31 December 2011

28 December 2011

Astounding wave of democratic reform...

...so close to sweeping Arab middle east...
it's the lawBut, hey... don't pull out your party fez just yet...
Aly Hassan, a judicial consultant affiliated with Ministry of Justice, said the order only affects the use of such tests in military prisons and on women in temporary detention.

"Those tests are not considered a crime or else the file would be in the Criminal Court," Hassan said. "It's the circumstances of the alleged test that may be in question here."
So close... yet so far.

24 December 2011

23 December 2011

"Interrupted"... Brian? You mean like...

...Stefanie Rengel’s young life?
"Though Mr. Snell said in his factum that if moved to the adult Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ont., Ms. Todorovic’s plans for getting a university education would be interrupted, he conceded in court that’s 'probably not correct' and that she would be able to take some courses, if not the very ones she wants."
Hang on a second... when exactly did Melissa Todorovic become the victim here?

22 December 2011

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...
The uproar and bad publicity that ensued when the news broke publicly that the party will not offer media accreditation to bloggers at its upcoming biennial convention was predictable and entirely avoidable, and sends a horrible signal for a party that supposedly hopes to usher in a new era of openness and transparency, beginning with this conference in January.

I'm beginning to more fully appreciate...

...the job they did on the Darfur & Rwanda files...
"Our government will correct the inaccuracies in this statement, beginning with the fact that the special rapporteur did not name Canada's minister of Foreign Affairs correctly," spokeswoman Michelle Yao said. "Our government is focused on the needs of the residents of Attawapiskat - not publicity stunts."
Shitcan the whole wasteful thing... use the money to drill wells in Africa.

21 December 2011

Tonight's CTV Moonbat moment

Just watched CTV... a virtual arm of the Liberal Party of Canada... taking yet another run at the Conservatives on the 11 o'clock news.

This exquisitely choreographed media stunt implied that the only obstacle to springing a Canadian potatoe farmer from a nasty Lebanese jail... was for Stephen Harper to fire up his laptop and gin up a get out of jail free card.

Maybe I'm not as plugged in as Lisa & company... but is that how international diplomacy works? Have these meticulously assembled and suitably sombre family members, after careful consideration & negotiation with the Lebanese government... wait a minute...
Henk Tepper's wife and sister were joined by two Liberal senators who have rallied to the man's cause: Pierrette Ringuette and Mac Harb.
Okay, okay... the man behind the curtain... now I get it.

Call me cynical, but again I've gotta ask... is anybody else (professional journalists aside) getting even a little bit tired of politicians shamelessly trotting out tearful family members to take public potshots at the enemy?
Harb said Lebanese officials have indicated that should the federal government make a formal request for Tepper's return to Canada, "that request will take precedent over all other requests."
Which is, one... simply not true and, two... has been known not to be true... for a week before the Liberals' little dog & pony show...
"The Lebanese government specifically dismisses the allegation that a simple letter would release Mr. Tepper and affirms that it must act in accordance with Lebanon's international legal obligations when faced with a request for extradition."
Are Pierrette Ringuette and Mac Harb actually accusing Lebanon & Algeria of falsifying charges against Mr. Tepper... charges that can be dismissed with a little governmental nudge-nudge-wink-wink? I'm no diplomat, but it seems to me that might not actually help Mr. Tepper's case.

Funny, though how nobody (least of all two unelected Liberal senators) seems to be asking if the charges, (apparently Mr. Tepper is being held on an Interpol warrant) which involve falsifying documentation to ship tainted potatoes to the Middle East... are, in fact, justified.

That, of course, is not something anyone cares to address.


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...it's a Liberal thing.

20 December 2011

19 December 2011

The fact is, Gloria...

...my guns have still killed fewer people... than Michael Bryant's car...
"The former attorney-general for the province of Ontario and a supporter of the registry, says the ad announcing its demise could be construed as contempt of Parliament."
Wait a minute, Michael... are there any other issues here?
"Where ordinary suspected criminals correctly have the right to refuse to assist the state in building a case against them, gun owners are denied that critical freedom."

18 December 2011

Turncoat Dipper & infamous media whore...

...makes obligatory photo-op at "Occupy James Bay"...
show me the moneyI'm confused... what exactly did these folks do to make ends meet before Big Gov handed them that 90 million dollar taxpayer-funded meal ticket?


"Bob Rae is the new "Grey Owl", pining for a life and culture that never really existed except in the minds of paternalistic apologists. If I recall my history, it was feast or famine - and very little in between. It's way past time for the original people of Canada to join us and live successful, healthy lives in places more suitable to accommodate life."
"We need to send in a third party manager to audit the LPC books and discover where the $40 million ADSCAM dollars went, bet Chief Bob won't be too willing to let the third party manager come in either."

"Dick Cheyne(sic) doesn't even have a heart anymore he has an electric heart without a pulse. Literally he's a Zombie, Dick Cheney is an anti-christ Zombie he's got no heartbeat, think of that, is that not in the scriptures? A man who walks with no heartbeat and feels no remorse for the millions of deaths."
I'll spare you the rest of that particular quasi-coherent, pseudo-religious rant.

You go back to occupying mom's basement, nonny.

And then, of course, there's...
"The natives were not this way when the Europeans landed, so it isn't like it's part of their culture, as you would like us to believe."
What you fail to mention, nonny... is what they were like... travelling bands of near stone-age scavengers, continually preying on each other... capturing women & children for slaves & practicing cannabalism as the mood took them.

There was very little romance or nobility associated with their lifestyle. Kevin Costner aside, a subsistence hunter-gatherer, in so many ways, is simply the middle age equivalent of a bunch of vagrants tunneling into the urban landscape.

The choice here, is to continue to live in a feudal reservation system, in abject poverty, addiction & misery... or, like so many, for example, in the Asian community, to assimilate and prosper.

Oh yeah, one more thing, nonny. Your comments have a much better chance of being published when they're not bookended by posting multiple instances of "Heil Harper" in the comments here. Twisting my words will also get you an automatic exclusion.

You wanna demonstrate your ignorance, take it back on over to Rabble.ca... they'll love you longtime.

17 December 2011

Yeah, Gerald you dumbass... it's shocking

I've almost lost count of all the people he's strangled with that deadly sweater vest...objective, my assInteresting though... to see what passes, on a daily basis no less... for "objective" journalism at the once respected Globe & Mail...
"It’s in the nature of true believers and ideologues to believe that any means to their sacred ends are justified. This makes them extremely dangerous people."

"It’s also typical of such people that they’re often motivated by unfathomable resentment and anger, a compulsion not just to better but to destroy their adversaries."

"These are good descriptions of Stephen Harper and those closest to him."
Or perhaps, you silly little sister... they're merely the febrile cartwheels of your overactive, paranoid left-leaning imagination. How exactly do you get this kind of nonsense into print... you're the publisher's favourite nephew?

Here's a thought. Why don't you take a little trip down to Barack Obama's exquisitely organised Chicago... and let us know what we need to change up here?

Yeah... that's what I thought.


the sky is falling, the sky is falling**********

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"For today's top nominee in journalistic cowardice, the fake quote captured above has been quietly removed in the Globe and Mail version, without so much as noting the page has been updated. However, they forgot to fix their rankings - now their 'top ten' infamous quotes begin with #2."

UPDATE: Busted twice, still no shame...

...or apology...
Editor's Note: In an earlier version of this gallery that compiled some of the most memorable quotes of 2011, The Canadian Press included a fictitious quote from hockey personality Don Cherry. In fact, the quote attributed to Cherry in The Canadian Press story was taken from a satirical web site by a Toronto-based blogger. This version has been corrected.
The real story here, as usual, is in the Globe comments...
caught with their pants down againDon't laugh... they may just pick this one up and run with it.

No wonder the print media is dying.

16 December 2011

Taken, too soon

Who says there are no atheists in a foxhole?
• MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, May 2004 •

"The laugh here is on the polished, sophisticated Europeans. They think Americans are fat, vulgar, greedy, stupid, ambitious, and ignorant and so on. And they’ve taken as their own, as their representative American, someone who actually embodies all of those qualities."
Right, left... nothing... as it should be... was sacred.

As always... the real enemy here...

...is willful ignorance...
Many Iraqis seemed either unaware of Thursday's official closing ceremony, or didn't fully believe the Americans were leaving.

"I think the withdrawal is a lie and the Americans are still present, their concrete walls are still here and so are their towers and communications wires."

13 December 2011

No real surprise here...

...the last federal Dipper poohbah apparently couldn't tell a legitimate medical clinic from a sleazy Chinatown rub'n'tug...
NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Tuesday that she’s not sure why federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is focused on new regulations that would require Muslim women wearing niqabs and burkas to show their faces to take the citizenship oath.

UPDATE: Once again, the ever-prescient NDP...

...has their pinko fingers on the pulse of the nation...
-- TORONTO -- Canadians overwhelmingly support having Muslim women remove their veils to take the citizenship oath, a poll shows.

Forum Research released figures Thursday showing a whopping 81% of those polled support having women who wear the niqab, or veil, remove it when they swear allegiance during citizenship ceremonies.

“We don’t get a lot of numbers in the 80% range in the polling business,” Forum President Lorne Bozinoff said.

“This is very unusual having people fairly unanimous on an issue like this.”

11 December 2011

Don't look at me... I didn't vote for him

That’s where this green obsession leads. It promotes a policy on its moral virtues, not on its real-life impact.

It replaces the mundane requirements of affordability and reliability of power generation with the vague promise that we’re all participating in some planet-saving enterprise if our toasters run on our neighbour’s highly-subsidized solar panels.

Green is the easiest virtue. All it takes in most cases for politicians is simply to say the word often enough and whatever they propose — for a time — gets a pass.

Who would question McGuinty against those “selfish” landowners. Wasn’t Dalton moving towards a greener world?

Enough then. No studies required.

Let the worldwide rioting commence

Oh... wait a minute... it's not like it's, you know, some dastardly comedian making fun of lesbians...

and howard stern weptI'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation here...
"Benetton claimed coyly that it was using the kiss as a 'symbol of love'. It looked far more like a prelude to an assignation in a bath house."

10 December 2011

Kingston honour-killing trial...

...gets down to brass tacks as accused invokes "Will of Allah"...dead, dead, dead, dead
"In a back-and-forth exchange that electrified a packed courtroom, a Canadian-Afghan entrepreneur accused of murdering three of his teenaged daughters and his first wife denied the charge, but nonetheless insisted that what had happened was God’s will, and that the four women deserved to die."
And, unbelievably, much like O.J. Simpson... Mohammad Shafia tries to portray himself as the victim here...dead, dead, dead, dead
Some of the answers Mohammad Shafia gave to co-prosecutor Laurie Lacelle left a couple of jurors rolling their eyes in disbelief. In a cold, testy cross-examination, he was told flat-out he was a liar.

09 December 2011

Yeah, that's it, Mohammad...

...keep digging...
"There, occasionally holding up a large white handkerchief to catch his tears, he attempted to paint a picture of himself as a loving, liberal-minded, generous patriarch — a bit of a free spirit even, prone to handing out money and kisses — whose only wish for his children was happiness."
I swear... if there ever was a poster boy for bringing back capital punishment... this guy is it...
" -- KINGSTON, Ont. -- 'May the devil shit on their graves,' Mohammad Shafia told his second wife, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 20 days after the bodies of the couple’s three teenage daughters and Mr. Shafia’s first wife were recovered from a car in the water at the locks."
After he's convicted... they should double-bunk him with Paul Bernardo.

Death and, well... you know

Ontario's Corporate Welfare Bill: $27.7 billion... c'mon, what good conservative doesn't want tax cuts?
"Since the early 1990s, Ontario governments of every partisan stripe have used tax dollars to subsidize private for-profit businesses. For anyone who paid income tax in 2008, the cost of corporate welfare was $424 per Ontarian (or $848 per dual-income couple)."

"By lowering taxes rates for all and offering subsidies to none, Ontario’s government could concentrate its spending and tax policy where it would do the most good."

Hey... it's a start

• OTTAWA • QMI Agency has learned Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will announce Friday in Montreal that the government will move to revoke the allegedly fraudulent citizenships of 2,100 Canadians.
Of course, it's one thing to talk about cracking down... and another entirely to actually do it...
• BRANTFORD • A convicted terrorist ordered deported from Canada two decades ago is still living with his family in a modest semi-detached bungalow in Brantford.

Under orders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the then-25-year-old guerrilla fighter and another man hurled grenades and sprayed the plane with machine-gun fire.
If we can't dump this guy... then this latest talk is simply more hot air.

Your move, Mr Kenney.


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Though thwarted in his efforts to gain refugee status in Canada and facing a deportation order, Chowdhury has avoided expulsion from this country for nearly a decade because of Canada’s legal obligation — the result of a 2001 Supreme Court ruling — not to deport or extradite suspected criminals who may face execution in another country, except in the most “exceptional” circumstances.
Oh Canada.

08 December 2011

And Karl Marx wept

Isn't this actually a bit of an anti-socialist solution?
• Attawapiskat • "In a letter, Turmel said now is a moment they could come together as parliamentarians by, among other things, calling in the army to deliver much-needed assistance to a community in crisis."
Now, Nycole... how about we wait for our aboriginal brothers & sisters to hear back from the United Nations before we launch Operation Enduring Victim.

But, heck... who am I, huh?

Let's ask a Canadian think-tank...
Mark Milke, Alberta director for the Fraser Institute, said neither discrimination nor a lack of money account for the problems in First Nations communities.

"When you give money to the top and then ask them nicely to distribute it to the bottom, are you really surprised that it doesn't make it to the bottom?"

"The victims are those who unfortunately sit on reserves and are subject to that sort of gamesmanship, which comes along with the way the institution is set up."
Here's a question nobody seems to be asking... "Does Chief Spence live in a plywood shack with no plumbing?"

Please tell me... 90 million taxpayer dollars later... somebody... anybody... at Attawapiskat has a flush toilet.

07 December 2011

When a little sweatlodge just isn't enough

Sorry, Chief... the only people this thing hurts... are criminals...do the crime... do the time
About 17 per cent of inmates in Canadian federal prisons are aboriginal, according to 2007 figures from the Correctional Service of Canada, but aboriginal people make up a little less than 4 per cent of the total population in Canada.

In other... "my beads are holier" news

First, kill all the infidels... then kill everybody else...
Two bomb blasts apparently targeting Shia Muslim shrines as hundreds of people gathered to mark the day of Ashoura have killed at least 60 people and injured scores more.

At least 56 people were killed by a suicide bomber who detonated explosives at the gate of the Abu-Ul Fazil shrine in the capital Kabul on Tuesday, many of them children, Afghan officials said.
Apparently... these folks were guilty of being the wrong flavour of Muslim.

06 December 2011

Ninety million dollars... no paper trail...

Does Chief Theresa Spence even have to make out a tax return?
too many chiefs, not enough auditors
• Attawapiskat • "It's nothing new for chiefs from coast to coast to be called out for accountability, Mr. Atleo acknowledged. Ms Spence “has demonstrated transparency and accountability.”
I think the first order of business here is to buy Shawn Atleo a new dictionary...
The people of Attawapiskat kicked out the third-party manager when he arrived on Monday.
I've seen Chief Spence on the news... stuttering & spinning when asked about the fiscal (cough, cough) irregularities at Attawapiskat. Truth is... I wouldn't trust this woman to run the cash register at the local Tim Hortons.

For what it's worth, though... her crowning public relations achievement has to be...
unbelievableThe only thing Chief Atleo's obsequious, unconditional support of Chief Spence accomplishes is to bring his own judgement (or, more to the point, lack thereof) sharply into focus.

And hey Gloria... that "community of fewer than 2,000 people"... isn't that figure actually 1300 souls? What do you get when you divide that number into $90,000,000?

There's a victim here the media chooses to ignore... the Canadian taxpayer.

If the PM wants to make some real points with the Canadian people at large, he'll stick to his principles and insist on a full audit of these funds.


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"The sin, she says, was challenging the dogma maintaining the aboriginal industry: that natives are special; that their traditions possess enlightened ideals and crucial wisdom that must not only be protected, but encouraged."
Even if it destroys them.

Don't blame me... I didn't vote for him

In his 460-page annual report to the Legislature released Monday, McCarter castigated policies that were a cornerstone of McGuinty’s re-election in the Oct. 6 vote, including Grit claims of 50,000 green jobs being created.

The controversial Samsung deal, which will pay the South Korean consortium $110 million over 20 years over and above the already hefty FIT premium in exchange for $7 billion in investment, was done with “no formal economic analysis … to determine whether the deal was prudent.”

The auditor general found billions of dollars in solar and wind projects were approved without appropriate oversight, including and regulatory and planning procedures.

McCarter found the feed-in tariff program (FIT), which pays a premium to generators of green electricity, will add $220 million a year to hydro bills.
Your grandchildren will be paying for this Liberal folly.

I guess Chief Spence is satisfied with...

...all the financial advice she's getting from her band-appointed financial advisor/common law husband...
• Attawapiskat • The third-party manager appointed to oversee the troubled Attawapiskat First Nation in Northern Ontario was ejected by the community on Monday.

"I told them to leave the community because we know that a third party will not work for us and it will do more damage," said Chief Theresa Spence.
Unless, of course, that third party is PAYING ALL THE FREIGHT... right Chief?
The community has received some $90 million in government funding since the Conservatives took office in 2006.

05 December 2011

C'mon now... if you don't spell it out...

...how is anybody supposed to know?
killing people is bad
• MONTREAL • "We receive immigrants from diverse horizons and cultures,” Ms. Apollon, who herself immigrated from Haiti decades ago, said on Sunday. “Behaviours aren’t uniform around the globe. There can be irritants."
Yeah, you know... "irritants".

Like murder.


UPDATE: The real story is in the...

...wait for it... whaddaya mean, no honour killing?

Other criteria... you know... like merit

The guidelines focus on the wiggle room in the court decisions involving the University of Michigan, suggesting that institutions use other criteria — students’ socioeconomic profiles, residential instability, the hardships they have overcome — that are often proxies for race.

Schools could even grant preferences to students from certain schools selected for, among other things, their racial composition, the new document says.
Perhaps the only question still on the table is... is the Obama Whitehouse going far enough?
"Why shouldn't York University accommodate Ashif Jaffer?" The word "accommodate" seems to have acquired the same status as "love," "tolerance" and "peace" -- things that are always good and desirable.

Canada is a just society, after all.

Whoa... check out the headline...

...looks like the McGuinty government has finally decided to do away with "race-based" polic... wait a minute...

where's desmond tutu when you really need himThese are the dangerous radicals... seriously?

scary radicalsThank you Mr Premier.


UPDATE: Giving new meaning to the phrase...

..."tools of the fascist regime"...
“The smiles are because immediately prior to this photo-taking, Gary McHale had informed OPP brass that all 8 arrests had been illegal."

"He produced documentary evidence that 16 acres — including, by design, the very spot where he was arrested — of the 100 acres of what was formerly known as Douglas Creek Estates’ actually still belong to Haldimand County, not the provincial government."

04 December 2011

From the same folks who brought you...

...a billion dollars in hospital construction over-run costs...
"For the nine months ending in September 2011, OPG reaped $259 million in these payments. Since 2009, OEFC has paid OPG $929 million through the contingency support agreements, including $412 million in 2009 and $258 million in 2010."
Hey, what's another billion among Liberal friends?
"Ontario's Liberal government has paid out almost $1 billion to private companies to cover new hospital construction overruns, a coalition of community health organizations said Friday."

"Every single privatized P3 hospital is vastly over budget and every single one is late."

02 December 2011

Never mind that "Oil" thing, bro...

..we're talkin' "Peak Virginity"...

you can almost smell the scienceAh infidel, you scoff... but behold... there is indisputable proof...
"In the report, Professor Kamal Subhi exemplified the point by describing what he experienced while sitting in a coffee shop in an unnamed Arab state."

"'All the women were looking at me," he wrote. "One made a gesture that made it clear she was available... this is what happens when women are allowed to drive,' he concluded."
Oh... my... gawd... it's just like the universally acknowledged & respected Chicken Little Theorem... substituting panties for sky, of course.

Perhaps Saudi scholars will finally get the respect they deserve.


"Hmm... I love to get in my car and go for a drive, but it has never been THAT exciting. What am I doing wrong? ;)"

UPDATE: You figure Globe & Mail editors...

...just peruse the blogosphere... then cobble up their own watered-down fuzzy-bunny versions of current events?
lame-ass politically correct globe & mailYou've gotta love this.

Suddenly, according to the Globe, there's a human rights activist in the mix... shifting focus from the nutty professor and his over-the-top allegations of uncontrollable whoring, induced homosexuality & a craving for pornography to...
"A report given to a high-level advisory group in Saudi Arabia claims that allowing women in the kingdom to drive could encourage premarital sex, a rights activist said Saturday."
You check out the first article from Fars News, you'll see that "encourage premarital sex"... doesn't quite cover it.

How a Globe editor gets from... insatiable nymphomaniacs who turn to porn and even... gasp... lesbianism... to satisfy their newly emergent vehicle-based baser urges... without slammin' back mescaline & vodka shooters is anybody's guess.

But, heck... we wouldn't want to offend anyone, right?

No wonder the print media is going down the shitter.

Maybe I missed it

In light of our troops currently winding up a decade long "military engagement" in Afghanistan... I'm wondering if any Islamic organisations here in Canada have taken a position on this latest wrinkle in the fabric of the now allegedly democratic Afghani society...show me the justice'Cos I'm thinkin' there may still be a few bugs in the system...
Gulnaz's lawyer told the BBC she hoped the government would allow Gulnaz the freedom to choose whom to marry.

"In my conversations with Gulnaz she told me that if she had the free choice she would not marry the man who raped her," said Kimberley Motley.

Earlier this month, Gulnaz said that after she was raped she was charged with adultery.

"At first my sentence was two years," she said. "When I appealed it became 12 years. I didn't do anything. Why should I be sentenced for so long?"

The most recent appeal saw her sentence reduced to three years.
And where exactly are we on that whole "number 1 heroin supplier to the world" thing?

01 December 2011

Industry, huh?

So does that mean they're gonna call in the Industrial Safety Board?
victimless crime, huh?
• Toronto • Police say a woman who was found lying in the street with a gunshot wound to the head in the early hours of Tuesday was working in the sex-trade industry.

Leanne Freeman, 23, was originally from Winnipeg but had lived and travelled throughout Ontario, according to police.
Somebody wanna explain to me why prostitution is always being described as a "victimless" crime?

Then, there's the guy who was run over by a car after collapsing during a fight... and, oh yeah...
Toronto police are investigating a suspicious death after a passerby called them to an SUV with a man’s body inside on Wednesday morning.
Bright lights, big city.


UPDATE: Oops... almost missed one
• TORONTO • Police are investigating after finding a body in a parked car in North York.

A person walking by the car parked near Willowdale Ave. and Bishop Ave in the Yonge St. & Finch Ave. W. area noticed the body in an SUV and called police at 1:15 p.m. on Friday.
Crime is down, huh? I can't wait for the weekend.

With "Friends" like this...

...who needs pornographers...

once again, the compassionate intellectual left
"The ad intentionally mocks the culture, or what many on the left believe is the culture, of our neighbors to the south and their television programming. Scantly clad women and lots of action is what the Friends of CBC claim will become of the CBC if it were to be privatized."

"And how do the 'Friends' mock the culture of our American neighbours? By using a known Canadian pornography photographer and promoter Uncle D, known as 'the Canadian Ass Man'."
Ironically... it turns out the Ass Man has a history, not with anything remotely American, but with... wait for it... the CBC...
• OTTAWA • Years ago, the Cape Breton, N.S., entrepreneur made a pitch to investors on CBC's Dragon's Den but was turned down, with the Dragons saying Uncle D's product was too close to pornography.

The blogger 'Alberta Ardvark' noticed the actor was the same man.
Yet another classy, blow up in your own face move by Canada's compassionate, intellectual left.


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"We call this the bad, scary guns amendment," said NDP justice critic Jack Harris of the latter measure.

There was also an attempt to rename the bill the 'risking public safety act.'
Anybody else see NDP leader Nicole Turmel screeching at the PM in the House of Commons about Attawapiskat?

I swear... I've seen Palestinian suicide-bombers mothers grave-side, displaying more composure than this freak.

She's the gift that keeps on giving.

C'mon, it's time to 'fess up... you voted for these melodramatic asshats... tell me you're not the littlest bit embarrassed right now.

Not so unique after all

Apparently, Quebec looks a lot like any number of third world autocracies...
• MONTREAL • A report from Quebec Auditor-General Renaud Lachance found that in the latest wave of expansion of the subsidized daycare network, one-fifth of the permits awarded by the Liberal government went to operators who had not passed muster with the bureaucrats evaluating proposals.

Too many Chiefs, er... handouts...

...not enough auditors...another 90 millionWow... lemme get this straight... wooden shacks, no plumbing... obviously this racist Conservative government is intent on starving aboriginal populations into submiss... wait a minute...
Since 2006, the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs alone has provided approximately $80 million (CBC News tonight said it was actually $92 million) to Attawapiskat First Nation, which does not including funding the community will receive this fiscal year.” According to the 2001 Census, the population of Attawapiskat was just under 1300 people. That means one federal government ministry gifted the community with over $61,000 for every individual on the reserve.
Question number one here has to be... what's happening to all that cash? And that's a question that applies not just to Attawapiskat... but right across the breadth of this country. Some folks, somewhere... are sitting on a Tony Montana size mountain 'o cash. Which brings us back to the actual problem here. If, despite this annual obscene infusion of billions of taxpayer dollars, aboriginal peoples are still living in abject poverty... apart, of course, from the aforementioned epidemic of widescreen televisions... it's because their (cough, cough) "leaders" are screwing them over. And that, my friends, is part of a bigger picture. The oft-quoted figure of 8 to 12 billion dollars gifted annually to First Nations communities seems to be one of the largest continuing expenses in the federal budget... and it's obviously not working. Well, I'm with Kathy Shaidle... it's time to think outside the sweatlodge...
The solution to Canada’s intractable “Indian problem” seems obvious: Give every card-carrying native one million dollars cash, tax-free. (It will be the last tax-free perk they’ll ever enjoy and the last government entitlement they’ll be eligible to receive.) In return, they drop all treaty disputes and other suits against the government and the Catholic Church. Then they move off the reserves. This Crown land will be turned into toxic waste dumps and - assuming some of the natives get homesick - maximum-security prisons.
Every aboriginal a millionaire... no more 10 billion taxpayer dollars down the toilet every year. Win-win... right?