23 November 2012

Don't worry... be Democrat

The recent re-infection of scrutonium into the body politic has been a harrowing turn of fortune for Axlerod and his scientific team. In November 2008, they had declared scrutonium "all but extinct," although they kept small amounts of the strain for use in laboratory experiments with Republican tax returns. It was thought to be in containment as recently as five weeks ago, with scientists citing poll results showing resistance to doses of unemployment previously considered fatal.

All that changed on September 12 after an unexpected outbreak in Benghazi, Libya. Although it caught Axlerod and his team by surprise, they were temporarily able to keep it under control with a regimen of YouTube blame therapy and gaffe-meme injections. But the new Benghazi strain proved stubbornly resistant, and has continued to slowly spread.

"We're dealing with the ultimate buzzkiller here," said Senior Narrative Engineer Stephanie Cutter. "This one directly attacks voters' ability to hallucinate happy thoughts, or even ignore the obvious - no matter how many squirrels we innoculate them with."

22 November 2012

A little unclear on the concept...

...Democracy, that is...
halls of macadamia/Disappointingly, in this part of the world, functional democracy is defined as "not chucking your political adversaries off 10th floor roofs"...
"The Egyptian leader also decreed that all decisions he has made since taking office in June and until a new constitution is adopted are not subject to appeal in court or by any other authority, a move that places Morsi above oversight of any kind. He already has legislative powers after the powerful lower chamber was dissolved days before he took office June 30."
Ah, yes... the earthy smell of Arab Spring.

21 November 2012

From the folks who brought you the...

...siege of Caledonia...
A pair of Six Nations activists told Hamilton councillors they will stage a violent protest if need be to fight against the Enbridge pipeline plan.

“We are paying attention to what they're doing and we don't like it,” Montour said. “If you think we can't do anything about it, you're badly mistaken.”
No fear, you sociopaths... we believe you.

20 November 2012

Sorry, Doc... when the drug is taken...

...as prescribed, by responsible human beings, it's a godsend... just ask anyone with a ruptured spinal disc...
"Dr. David Juurlink, of Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, said generic Oxy is much more dangerous than the current version available in Canada -- and the government needs to take action."
Now, you buy your shit off Biker Bob at the local dive... and crush it and snort or inject it... you may have a problem. So, how about we double jail time for scum-sucking drug dealers? Nah, that'd involve investigations, arrests, trials and incarceration. Much easier just to try stir up a panic and create a straw man for the media to vilify.

Why is it, the same people who wanna set up government funded heroin parlours are the ones screaming about regulated, prescription-only pharmaceuticals?

You really wanna save lives... start restricting access to alcohol & tobacco.
"Tobacco causes 40 per cent of all hospital illnesses, while alcohol is blamed for more than half of all visits to hospital emergency rooms. The substances also harm society in other ways, damaging families and occupying police services."
The problem here isn't the drug... it's the druggies.

Focus people.


FROM THE COMMENTS: That's your example?

"when's the last time a heroin addict had kidney failure or stroke from getting high"
You're advocating using heroin over prescribed painkillers as a step in the right direction?

That ignorant blunderer George W...

...wait a minute...
It is rather embarrassing, as well as sad, that the leader of the free world can’t even pronounce the name of the most famous human rights activist on the planet. Or that he is so quick to appease Burma’s authoritarian regime by calling it “Myanmar”.
Take away the teleprompter and you get to see the real Barack...
Barack Obama’s gaffes demonstrate not only a marked lack of attention to detail and a high degree of amateurishness on the part of the White House, but also a disturbing willingness to curry favour with unsavoury regimes.
Another story you won't hear from the CBC.

19 November 2012

National Treasure, my hairy ar$e

And that's not just my opinion...kill the beast
"Not even the NDP seems prepared to call for taxpayers to make up for CBC ad revenue lost because of the hockey lockout."
Poor babies... having to make do with only a billion taxpayer dollars... every year.


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...the manipulation.

I blame Henry Hudson...

...and his damn fur company...
Three teens pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a Wetaskiwin courtroom Wednesday for the killing of a five-year-old boy shot in his Hobbema home.

Ethan Yellowbird was struck in the head by a stray bullet on July 11, 2011, as he slept inside his Samson Cree Nation home, about 90 km south of Edmonton, and police say he was a victim of a botched drive-by shooting.

The three teens, who police say were 13, 16 and 17 at the time of the death and cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, entered the guilty pleas on what was slated to be the first day of a two-week trial.

Meanwhile, police continue to investigate the Sept. 6, 2011, shooting death of Ethan’s aunt — 23-year-old Chelsea Yellowbird — who was fatally shot in the backyard of a home next door to where the young boy was shot.
(h/t reader beachnut)

18 November 2012

Somebody's gonna have to go shopping...

...for new hats...
“People are not just going to vote for flash, they are going to vote for substance,” Mr. Trudeau told reporters Saturday at a Liberal meeting in Sorel, Que., the first since the race officially began on Wednesday.
If that`s true, Justin... you`re screwed.

Let`s just say it... this guys last name was "Smith"... people would be rolling in the aisles.

He`s got a one page CV that lists his former occupation as substitute teacher... and makes zero mention of Daddy dearest.

12 November 2012


And, an added bonus... a couple of caring, committed morally-aware adults don't pick the taxpayer's pockets...the poverty industry continues to growUnlike, say... the government administered poverty bureaucracy...
Over the past seven years, the city has poured an extra $210-million into programs designed to help Toronto’s “priority” neighbourhoods.

What difference has that money made? Nobody has a clue. Nobody tracked the programs or measured the outcomes, or even collected local data on changing crime and dropout rates.

The truth is that the data needed to make decisions simply don’t exist. As one insider says, “We’ve organized ourselves in such a way that mostly we have no idea what we’re doing.”
Just something to think about, Toronto... as you're signing that municipal tax cheque.

Click on the comment above to get to the story.

Apparently... Kabul self-defense classes...

...emphasize making sure your assailant is "down"...
"Afghan immigrant Peer Khairi has been found guilty of second-degree murder in the brutal near-decapitation of his wife Randjida. The blood-drained body of Randjida, 53, was discovered in their Etobicoke apartment on March 18, 2008 with her throat slit and five knife wounds to her torso."

10 November 2012

Who doesn't love...

...a good home repair story?
"He crawled through a leach field, a tank full of excrement, six feet of 4" pipe, and twenty feet of 1.5" pipe that dead-ended at my washing machine trap, where he probably died trying to turn around. Then he was hooked with an auger and partially pulled through a hole smaller than his head. What a way to go."

09 November 2012

Canadian values...

...more flexible than you might think...
A Toronto mosque that runs an Islamic school cleared of hate crimes charges this week said Friday it was disappointed at the “rush to judgment and harsh comments” it faced over the controversy.
Rush to judgement, huh? You be the judge...
Teaching materials on the school website not only encouraged boys to keep fit for jihad, but also referred to Jews in disparaging terms such as “treacherous” and compared Islam to “the Jews and the Nazis.”

Police said the materials did not merit criminal charges.
Yup... move along.... nuthin' to see here.

That was one heckuva...

...children's party...
Staff-Inspector Greg McLane confirmed that the violence was the result of an altercation between members of the Malvern Crew and the Galloway Boys, notorious Scarborough street gangs. A Malvern Crew member was denied entry to the party - which the officer said had been taken over by the Galloway Boys - and went to get reinforcements.

Shaquan Mesquito, whose street name is Bam Bam, is facing two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder, 24 counts of aggravated assault and one of reckless discharge of a firearm.
How many social workers you think it would have taken to keep Bam Bam on the straight and narrow?

Tellingly, comments at the Globe have been disallowed.

From Greece to the Governator...

Moneyball & Blind Side author Michael Lewis hits another one out of the park...
california is worse off than greeceRead this book and then try to justify "spending your way out of a crisis."
"Yet in his new book both the details of Lewis’s reportage and the big picture look unanswerable. Few who read Lewis’s account of his trip to Greece — where tax evasion is a birthright, where civil servants get paid for 13 or 14 months a year to evade salary limits, where the first thing a government does in election years is to pull its tax collectors, where a mob prevents cruise-ship passengers from disembarking and spending — will put “Boomerang” down with any doubt about whether that nation will default on its debts. The numbers involved in the catastrophe facing Greece and other at-risk countries are not just baffling, they’re ridiculous."
The interview with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is worth the price of the book alone. This should be required reading for anyone seeking political office.

07 November 2012


you get the kind of government you deserve
"Surrounded by children that have voted to have "candy" for dinner for the next 4 years."

"Mitt Romney and his family would have been the essence of exactly what this country needs. But what was Romney's recipe? Romney's recipe was the old standby: American route to success, hard work. That gets sneered at. I'm sorry. In a country of children where the option is Santa Claus or work, what wins?"

"And say what you want, but Romney did offer a vision of traditional America. In his way, he put forth a great vision of traditional America, and it was rejected. It was rejected in favor of a guy who thinks that those who are working aren't doing enough to help those who aren't. And that resonated."

06 November 2012

Ask a Journo-Canadian

NEWSFLASH: Stephen Harper orders jewel-encrusted throne made of human skulls...
more headliesOh my gawd...
"Back in the late 1980s, the purchase of this jet was criticized by opposition politicians who charged the plane was too extravagant. They dubbed it the 'Taj Mahal.'"
I'm shocked and appall... wait a minute...
The 25-year-old Airbus 310 resembles a normal passenger plane except for two small cabins that have cushioned bench seating outside them.
So the screamin' headline here is, well... a partisan political lie. Which the Globe chooses to splash across their bleeding edge "samosa" report.

Trouble is, you have to wade through a pile of nonsensical shite to get to that little fact

Shouldn't the headline here be about Liberal dishonesty? Ask your ethical & intellectual superiors at the Globe & Mail.


AND GEORGE BROWN WEPT: Facts? What facts?
just the factsThat'd be the guy who wrote the headline, right?


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...where is the Globe on Liberal poohbahs?
Less than two months after stepping down as Canadian prime minister -- a job he left to Maurice Strong protégé Paul Martin -- Chrétien was back in China tending business interests.

"Chrétien was hosted by the state-owned China International Trust and Investment Group Corp. (CITIC), which is the communist regime's most politically connected financial and industrial conglomerate." (Asian Pacific Post, Feb. 19, 2004).

CITIC is a sort of Power Corp., Orient style.

With an estimated asset base of $48-billion, CITIC is among the world's largest corporations with 44 subsidiaries and banks including those in Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

This is a corporation that maintains close ties to the dreaded Peoples Liberation Army, and which answers directly to China's top ruling political leaders.
You think Jean Chretien and Maurice Strong are travelling around the Orient in a leased Twin-Otter?

05 November 2012

03 November 2012

CBC Exposed

"As a former National Reporter for CBC Television News, I can confirm Brian Lilley’s book is right on the mark. We used to call the executive building on Jarvis St. ‘the Kremlin’ for a good reason; the place was full of leftists."

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Lilley describes how the CBC, in the name of “freedom of expression” and “public interest,” destroyed the reputation and living of a respected cardiologist and researcher, Dr. Frans Leenen, by (as Lilley says) “making the interviews fit the story they had decided on before the project even began.”

The accusations against Dr Leenen aren’t the point — they occurred prior to 2000. Suffice to note that in court, Justice Cunningham said the CBC program characterized him “dishonestly and misrepresented his views” ... portrayed him as “a devious, dishonest, bumbling fool” when all the time they knew he was “a person of high integrity and reputation.”

Even when the court found in favour of Dr. Leenen and awarded him $950,000, the CBC appealed (incurring more legal costs that the public paid), and even then refused to apologize or admit error.

Lilly quotes Guy Fournier, former chairman of the CBC’s board of directors: “The CBC never excuses itself and never apologizes.”
Kill this boondoggle, or at the very least, make it pay for itself.

01 November 2012

Because cutting government spending...

...is a bad thing...
New year-end numbers reveal the federal government quietly cut spending by $8-billion after Canadians handed the Conservatives a majority mandate.
The real story here is in the comments. Get a close-up look at the rabid political left.


"Consistency is never a Progressive trait. They screamed for "stimulus" spending, they screamed because the "stimulus" spending they demanded created a $30 billion deficit and now they scream because the spending gap is closing."
The so-called Progressives... they're certainly not shy about tossing around all that "free" money.