03 October 2011

Hope, change and...

..."because I say so"...

Months ago, the Obama Administration revealed that it would target al-Awlaki. It even managed to wriggle out of a lawsuit filed by his father to prevent the assassination. But the actual legal reasoning the Department of Justice used to authorize the strike? It's secret. Classified. Information that the public isn't permitted to read, mull over, or challenge.

Obama hasn't just set a new precedent about killing Americans without due process. He has done so in a way that deliberately shields from public view the precise nature of the important precedent he has set.

It's time for the president who promised to create "a White House that's more transparent and accountable than anything we've seen before" to release the DOJ memo.
Oh, c'mon... who really cares about this sort of thing? Nice clean surgical strike... thousands of miles from home.

It's not like it's a Bush/Cheney "war crime"... you know, like waterboarding.

Obviously, some animals are more equal than others.

Right, America?


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Your own people start takin' shots... it's time to take notice...
“They can’t see around corners; they anticipate nothing,” says House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of the president and his advisers.


mauser98 said...

Al-Awlaki had lunch at Pentagon after 911 attacks.
Fox news 20 Oct. 2010
UK Daily Mail 22 Oct. 2010

Neo Conservative said...

wow... you learn something every day, huh?

Just weeks after that terrorist attack, Awlaki was invited to a private lunch at the Pentagon as part of an effort to reach out to the Muslim community. When asked by ABC News if Awlaki had actually attended the lunch, Pentagon spokesman Col. David Lapan said, "We believe that to be true."

"We believe it was hosted by a small group within (but not including) the Department of Defense General Counsel's staff," a Pentagon spokesman tells ABC News.

or maybe some of us knew it all along. as kate at sda says... "appeasing your enemies doesn't make them your friends."


mauser98 said...

Al-Awlaki influenced "Christmas underwear bomber" was let past airport security in Amsterdam(Northwest fl.253) by "US inteligence agencies".
Salon Feb.3 2010
eyewitness passenger,lawyer Kurt Haskell describes same event on youtube.