25 October 2011

Oh, Toronto... you just don't get it

How many times does Dalton McGuinty have to lie right to your face... before you figure it out?he fooled you again, ontarioOn the plus side, he's using that eco-friendly 58-wheeler, huh?

-- Mississauga, ON -- The arrival of a massive generator at a supposedly unplugged Mississauga power plant site Monday will only jack up the tab for Ontario taxpayers when the facility is finally relocated, PC Leader Tim Hudak says.

“This Mississauga power plant is supposed to have been cancelled by Dalton McGuinty during the election campaign. It’s now 18 days later and the plant is continuing to be built. In fact, this is the most expensive component of what’s probably a $300-$400-million project,” Hudak said.

The Ontario Tories released photos of the generator on route to the south Mississauga location Monday, a month to the day after McGuinty told voters in the area that he would stop it if re-elected.
Just another little fib from the folks who promised... in writing... not to raise your taxes.

The only "green" this guy cares about is the stuff he can pull outta your wallet...
"About 6,100 megawatts of coal-fired generation continues to operate in the province, or about 20% of total generating capacity -- years after Premier Dalton McGuinty's self-imposed shutdown deadline of 2007."

"McGuinty promised to end the use of coal in Ontario by 2007 during the 2003 general election but since winning that race, the target date has been pushed back several times and is now 2014."
Don't blame me... I didn't vote for him.