30 January 2016

Because... Tiger Penis...

Everybody knows you have to purge the evil spirits from your body...
The issue is indeed sensitive in Metro Vancouver, because many of the spitters are recent immigrants from China, where spitting does not carry the same cultural taboo as in Canada.

In China and several other Asian cultures, spitting is seen as normal and even healthy.
It's like feng shui... you don't wanna end up living on the dragon's eyeball, do ya?


RELATED: Speaking of Chinatown...
Two males are dead and three others were shot after gunfire erupted outside a restaurant in Chinatown overnight. Details are limited and investigators have not yet released a suspect description.

This morning's incident bring the total number of shooting occurences in 2016 to 34 and the number of shooting victims to 49. 'This is not a blip,' Mike McCormack, president of the Toronto Police Association says of spike in gun violence.

"There is a big increase in gun violence, in shootings. We are up over 100 per cent from last year."
If only Justin would take all those guns away from farmers, hunters and target shooters... I'm sure the problem would be solved.


RELATED2: Unlike the above incident...

...it seems police are sometimes able to provide physical descriptions...
The first suspect is described as white, late-30s-to-40s, medium build, wearing grey pants, a grey Adidas hoodie, a dark toque and carrying a dark backpack. The second suspect is described as white, late-30s-to-40s, medium build, wearing a dark-blue hooded jacket and a red toque.
Funny how that works.

29 January 2016

Ask somebody who should know

Democrats aren’t laughing about Donald Trump anymore. He has them all but admitting defeat. In a stunning admission, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, predicts in an email that Donald Trump will become president if he wins the Republican nomination.

“If Donald Trump takes the Republican nomination, our party will lose more than the presidency.”
This should be interesting.


UPDATE: Latest Clinton crisis
The intelligence community has deemed some of Hillary Clinton’s emails “too damaging" to national security to release under any circumstances, according to a U.S. government official close to the ongoing review. A second source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, backed up the finding.
Stay tuned.


LAST WORD: The corridors of power & privilege
The State Department announced that 18 emails exchanged between Mrs. Clinton and President Obama would also be withheld... Friday was supposed to be the deadline for releasing all of the 33,000 emails from the server, but officials have appealed for an extension.

The only people in the world...

..who've surrendered more times than the French...run away, flee, flee**********

RELATED: Don't kid yourself...

...the war has already begun...
Though these two threats seem similar, they couldn’t be more different. One is an unpreventable freak occurrence and the other is part of a general trend to wipe out the West. The terrorists are not a freak occurrence. They are all following the same handbook.

We can pretend only a tiny fraction of Muslims have any malice toward us, but the numbers range from 25 percent to way past 75 percent. That’s at least 3 million potential terrorists in America who think “violence is acceptable against infidels
The New World Order is gonna be a little different from what the beknighted left has been screaming about.

28 January 2016

It's not like it's costing us...

...twelve billion dollars annual... wait a minute...
Reserve schools are failing Canada’s aboriginal students and there is no quick-and-easy fix, says a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute. A study released Thursday by the research group found that only four of 10 young adults living on reserves across the country have finished high school.

Those figures contrast sharply with graduation rates of seven out of 10 for off-reserve aboriginals and nine out of 10 for non-aboriginals.
It's time to abolish the reserve system and bring these people into the 21st century.


RELATED: Who's zoomin' who?
Letter from John Ferguson to William Claus, Deputy Superintendent General, Indian Affairs, 5 March 1819, concerning threats made by Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte to passers-by; the influence of white lumbermen over the Mohawks; lineage (in relation to a General Order on 2 November 1818 that presents should not be given to the descendants of Europeans):

“Will not a difficulty arise, as to who these people are? In the Mohawk village here, a large proportion are the immediate (perhaps the second generation) descendants of Germans; there is also a family of immediate descendants of Africans: Are they to be considered as Indians? There are also some descendants of Americans, whose ancestors were Europeans. Will they come within the intention of the Order? In fact there are but few real Indians amongst them.”
It's a scam, folks. And for two centuries we've all (including the supposed aboriginals) been paying for it.


LAST WORD: "Prime Minister Selfie"

Wanna meet the new PM? It's easy... just jump an immigration waiting line, or commit serial murder and he'll be there with bells on... whether he's wanted or not...
On Wednesday, acting mayor Kevin Janvier said the town was in mourning, and asked reporters to keep their distance. "As we continue to grieve, we ask the media to please respect our privacy.”
Yup... that could happen.


LASTER WORD: Just kidding, right Kevin?
Practically the whole town came out to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after he landed in La Loche, Sask., on Friday afternoon.

27 January 2016

Hillary Clinton has to be...

...the most venal and schizophrenic feminist I've ever seen... is that what America wants in a President?
Her subsequent fashion and hair transformations, extending through both Clinton presidencies, were astonishing. It was as if Hillary oscillated between her core identity as a gender-neutral social-activist warrior and a florid female persona so foreign to her nature that it sometimes seemed like drag.

Hillary’s most drastic metamorphosis was when she went blonde and acquired blue contact lenses (her eyes are naturally brown). The model for this change may ironically have been Gennifer Flowers, a Little Rock singer who claimed to have been Bill Clinton’s mistress for twelve years.
Hillary facilitated unapologetic liar and serial philanderer Bill in order to continue to inhabit the corridors of power. What does that say about her judgement, never mind her personal value system?

Benghazi and her disregard for security measures (personal email server) all spring from her unquestioned willingness to preserve and expand her personal sphere of influence.

Trump isn't the alpha megalomaniac here.


Six months after it began, the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server shows no signs of slowing down.

Former FBI officials said the length of the probe is not unusual, and speculated that a decision on whether to file charges against Clinton or her top aides could come later this year, during the heat of the general election campaign.
She deserves no less.

26 January 2016

Well geez, Heather...

...let me clear that up for you... HE MURDERED FOUR PEOPLE IN COLD BLOOD...bullied, huh?The media narrative is all about the bullying the shooter allegedly suffered at the hands of classmates at the local school.

Perhaps a more pertinent point is... what exactly, isn't the media and law enforcement allowed to talk about?


RELATED: The first thing we do...

...is hang all the lawyers...
The Crown said that Niran’s blood was on the knife, and the accused’s DNA was on the handle of the weapon.

Earlier in the day, Hafizi, represented by Oliver Abergel and Howard Krongold, formally pleaded not guilty.

25 January 2016

Sunny Ways... first principles

Let's face it, Canada... even terrorists need to feel loved.kill em all, let allah sort em out
Repealing the Conservative's Bill C-24, which allows the government to strip Canadian citizenship from dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism-related offences.
And, of course, there's this...
"The Conservatives had imposed changes to bureaucrats sick-leave policies that saved hundreds of millions a year, money that will now be added to the deficit."
Got too much money in your pocket? Don't worry... Justin Trudeau is gonna fix that too.


LAST WORD: Government by "procrastination"
"The CF-18s are due to end their Syrian mission in a few weeks anyway. A bit more stalling and the Liberals won't have to keep their pledge to end the mission early."
Can a Nobel "Peace Prize" be far behind?

24 January 2016

23 January 2016

So Teddy... you mean, like...

...every time there's an outbreak of mass murder?
• La Loche, SK • “The community usually pulls together really strong in times like this,” said Clearwater River Dene Nation Chief Teddy Clark on Friday.
Thanks for the clarification.

Note: CBC Radio is reporting this as an incident at a remote community.

Not a single use of the word "aboriginal." Likewise CBC news website is using an obviously heavily edited "rainbows & unicorn farts" comment thread to steer the conversation...
Hi there. This is CBC Forum, our new attempt to encourage a different kind of conversation on our website.
by Haydn Watters 1/23/2016 4:36:56 PM
Yes Haydn... we see that. From what I can see... you're also obviously discouraging any commentary that doesn't heed the party line...
Such a beautiful place with beautiful people...you don't deserve this sadness
by draybb 1/23/2016 7:10:13 PM 2:10 PM

Such beautiful shining stars taken from us too soon. Canada mourns with you, Laloche.
by tweetybird 1/23/2016 6:44:14 PM 1:44 PM

Schools need to address the issue of bullying.
by C King 1:26 PM

So sad...It can happen anywhere...But why?
by Boardwalk02 12:42 PM
Well, Boardwalk... I'm not so sure this happens anywhere... or that it's some sort of mystery...
"Sapers pointed to statistics that show the total number of people incarcerated in federal institutions went down by 12 per cent between 1996 and 2004. But the number of native inmates increased 21 per cent in the same period."

"The figures were even more dramatic for native women, whose numbers rose by a startling 74 per cent."
The Globe & Mail has followed suit... it's a geographical, rather than a cultural issue...shitkicker cowboysThose damn shitkicker cowboy Saskatooners... wait a minute...

If you can go totally apesh!t...

...about teenage "child soldiers" such as Omar Khadr, but never give a thought to 9 year old "child brides"... you might be a Liberal.
Pakistani lawmakers had to withdraw a bill aimed at curbing the practice of child marriage after a prominent religious body declared the legislation un-Islamic.

Clerics on the council object to minimum age requirements, arguing instead that an individual can marry once reaching puberty, which can be as early as the age of 9.
Remember, this is a body of Muslim clerics shutting down government legislation aimed at preventing sexual abuse of children. Where are all those moderate Muslims the Liberals are constantly telling us about?

And, it gets better...
The council has garnered opprobrium in the past. In 2013, reports AFP, "it suggested making DNA inadmissible evidence in rape cases, instead calling for the revival of an Islamic law that makes it mandatory for a survivor to provide four witnesses to back their claims."
Justin Trudeau has a 7 year-old daughter... you think he'd be willing to walk her down the aisle in two years?

22 January 2016


"Not enough white people in basketball - goddamn those racist basketball team managers."
Is it time to bring "affirmative action" to the NBA?


“We have to make up our minds,” she said in a segment for Fox and Friends. “Either we want to have segregation or integration, and if we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET (Black Entertainment Television) and the BET Awards and the Image Awards where you’re only awarded if you’re black.”
Someone actually said it... on a national television network, no less.


RELATED: Spoiled Hollywood brats
Molen added that he doesn't know the racial make-up of the more than 6,000-member Academy, but it's a "stupid assumption" to presume a good number of white members aren't voting for black actors due to their skin color.

"In a liberal town like Hollywood, that makes about as much sense as saying all members of the Academy vote Republican."


LAST WORD: Academy caves... goes with quota system
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled on Friday several dramatic changes in its structure and voting regulations in an effort to promote diversity. Its goal, the Academy said, is to double the number of women and diverse members of the Academy by 2020...
But of course.

21 January 2016

Thin edge of the wedge

Kathleen Wynne's Liberals shelling out for colleges that she, the Premier of Ontario, wouldn't be allowed to attend...
TORONTO -- Two publicly funded Ontario colleges have opened campuses in Saudi Arabia that don't allow women, and the province's minister of post-secondary education says it's up to schools to decide which students to admit.

Colleges and Universities Minister Reza Moridi said decisions on the operation of a campus, including student composition, are up to each college's board of governors.
Good use of taxpayer monies?
Jack Wilson of OPSEU local 415 at Algonquin said the college's board of governors fell into an awkward silence after one member asked how comfortable they were establishing a Saudi campus that would teach only men.

"You could see that people didn't think this question was going to be asked," Wilson said in an interview.

UPDATE: Wynne shocked, shocked I say...
Colleges and Universities Minister Reza Moridi, who had earlier said it was up to colleges to determine the student makeup on their campuses, said Thursday he was concerned that women were excluded from the Ontario-run campuses.

Wynne says she told Moridi to meet with the two colleges as soon as she found out about the situation, which she says has “got to change.”

RELATED: Meanwhile, Kathleen Wynne's soulmate...

...is busy looting the Treasury...
OTTAWA -- The federal budget watchdog says the Liberals' tax-bracket changes will drain on average about $100 million more per year from the public treasury than the government expects.

The Liberals had initially projected the adjustments -- which include the creation of a new, upper bracket -- to be revenue-neutral. But last month they acknowledged the plan will actually lower government revenues by more than $8.2 billion over six years.

The parliamentary budget office now says that figure will be $8.9 billion.

Sit back and relax, Canada

The Liberal Party will do all your thinking for you...
Federal immigration minister John McCallum noted there were parts of the country that were "crying out for more refugees."
Hmmm... McCallum, McCallum... that sounds so familiar...
"I don't plan any treatment. I said I didn't have a drinking problem. I think it's the sixth day I've had nothing to drink, and I'm doing this exercise. I'm on a bit of a health kick. I'm feeling great."


RELATED: Islamophobia Alert!!!

It seems not everybody supports Justin's impassioned defence of the hijab...
"Police in the central Asian state of Tajikistan have forcibly shaved nearly 13,000 men and ‘convinced’ 1,700 women to remove their headscarves in a bid to eradicate radical Islam in the country."
Singapore on Wednesday said it had arrested and deported 26 Bangladeshi construction workers for forming a religious study group that spread the ideology of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group. The announcement of the arrests came after the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for an attack in Jakarta last Thursday that left four civilians and four attackers dead.
Oh, wait...
Egyptian authorities have intensified a crackdown on dissent ahead of next week's anniversary of the country's 2011 Arab Spring uprising, with police checking social media accounts and raiding apartments seeking any sign of plans for organized protests. Late Thursday, a bomb went off during a raid on a home in Cairo's twin city of Giza where militants were preparing explosives, killing six people including at least three policemen and one civilian, and wounding 13 people, police said in a statement.

LAST WORD: Bad hair day for PM Selfie?
MONTREAL — The husband of one of the Quebecers killed in the Burkina Faso terrorist attack says he hung up on Justin Trudeau when the prime minister called him earlier this week. Yves Richard tells Montreal radio station 98.5 FM he was frustrated about what he called Trudeau's platitudes during their conversation Monday.

Richard says he told Trudeau to hug his wife and children and that he then put down the phone on the prime minister.
But wait, it gets worse...
After failed efforts to get information from Ottawa, he received the news he dreaded from a nun with the religious order hosting Carrier and other family members during their volunteer mission.

He said he reached the nun on her cell phone, and she was hysterical. “She was at the morgue, and she told me they were all gone.”
Your government in action.

20 January 2016

Marketplace... the lost episodes

Yes, Virginia, it's knuckle-dragging neo-conservative magic...
easy to aim"They're so easy to use that an untrained CBC reporter was able to hit a bullseye at the range, something he couldn't do with the standard pistol and shotgun."
So, what you're saying is... "'restricted' so-called 'assault rifles' are actually safer than plain old everyday shotguns?"

And while we're on changes to the Toronto Police Force, er... Service...
The head of the union representing the city’s front-line cops is fighting back after Deputy Chief Peter Sloly told a community forum that Toronto could probably make do with several hundred “fewer officers.”

Sloly also reportedly told the forum that the TPS is “wasting money on infrastructure” and could probably eliminate several hundred officers just by leveraging “big data.”
Who needs big guns when you can get big data?


RELATED: BIG DATA this, Deputy...
A male is dead following a shooting in Etobicoke, Toronto police have confirmed. It happened in the Kipling Avenue and The Kingsway area a short time ago.

The victim – whose age was not immediately provided – was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.
And again...
One man is dead and another has been injured following a double shooting in Scarborough late Wednesday night. It happened at around 11:30 p.m. near Morecambe Gate, located in the area of Victoria Park Avenue and Finch Avenue.
Yup, fewer cops.... just what the doctor ordered.


LAST WORD: She's deeply committed to... Hillary
Broadcast TV viewers in New Hampshire should recognize Hillary Clinton's stance on gun control by now. One in four political ads she's aired in the state over the past month has been about tougher gun laws.

But in Iowa, only one in seventeen of Clinton's spots has featured her stance on gun control.

I hear Koko the Gorilla...

...made Justin's short list...
One of the panelists named by the Liberal government to a board that will select new senators tries to recover the past lives of people she treats using a largely debunked psychological technique.

Manitoba folk singer and hypnotherapist Heather Bishop is one of nine “eminent Canadians” who will help choose candidates to fill the 22 vacancies in the Senate, Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef announced Tuesday.

But for a government that prides itself on evidence-based policy, her addition to the Senate advisory board may raise a few brows.
Only the best and brightest, eh?


"I'm sure This Hour has 22 minutes will be all over this with spoofs of her and JT. No?"

Remember... when Justin Trudeau...

...says he's going to take away all those nasty (albeit perfectly legal) firearms from farmers, hunters & sport shooters... he's actually setting a dangerous legal precedent...
"This is now the policy in not just Beijing and Shanghai but in dozens of cities now where basically you have to win a lottery that year to get a license plate [and here's the punchline] you can buy a car but you just can’t operate it."
Never happen here, you say?

Well maybe you should read slower...
"During the event, which itself was widely criticized for sexist and patronizing undertones, an audience member asked Mr. Trudeau which nation’s “administration he most admired."
To which Prime Minister Selfie replied...
“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say 'we need to go green.'"
File that away for future reference... Justin Trudeau admires China's "basic dictatorship."

And maybe you should break out your hiking boots.


UPDATE: Just Google "Gamil Gharbi"...
"Quebec is facing the first signs of revolt over its planned long-gun registry, an unexpected breach in a province regarded as the staunchest defender of gun-control measures in Canada. The rumblings in Quebec mark the first cracks in what has always been perceived as a unanimous front on the question of a gun registry."

P.S. - My favorite part of the first linked article, above...
"You should go ask in the environment ministry or other ministries whose job is it to attain these standards – that person does not exist. He or she doesn’t exist at the state pollution control board or the centre. There are no strings attached to what their performance measured on. They don’t need to show their plans of how they are going to attain the air quality."
A perfect summation of the bureaucratic eco-warriors.

19 January 2016

Mainstream Liberal Media in action

Women have the absolute, unquestioned right to abortion on demand... except when their fetus has a chromosomal defect. Then, apparently, it's an "extinction event."


RELATED: In other abortion news...
MONTREAL, January 20, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A Quebec study showing a 20-fold increase since 2000 in the number of babies who survive abortion only to die in hospital demonstrates the need for a Canadian “born-alive infant protection law.”
I got nuthin'.

We sure wouldn't want to hurt...

...the Ayatollah's feelings...
The two people familiar with the probe said the current investigation, led by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, expanded after Bissonnette agreed to hand over a hard drive containing an unauthorized photo of the al Qaeda leader’s corpse.
By order of Barack "Quadruple the Drone Strikes but Ceaselessly Yip about Peace" Obama.

I remember back during the Bush era, the mainstream media couldn't use the word "drone" without going on and on about "collateral damage" (aka dead Muslim kids). Magically, after Obama got to sit in the big chair... that all disappeared.

18 January 2016

17 January 2016

16 January 2016

15 January 2016

What could possibly go wrong?

I mean, the hottie, hipster Prime Minister of Canada has all but infomercialled that medical marijuana will make you smarter, healthier and better looking...
The first five volunteers to fall ill were taken into hospital earlier this week, French media said. The sixth volunteer, who is not seriously ill, was taken to hospital today as a precaution.

The trial is related to a cannabis-based painkiller, according to reports - research led by the UK-based laboratory Biotrial.

A statement issued by the French health ministry confirmed that one of the volunteers is in an "état de mort cérébrale", or "brain dead."

UPDATE: Only government-approved marijuana...

...is safe... all that other stuff you've been smoking for decades can kill you...
The Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association, which represents the 27 cannabis producers licensed and inspected by Health Canada, says these dispensaries – 100 in Vancouver and nearly 50 in Toronto alone – have sprouted up aggressively over the past year or so and put public safety in danger.
And don't think this means you get to grow your own dope...
George Smitherman, a former Ontario Liberal deputy premier... is a promoter of marijuana facility THC Meds Ontario Inc. Mr. Smitherman said, “I don’t think we are going toward a model where legalization means you should grow some stuff in your backyard.”
Georgie knows best. It's "Justin Joints" or nothing.


LAST WORD: Just a coincidence, I'm sure

It's not just Furious George cashing in on Justin Trudeau's dope deals...
MONTREAL — Liberal Party of Canada CFO Chuck Rifici has become a multimillionaire in just a few months thanks to his stock-traded medical marijuana company, QMI Agency has learned.

Documents show Rifici's initial investment in Tweed Marijuana Inc. has so far sprouted into an $18-million bumper crop.

14 January 2016

Unlike boring policy-wonk Harper...

...I bet the last book Justin actually read and understood... featured a little red fire truck.

In fact, my guess is... Prime Minister "Selfie" thinks that "Pinochet" is an insouciant little red that goes well with prime rib... I mean, how else to explain his choice of governments that he most admires...
The regime has lately escalated its brutal persecution of trade unionists, human rights activists and journalists. Xi has ordered a full-on redoubling of the state’s insidious surveillance and censorship machinery. Five employees of Hong Kong’s Mighty Current Media, which specializes in fiercely critical books about China’s Communist Party apparatchiks, have gone missing, believed to have been “disappeared” by Beijing’s secret police. Last week, Peter Dahlin, the Swedish co-founder of the Chinese Urgent Action Group (CUAG), was arrested in Beijing, and embassy officials have been denied access to him.

China’s economy may well be at the cusp of a total meltdown — something good sense would want Canada insulated from, not more dangerously exposed to. Instead of public candour, there have been cozy chats between conveniently unnamed members of Trudeau’s inner circle and friendly national media personalities about what a lovely arrangement a Canada-China free trade deal would be. The dynastic Liberal Desmarais family has been “consulted,” of course. The Canada China Business Council’s (CCBC) Peter Harder, after having managed the Trudeau team’s “transition” into the Prime Minister’s Office, is readily at hand for background briefings.
And, as far as green credentials go, China is on the "raze and salt the earth" side of the ecological equation...
Last year, China boosted its new coal power plant capacity by more than 50 per cent, and Beijing approved 155 new coal-fired power plants, and now China is building coal plants for export.
Of course, that isn't going to stop Justin from jumping into bed with these conscienceless criminals...
If that’s the kind of regime that Trudeau’s shiny new Liberals want to embrace in a free trade agreement, then fine, let’s have this conversation. But a little less of the sanctimonious hogwash about sunny ways, and a hell of a lot less of the cheap propaganda, please.
Don't blame me... I didn't vote for him.

Further to the Black Hole Chronicles

suckass political correctness
Folks in a central New York village want to keep the community's official logo, which appears to show a white man choking a Native American, even though critics call it racist.

In a non-binding vote Monday night, residents of Whitesboro -- a village of about 3,700 in Oneida County -- voted 157-55 to not change their current seal.

The Whitesboro website says the emblem dates to the early 1900s and depicts a friendly wrestling match between village founder Hugh White and an Oneida Indian.

It says White won the match and the lasting goodwill of the Oneidas.

RELATED: In other "racist white people" news...

Imagine if Lady Justice were actually blind...
Efforts to try to curb the high numbers don't seem to be working, including a Supreme Court decision that encourages courts to take aboriginal history into account when sentencing individuals.

In the Prairie provinces, 48 per cent of federal inmates are aboriginal people.
What would that number would actually be if there wasn't a special initiative to keep aboriginals from feeling the full and equal weight of the law?


LAST WORD: A sure sign of the End Times...
The therapy animals-everywhere trend has reached a new milestone after an unknown passenger was successfully able to bring an emotional support turkey aboard a Delta Airlines flight.

Two images of the bird were purportedly taken by flight crew and then uploaded to the website Reddit. They show the animal being wheeled to the gate in a wheelchair — and then taking a seat in the aircraft’s Comfort+ section.

Delta Airlines confirmed that they indeed let the turkey aboard, saying it fell under the category of “emotional support animals” and “psychiatric service animals” they are required to carry by law.
I got nuthin'.

13 January 2016

Everyone a Wynner...

...well, if you're a friend of the ruling party, anyway...
The one-time deputy minister will get a bump in pay as he’s brought in by the Liberals to set up the governing body of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s flagship pension plan. In addition to his $525,000 base salary, he will be eligible for an annual performance bonus of up to 25 per cent, or $131,250.

"See? It's proof that they system works: there's one person in Ontario who doesn't need to worry about his pension now."

I know... maybe we should ask...

...CBS news correspondent Lara Logan...the rape game(via sda)more rape game**********

RELATED: Because... Allah
Hours after the attack, Ahmad Marwat, who described himself as a spokesman for Jundullah, or Army of God, a little-known militant group, claimed responsibility for the assault, without explaining why the centre was targeted. He warned of more attacks on polio teams in the future.
Who are these freaks?


LAST WORD: Will the Prime Minister...

...meet his body at the airport... or is that privilege reserved for Syrian refugees?

12 January 2016

Well, Hillary... I guess you could say...

...they got "schlonged"...
Asked if she has had any interactions with them, or feels empathy for any of them, Clinton told The Des Moines Register: “No, I have nothing to say and I will leave it to voters to determine whether any of that is at all relevant to their decision.”

Towards a Theory of Urban Relativity

To paraphrase that old infidel Albert E... Allah does not play dice with the left-o-verse... not that our intellectual & moral poobahs in the fourth estate would admit it...
How did this story get covered in the mainstream media?

I'll show you the front page of the newspaper of record in Calgary today. Big story about Leonardo DiCaprio at the top. Their main story is about traffic court. Seriously.

If you look on the left hand side of the page, you can see a microscopic mention: “Bouncers tackle gunman at Beltline night club." That’s it.

If you go to the story inside the newspaper, you have to read all the way down to the 25th paragraph before you get to the name of the accused • the two Mohameds.
If a naive, politically correct assumption falls in the concrete jungle... will anyone even acknowledge it? (via sda)


RELATED: It ain't just Calgary
Mohamed Najdi, 28, a Crips gang member well-known to police, was shot dead in what homicide detectives believe was also a gang-related and targeted killing. His home was shot up just last week.

Najdi's death is Ottawa's first homicide of 2016 and fourth shooting of 2016. The Ottawa police major crimes unit is investigating and no arrests have yet been made.
Read the Ottawa Citizen link... it seems that Mohamed & friends are part of significant criminal syndicate in our nation's capital.


RELATED2: The Canadian Dream
Their family arrived in Canada from Saudi Arabia as refugees in 1990 — although their roots are believed to be in Iran — and settled in Surrey, B.C.

LAST WORD: Back in the Center of the Universe
The northbound lanes of Allen Road have been shut down at Eglinton Avenue as police investigate gunfire in the area of Allen Road and Highway 401.
The area of... my pale, hairy arse. This was a mobile gunfight on the Allen Expressway.
Toronto police say multiple shell casings were found after reports of gunshots being fired between moving vehicles at around 3:30 p.m.
Absolutely nothing to do with the welfare hell known by its residents as "The Jungle", I'm sure. Police are likely rounding up local farmers, hunters and skeet shooters as we speak.

11 January 2016

Apparently, though... we have enough money to feed, house and educate...

...25,000 people from halfway around the globe...
Rather than having Dr. Carl Emond - an award winning vascular surgeon who was working at the hospital on the day in question - attempt to save the man's life, he was sent by ambulance to the MUHC "superhospital" where he died before having the operation.

"You don't have time to be transferred to another hospital" the staff member said. "You don't just stop doing a surgery."
NatPo has more...
What is especially galling, say hospital staff, is that a highly regarded surgeon was on duty at St. Mary’s on the day the man walked into the ER complaining of abdominal pain. The surgeon wanted to operate but told the ER team that he was no longer allowed to perform such operations. The patient, in his mid-’70s and at that point unconscious, was turned away, transferred to an ambulance and rushed to the "superhospital" of the McGill University Health Centre. He arrived at the Glen site, but died before he could have the surgery.

RELATED: Ontario opens the feedbag...

...to select demographics...
Obviously, one of the significant demographics interested in IVF will be women suffering from so-called “social infertility” - that is, women who reject the increasingly obsolete and icky idea of male-female procreation...
Wynners and Losers, huh?


LAST WORD: Public Transit... more like public nuisance...
The $600 million Edmonton train that snarls traffic, slows down transit times and increases emissions.
I got nuthin'.

Because.... Toronto

"The improv event returned to Toronto when the No Pants Society rode the TTC from downtown to Finch and back, and traipsed off to dance the light fantastic sans pants."

RELATED: Farmers, hunters & skeet shooters?

I think not...
Toronto saw a nearly 45% increase in shooting occurrences and a 75% rise in gun-related injuries.

09 January 2016

CBC's shameful one-sided reporting

Canada's national broadcaster implies police death squads execute harmless "wienie waggers"...
"Minutes later, the teen exposed himself to women on board and drew a knife..."
That's curious... they left out the bit where Sammy Yatim tried... TWICE... to stab two women passengers on the streetcar.

Of course, you have to go elsewhere to get those facts...
"She held up her purse in front of her as Yatim came at her with his knife and she says she recalled feeling the thud of the knife against her purse."

“I need you to know that Yatim was dangerous,” she told the jury after she broke down crying on the stand."
And how about...
"Another school friend, who asked not to be identified, said Yatim carried a knife everywhere and even bragged about owning a gun."
Read the all too familiar canned cliches about how Yatim was trying to "get his life back on track."

08 January 2016

J-School 101: Just Cologning around, eh?

It's a strange sort of reporting when you consistently only get one part of the story...
According to investigators, 17-year-old Joseph Petit had just returned home from a walk with his German shepherd on Detonia Park Avenue at around 6 p.m. Monday when he was met by two males outside his home, located in the area of Danforth and Victoria Park avenues.

After a brief conversation, police say a struggle ensued and one of the two males shot Petit.
All those details, including the fact that the gunmen casually walked off toward Victoria Park subway station... but no physical descriptors of the shooters.

Funny how that works.


UPDATE: "Just the facts, ma'am"
"The suspects are described as wearing jackets with fur-trimmed hoods."
Well, that certainly narrows things down.

All the news stories bear down on the fact that this young man had taken his dog for a walk earlier. The reporting is not about actual relevant data. It seems to be about ginning up a groundswell of sympathy for the deceased, while simultaneously avoiding any mention of facts that might actually identify the killers. The reporting might just as well be focusing on what the deceased had for breakfast.

Welcome to Justin's "Sunny Ways" Canada.

My melting pot overfloweth

If a tree falls in the forest... but nobody is willing to admit that trees even exist anymore...
A leaked police document published Wednesday by the Bild newspaper reveals police were well aware of what happened all along. A senior officer said in his report it was a “gauntlet for women” and that people easily could have died.

The perpetrators ostensibly weren’t intimidated by the police presence and aimed fireworks and threw bottles at the responding officers, who left the scene without making any arrests.
Remember... it's your betters in the "professional" media who decide what gets to be news.


UPDATE: Cologne Police Chief out

Remember... it's not the crime that gets you... it's the cover up...
Wolfgang Albers was provisionally suspended following outrage over his department’s handling of the sexual assaults of women on New Year’s Eve reportedly by as many as 1,000 Arab or North African men.

Police officials said there were more than 170 complaints that alleged sexual assault — including two complaints of rape — and robbery during the night.
I wonder if Justin Trudeau is having any second thoughts?


UPDATE2: Germany starts to get it...
"And who is to blame mainly?" influential Hamburg broadcaster NDR editorial asked.

"These young, testosterone-driven time bombs with their image of women from the Middle Ages."
Somebody in the media is actually saying it.

07 January 2016

Suck it, Ontario...

...we know you like it...

Here's how much the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne doesn't give a shit about Ontario taxpayers...
"Brendan Crawley, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Attorney General would not say how much money, if any, convicted killer Richard Wills will repay as a result of the settlement."
It's only money... right?

If Ontarians will swallow a billion dollars paid to people to not build essential infrastructure, I guess this is small potatoes.

Travelling hopefully...

..the Clinton motto, as it turns out...
“If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find,” James Carville, Bill Clinton’s former strategist, once said.
Hey, Bill... whatever works, huh?


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...as usual, the real wisdom is in the comments...
"You're overthinking it. The 'meal ticket' simply means this is how Democrats get in office/stay in office. The immigrants want plenty of free shit, and will vote for the party of free shit."
Of course, Bill doesn't really care... as long as he gets laid.

06 January 2016

Hussein... he cries for you

more bullshit
Tuesday’s announcement was an open admission that, indeed, the president does intend to use medical records from Obamacare to create a national “crazy list” of people, especially the elderly, who cannot have guns to defend themselves.

All that matters is that Hillary didn’t get Ambassador Christopher Stevens the security upgrades he requested, that she went home and slept through the attack, that she lied to the families of the dead about the cause of the attacks (and then lied about lying to the families), and then blew up at her Congressional inquisitors when they asked for answers.

Even more than Obama, Hillary owns Benghazi.

She also owns Libya more broadly and, by extension, the Obama debacle in Iraq, which gave rise, at least in the immediate sense to the Islamic State. They too happened during her tenure and thus taint her record.

Remember back when you were a kid...

...the cops rolled up on a knife wielding druggie... he could just scare them all into running away? Yeah... me neither.
“If he obeys any one of the dozen commands that were given — if he puts down the knife, Mr. Yatim lives to be put on trial for his criminal conduct and none of us are here today.”
Done and done.

05 January 2016

Just like the good old days...

...you know, back in the early nineteen forties...
According to French government statistics, anti-Semitic acts have soared in recent years, with the number reported between January and May 2015 increasing 84 percent compared with the same period in 2014.

To reassure the Jewish community, 700 soldiers have been deployed to patrol outside synagogues, schools and community centres.
You think this sort of thing can happen in Paris... but Montreal or Toronto are somehow magically immune?

Ever wonder what the Syrian version of the "Welcome Wagon" is like? You think there are fragrant toiletries and tasty snacks? Maybe you should ask a French Jew.

04 January 2016

Rule #1 - No rocking the multicultural boat

Just another horrific story you won't hear about on the CBC...those poor refugees
"An estimated 1,000 migrants celebrated by launching fireworks into crowds and sexually assaulting German women caught up in the chaos."

UPDATE: Media cover-up starts to collapse...
“Merkel … you’re an accessory to the abuse at Cologne.”

UPDATE2: Mayor of Cologne apparently thinks...

...it's time to implement sharia law.


RELATED: From Hillary's cold dead hands...more hillary hypocrisyAs for Hussein Obama's Executive Orders...
obama hypocrite"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

- William Pitt (the Younger), Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783
You really think we need more government?

Once again, you can thank the media...

...you know, the folks who normalised Michael Jackson's "children in my bed" deal...
Bill Cosby was a beloved figure and civil-rights pioneer; hardened editors were horrified at the prospect of taking him down. I might as well have pitched a story about Martin Luther King Jr. philandering with white women. The story went nowhere.
Of course, the "community"... even those who had been physically violated... weren't much better...
As I debated whether to come forward, I struggled with where my allegiances should lie – with the women who were sexually victimized or with black America. I knew that, in my reluctance to add my assault to the allegations facing Cosby, I was allowing race to trump rape.
You know, I never once, during the Paul Bernardo or Russell Williams trials pondered my "racial alliegance." Wassup wit dat?

And even with dozens of victims, he could still, like OJ Simpson, get off...
If the judge in Andrea Constand’s case considers the other allegations against Cosby, it’s their damning words—all 46 accusers—against his.

RELATED: Compare and contrast
Nobody needed criminal convictions to drop Cosby - just multiple accusations of sexual assault and some out-of-court payouts. But multiple accusations of sexual assault, out-of-court payouts and the loss of his law license are apparently not enough to bar Bill Clinton from another eight years in the White House.

LAST WORD: Speaking of double standards...

He's asking for privacy, but Seamus O'Regan should get exactly the same amount of scrutiny, the media gave to Rob Ford.

Gotta love the timing, though... get elected, then admit you're a drunk.

02 January 2016

Just something to think about...

...before you climb aboard that big silver bird...
In fact, the FAA threw out the AT-SAT scores and CTI qualifications of an estimated 3000 CTI graduates and military veterans who were all previously designated “well qualified” to become air traffic controllers. The FAA told them all to start over. But this time, when they applied for a job, their college degrees and previous military experience would mean nothing.

They would now compete with thousands of people the agency calls “off the street hires”; anyone who wants to, can walk in off the street without any previous training and apply for an air traffic control job.
Let's face it... you're sitting in a large metal tube, thousands of feet above the ground traveling hundreds of miles per hour... your major concern is gonna be "affirmative action."

Meet the NBCFAE...
“I know each of you are eager very eager to apply for this job vacancy announcement and trust after tonight you will be able to do so. There is some valuable pieces of information that I have taken a screen shot of and I am going to send that to you via email. Trust and believe it will be something you will appreciate to the utmost. Keep in mind we are trying to maximize your opportunities. I am going to send it out to each of you and as you progress through the stages refer to those images so you will know which icons you should select. I am about 99 point 99 percent sure that it is exactly how you need to answer each question in order to get through the first phase.”

National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees National President Paquita Bradley also declined repeated requests from FOX Business to discuss the recording and accusations that NBCFAE members helped applicants cheat.
Remember, this policy comes straight from the top...
"Administrator Michael Huerta has made an historic commitment to transform the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) into a more diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects, understands, and relates to the diverse customers we serve."
Oh... my... gawd.


UPDATE Dec 20, 2015: A drop of sanity...

...in an ocean of crazy... lawsuit filed seeking class action status...
Mountain States Legal Foundation’s President and Lead Attorney William Perry Pendley said, “In abandoning years of hiring the most qualified and adopting a test that is the epitome of psychobabble, the FAA told our clients their skills are less important than their race, and the public that its racial agenda is more important than aircraft safety.”
Until this is resolved, I'm keeping both feet firmly on the ground.


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