05 October 2011

You need one good reason?

Forget all about all the many & varied financial scandals... forget about rollin' the billion dollar dice on that Samsung thing... just remember what happened to the good folk of Caledonia...too many liberals, not enough common senseI get that Tim Hudak hasn't exactly set the world on fire... and I admit that I was wrong about Julian Fantino... but can you really endorse another four year romp through the garden for Emperor, er... Premier McSlippery?

Think about it... then, tomorrow... make sure you go vote


Rich said...

That nails it precisely!

George said...

Another term with McSquinty at the helm and the Indians will have Hamilton...actually that might not be a bad thing.

Neo Conservative said...

the biggest issue i have with mcslippery is his hypocrisy. he has no compunction about saying one thing and then turning around & doing another.

remember how he vilified john tory about bringing islamic schools under the regular education umbrella... which would have made them subject to our rules & regulation.

then he allows the whole mosqueteria deal to take place in toronto.

he sacrificed the whole town of caledonia to terrorists.

and he continues to piss away taxpayer dollars like there was no tomorrow.

he looks you right in the eyes... and lies. is that who you want running the show?


Pissedoff said...

Where were you wrong about Harper's buddy Fantino?

Neo Conservative said...

what i didn't realise about julian fantino was that he would be so willing to shove his nose up dalton mcguinty's arse.

the people of caledonia and the people of ontario deserved better.