"What you were part of...

... 40 years ago changed Canada forever,” cried Justin Trudeau as he won the nomination for the riding of Papineau.

Yup, no argument there... and the country hasn't fully recovered to this day.
"In 1968, when Trudeau went from rich, socialist professor who had never held a real job in his life to prime minister, Canada’s national debt was a modest $11.3 billion; the federal deficit was zero."

"When Trudeau left office in 1984, the debt had mushroomed to $128 billion; the deficit to $25 billion annually."
Anyone who doesn't get all their current events from the CBC, knows that Pierre Trudeau was the worst thing to happen to this country since the war of 1812.

And no one in their right mind wants to hand the tiller of the ship of state to his goofy, semi-celebrity, Fidel-sucking progeny.

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29 April 2007

The next logical step...

For any self-respecting Mullahocracy... is rounding up all the sissies...
Iranian police have warned barbers not to give men western hair styles or use make up on them.

Iranian television has said the crackdown on un-Islamic clothing has entered its second phase now where mobile police units will patrol Tehran to look for those who are not observing Islamic dress properly.
And while we're at, say the faithful, let's round up all the whores too...
According to the local media, Tehran's public prosecutor has suggested women who violate dress rules should be exiled from the capital to remote areas of the country.
Alright... now we've really got a party!!!

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Australia steps up

Tells celebrity criminal to piss off...
Rapper Snoop Dogg has been banned from entering Australia after failing a character test, according to officials.

"He doesn't seem the sort of bloke we want in this country," Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews told Sydney's Macquarie Radio.
I've never understood the "bad boy" thing... how anyone can profess to admire these obscenely wealthy, narcissistic, substance abusing cretins.

Good on ya, Australia.

"Accepted wisdom..."

Can kill you.
-- From Saturday's Globe and Mail -- Those studying the vitamin say the hide-from-sunlight advice has amounted to the health equivalent of a foolish poker trade.

Anyone practicing sun avoidance has traded the benefit of a reduced risk of skin cancer — which is easy to detect and treat and seldom fatal — for an increased risk of the scary, high-body-count cancers, such as breast, prostate and colon, that appear linked to vitamin D shortages.

"Fifteen hundred Americans die every year from skin cancers."

"Fifteen hundred Americans die every day from the serious cancers."
Just something to consider the next time you hear Al Gore, or Saint David Suzuki spouting apocalyptic warnings... without providing a shred of scientific evidence to back it up.

Didn't expect this either, huh?
The researchers are quick to stress their report doesn't advocate ripping out carpets of trees.

What it does suggest, said study supporter and University of Toronto professor Danny Harvey, is that a "loophole" in the Kyoto Protocol which allows countries to use reforestation to offset their carbon emissions is seriously flawed.

"I would say to every politician, protect forestry, but don't try to claim credit," said the professor of climatology. "I am absolutely strongly in favour of planting forests for ecological reasons, biodiversity and for its beauty."

"But don't claim climate credit for it."

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28 April 2007

More business sense...

And hopefully... less bolshevism, bestiality and bowel movements...

Look out... there's a new Czar at the Communistic Broadcasting Corporation.
-- CanWest News Service -- Since 1997, Casgrain has served as chairman of Skyservice Investments Inc., a Canadian aviation company. He was also the executive vice-president of Brascan Financial Corp. between 1976 and 2002, and he worked at NBS Technologies as president and chief executive officer between 1988 and 1995.

However, the new chairman’s business credentials did little to win over NDP culture critic Charlie Angus.

“I’d really like to know why him and why not someone who comes out of broadcast,” Angus said.
Really Charlie... you think we need another Guy Fournier?
Casgrain will replace Guy Fournier, who resigned suddenly from the CBC board of directors in September after stirring up controversy over comments he made about bestiality and bowel movements.
Not making that up... swear to God.
-- MONTREAL -- CBC chairman Guy Fournier has become the target of anger and derision in his home province after falsely claiming that Lebanon permits bestiality and for granting a lengthy interview on the joys of bowel movements.
h/t -- Flaggman --

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27 April 2007

Fiberal high-flier...

Goes down in flames.

27 Apr 23:30 - Just watched CTV news do a complete puff piece on Lafleur.

Sandie Rinaldo gravely intoned that, "Lafleur took money, for work of little or no value", somehow forgetting to mention that Lafleur was actually handed contracts worth tens of millions of dollars by his Liberal government friends... the only expectation being, that he kick back money to the Fiberals themselves.

No word on Lafleur making any sort of restitution.

Some hard-hitting reporting there, Sandie.

UPDATE: How much time at Club Fed...

Could you do for 12 million dollars?
Lafleur's company made some $65 million from government business from 1995 to 2003. During that time, he and several family members collected nearly $12 million in salaries and bonuses.

Justice John Gomery's report into the sponsorship scandal found Lafleur cultivated contacts in the federal Liberal party that "contributed to what may be described as a financial bonanza for Jean Lafleur and his family."

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The wheels on the taxpayer...

Go round and round...
The Necessary Angel Theatre Company received a gift of $50,925 of our money!

Was that necessary for the well being of Torontonians? Probably no more so than the $2,000 for the Toronto Vegetarian Association, the $3,500 we gave Solo Chicken Productions, the $10,000 that went to the Toronto Fashion Incubator, the $4,000 to the Toronto Free Gallery (not free for us), the $4,500 to the Troubled Souls (troubled taxpayers) or the $29,389 to the Vermont Square Parent-Child Mother Goose Program. The Storytellers School of Toronto got $18,850. Stranger Theatre got $3,500, the Hardworkin' Homosexuals were awarded $4,000, Friends of Fort York $15,000, The Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network was in for more than $108,000, the YYZ Artists Outlet got $65,000, $27,000 was earmarked for Toronto's First Post Office and the Parent Action on Drugs got $27,950.
Pony up Toronto... because David Miller says so!!!

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If I had a billion dollars

Lemme see... if I had a billion dollars in my hot little hands and I was truly interested in preventing suffering and saving human life, would I...
    (a)... blow it all on a huge database and associated computer infrastructure to track rifles owned by farmers, deer hunters and gun collectors

    (b)... hire more cops, or...

    (C)... drop it all into cancer research
Well, right at the moment, this one seems like a bit of a no-brainer.
-- OTTAWA -- A new report predicts the number of deaths attributable to cancer may soon surpass those caused by cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases were responsible for 47 per cent of deaths in Canada in 1979; by 2004, this percentage had declined to 32.

The opposite has occurred with cancer, Canada's second main cause of death: Cancer was responsible for 23 per cent of deaths in 1979; by 2004, this share had increased to 30 per cent.
Oh yeah, just for interests sake... the actual figure, carefully buried by successive Fiberal Prime Ministers... is probably a lot closer to two billion.

Think about that.


27 Apr 23:30 - CTV managed to crank out this same article tonight, without mentioning the two billion dollars the Fiberals flushed down the toilet.

Funny, I can still hear echoes of Lib cabinet ministers when they were caught with their financial pants down, back when they first got this stinker rolling... "Well, if it saves only one life..."

Guess what, you arrogant sons-of-bitches... it didn't.

And the 3 in 10 Canadians who will die of some type of cancer, from this point onward... should spit in your smug, self-serving collective faces.

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With apologies to Jeopardy...

What well-known public figure pursued an agenda of...
"exclusiveness, racial superiority, injustice and arrogance while trying to destabilize Poland".
Well, according to Farhan Mujahid Chak, the federal Liberals' candidate in Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont... the answer is not, as one might expect, Adolph Hitler... but Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

And exactly who is Farhan Mujahid Chak?

Surprise, surprise... turns out he was Edmonton campaign manager for Stephane Dion's Liberal leadership bid.

Is there any divisive, outrageous fear-monger the Fiberals won't cosy up to these days? Chak is apparently a very popular person in the Muslim community these days, as he runs around spreading his poison.
Asked about his charge the Tories' have a philosophy of "racial superiority," he says, "Believe it or not, the Conservatives I've met in Edmonton are very racist."
Strangely though, Mr. Chak may not be as wildly enthusiastic about gun control as the rest of his fellow fiberals...
And there are questions around a 1993 shooting incident at a local club in which an Edmonton man named Farhan Mujahid Chak, then 19-- which would make him the same age as the Liberal candidate -- was charged with use of a firearm during commission of an offence and possession of an illegal weapon. (The candidate did not respond to requests for clarification on the charges.)
Yet another stellar choice by Steffi and friends.

UPDATE: Where's Steffi on racist gun-nut Lib?
"Erratic behavior and extremism have no place in Canadian politics, and yet the Liberals have nominated an individual who appears to be guilty of both," said Kenney.

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Genealogy Friday 4

To anyone interested in genealogy, a cemetery is not a drab, depressing reminder of ones mortality. Indeed it is often a place of celebration.

Finding a well used family plot can add generations to your research in one fell swoop... and being able to search often far off cemeteries online is a huge timesaver.

And that's what you can do at the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid.

It's pretty much self explanatory. Happy hunting.

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26 April 2007

Algerian Islamofascist...

Gets on board the "soul train"...
Samir Saioud, also known as Samir Moussaab, was killed in fighting in Si Mustapha, east of the capital Algiers, security sources told APS news agency.

Saioud was believed to be the number-two of an al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group, the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC).

Earlier this month, the group claimed responsibility for a series of car bombings in the capital, Algiers, including one near the prime minister's office.
Hey... this approach gets around Stephane Dion's concern about prisoners... maybe we can use it in Afghanistan.

Bad day for al-Qaeda
The US says it has arrested a senior al-Qaeda operative on his way to Iraq to plan future attacks.

A Pentagon spokesman said Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi was heading to Iraq to take over al-Qaeda operations and plot attacks against targets in the West, the Pentagon said.

Reports said he was also accused of involvement in plots to assassinate Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf.
The bigger story is that Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi is apparently the mastermind behind the July 7 suicide bombings in London and assorted terrorist plots against Britain.

And somebody's gonna be getting a special Saudi manicure... with linemans pliers.
Foreign nationals were among 172 terror suspects held in a series of raids, the interior ministry said on state TV.

Large amounts of weapons and $32.4m (£16.21m) in cash were also seized.

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Where's Mark Holland...

When you really need him?
The grants were given to some groups with apparent Liberal ties and without a formal application process.

Critics also questioned how an animal welfare and baseball group qualified for funds aimed at helping new immigrants settle into the province.
Funny... Mark Holland tries to portray himself as a corruption-fighter... someone who will sniff out wrongdoing.

Well, if this program doling out taxpayer money without any oversight to Liberal friendly groups doesn't stink to high heaven... I don't know what does.

Not only that... Dalton's gang is using their majority to stop the Ontario auditor general from investigating.

Again... it's our money... their friends.

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In between praying...

Five times a day...
Up to 70% of files exchanged between Saudi teenagers' mobile phones contain pornography, according to a study in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom.
I'm thinkin' that hijab thing may be backfiring bigtime.
The study quoted in Arab News focussed on the phones of teenagers detained by religious police for harassing girls.
The really telling number here is this startling statistic...
The same researcher also found that 88% of girls say they have been victims of harassment using Bluetooth technology.
So... from stone-age Afghanistan to high tech Saudi Arabia... another shared cultural tradition.

Who wants to pass this one on to Jack Layton?

RELATED: Real reform on back burner
Two years ago, largely at the urging of the Bush administration, the first elections in Saudi history were held for municipal councils in a small number of cities, including Jidda, Riyadh and Mecca.

Only men could vote and only half the members were elected, but still the elections were hailed as emblems of change.

“The curse of the oil money is that it has stopped all reforms,” said Sulaiman al-Hattlan, editor in chief of Forbes Arabia, based in Dubai, and a Saudi advocate.

“The more money you have, the more arrogant you become, because you think you can implement anything your way.”

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Everything you need to know...

About China.
*** "China denies poisoning pets...
promises not to do it again" ***
RECIPROCITY UPDATE: Plenty of "homegrown idiocy" too...
No mention of any of this last night, naturally. Just cliched guilt tripping and feel-good feel-badness. An embarrassing waste of everyone's time, which will accomplish precisely nothing.

Waiting for the explosion

In Deseronto.
-- Local News - Thursday, April 26, 2007 @ 10:00 -- "My personal feeling is that we're sitting on a ticking time bomb."
So says Deseronto Mayor Norm Clark. At a public meeting where residents aired concerns about personal safety and plummetting property values, Clark was doing his best to calm peoples fears.

The biggest problem is those fears are entirely reasonable. Look at who they're dealing with.

He also had a cautionary message for the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte...
Clark told the public Tuesday evening that Deseronto council has encouraged the MBQ band council to come out more strongly against incidents such as the railway blockade.
Unfortunately, Chief R. Donald Maracle apparently subscribes to "the dog ate my homework" school of governance.
The chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) is worried about losing public support, but says he has no control over the protesters.

Maracle was referring to a public meeting in Deseronto Tuesday evening, where Mayor Norm Clark and town council updated residents on the ongoing negotiations between the MBQ and the federal government.
And the residents of Deseronto hunker down and wait.

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25 April 2007

Brit Islamobombers give it up

Think it could never happen in Canada?
Four men have admitted being involved in a conspiracy to cause explosions on dates in 2001 and 2004 during a hearing at Woolwich Crown Court.

Junade Feroze, 31, Zia Ul Haq, 28, Abdul Aziz Jalil, 34, and Omar Rehman, 23, all pleaded guilty to an offence under the explosives substances act.
RELATED: Same planet, different worlds

Don't worry Canada, our magical "diversity" will save us.

Just not from this guy and his friends.
"If there is any homegrown terror, it is the RCMP."

Back in warm, fuzzy Canada
The Khawaja affair is in virgin legal territory as the courts attempt to clarify fundamental issues of law raised by a hastily enacted piece of terrorism legislation that is still in its infancy.

That has resulted in the trial being postponed four times - it originally was to start Jan. 2 - as lawyers for Khawaja and the federal Justice Department have launched various constitutional challenges, leaves to appeal, cross appeals and other actions, including up to the Supreme Court of Canada.
At least the lawyers won't go hungry.

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While we're at it...

Let's burn all the copies of Huckleberry Finn too...
Murals in the rotunda of the British Columbia Legislature depicting native women as bare breasted and native men as subservient will be taken down more than 70 years after they were painted.
Brought to you by the Liberal and New Democratic parties of British Columbia.

RELATED: Pretending stuff never happened...

Is good too.

Well, look who's boss.

After some 60 years of loyal service, Uncle Ben is being elevated from fictional cook to fictional CEO of the fictional Uncle Ben's Inc.

Mars, which owns the brand, is about to spend $20 million on a campaign to spread the news.

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24 April 2007

The pain I feel...

For Richard Steele...
As judge Ian Nordheimer issued his ruling dismissing Mr. Steele's application Tuesday afternoon, the 20-year-old launched into a profanity-ridden tirade, telling the judge “You just opened up my family to danger you don't understand... you just helped them kill me.”

Mr. Steele then turned to the crown lawyers, calling them a “piece of shit,” before being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs.
I'll trade you a hundred Richard Steeles' for one Jane Creba.


UPDATE: Of course, Richard Steele is the "real victim"
Nine days later, in another intercepted call, Mr. Steele complained that his life had been hell since Boxing Day, when "that fucking white girl dies."

"Fuck … I knew what was going on. I don't look back – I don't look back for shit. Took off."

"Took the fuck off."

LAST WORD: Multiculturalism, R.I.P. (1982-2007)
The reason multiculturalism now seems like such a fraud is that experience has taught us that old-school racism has nothing on the sort of hatreds brought into this country by the immigrants themselves: hatred toward homosexuals, toward heretics, toward "loose" women and, most importantly, toward each other.

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Bubble-wrapping the baby...

May not be such a great idea after all.
Recent high-profile studies have found that children exposed to unqualified praise are less likely to push themselves academically, and that children who are coddled and overprotected are growing up anxious and irresponsible.
This makes perfect sense to me.

My son has been a huge football fan since he was six years old. He's been, despite their record, a faithful Raiders booster and we watch NFL ball religiously during the season.

It just seemed inevitable that he would one day play full-contact, balls to the wall, don't scrimp on the mouthpiece tackle football.

Unlike soccer... another very popular game in the area... where parents rush onto the field every time little Timmy trips over his own feet... my son is learning how to block and tackle, how to push the envelope... and just as importantly, how to take a "good hit" without falling to pieces.

He's also learning that you can be "larger than yourself"... about being part of a finely tuned, well oiled machine.

He's come to the point where he has a real sense of satisfaction when he gets through a two hour practice... all the more, from knowing it wasn't a walk in the park.

It was tough enough... that he didn't really want to go back after the first practice. I ended up making a deal with him, that after showing up and doing half of the second round... he could tell the coach he wanted out.

It was a gamble, but when we went to leave that night and the coach said to him, "We'll see you next time", he said, "Yup, I'll be there."

And that's the point. If it was easy, anyone could do it.

It's the sort of thing we did without a second thought when I was a kid.

We climbed trees... hell... we jumped out of trees... while holding the ends of springy branches. We rode our bikes twenty miles round-trip to the local conservation area. We made zip-guns out of wood and elastic and we had "wars." We took our air rifles out on safari.

There was no physically neutered, politically correct, ego-boosting pap like "Circle of Friends." We played "ball tag"... where instead of tagging someone with your hand, you used a rubber ball... which, skillfully and mercilessly flung, had the potential to knock your target clean out of his "PF Flyers."

And I'm sure my mother's blood pressure soared every time she saw her seven year-old son climb over the the second floor balcony rail, to head out to the playground... but, to her credit, she never once tried to stop me.

And I think... I'm a better person for it.

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Guess who's coming to dinner?

I'll give you a hint... it isn't Sidney Poitier.
-- OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper rejected a Liberal suggestion yesterday that Canadian troops should transfer Taliban prisoners to Canada to save them from being handed over to Afghan authorities.
Fresh off his bizarro side deals with Eco-Lizard May and Danny Millions, it seems that Steffi is now sussing out the latest sorely needed block of potential liberal voters.

It's a cagey two-pronged plan... by wrapping up the raggedy-ass fanatical fundamentalist demographic, he also stands to bleed off support from the granola-snorting, sandal-clad wing of the NDP.

Fortunately, the Prime Minister was there to bring the leftbot castles in the sky back in for a safe landing.
Mr. Harper promised the "serious allegations" would be examined by officials and followed up with Afghan authorities, "but what we will not do is bring the Taliban prisoners to Canada."
Now that pricks a hole in Dion's latest trial balloon... but hey Steffi, don't give up just yet.

Maybe the Fiberals could make a special deal with Doug Henning and the Natural Law Party.... so that we can all levitate to work, thus really reducing Canada's carbon emissions.

C'mon... it's at least as jaw-dropping, amazingly idiotic as his latest "Give Terrorism a Chance" brainwave.


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23 April 2007

Someone at the EU...

Was riffling through a world atlas... and suddenly the excrement hits the air-conditioning.

I can imagine the mindless, scurrying panic... "Yumpin' yimminy Olaf, they're right over there!!!"
EU foreign ministers have agreed to implement sanctions against Iran after its refusal to halt uranium enrichment. The sanctions go further than those already agreed by the United Nations.

The EU has agreed to a total arms embargo, and added further people to the travel ban list - they are banned from the EU and their assets are frozen.
It's way past time these nanny-state peace-suckers realised that Madman Ahmadinejad, currently mesmerised by both the return of the "Hidden Imam" and his pounding nuclear erection... ain't necessarily gonna be playing by their rules.

That's right you goddamn Euroweenies... black rain.


We'll just rewrite the rules says EU

It's a perfect Euroweenie soulution. If Iran won't comply, we'll just rewrite the rules until they're in "full compliance."
One of the diplomats said recognition by the United States and its allies that Iran would never accept their earlier demand of a full freeze dictated a decision to contemplate “a new definition of enrichment” that would allow Tehran to keep some of its program intact without actually turning out enriched material.

RELATED: Nourishing Obscurity asks the question...
"What about the North American Union?"

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Uh, guys... just one other thing

Deseronto Mayor Norm Clark reminds Mohawk thugs of a pretty basic principle...

"You don't shit where you eat."
"There is a black cloud hanging over Deseronto," he said Sunday.

Developers have already said they are going to invest their money elsewhere, Clark added, and that affects businesses and could lead to a drop in housing values.

Clark said he understood and agreed with the native need to settle the land claim, but innocent people were paying the price for the blockade.
That includes, I should add, the native residents.

RELATED: Rounding up...

The usual suspects.
No Mohawks were on hand at Queen's Park Monday to join a protest over the land claim dispute in Deseronto.

But a young man with a mohawk haircut was among the 30 supporters of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, who want the provincial government to revoke the licence of a gravel quarry operating on the disputed land.
All together now... "We are the world..."

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Who doesn't love a good...

"I was awake during surgery" story?
As the cancer patient lay on the operating room table, she felt the surgeon remove her intestines and splay them over her abdomen.

Terrified, she was awake but unable to provide a signal — a wiggle of a toe, the bat of an eyelash — to communicate the excruciating pain she was suffering.
Ok, ok... that wasn't fair... let me administer the antidote.

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22 April 2007

David Miller's Toronto...

Can be a pretty cold place these days...
Investigators allege that as Richards turned his car around to drive south two men approached. One suspect struck up a conversation with Richards while the second allegedly walked up to the car and fired one shot.

The first suspect, who first approached Richards' car is described as:

* Being in his early to mid-20s;
* Black; and
* Wearing black jeans, a black leather jacket, and a red-and-white baseball cap.

The second suspect is described as being in his mid-20s, black with braided hair and wearing a black shirt or sweater.
Of course, it could be much worse.


RELATED: Cutting up at Kennedy Station
The man arrested in the fatal stabbing of an apprentice plumber in a TTC subway car was quiet and a bit of a mystery to his father.

John Paul Vallon, 26, was not one to chit-chat, Jesse Vallon said yesterday. "He was a one-question, one-answer type of guy," said the 50-year-old engineer and former civilian employee of the Toronto police force.

He also said there was no hint of violence in the skinny, 5-foot-5 man that he sponsored to bring here from the Philippines nine years ago.
As Ron Popeil used to say... "but wait, there's more."
A second stabbing incident linked to Scarborough's trouble-prone Kennedy subway station within the past week has pushed Toronto transit authorities into a review of security.

The assailants are believed to be in their early 20s and of Tamil origin, while the group who was attacked is white, Det. Sgt. Searl said, but there was no immediate indication of whether the incident had any racial overtones.
Hey Dave... maybe building more basketball courts isn't the answer after all, huh?

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Wouldn't it be ironic...

If noted Surrender-Monkey Jacques Chirac turned out to have bigger balls than Tony Blair?
Taleban insurgents holding two French aid workers hostage in southern Afghanistan have issued an ultimatum.

In an internet statement, they called for French Nato troops to withdraw and for imprisoned rebels to be freed in exchange for the captives.

"In case of refusal, action will be taken against them promptly."
Ok Jacques... let's see 'em.

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Here's where the two billion dollars...

The Fiberals flushed down the toilet on the Farmer Bob Rifle Registry should have gone... cancer research.
-- HONG KONG -- Scientists in China have identified a gene variant which appears to protect Chinese people from various types of cancer.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. It accounted for 7.6 million, or 13 per cent, of a total of 58 million deaths worldwide in 2005, according to the World Health Organization.
Where it would have actually done some good.

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The myth of the cab-driving...

Foreign-born Neurosurgeon...
"Some of them are driving cabs because they don't pass the level of standard in Canada... just because we need more doctors doesn't mean we should lower our standards."

"Nobody ever talks about them being underqualified... the problem is not that we're not getting them into the system; the problem is they're flopping out."
I've always had my doubts about this latter day urban myth. Now someone in the know is finally, despite the politically correct paralysis gripping the nation, speaking up...
The failure rate for first-time IMGs between 2000 and 2005 was another 40 per cent.

What does that leave? "Not a lot," Lee said. "The number's not huge."

When pressed, Lee refuses to divulge the final number of foreign-trained doctors who actually make it through the funnelling system which weeds out those who can't hack it.

"I don't publish that mother of all stats," he said.

By contrast, Canadian students pass the exams at about a 97-per-cent rate, Lee said.
Something to think about, the next time your "progressive" friends start jawing about Canada's "racist" ways.

h/t -- Matt --

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My beads... are holier than...

Your beads.
-- BAGHDAD -- Gunmen in northern Iraq stopped a bus filled with Christians and members of a tiny Kurdish religious sect, police said, separating out the groups and taking 23 of the passengers away to be shot.

Police said the execution-style killings of the Yazidis — a primarily Kurdish sect that worships an angel figure considered to be the devil by some Muslims and Christians — appeared to be in response to the stoning death of a Yazidi woman who had recently converted to Islam.
And the beat goes on.


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Canadian troopers suck it up in Af'stan...
Sun-baked and coated with dust, they slumped into the cool shade of an underground bunker complete with electric lighting, bunk beds and even a freezer — luxury compared with the flea-ridden swatch of desert in southern Helmand province where many have slept under the stars since late February.

“Where we were, in Helmand, it's quite a bit more austere,” said Capt. James Leslie. “My soldiers haven't seen drinking water colder than the shade since February . . . there's even water frozen stiff; it's a nice touch.”

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Democracy... in the Middle East

Pop quiz... when is a dictatorship actually "a democracy"?

Answer... When Baath Party leader and President Bashar Assad says it is...
Unlike the polls in Nigeria or France, there is almost no contest and voters are not showing much interest.

But in Syria, in effect ruled by one party, there is no room for real politics, says the BBC's Kim Ghattas, a situation reflected in widespread apathy among the electorate.
But they have a parliament... it must be a free and democratic land.
Adding to voter apathy is the mostly nominal role of the parliament - it cannot give or withdraw confidence to the government; it cannot draft laws, only debate those sent to it by the government; and it has no say in foreign policy.

Its first task will be to approve the Baath Party nomination of the president, Bashar Assad, for a second seven-year term.

Mr Assad will be the only candidate in a July referendum.
Okay... I get it. It's one of those "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" democracies the lefties are always holding up as modern day political miracles.

The ones, curiously enough, nobody... including Maher Arar... wants to live in.

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And on the seventh day...

He had a schizoid break...
"First of all, let's stop listening to the goddamn economists. Twenty per cent of the economy will disappear."

"It will cost more than World War I and World War II put together."

"We'll go into a kind of depression we've never, ever had in all of history."
Yup, we all saw it coming... as his apocalyptic pronouncements grew ever more paranoid and delusional.

Not listening to the good doctor would be...
"... a crime against future generations."

As well as his meeting with Baird, Suzuki was to meet with Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and NDP Leader Jack Layton.
Saint David is now convinced he is God.


I must confess I lost my faith...
When he smashed the stone tablets.

LAST WORD: Annointed from on high...

The Almighty Zooker has decided for his devoted sheeple...
Suzuki told CTV's Question Period on Sunday... "I'm telling you, they want carbon taxes."

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21 April 2007

If you're a copper...

And some guy tells you he's gonna rob a bank... aren't you under some sort of obligation to keep an eye on him and maybe try to prevent it?

If you've been following the aboriginal rail blockade in Deseronto, in Eastern Ontario this week, you might not necessarily come to that conclusion.

Shawn Brant, fresh off a major disruption of Canada's busiest rail corridor, is promising more of what he likes to call, "economic disruptions" to Canadian citizenry and infrastructure alike... in the near future.
"Believe it or not, it was the first soft step of the campaign," said Shawn Brant around 8 a.m., two hours after the group removed a school bus blocking the tracks. "We have identified three different targets, and we will escalate the degree of severity as is necessary."
Bear in mind this is the very same Shawn Brant who had a spot of trouble with the local constabulary just a little while ago...
-- DESERONTO -- Charged with three counts of uttering death threats are Shawn Michael Brant, 42, of Tyendinaga.
But, you might ask, "Don't the police have to have pretty specific cause before they start keeping tabs on private citizens"?

Well, the enthusiastic, but apparently not especially bright Mr. Brant has obligingly and very publicly announced his criminal intent to the mainstream media...
Those targets are the railway, provincial highways and the town of Deseronto, Brant said as he puffed on cigarettes at the gravel quarry that is the heart of the dispute

The next target has been selected already and plans for the action are being finalized, he said.
I suspect Mr. Brant is feeling quite pleased with himself for the moment... after shutting down, occupying and looting a private gravel pit operation and then, in short order, facing down one of the largest corporate entities in Canada... with absolutely no legal consequences to himself, or his band of criminal brothers.

Not too surprisingly, the aboriginal police force seems to have taken Mr. Brant's side of things... going as far as to join him for refreshments at his illegal siege.

Although I have heard from a reliable source, that local OPP line officers are not very happy about having to stand by and watch these miscreants flouting the law, apparently those higher up the chain of command have no such issues...
"No arrests have been made at this point", said Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kristine Rae.

"We’re pleased that it was a peaceful resolution."
Peaceful, of course, until the day it isn't.

LAST WORD: I have a theory...
... about danger and risk-taking... it goes something like this...

Doing something stupid, or dangerous is like playing the lottery... the more tickets you buy, the better your chances of "winning the jackpot".

Right now, Shawn Brant is on a hysterical spending spree. He's won a few small prizes and now he has gambling fever...

With all the tickets he's been buying lately, I'm guessin' Mr. Brant is due for a big win. And as soon as he oversteps and engages the OPP, or another similar body in his much touted "violent confrontation"... he may find he has hit the jackpot.

Just my two cents.

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Everyday Feminine Protection...#2

Lock and load, ladies...
Tough isn't a word necessarily associated with Miss America, but three thieves arrested after their truck tires were shot out by 82-year-old Venus Ramey might beg to differ.

Ramey, who won the elite beauty crown in 1944, confronted one of the three robbers on her farm in Waynesburg, Ky., about 140 miles south of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

"He was probably wetting his pants," said Ramey, who balanced on her walking stick as she pulled out a snub-nosed .38-caliber handgun.
h/t - SDA -

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Thank you, Ontario taxpayers...

For handing the world’s largest producer of cereal products millions of taxpayer dollars.
Jeff Chow, Kellogg plant manager in Belleville, said his company has received “great support“ from the province of Ontario, the Quinte region and the City of Belleville. Chow said he can’t wait to start producing Kellogg products at the new plant.

“Construction is well under way and we should be under operation by the fourth quarter of this year.“

When asked whether Kellogg will open with 100 employees as previously stated, Chow replied, “That is still being developed.“
Well, actually you should thank the provincial Liberal government.

Of course, if you have to bribe a manufacturer of anything to entice them to your city, it's only a matter of time before they find someone who can top your bid... or provide lots of amigos who'll work for peanuts.

Look what happened with Hershey in Smith Falls.

At least the community gets something back this time... unlike Dalton McGuinty's other recent payoff.

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20 April 2007

Shssssh... it's a secret

Go to CTV.ca and you'll see the title for an article that reads, "Demonstrators block Ontario rail crossing"... but wait a minute... something's not quite right.

Oh shoot... looks like they forgot to mention it wasn't seniors supporting "leash laws" or something like that... it was another illegal "aboriginal blockade"... of the most heavily travelled rail corridor in Canada.

Boy... are they ever gonna be embarrassed.

Native blockaders blink...

But Shawn Brant promises more criminal activity will follow.
“I don't think they should expect an apology,” said Mr. Brant, who suggested the blockade was prompted by government inaction on the Mohawk's land claim.

Mr. Brant vowed that the occupation of the quarry would continue and that the group would mount further protests. “The disruption on the CN line was a first in a series of economic disruptions, the first in a campaign,” he said.

“We've been occupying the quarry and we have said we will never relinquish it... we will use it as a staging ground for further action.”
And why wouldn't he be willing to do it again and again... if he gets to walk away scot-free here.
Sgt. Kristine Rae, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Provincial Police, said the tracks are being inspected before rail traffic is allowed to resume.

Although the injunction ordered the protesters off the rail tracks and stated anyone who didn't comply would be arrested, Sgt. Rae said no arrests were made.
It's a dynamic a toddler would understand.

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Never mind Empire...

Should Brits worry about the country itself flying apart?

Following hard on the heels of a reported shift to the right in French politics, the United Kingdom is apparently coming to a fork in the road on its immigration policy...
Immigration could lead to the political break-up of Britain, according to think-tank Civitas.

Shadow home secretary David Davis said: "We know that unchecked immigration is putting pressure on housing and local services. "Now this report shows that its effects are potentially even more serious."

"Given the limited number of schools, hospitals and houses, the government must apply a limit on the amount of people entering the country," he concluded.

Ministers had also announced a new tough Australian-style points system for immigrants, he added.
The report warns of a "tipping point", beyond which it conjures up a very chaotic situation...
"Once such a point is reached, political disintegration may be predicted to be not long in following," the report said.

RELATED: 22 Apr - Sarkozy blows the doors off socialist Ségolène Royal
Mr. Sarkozy appeared to hold a clear advantage. Preliminary results from the Interior Ministry, based on a count of 21 million votes — or more than 50 per cent — had him leading with 30 per cent, followed by Royal with 24 per cent.
Once Sarkozy picks up Le Pen's 11 percent hard right support, this one should be a lock.

Au revoir Commie Mommie.

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Preem admits, "I'm no leader"

"Please save my bacon, Oh Wise Federal Leader", cries Dalton McGuinty.
-- Deseronto, Ont. -- Aboriginal protesters vowed Friday to maintain their planned 48-hour blockade of eastern Ontario's main rail corridor despite a court injunction ordering them off the railway crossing.

The tense situation prompted Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to urge the federal government to intervene at the “earliest possible opportunity” to help resolve the issues behind the blockade.
Having made a major-league mess of the year old, as-yet-unresolved aboriginal standoff in Caledonia, Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty is apparently now at his wits end... over a similar situation developing in Deseronto.

See, here's the question Dalton... if I go down the road and commandeer the local lumber yard and threaten to take over the neighbouring town, how long do you think it would take an OPP SWAT team to stand me down... one way or another?

These terrorists are shutting down country-wide commerce.

What's your problem here? Dalton..? Dalton?

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Is it still racist...

If a black man says it?
"The Beckles shooting was a defining moment for us," recalled Staff Inspector Dave McLeod, who, less than 72 hours later, took the helm of what was dubbed the black intelligence unit.

Its focus: the black-on-black shootings that were fuelling the worst wave of gun crimes the city has ever seen.
So what happens a black police officer from Toronto takes an assignment on a "crime-washed island that has long produced one of the world's highest homicide tallies?
Staff Insp. McLeod went to Jamaica, where a Globe and Mail reporter conducted a series of exclusive interviews during the officer's last days on the job in Kingston — the crime-ravaged capital city where pockets are ruled by fearsome gangs whose reach extends clear to the streets of Toronto.
There's an interesting comparison to be made between the city of Toronto and the country of Jamaica itself...
High as its homicide total was in 2004, it was higher still in 2005, reaching a record 1,674 among a population of 2.7 million people, surpassing the rates of both Colombia and South Africa.

By comparison, Toronto, with almost the same population, witnessed 80 homicides that year, 52 of them gun deaths.

Of those shootings, more than half involved first- or second-generation Jamaican Canadians, most in their late teens or 20s.
A compelling read.

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More importantly, why is he still in Canada?

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Justice - Aboriginal style - again...

LATEST GESTURE: Oh yeah, that'll solve things...
"CN has obtained an injunction from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that has been served on the protesters by the sheriff's department requiring them to dismantle the blockade forthwith," said CN Rail spokesman Mark Hallman.

Hey, big surprise... another aboriginal terrorist action.
The train tracks at Deseronto Road, west of Kingston, have once again been blocked by a group of people who police said are affiliated with the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.
Just listening on the local radio station to professional spokes-native Shawn Brant trying to justify closing down the CN tracks at Deseronto.

Brant was spouting the usual "we are victims" argle-bargle about the racist Canadian regime... while his band of merry men was shutting down all rail traffic between Toronto and points east.

A spokesman for CN came on and was very careful not to offend native sensibilities by mentioning the effect on commuters, or the cost to businesses waiting for just-in-time shipments. Wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, would we.

Funny... no one available to comment from the OPP.



UPDATE: Speak OPP, speak...

Just heard a Napanee OPP constable on radio station CJBQ say that the CN rail lands are, "the jurisdiction of the CN police".

Whew, that was a close one guys... see you back at the Tims.

Here's the party line from the OPP...
"Currently the situation is peaceful," police said in a news release around 8 a.m. "The O.P.P. and the C.N. Police are working closely together.

The O.P.P. are at the scene rerouting traffic around the blockade."
So much for "law enforcement". Well, I guess we'll have to settle for traffic cops.

No problem here... move along folks.


RELATED: Occupation and thievery...

First they shut down and occupy a private business... then they start stealing the inventory.
Mohawk demonstrators make no apologies about trucking gravel out of the Thurlow Aggregates site for use on driveways and potholes on the Tyendinaga reserve, says one protester.

Demonstrators have been using their own equipment to truck some of the existing gravel to benefit people on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, said Jason Maracle, who has been on the scene since the occupation began March 22.
So where are the OPP and Tyendinaga police on this?

The protest blockade at Deseronto is a decidedly laid-back affair, as shown in this photo from Loyalist Pioneer's Christopher Clarke.

Here, Tyendinaga Mohawk Police Senior Const. Marcel Maracle, left, relaxes with protest organizer Shawn Brant as the pair waited for a pot of corn soup to heat over the campfire.
I guess we know why nobody's getting arrested.

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Like federal like provincial...

It's the same old Fiberal story... your money - their friends...
An Iranian community group, whose members include Ontario Liberals, received a $200,000 immigrant aid grant from the provincial government only three weeks after it was registered as a charity.

The centre was first listed with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as a charitable organization in the category "protection of animals," but later was changed to the category "recreation, playgrounds and vacation camps."

Its directors include the Liberal candidate for the new riding of Richmond Hill in the Oct. 10 provincial election and the riding association president, whose North York law office is listed as the charity's mailing address.
Thank you Dalton McGuinty.

UPDATE: 21 Apr - McGuinty lets bribe to Iranians slide...
"I think we can do a better job and I think that we have to do a better job," Mr. McGuinty told reporters yesterday. "We're going to have to look at it."

The government says the unnamed spending program is designed to enhance diversity and settlement projects for new immigrants.
While the Fiberals "look at it", Conservatives call for an investigation...
Conservative opposition leader John Tory called for an investigation by the auditor general into the matter and said he planned to introduce a motion compelling officials to testify before a committee on the matter.

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