22 October 2011

Playing by Middle East Rules


-- (CBS/AP) -- "Qaddafi is gone, your turn is coming, Bashar," protesters shouted on Friday in the central city of Hama, long a hotbed of resistance to the regime.
Syrian forces fired on protesters Friday, killing up to 14 people.


Kai said...

Syria is Iran's key to influence in the Western regions of the Arabian Peninsula. They are Iran's principal proxy. Iran will spend as much as it can to prop up the Assad/Baath regime.

Ironically, they ignore the fomenting discontent in their own land.

When Assad does fall, watch Hezbollah and Hamas scramble, because their wealthy uncle will NOT deal directly with them. It does so pretty much exclusively through Syria. It will be a messy, nasty new ball game in the ME.

Neo Conservative said...

"kai says... watch Hezbollah and Hamas scramble"

the situation in the middle-east is indeed a muti-headed viper.

otoh... when assad takes a bullet... the "good guys" can concentrate on neutering mullahfied iran.