31 January 2015

The Paris Hilton...

...of Canadian politics...
“Please finish the following sentence: If elected, my first full day as prime minster I would…”

The transcript on the paper’s website writes “Pause” before Trudeau’s response. That was exceedingly generous. I would have put “Epic pause.”

It lasts around nine seconds. Which on video – as anyone with media training knows – feels like pretty much an hour. In that time Trudeau widens his eyes. Shrugs. Gives a coy smile. Exhales.
The Crown Prince did his best, but was, as usual, less than impressive.
A couple of problems here. Can anyone discern any actual content in this answer? Aside from the fact that he intends to do something like phone up the mayor of Kingston and promise he won’t swear at him or something like that.
Gomer city... again.

30 January 2015

It used to be called "grooming"

Call me old-fashioned, but isn't teaching pre-teens the "right way" to give sexual consent still a violation of the Canadian criminal code? This seems like the sort of thing you'd find in the NAMBLA charter...
no more statuatory rapeNever mind teenagers... apparently learning about consent starts in JK...
“Starting right in the primary and junior grades, kids will be learning listening skills and helping each other to pay attention to facial expressions and what they mean and whether somebody is positive or negative or happy or sad.”
Facial expressions? You go with the guy with the happiest face? That's the solution here?
Wynne also said children should “start to learn those signals from the time they enter school."
Hang on, isn't this gonna lower the age of consent to 5 years old?

Next up... Ontario Liberals hiring homeless rubbies to teach kids how to hold their liquor.

28 January 2015

What could possibly go wrong?

Didn't Justin's daddy dearest increase the deficit tenfold over his illustrious reign?
Liberal finance critic Scott Brison hinted at the party’s thinking when he told Mr. Berthiaume much of the work could be done “off the government balance sheet” by tapping funds from pension plans, including the Canada Pension Plan, into which all working Canadians contribute.
Feelin' lucky, punk?


FROM THE COMMENTS: Justin won't need CPP

With his his champagne tastes, it's a good thing Justin will have his 7 times better than private industry pension...
Before being elected a Liberal MP, Trudeau chaired the charitable youth group Katimavik, which was started by his late father's Liberal government.

The Harper government recently announced that it would stop funding Katimavik, citing high per-person costs for its youth-exchange program. Receipts for a Katimavik retreat at the posh 4 Diamond Loews Concorde hotel in Quebec City show that Trudeau billed double the rate of other Katimavik members.
The Crown Prince likes his creature comforts... fine brandies, sushi and premium Grey Goose vodka.

Even before being elected, Justin fed off the government teat.

Toronto Homicide Squad rounding up...

...local farmers, duck hunters & target shooters as we speak...all the bad guys
Toronto Police say they responded to a shooting call on Flemington Rd., northwest of Lawrence Ave. W. and Allen Rd., around 9 p.m.

Officers arrived on the residential street and found a male suffering from fatal gunshot wounds.
Not sure exactly how the "professional" journalist came to the conclusion that the decedent was "suffering", well... anything.
The shooting victim was pronounced dead at the scene. His name and age have not yet been released.

No further details were immediately available.
Is this actually news? The absolute absence of detail puts it more in the category of corner store gossip. No wonder the dead tree media is dying.


forgot something?
"The only reason this guy is getting anywhere is... the fact that he has a famous father. Now, I like Keith Richards as much as the next guy, but we are talking about running a country here!"
Hmmm... all those weird soundbites about China and dope?

What does a paternity test cost?

26 January 2015

Apparently, Baracko Bama's magic jet...

...runs on unicorn farts & magic fairy dust...
On Sunday, President Barack Obama released an anti-oil drilling environmental video shot aboard Air Force One–an aircraft that has a 53,611 gallon fuel capacity.

On Saturday, Obama flew Air Force One over 8,000+ miles to India to discuss global warming and other issues.

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...gotta choose your destination wisely...
The visit comes in the wake of the first state sanctioned beheading under the new King – a brutal practice that was carried out unabated under the reign of Abdullah, for crimes including ‘political dissent’.

While Obama and Kerry make nice with a regime which has a disgusting human rights record, they are skipping the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, to be attended by almost all European heads of state.
Yeah, dude... party like it's 1026.

Gotta have priorities... right?

Barack Obama ducked the Paris memorial and shunned the Israeli Prime Minister... but he'll always make time for a fellow traveller...this is what obama respectsAnd it's not just the President...
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hailed Abdullah as “a man of wisdom and vision” and a “revered leader.”
Apparently, Kerry has never met an oligarch he didn't revere. A little digging reveals a harsher truth...women are cattle, right?Let's ask someone who ought to know.
Abdullah, like other Saudi royals, had numerous wives — at least seven, and perhaps as many as 30. One of these wives, Alanoud Al-Fayez, claims her four daughters’ supposed incarceration, which has gone on for some 13 years, was both a mark of Abdullah’s vindictive streak and intolerance of his daughters’ modern, independent upbringing. She says the four have been locked away for more than a decade, subject to abuse and deprivation.
Even that won't stop Barack Obama from rushing to the Muslim Holy Land to pay his respects.

Maybe he can share a prayer rug with Justin Trudeau.


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Yet another huge boner from the Lord Grantham of international relations.

24 January 2015

Those racist homicidal Albertans...

...are at it again...screaming beardieWait a minute...
"Sharif -- who was born in Iraq and moved to Canada in 1993 -- was arrested at a north Edmonton apartment Jan. 19, 2011."
The thing is, in my circle of friends, what makes anyone Canadian is a sense of "shared values"... as opposed to a piece of paper generated by a political agenda. Apparently, for our intrepid reporter, the man's mailing address is more significant than his cultural and religious affiliations.

As Kate at SDA would say... let me fix that headline for you...who is canadianDear MSM... this guy is about as Canadian as Gamil Gharbi. Obfuscation like this is why the dead tree media is dying.

23 January 2015

Yet another aboriginal child...

...sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. The National Post, in it's journalistic wisdom, attempts to legitimise the fever dreams of a desperately ill 11 year-old child.

Tragically, the outcome... exactly as predicted by the wily white man's medical experts... well... she's dead.

So sad. So unnecessary.murder by political correctness
"When Makayla ended her chemotherapy treatments last May, she said it was because Jesus visited her in hospital and told her she was already healed."
Coincidentally, Makayla's parents are evangelical Christian pastors. We should move on, though... obviously, this tragedy can't be laid at the door of religion or culture. That wouldn't be Canadian.


"It’s not such an ass as to provide a constitutional entitlement to the aromatherapy, wheatgrass enemas, acupuncture and naturopathic massage sessions offered to cancer sufferers at $18,000 a customer by the DIZZY WHITE PEOPLE at the notorious Hippocrates Health Institute of West Palm Beach, Florida."
Really, that's the culpable party here... the "dizzy white people" in Florida? Were these nefarious unstable caucasians relentlessly cold-calling random folk here in Brantford, Ontario? That seems unlikely. Could it be that Makayla's parents sought them out? Perish the thought.

What about the hundreds of members of the “Makayla Defence Force” who were prepared to "physically intervene" to prevent actual medical treatment? I thought assisting a suicide was a criminal offense in Canada.

A couple of questions... if Jesus had already zapped the cancer, why the wheatgrass enemas... (more to the point, is Canadian wheatgrass so sub-par that you wouldn't consider funnelling it up your nether parts?) I'm also curious whether the Canadian healthcare system ponied up for this cross border bowel cleansing. As for aboriginal rights, will there now be a Royal Commission on shaman based healthcare?


LAST WORD: Not a new problem
"The average death rate on reserves for the decade ending in 2002 was more than seven times the national average."
"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians – A Federal Report on Comparable Health Indicators 2002. Ottawa: Health Canada.
I got nuthin'.

22 January 2015

21 January 2015

Spoken like a part-time drama teacher

Hang on a second. Wasn't there some other Trudeau who did find a use for Canadian soldiers? plastic cutlery rulesI know... let's ask Quebec.domestic terror**********

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OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear that if ISIS terrorists fire at Canadian troops, “we’re going to fire back and we’re going to kill them.”
I know who I'm voting for.

20 January 2015

Where stereotypes come from

Although it's possible that being killed for your "bling" is more of a caricature...
TORONTO - Mohammed and a friend — a man wearing a “tremendous amount of expensive gold jewelry” — visited the restroom where they were attacked by three men who tried to snatch the friend’s chains, homicide Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux said about a week after the slaying. “A violent struggle ensued” and Mohammed helped his friend break free from his assailants, Giroux said.

The two pals headed to the front of the restaurant, which was filled with upwards of 60 patrons at the time. The attackers followed, gunfire erupted and Mohammed was killed.

Marcus Gibson, 22, and Ceyon Carrington, 28, both of Toronto, are now each charged with first-degree murder and other related offences, police said.
Which raises the question... is it racism... IF IT'S FACTUAL?
Blacks are about 14% of US population; but young black men are about 13% of the total black population. So, 13 X 14 = 1.82, less than 2% of our population commits more than half of all American gun murders.
If this math is correct it is truly mind-boggling.


free at last
"Sure, Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t explicitly say he had a dream that one day your cousin Mooney could get crunk in any establishment regardless of color in his famous speech, but that’s still a part of being free. (…) Why not put on those red bottoms you worked so hard to get and drop it low in the name of progress?"
Free at last.

19 January 2015

Close American ally, my infidel arse

It seems falling oil prices... are the least of their problems...
Saudi officials don’t like to talk about it, but experts who closely follow developments inside the kingdom say ISIS enjoys growing support among ordinary Saudis, who see the group as the true champion of embattled Sunnis in their sectarian struggles against the Shiite-led governments in Iran and elsewhere.

For many Saudis, ISIS also stands for a righteous, austere brand of Islam, while the royal family, they believe, is irredeemably corrupt.
It seems the Saudi Royal family... a major funder and exporter of Islamic fundamentalism is about to reap the whirlwind.

17 January 2015

I guess he does inhale

Despite Justin Trudeau's much celebrated thumbs up for legal dope...dave's not here, man
[Princess of Pot] Jodie Emery's attempt to seek the nomination in the riding of Vancouver East has gone up in smoke.

Liberal spokesman Olivier Duchesneau has confirmed that the party's so-called "Green Light Candidate Review Committee rejected her bid.

Duchesneau didn't provide specific reasons for why Emery's bid was turned down.

RELATED: Let's ask the Prince himself
"I meant to reference that Justin Trudeau has smoked pot, I witnessed it in 2003, he enjoyed it, and then six years later as an MP he went to Parliament and voted for bad legislation that wanted to see pot people put in prison for mandatory minimum prison terms."
So, to recap... you say P-spawn smokes dope... but that he also voted to imprison people who do the same?

That's a little hypocritical, isn't it? Could Justin's interaction with Marc Emery have anything to do with Emery's wife being torpedoed as a Liberal candidate?

Of course not.


LAST WORD: So Justin is pro-dope...

...but anti-Marc Emery...
OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau says jailed pro-pot activist Marc Emery was "flat out lying" when he said he smoked a few joints with the now Liberal leader.
Ping... pong...

The hippopotamus before the cart

I know it's a brave new world and standards have been relaxed to accomodate, well... all sorts of things... but what sort of chucklehead, after 24 weeks of training, can't figure out radio protocol, or how to put on a bulletproof vest?

The answer, apparently... is lots.
“Sightings were being reported based on caller location (as opposed to suspect location), then broadcast out of order.

Many RCMP officers did not know that hard body armour was available in vehicles while others were not familiar with how to wear the equipment properly, the report said.
The review, which was led by Alphonse MacNeil, a retired RCMP assistant commissioner, after detailing these startling shortcomings, got down to brass tacks...policing for dummiesWhoa, Alphonse, pump the brakes... if your people can't figure out the vests (we're talking velcro straps, right?) without attending special post academy training classes... should we really be handing them more powerful guns?

Maybe the "get a bigger hammer" school of policing isn't the only answer here.


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"One is in very grave condition, and the other is in serious but stable condition," RCMP assistant commissioner Marlin Degrand said at a news conference on Saturday.
Whatever happened here, I'm pretty sure bigger guns are not the solution.

16 January 2015

Al Sharpton loses his mind...

...about the racist Academy Awards...
“The lack of diversity in today’s Oscar nominations is appalling ... With all of the talent in Selma and other Black movies this year, it is hard to believe that we have less diversity in the nominations today than in recent history."
I dunno Al. Could there possibly be some other reason Selma didn't get the gold ring? liar, liarShould this movie be allowed to "Tawana Brawley" its way to the top? If race hustler Al Sharpton is on one side of an issue, surely any reasonable person should be planted firmly on the other.

Is it just possible that members of the Academy objected to a fabricated fairy tale posing as an historical document?
There was no shortage of real white villains in the Selma controversy, but LBJ was not one of them. This portrayal depends upon a complete misrepresentation not only of the facts, but also of specific conversations that King and Johnson had during this period.

Selma shows LBJ in this period not only refusing to meet any of King’s demands, but also enlisting J. Edgar Hoover to try to discredit and destroy King. Hoover had in fact taken these steps months before, and LBJ had been appalled by them.

Like John and Robert Kennedy before him, he was terrified that Hoover would successfully discredit King and set back civil rights for years.
And what about actual facts?
"In fact, Selma was LBJ's idea, he considered the Voting Rights Act his greatest legislative achievement, he viewed King as an essential partner in getting it enacted - and he didn't use the FBI to disparage him," Califano writes in an opinion piece for The Washington Post.

He says the movie is so far off the mark that it should be "ruled out this Christmas and during the ensuring awards season".

Mark K Updegrove, an author, historian and the director of the LBJ Presidential Library, agrees.

Writing for Politico, Updegrove says films based on true events often massage the truth in order to create a better narrative, but historians should step in when that narrative doesn't represent the spirit of what actually happened.

Gotta git me sum'ah that "social justice"

This is what comes of getting really high and watching "Avatar" over and over again... you secure yourself a charter membership in "the dumbest generation."jihad for dummiesNow, before the usual suspects start to post their sympathies and excuses for poor little Abu Maguire, it pays to note...
From Syria and Iraq, he posted his violent, intolerant ideas on a Facebook page that used the ISIS logo as a banner and called on Christians and Jews to either convert to Islam or be killed.
This guy was considered so violent & dangerous that the Canadian government pulled his passport to prevent him sneaking back into the country. As it turns out, he wasn't the only one.as canadian as iedsIf reports are true and Maguire is indeed lining up at that Great Virgin Dispensary in the Sky, I certainly won't be shedding any tears.
Abu Saman is the Twitter user who said Maguire had been killed alongside a notorious Dagestani jihadist who appeared this week in an ISIS video in which a child was shown executing two Russians.
Rest in Pieces, freak... you and all your bloodthirsty friends.


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The website of La Meuse newspaper quoted an unidentified police officer as saying: "We've averted a Belgian Charlie Hebdo."
A spokesman for the government says they are ready to call in the military.

15 January 2015

14 January 2015

Law of Unintended Consequences

I'm guessing this is the exact reciprocal of what the homicidal Islamo-dummies hoped to accomplish...read 'em and weep and that's good enough for me.


UPDATE: From tens of thousands to millions850 percent increase
Charlie Hebdo’s typical print run was 60,000, which it couldn’t always sell.

RELATED: Who could've possibly seen it coming?

Well, Glenn Reynolds, for one...
I'm sorry, but the lesson here is that if you want to be listened to, you should blow things up. That's a very bad incentive structure, but it's the one the allegedly responsible parties have created.
The Charlie Hebdo incident should surprise no one.

Giving back to the Community

To all the "Nonnies" who spend an inordinate amount of time conjuring up ever more threatening comments and emails...for all the craziesThat oughta keep 'em busy for a while.


UPDATE: Yup, no surprises

It's a little like having a parrot that says rude things every time you come in the door.

All too predictable... but I'll spare you the latest childish jibes.

13 January 2015

Just another tone deaf political gaffe...

...or is the White House letting the figurative veil slip yet again?that'd explain a few thingsEither way, you get shown up by the likes of the Palestinian Authority... it's time to find a new playbook. Even the usual Obama cheerleaders are calling this a train wreck...
President Obama’s decision not to attend yesterday’s Unity Rally in Paris in response to the terrorist horrors of this past week may register as his most disturbing, and profoundly harmful, public relations mishap to date.
Republicans were equally outraged...
The absence is symbolic of the lack of American leadership on the world stage, and it is dangerous. The attack on Paris, just like previous assaults on Israel and other allies, is an attack on our shared values. And, we are stronger when we stand together, as French President François Hollande said, for “liberty, equality, and fraternity.”
It could have been worse... at least this time, Obama's handlers kept him off the golf course.


He also called the Paris terrorist attacks “un complot,” or conspiracy, and launched into a lengthy explanation of the “magical Jews” behind it. They were not ordinary Jews, he said, but a “hybrid race of shape shifters” who have extraordinary abilities.
Ignorant. Racist. Criminal.

Can France recover from this situation? It sure doesn't sound like it.


UPDATE: Was it a deliberate snub?
From nearly the beginning of the president's term, the Whitehouse made clear it did not want to refer to Islamic jihad as either Islamic or jihad. As the world watched images of black-clad, AK-47-wielding terrorists killing Parisians, Obama proposed to meet the threat with social service providers.
Sounds like more of Obama's political sleight of hand to me.

12 January 2015

The ugly rush to self-congratulation

halls of macadamia/
"Where is this We of the Hash-tags when whole swathes of the press, and some political leaders, refuse to call acts that are plainly terroristic by their proper name?

Can those who refuse to say the word “terrorism” after a terrorist act now claim they are Charlie Hebdo?"

10 January 2015

Dear "Queers against Israeli Apartheid"

is paris burning?Maybe you guys/gals (and various creative iterations of same) should get some new friends...
"What are the upsides of embracing a culture that murders gays, treats women as second-class citizens, puts children in harm’s way, and rejects the entire notion of fun?"
Or maybe just some new priorities?

P.S. - What's the only country in the Middle East that allows Gay Pride celebrations? C'mon... you know this.


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...let Allah sort 'em out...
PARIS — Bicycle patrolman Ahmed Merabet, whose point-blank murder by suspected Islamist extremists on a Paris street was caught on video was a Muslim, according to a colleague. Fellow officer Franck Brinsolaro was also killed, Paris police union spokesman Chris Crepin earlier told NBC News.

LAST WORD: Be very afraid...

MI5 has a longstanding policy of not commenting publicly on specific events. This speech is, to say the least... anomalous.
“We know, for example, that a group of core al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the West.”

Andrew Parker, Director General of MI5, also stated, "security services have thwarted three terrorist plots in recent months."
Canada, as we have recently seen, is very much "on the terrorist bubble."

A prudent person might just see fit to avoid large scale public gatherings, sports events, concerts and parades. Soft targets like subways and movie theatres also come to mind.

09 January 2015

"Known Wolves" strike again

Live and don't learn... that's us...halls of macadamia/
A French terror cell linked to al Qaeda reportedly shot dead two people in a kosher supermarket and seized at least seven hostages in two locations around Paris this morning.

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No, this was NOT in fact the “time to remember what Jack Layton said on his deathbed.”

Fuck “love.”

Fuck “understanding.”

I’m not “full of fear.”

If you don’t hate the Muslim scum who killed those people — if you don’t want to kill them back — you are NOT THE SANE, MORAL, NORMAL ONE in this “conversation.”

Yes, I AM going to violate Godwin’s Law:

The SS are banging on your door and you’re going, “Well, the Treaty of Versailles was pretty shitty…”


The war started a while ago... and guess what?



UPDATE: Virgin shortage anticipated...
PARIS (AP) — Two al-Qaida-linked brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo massacre came out of their hideaway with guns blazing Friday and were killed in a clash with security forces, French police said. Moments later, another hostage-taker in Paris was killed in a separate clash, along with three of his hostages.
To quote a famous Imam, "You love Pepsi Cola... we love death."

07 January 2015

Satire... the newest capital crime

All those folks who opposed the death penalty for Paul Bernardo and his ilk... how much energy will they expend on today's bloody extra-legal executions in Paris?killkillkill**********


That's some "Religion of Peace" you've got going there.
At least four of France’s most celebrated cartoonists—Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier, Jean “Cabu” Cabut, Georges Wolinski, and Bernard “Tignous” Verlhac—are dead after two gunmen attacked a satirical magazine in Paris on Wednesday, shouting “We have avenged the Prophet.”
You figure Bill Watterson and Scott Adams might be shopping for a "Panic Room?"


RELATED: CTV's team of crack reporters...

"Of course she got raped... you could almost see her snatch in that miniskirt!"


LAST WORD: A rose by any other...
Le Point reported French police were focusing on two suspects whom the magazine described as "French-Algerian." According to Le Point the two men, who were 32 and 34-years old, returned to France from Syria last summer.
Syria? Syria? That sounds so familiar.

It's Bowe Bergdahl all over again

A government official told me that keeping the names of the 53 quiet will give Cuba the opportunity to release them as a sovereign measure, rather than at the behest of the U.S., and that this could allow for additional releases.

In other words, the Castros are sensitive boys who throw despotic tantrums when their absolute power is questioned. Asking them to keep their word is apparently a trigger.

Don’t expect much outrage from Washington. Mr. Obama wouldn’t want to damage his newly reconciled relationship with the police state.
Need a Bergdahl refresher?