31 October 2011

A billion taxpayer dollars a year?

It's time folks...
no more money for moronsIn fact, it's way past time to derail this particular gravy train...

“Multiple, credible, well-placed sources within the TPS, including a dispatcher?”

More well placed than the chief?

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Platty said...

In my post today, I am asking if the CBC can be fixed. After thinking about it for a bit, I have to say yes, it can be.

You would have to purge Mothercorp of almost all of the current on air personalities, writers, producers, the ombudsman, etc.

And then cut off the majority of government funding, but, after that, I'm sure the CBC could be saved.

Then again, it might cost us less in EI payments if we just fired the whole lot of em.


Neo Conservative said...

we, the taxpayer, shell out a billion dollars every year, to let the lunatic left wage their socialist campaign.

talk about providing the rope to hang oneself.

it's past time time to smarten up. the conservatives finally have their majority... no more excuses.


dmorris said...

Like I opined over at "platty"'s, the CBC should be turned over to a top notch broadcasting CEO,and that person should be given a five year mandate to make CBC into a profitable venture.

There should be NO political interference,let the guy do his job,and we'll see what happens.

IF Harper was to simply "fire 'em all" and close it down,the Left would have their martyrs for years.

AND,with the right guy in charge,who knows,maybe it COULD make a profit,and there's nothing wrong with "profit",especially if it's returned to General Revenue to be pissed away sending aid to our allies in Puntland or Eritrea.

Neo Conservative said...

"It’s astounding that the CBC ran the footage of that alleged assault and trespass. It wasn’t funny — even when the CBC added in a laugh track. It was pitiful."

"It backfired, big-time — precisely when the CBC is before the federal Conservative government, begging for another bailout."


Anonymous said...

levant was far funnier than that CBC skit.
I hope cuts at the Corp. include the unfunny Rick Mercer.