31 January 2012

Apparently, the sky isn't the only thing...

...that's falling...
“The state of air quality in Canada has improved significantly since the 1970s, in most regions, with respect to all major pollutant types,” said Joel Wood, Fraser Institute senior research economist and author of Canadian Environmental Indicators – Air Quality.

“Yet environmental and health care organizations continue to scare people into thinking that air pollution is increasing and that this presents a serious health risk in Canada. These claims are exaggerated or outright wrong.”

As an example, the study highlights a pair of recent reports from the Canadian Medical Association and Suzuki Foundation which argued for stricter air-pollution regulations in Canada, based on assumptions that air pollution was increasing or remaining constant.

Both studies received extensive media coverage despite the fact they provided no historical context and arrived at their conclusions based on false assumptions.
Just something else to ponder while you're glorying in the midst of your excess houses & offspring.
"And the CBC host has two sizeable homes, despite calling it "disgusting" that the average Canadian's home (most have just one) is larger than that of our grandparents."

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...didn't Dr "I haz rainbows & unicorns"... run out & start a second family? That's what... five kids?

I guess rules are for little people.

30 January 2012

Dear Peter Mansbridge...

Let's see you rock your all too-predictable regular demographic right outta their Birkenstocks... and devote 5 or six minutes to something completely off the usual Planet Pinko manifesto...

reverse the terms
"Through the magic of Reverse-The-Terms, let’s imagine if food being shipped to Saudi Arabia turned out to be Kosher? Properly offered & sacrificed to Hindu gods? Maybe prayed over by evangelical Christian butchers? Sprinkled with bacon-fat?"
Yup, I know... not in this uber-enlightened millennia.

All in favour of movin' the CBC...

...lock, stock and steamin' pinko pulpit to beautiful downtown Kabul...raise your right hand...a billion taxpayer dollars per year**********

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...from the mighty Globe & Mail...

suckass political correctness
"A caller-in to a discussion about the Shafia case said, as a Muslim, he could not condone the murders. He said that nowhere is it allowed to murder for 'honour'."

"When the moderator asked what he would do if one of his own daughters dated or married outside the faith, he said if members of his community criticized him for allowing it, he would simply disown the daughter and cut off any contact with her."
So now we're giving out brownie points to people who merely admit murder is wrong? That expulsion & shunning are acceptable punishments for a child who doesn't embrace extreme religious edicts?


Your mainstream media... once again, setting the proverbial bar for Pierre Trudeau's multicultural dream.

29 January 2012

CBC Radio reporting...

...apparently with a straight face... "There were no victim impact statements filed."
-- KINGSTON, ON -- "There have been other murder charges involving so-called "honour killings" – homicides of women slain out of a perverse desire to "purify" families of disgrace created by supposedly immoral conduct – but not on this scale, and not involving parents who were willing to wipe out half their family for the sake of their honour, and then lie about it.‬"

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The day after the jurors retired, Montreal’s La Presse ran a front-page interview columnist Michele Ouimet had with one of Yahya’s sisters, Soraya, in Kabul.

Soraya was “scandalized” by the pictures the reporter showed them, shot of Zainab and Sahar in ordinarily skimpy skirts or bathing and with male friends and boyfriends. She and her husband both cheerfully told Ouimet they believe in killing for honour.

Her husband Habibullah said simply, if his daughters (the couple has seven, plus two boys) dishonoured him, “I would put them in a bag and eliminate them so no one would ever find their traces in Afghanistan.”

24 January 2012

Where are all the eco-freaks...

...on Dalton McGuinty's repeatedly broken promises to shut down the coal-fired generating stations?
"If you’re worried about climate change, stop ranting about the oilsands, which account for one-10th of 1% of global carbon dioxide emissions, and start worrying that you generate almost half your electricity from coal, which has an impact on the planet up to 70 times greater than the oilsands."
On the ironic/tragic side of the equation... it's the compassionate, intellectual big city lefty sheeple who are golluting the very air their children breathe.

Well... along with everyone else.

When law enforcement fails

As the New York Post put it, telling the NYPD "I'm in an elite military unit, you can't arrest me," doesn't help much when the city's draconian gun laws are at issue.

Twenty-nine-year-old Shaun Day was on a leave from his duty as a Navy SEAL when cops nailed him for running a red light in Manhattan, New York on Thursday.

23 January 2012

I just don't get it

The Liberal Party of Canada spent 2 billion dollars to keep track of farmers, deer hunters & skeet shooters and their murderous long guns... and we still have all this violence...
• TORONTO • Investigators have determined 23-year-old Anthony Spencer, an aspiring rap artist, who died after friends dumped him at a Scarborough hospital early Saturday, was gunned down at a recording studio.

But exactly what prompted the murder of yet another GTA rapper remains a mystery because his friends refuse to tell the truth about what happened, Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux alleged Sunday.

A group of men and one woman disappeared after driving Spencer to Scarborough General Hospital around 5 a.m. Saturday, leaving police no witnesses and no murder scene.

“They know exactly what happened inside,” Giroux said. “And I think if everybody came back to us and told us what they heard or know ... we could resolve this case very quickly.”

"The costs were increased by foreign money from the American NRA. Disgusting."

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...where's the Liberal's shiny new Knife Registry?
Ottawa police are investigating the city’s first homicide of the year after a local man was fatally stabbed outside a Byward Market nightclub.

The man was found suffering from stab wounds on Dalhousie Street near Rideau Street at about 2:30 a.m. He was rushed to hospital where he died of his injuries.

Police have identified him as Navid Niran, 24, of Ottawa.

LAST WORD: Thank you, St Pierre of Montreal

22 January 2012

Oh, c'mon... you were expecting, what?

This just in...
• CAIRO • Egyptian authorities confirmed Saturday that a political coalition dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the 84-year-old group that virtually invented political Islam, had won about 47 percent of the seats in the first Parliament elected since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

An alliance of ultraconservative Islamists won the next largest share of seats, about 25 percent.
And that democratic wave that was supposed to sweep across the Middle East?
A coalition of parties founded by the young leaders of the revolt that unseated Mr. Mubarak won only a few percent of the seats, as did a handful of offshoots of the former governing party.
Nonetheless, the struggle continues...
• RABAT, Morocco • Five unemployed Moroccan men set themselves on fire in the capital Rabat as part of widespread demonstrations in the country over the lack of jobs, especially for university graduates.

21 January 2012

An ill wind blows

• LONDON, Ont. • In a major blow to Dalton McGuinty government’s controversial green energy plan, the largest farm lobby group in Ontario has pulled the plug on its support for wind turbines.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, which represents 37,000 farm families, issued a call Friday for the province to suspend wind turbine development.

20 January 2012

Or, as it's known...

...to the rest of the population... "leadership"...ask a professional journalistAh, yes, the inevitable "seizing." You can almost picture the Prime Minister's rough dirty hands closing around some completely inoffensive treehugger's throat.

Funny how, if you're a "professional" journalist and it involves Stephen Harper... events inevitably have that sharp, merciless, bloody edge...
"Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver came out guns blazing... Mr. Harper really put the premiers on defence".
Good grief... seems those evil, controlling Conservatives are always perpetuating (if only figuratively) violence on the hapless, well-meaning Opposition...
"a storyline that sticks helped the Conservatives sink two successive Liberal leaders... Critics and stakeholders were left struggling".
Yes, my children... if only we still had the soothing touch of a wise, compassionate Laytonesque healer to soothe our fevered collective brow.

I've gotta ask... do these folks ever listen to themselves? They apparently just don't know when to turn down the volume. No wonder the print media is going down the shitter.

Bring it, you dumb bunnies. It's why, in no small part... we have a Conservative majority government.

19 January 2012

Just something to consider...

...as you're filling out your tax return this spring...
The C.D. Howe Institute says the pension plan that secures retirement benefits for members of Parliament and senators is underfunded by up to $1 billion.

The institute's plea for reform echoed a similar call issued Wednesday by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which exhorted MPs to surrender their pension plan and adopt a more modest system.
Like that magical, "free" healthcare... somebody actually does have to pay the freight here...
The federation contends the existing plan is the best-funded in the world, but lamented that taxpayers foot the bill for most of its perks at a rate of $23.3 for every dollar contributed by an MP.
Yeah... I know... dreamin'.

The unfailing wisdom of Saint Suzuki

The compassionate, intellectual left just wants to have a conversation... but, as usual, the question seems to be... are the hateful, conspiratorial, dumb as dogshit Conservatives willing to listen?
"Their increasing attacks on charitable organizations and Canadians from all walks of life show that if they can't win with facts, they'll do everything they can to silence their critics."
Yikers... that doesn't sound good... "everything they can." And "silence their critics"? C'mon, Doc... don't leave us hangin'. A staged car crash, poison darts... c'mon, give it up.

Say, David... those charitable organisations the Conservatives are increasingly "attacking"... that wouldn't include DavidSuzuki.org, would it? "Cos, forgive me for being so bold, but you seem to be doin' just fine these days... multiple familes, multiple homes... your apparent status as an "eco-saint".

But, heck, let's not be too hasty here... what other indisputable proofs does Canada's most famous eco-priest/scientist have to offer?

Here we go... and brace yourselves... the rhetoric is positively biblical.

It seems the Harper cabal is...
"sacrificing our environment to a corporate-controlled economy... suicide"
"willing to sacrifice its manufacturing industry, its opportunities in the green-energy economy, its future, and the health of its people"
Oh boy, that's a whole lot of "sacrificing"... which, incidentally... the Conservatives manage to accomplish, while cozying up to...
"the repressive government of China."
Mr Suzuki goes on, not to offer up any evidence for this thesis, but simply to make further accusations...
"a government that hurls insults at its citizens... more attacks and more attempts to silence those who believe."
I swear, you get to the end of this screed... it's Libby Davies storyboarding a John Grisham novel.

The important thing, though... is to go out with a bang...
"government and its "ethical oil" and media supporters don't tell the truth, but it's worse when they don't even offer rational arguments."
Unlike, of course... your esteemed self... the Fresh Green Prince of the Great White North.


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"Mr. Suzuki was this year caught running his cross-country climate-change tour from a diesel-powered "rock-star" bus, built for 54, for an eight-man entourage."

"And the CBC host has two sizeable homes, despite calling it "disgusting" that the average Canadian's home (most have just one) is larger than that of our grandparents."
More here and here.


"neo figures he'll be dead by the time the climate really comes home to roost. He figures if his kid inherits his arsenal, kid will survive in the mad max world neo is working hard to create. I'm sure he'll thank you as he pisses on your grave, asshole."

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 12:31 AM, January 20, 2012
Inarticulate rage... the hallmark of a true believer.

I almost feel sorry for you, nonny.

18 January 2012

Forget about bilingual...

...perhaps future Prime Ministers of Canada should have a mandatory degree in economics...
With a certain amount of sullen resentment, Canada's premiers agreed Tuesday to do pretty much exactly what Prime Minister Harper wants them to do: Continue working on innovation in health care to drive costs down, or at least, keep the rate of growth from rising.

But they made it clear they're still unhappy at the prospect of being forced on the cost-saving front.

They set up another working group to keep the argument going over the new funding arrangement, and how it was imposed.
Of course they did.

17 January 2012

When being a Canadian...

...simply isn't enough...
once again... the ndp shows the way
"As the spouse of a French citizen, Mulcair, who was born in Ottawa, was entitled to apply for French citizenship himself."
And, predictably... Mulcair & company turn this into a diatribe against the PM.

More malarkey from those same folks who apparently can't differentiate a medical clinic from a seedy Chinatown bordello.


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The New Democrats unleashed what former party member Lise St-Denis has called an "immoral" robocall campaign that last week paralyzed her parliamentary and constituency office phone lines for two days.
So much for all that talk of a new civility.

Perhaps the actual headline should be...

...what reasonable person wouldn't be?the end of the worldRaving madman at the wheel... imminent nuclear weapons capability... what's not to like, huh?
"In my judgment, these are people who have a particular, you know, fanatically religious worldview, and their statements imply to me no hesitation of using nuclear weapons if they see them achieving their religious or political purposes."
Sounds pretty straightforward to me.

Of course, what does the mainstream media do?

That's right... turn it into a shot at the PM.

16 January 2012

Yet again, the Libertine Party of Canada...

...lays claim to the "higher" ground...dave's really not here, manJust something else to ponder the next time you're sitting anxiously on the edge of the living room couch at two in the morning... waiting for your teenager to waft through the door...
"And after the resolution on marijuana today, it’s going to be a group of even happier people in the Liberal party," said Mr. Rae.
I guess it's a liberal thing... remember Dalton McGuinty's foray into primary school sex education?
halls of macadamia/Say... doesn't Dalton also have some pretty enlightened drug policies?


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14 January 2012

So what's next...

...seizure of any Dodge Neon... that sports a wing or hood scoop?
Just before Christmas, owners of certain firearms were informed by letter that their rifles had been reclassified as prohibited weapons in Canada and they must be turned over to police officials.

Failure to comply would mean the weapons would be taken by force and the owners thrown in jail. The reason for the change: The rifle looks scary.

The Armi Jager AP-80 is a .22-calibre rimfire rifle that looks like the AK-47, the Soviet-era military rifle. The fact is the AP-80 doesn’t work like the AK-47, fires a vastly smaller round than the AK-47 and has no parts that are interchangeable with the AK-47.
I guess throwing more resources at chasing actual criminals is just too much work.


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...home of the... wait a minute...
She was handcuffed, arrested, and now faces three and a half years in jail for firearms possession – for the crime of being unaware that the Second Amendment does not apply in New York City.
(via ffof)

13 January 2012

12 January 2012

Ask a Liberal Cabinet Minister

Look who wouldn't recognise the "high road" if they had to plow it themselves...don't blame me... i didn't vote for themMaking Daddy Dalton proud... yet again...
" • TORONTO • Ten people – most of them teenagers – die within 10 days on northern highways."

"And apparently, it’s all Mike Harris’s fault."
I can't believe Chiarelli didn't toss in a reference to Dick Cheney or the CIA.

Now, I'll admit I'm no religious scholar...

...but please, somebody show me that shura... you know... where the Prophet doesn't give a cockroach's crap about teenage girls having pre-marital sex...oh, c'mon... we didn't give it a second thought"Not a big concern", huh?


Thing is, Toobs, call me a prude... and hey, never mind religion... I find condoms littering my teen's domestic landscape, I'm guessin' the only phrase I'm NOT gonna be wearing out is... "Hey, sweetie... no big deal".

Like findin' a stash of pills in your kid's sock drawer... this is something most parents (Muslim, Christian, vegetable, mineral...) are gonna address a little more seriously than, say... eating all your greens before we pull out the Ben & Jerrys'.

Say, wait a sec... where's dear ol' dad in all this? He's cool with it too, right? 'Cos there's that special bond between... wait a minute...
i swear... i got nuthin'Okay... I guess we're calling that a "no".

And, you know... I'm not having any trouble knowing exactly what's in the man's heart.

Then again, Tooba... it's not like you're actually fooling anyone.

Well... besides yourself.


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...multiculturalism in full bloom...
"Chilling Allegation made by Mama Shafia that the police threatened to torture her son if she didn't fess up!"
Another little tactic straight out of the captured terrorist handbook.

I'm shocked.

11 January 2012

I get Clinton & Marc Rich... a huge payoff

But, seriously... somebody explain this to me...
Altogether, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi granted 203 full pardons over his two terms, including 17 to convicted murderers.

The news that another five had gained full pardons, and were released on Sunday, angered victims’ families, who said they were not consulted beforehand.

Friends like this... who needs the IMF?

Our modern world...
While Italy's new prime minister sweats to fix Italy's dire economic situation and Italians are hit with increased taxes, there are some in Italy who are doing just fine in the country.

A report released today by an Italian employers association states that organized crime is the biggest business in Italy generating an annual turnover of 140 billion Euros.

10 January 2012

Ask a Liberal Cabinet Minister

Obscene, out-of-control spending of three successive McGuinty governments... where you gonna start? told you so
• QUEENS PARK • “It really came down to priorities,” Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, said in an interview on Monday.
Priorities, Brad?

You mean like...
"Crack addicts in Ottawa will continue receiving clean, free crack pipes next year. The Ontario government agreed to fund the program even though the city doesn't support it anymore."
The Canadian Human Rights Commission... CJOH, the CTV affiliate in Ottawa... is reporting that Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman is going to re-establish taxpayer funded sex-change operations.
Don't look at me... I didn't vote for him.

In other "Don't need a Weatherman" news...

Yeah, lemme look into my crystal ball...the king is dead, where's that other guy?
Asked if constituents in her riding voted for her or the NDP leader, Ms. St-Denis replied bluntly: • "They voted for Jack Layton. Jack Layton is dead." •

UPDATE: Changing headlines midstream...

...yeah, let's hold that Mulcair thing...
airbrushing the politburo
Mr. Rae said he is unaware whether Ms. St-Denis’s defection is the start of a movement or an isolated event.
I dunno, Bob... I'm just wondering whether the people of St-Maurice–Champlain might want an MP who actually lives in the area.
The 71-year-old said she has yet to decide whether she will take up a permanent residence in St-Maurice–Champlain, the riding long held by former Liberal leader Jean Chr├ętien.
I do get it, though... I guess Ms. St-Denis doesn't want to be too far from her oncologist.

And Audie Murphy wept

"However, if the charges against King are true — that she was a shabby paper tiger who never should have gotten the job — the MSM will work tightly with the Army to keep this story out of the public eye."

"For the Army, the appointment is an embarrassing example of stupid; for the media, it’s a glaring failure in their affirmative action world view."

09 January 2012

In other "crime is down" news

Ah, yes... bright lights, big city...
• Toronto • "A man is fighting for his life in hospital and several others were hurt after a stabbing and two shootings around the city Sunday night."
Meanwhile, Steel City strives to live down to it's reputation......
• Hamilton • "An Ontario man is facing charges after allegedly taking a woman's purse as she lay dead following a hit-and-run."

"Jason Dave Trotter, 29, is charged with four counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, two theft charges and two possession charges."
Wow... how about adding in "impersonating a human being."

Malthus was right.

08 January 2012

07 January 2012

05 January 2012

So Dalton... you wanna tell me...

...what happened to those pre-election pie-in-the-sky promises about doctors making house-calls in Ontario...
However, speaking at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Mr. McGuinty strongly suggested the Liberal government will not follow through on all of the several hundred recommendations Mr. Drummond is expected to make later this month.

“Mr. Drummond’s responsibility of course is to advise and ours is to decide, so there’s a distinction, first of all, to be drawn between his responsibility and our responsibility in government,” Mr. McGuinty said.
Don't blame me folks... I didn't vote for him.

Battling murder & assorted mayhem

Not sure how they do it in the big city, but back in Hobbema, they're breakin' out the... wait for it... bylaws...bringin' out the big guns
"We have a lot of work ahead, but we've taken that important first step," he said following the vote.

"This will hopefully make people accountable for their actions."
You mean like all those other cutting edge crime-fighting measures you've been touting?
"Ms. Dixon's death – the third homicide since a gun and weapon amnesty was announced weeks ago – sparked emergency meetings by bands on the reserve Monday."
You're shootin' babies... I'm just not sure a bylaw's gonna get the job done.

04 January 2012

These are the Insite people, right?

Maybe they could leverage their existing infrastructure... and start dishing out government-supplied heroin in those nice clean syringes...
“At the beginning of the study, we expressed our concerns that the pipe supply is a tiny number ... but we were told the number’s staying the same,” Townsend said.

“To meet the demand we would need around 1,000 per day.”
A shortage of taxpayer subsidised crackpipes... c'mon now... let's hop to it.

I mean, it's not like we have any other pressing medical concerns...
"As the drug shortages worsen, so does their impact on patient care, particularly in hospitals. The inability to get crucial medicines has disrupted chemotherapy, surgery and care for patients with infections and pain."

"When will similar facilities be extended to tobacco consumers?"

03 January 2012

Ask a "Liberal Supporter"

In other... "just you wait, you meanies" news...
"Despite the CPC majority, looks like you are all scared out of your wits. You know the Liberals will come back, and send Steve packing."

"Lots of teeth gnashing from hosers here who could never get published in the Globe."

"The rest of Canada is just wondering how badly Steve will lose the next election. Will he surpass Kim Campbell? He could sit next to Elizabeth May, in the "Parties who only have a seat for the Leader" section."

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 2:54 PM, January 02, 2012
Oh, nonny... you do all the work for me.

02 January 2012

Everybody's sayin' Toronto crime is down

I'm guessin' Jamahl "Wizzle" Franklin & Michael "Biff" Pimentel might disagree...
"The two murders were part of a violent start to the new year in the GTA that included numerous shootings and stabbings."
Maybe I'm just getting old... but why exactly is it, so many of these homicide victims seem to have way-cool "street" names?


01 January 2012

Words of comfort & wisdom...

...from the narcissistic aristocrat who planted that poisonous, life-altering dagger... smack in the middle of St├ęphane Dion's shoulder blades...
here, mon ami... let me get that itch for youHmmm... fairness, fairness... that sounds so familiar...
wait, wait... let me give that a little twistBut, heck... don't take my word for it... let's ask the wife of a former Liberal Leader...
"The party base understood in 2006 and Canadian citizens are understanding now. Ignatieff's supporters didn't do their homework. They didn't read his books. They contented themselves with his ability to navigate the cocktail circuit," she wrote.

"Some of them are enraged today. I hear: 'Why didn't anyone tell us about him?' We told you, loud and clear. You didn't listen."