31 October 2020

Smell the "Professional" Journalism

Ask Glenn Greenwald...
These journalists are desperate not to know. As Taibbi wrote on Sunday about this tawdry press spectacle:

"The least curious people in the country right now appear to be the credentialed news media, a situation normally unique to tinpot authoritarian societies."

Remember when Justin told Canada...

...legalisation would end illegal dope trafficking...insert alt text here
“Organized crime continues to exploit an outdated Health Canada medical licensing system, which is generating tremendous profit that we know is resulting in violence and funding other criminal activity in our community.”

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...people actually obeyed the law of the land...

Now back in Canada, Carr says police have told her she is likely no longer in danger, but with one caveat.

“The police said 'we believe the risk is low.' As long as you don't go back to work, as long as you don't restart the firm.”

So they have effectively ended my career. We lost everything. They won.”
Third world criminals bring third world problems.

The first thing we do is...

...hang all the lawyers...
In a statement to CTV News Toronto, Isaac’s lawyer Daniel Brodsky said his client “ought to have called the police when he arrived home and discovered what had happened to his roommate while he was gone.”

That is why Isaac did not contact authorities when he discovered Selby-Readman’s body inside their apartment, Brodsky said.

30 October 2020


insert alt text here
"Muslims Have A Right To Be Angry And Kill Millions Of French People, Says Ex-Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad."
"In 2018, the President of the Palestinian Authority blamed the Holocaust on, quote, "Jewish social behaviors and money lending practices". Yes, just 2 years ago."
And not a single Muslim "protest" about decapitating folk.

Gotta have priorities, I guess.  

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Toronto: Homicide #61/2020

insert alt text here
Toronto police say Jonathan Rodriguez-Sanchez, 19, has died in hospital a month after he was shot in the chest.
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T’Quan Robertson, a 24-year-old man involved in a brazen daylight shooting at a Scarborough playground has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Two young sisters were struck by bullets.
LAST WORD: Don't worry, T'Quan, nobody does the full bit...insert alt text here
Nahom Tsegazab, one of the triggermen who turned a summer barbecue on Danzig Ave. into a wild shootout has had his day parole extended.

So... two dead... too bad.  Apparently, it's not that hard to impress the Parole Board...
"Tsegazab's,only prior conviction before the Danzig shootings was for possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition."
Oh, yeah, his brother Naod “Gritty” Tsegazab is a murderer too.

And The Rockets Red Glare...

"...the bombs bursting in air" ♫...insert alt text hereWhat happens to all the folks who can't afford panic rooms and armed bodyguards?
New York’s ultra-rich are quietly preparing for civil unrest on Election Day — by hiring armed guards, off-duty cops with “submachine guns,” to stand watch over their luxury Manhattan buildings.  “The NYPD is advising buildings to get the extra security,” the source said. “They’ve never done this before.”

It’s even worse in Florida, where one New Yorker, who owns a luxury condo in Naples, said her building has hired two ex-marine “snipers” to stand on guard, with guns, on the roof, on Election Day and after.
“We expect that this mobilization will create space and opportunity for unrest, primarily in Minneapolis. In this context, the situation could rapidly spiral beyond control depending on the nature of the unrest and the State’s reaction.”


...was apparently unavailable for comment...
MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Three teen girls, Ta’Niya Merriweather, 16, Erin Taylor, 16, and Tyeshia Whisenant, 16, of Montgomery, were arrested Tuesday and have been charged with capital murder.

All three were connected to the disappearance and death of 17-year-old Lesley Luna Pantaleon.

After Pantaleon was dumped in the river, the group went to McDonald's.

29 October 2020


Come for the vin rouge... stay for the vivisection...insert alt text here
Of the three dead in Thursday’s Nice attack, two victims were women and one was a man. One of those women, we now know was killed next to the font of the Notre Dame church, —French media reporting SHE WAS NEARLY COMPLETELY BEHEADED.

The man who died was also killed inside the church was a server or sacristan.

Another woman who was stabbed several times managed to escape the church but succumbed to her injuries outside.


Live and don't learn... and die!insert alt text here

Police sources named the suspect as Brahim Aioussaoi, a 21-year-old Tunisian who arrived by boat on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Time Magazine reaches shiny new...

...level of pander... just ask a Muslim...
“The 15 minutes I’ll take to vote for Biden is like eating the unavoidable ham; Trump is hunger and starvation,” said former Bernie Sanders surrogate Amer Zahr.
Apparently, principles ain't what they used to be.

28 October 2020

"Social Media" in the bag for Biden

They look you right in the face and they lie...insert alt text here
CEO Jack Dorsey claimed repeatedly in his testimony that Twitter had lifted its ban on sharing The Post’s articles, which Twitter initially censored under a “hacked materials” policy, despite no evidence that the records were hacked.

Break them up!

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Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey what happens if someone on the platform denies the Holocaust ever happened. Dorsey admitted the company "does not have a policy against that type of misleading information."


Where is Snake Plissken when you really need him?"insert alt text hereAnd why does "social justice" inevitably involve the extra-legal aquisition of high-end consumer electronics?
Shops and Police Vehicle Looted During Black Lives Matter Riot • Fires, Officer Down, Police ‘Lost Control of 52nd Street’"
A massive violent riot has broken out in Philadelphia in response to the police shooting of a black man who ran at officers with a knife.
At least one officer was hit by a large truck, a police vehicle was looted, another was lit on fire, and shops are currently being ransacked.
"The Community" gets their "Reparations"...
Looters in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia ransacked a Walmart during the second night of "protesting." Rioters broke pipes in the ceiling, flooding the store.
And there's this...
"Philadelphia bomb squad investigators are looking into the series of explosions at ATMs across the city."

The Toronto Red Star is calling this "Unrest"... conjuring up images of old men sitting on park benches and muttering under their breath.

Not that New York is any better.

Beverly Hills has closed Rodeo Drive, and advised shop owners to board up their stores next Tuesday and beyond.
Oh, c'mon... we all know it's gonna be "MOSTLY PEACEFUL"

27 October 2020

Celebration on the right...

...outraged hysteria on the left...insert alt text here
"The Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee offered the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee birthday greetings in their tweet announcing Barrett’s confirmation."

Let's twist that knife. 

BREAKING: Gates of hell suddenly opened...

"She can't do this! This is unconstitutional!" screamed Rachel Maddow as enforcement squads kicked in the doors at MSNBC's studios and grabbed her for reconditioning as a subservient handmaid.

"I warned you! I WARNED ALL OF YOU!"

The absolute, inviolable human right...

...to inflict an incessant obsession with your genitalia on the rest of humanity...insert alt text here
Canada Galaxy Pageants, a women's-only beauty pageant based out of Toronto, Ontario, is facing human rights complaints from self-proclaimed lesbian warrior princess and tech blogger Jessica Yaniv, after not being accepted as a contestant in the pageant's "28 Years and Older" division.
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"Galaxy Pageants is also run by a woman of Asian descent."

Justin Saves the World...

...and Canada too...
An extra $1.3 billion in health-care funding would be needed across Canada to return ballooning wait times for six common medical procedures — including hip replacements and MRIs — to what they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study says.

Put him in a cage...

...weld the door shut and turn off the lights...insert alt text here
“Autopsies revealed he had struck each of them on the head, with most likely a crow bar, and when they fell to the floor, he cut their throats.”

"His guilty plea is a true expression of remorse," said his lawyer.
Yeah... I bet it is...
Zaman allegedly sent his murder plans, as well as photos of the crime online to another player of the fantasy game Perfect World Void.

26 October 2020

New "Blowjobs for Biden" campaign

B-list comedian scolds silly pickaninny... offers sex & money to change his crazy vote...insert alt text here
"Chelsea Handler says she had to 'remind' rapper and actor 50 Cent that he 'can’t vote for Donald Trump' because 'he’s a black person.'

She added that she would be willing to 'seal the deal in more ways than one' and 'go for another spin' in exchange for him publicly denouncing President Trump."
BREAKING: She found his currency... 'Fitty' caves...
"50 Cent Does a 180, Says He ‘Never Liked’ Trump."
Okay Chelsea... time to pay up.

TORONTO: Homicide #59-60/2020

The usual, well... you know...insert alt text hereCuriously, no pictures of the shooter are available.
"A 22-year-old man is dead and three people are in custody after a Sunday evening shooting in the east end."
Apparently, somebody really wanted to frost this particular cake...
"CP24 reported that the man was also stabbed."
UPDATE: Ask Insp. Mandeep Clouseau...
"We'll have to continue to investigate that angle to determine what the goal was of the knife."
UPDATE2: If it saves just one life...
"Jakub Sudomericky, 21, was killed in a shooting in an LCBO parking lot after an alleged dispute over social distancing in Scarborough."
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Investigators from the Homicide Unit arrested Gary Nishikawara, 66, of Toronto and charged him with Second Degree Murder of Margaret Nishikawara, 95.

Trudeau shelling out billions to...

...failing propaganda outlet...insert alt text here
"The CBC has ran to the government for grants like this in the past. It was revealed they hemorrhaged $2.1 billion over twelve years after losing the rights of Hockey Night In Canada to Rogers."
"The Trudeau government has quietly paid a $10.5-million settlement to Omar Khadr in a move that circumvents legal efforts by two Americans to prevent him from receiving compensation."
What about the Kielburger Kickback scam. He just keeps getting away with this shit.

25 October 2020

Don't tell me the Democrats...

...aren't ready to govern...insert alt text here
EL PASO, TX—After Trump brought attention to the coyote epidemic at the southern border during the debates, Democrats on Twitter are offering unique solutions to the problem, such as setting up decoy roadrunners to distract the coyotes.
Trust me... truth is stranger than fiction.

What's life... without a "Deram?"

Hang on a sec... pictures of "headhunters" aren't racist?insert alt text here
Instagram has refused to remove an image depicting two obese black women posing with the severed heads of a white woman and man, claiming that “people may express themselves differently” and that the picture doesn’t violate community guidelines.

"We want to be clear that using #blacklivesmatter is supported and celebrated on Instagram, and we are moving quickly to ensure voices using this hashtag are heard.”

Can't shut down murders, mayhem...

...so Lightfoot goes after Chicago business owners...insert alt text here
“I just figured the hell with closing up, I’ll just stay open,” Four Treys co-owner Paul Seng told ABC. “Give me my license money back.

If you’re going to raise my taxes and all that stuff and put me out of business, then well, it’s insane.”
Gotta have priorities...
At least 24 people were shot, six fatally, over the weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.
A man in his 30s has been seriously injured in a shooting on Yonge Street, north of Davisville Avenue, shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday evening.

24 October 2020

How much more proof...

...does anyone need?
A 2017 email from a top official with a Chinese energy firm, provided by a whistleblower to U.S. Senate investigators, demonstrates the terms of an agreement included officials with the firm giving a $5 million non-secured, forgivable loan to the Biden “family.”

23 October 2020

No... the sky isn't falling

From the comments...
29 times in American history, a SCOTUS vacancy has occurred during and election year; and, 29 times in American history the sitting president has nominated a replacement.

In each case, trend data shows that the success of the nomination resulting in an actual appointment directly correlated to the alignment of the sitting President's political party and that of the current Senate.

This will be the 30th time and it will be consistent with history.

Thank your lucky stars...

...all these dumbass gangbangers get their gun smarts from Vin Diesel movies, or we'd all really be in trouble.most wantedTrust me... all that holding your weapon sideways and one-handed snap-shooting has saved countless lives.

Ask a Toronto rapper.

Better yet, ask THE Toronto rapper.

One Giant "Milgram" Experiment

"More than seven months into the pandemic, there are still no lines of patients in the halls. While my colleagues and I are busier than we were in March, there has been no pent-up overflow of people with crushing chest pain, debilitating shortness of breath or fevers and wet, rattling coughs.

“It’s so weird,” a colleague remarked recently. “It’s like those people have vanished.”
And there's this.

22 October 2020


The Marie Antoinette of Canadian politics...insert alt text here
A report released today by the investigative journalists of Journal de Montréal shows that the Trudeau Liberal government gave a $237 million contract to a firm that had been created just seven days before obtaining the contract and that the federal government overpaid by nearly $100 million.


The term "jacking off" has just been consigned to the scrapheap of history....insert alt text here
Toobin will no longer be appearing on CNN as a legal analyst for the time being. A CNN spokesperson said "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted,” CNN said in a statement."

Christmas Gifts for the grandchildren

"As Connor Boyack recently discovered, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The creator of the popular Tuttle Twins children’s book series, which reinforces libertarian values and free-market principles, saw his book sales surge after an established progressive magazine wrote a lengthy feature article attacking the books."

21 October 2020

Oh, no... please... you go first...

...I insist...
"A Brazilian volunteer in the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial has died, health officials announced Wednesday. The Federal University of Sao Paulo, which is helping coordinate phase 3 clinical trials in the country, also confirmed the death."


...and die...insert alt text here
President Emmanuel Macron has ordered a sweeping crackdown on radical foreigners following the brutal beheading of a teacher on Friday in an Islamist terrorist attack.

Minister of Interior Gerald Darmarin has listed for expulsion 231 foreigners red-flagged under the anti-terrorism alert law.
"On the one-year anniversary of a brazen Ottawa shooting that claimed the life of a 24-year-old Canadian soldier, Justin Trudeau avoided mention of the word terrorism."
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Heavily armed police officers stood guard Wednesday evening as a French city defied Islamist terrorism by projecting huge images of Charlie Hebdo cartoons on a local government building.
LAST WORD: Merkel He Wrote...
Bild reports, the security service thought he would return to an ordinary non-criminal life upon release from his two-year imprisonment for a “serious criminal offence that endangers the state."

Free at last, free at last...

...long, storied history of racial oppression in Peel Region is finally over...insert alt text hereIt's way past time somebody did something about the shameful practice of slavery in Mississauga...
"Peel Police sign historic agreement to create legally binding policies to end racial discrimination."

Take note... these are holistic and binding remedies.” 

More than that, they're "tangible, transformational action terms." 

 So, racism is over... in Peel Region anyway.

PS... Here's some advice for families with mentally-ill members who are prone to arming themselves... don't call 911 if you're expecting cops to come and sing lullabies to anyone brandishing a lethal weapon. 


"Peel police Const. Andrew Cooper pretended to be an Obeah Man • a practitioner of witchcraft and voodoo in Caribbean culture • to get Collette Robinson and her son Evol to reveal their knowledge of the slaying of Youhan Oraha, 22."

20 October 2020

Friends in low places

insert alt text here
Documents submitted to the Finance Committee on Monday reveal that WE Charity spent over $427,000 on the Trudeau family in the form of payments, amenities, and gifts.

Mark Kielburger also revealed in the documents that he and his brother had conversations with six cabinet ministers on eight occasions.
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The records reveal that Trudeau collected $1,341,500 in speaking fees between 2006 and 2012.
LAST WORD: Kids just gotta suck it up
“We know that it's not easy, and it's frustrating,” Trudeau said Tuesday. “Unfortunately all of us are having to make sacrifices of different types, particularly kids.”

DATELINE TORONTO: No longer that good

Defund the police... I dare you...insert alt text here
"Shortly after midnight on Friday, Oct. 16, Toronto Police were notified of a threat made online to an unidentified school in the city."
UPDATE: They don't catch the smart ones...
"Tygar Allen Campbell, 28, was arrested in Hamilton after the execution of a criminal code search warrant."

"If it only saves one life"...

...right, Boris?insert alt text here
“If lockdown were a drug, you’d need to consider the side effects, and yet we’re not – even though we seem to be diving headlong into another one."

During the three months of lockdown, organ transplants fell by two-thirds, resulting in the numbers of people dying on transplant waiting lists to nearly double.

Hospital chemotherapy attendance fell by 66 per cent in April, per a University College London study for the British Medical Journal.

Urgent referrals for early cancer diagnosis dropped by up to 89 per cent, according to the same study.

Hospitals postponed some 50,000 surgeries for children from March to May in England alone.


...this side of the Maginot Line...insert alt text here
"We understand and acknowledge that in attempting to preserve peace and safety during those two days, there were times when matters were not addressed in the way they should have been."

On the plus side, the downtown core didn't burn to the waterline.

Tampon U

"A telegram from the god of simple things"insert alt text here
"Not all people who menstruate are women," said graduate student Liz Davis-Frost.
Oh, Liz... you mean these people?
"The suicide rate for pre & post-op transsexuals is nearly identical at just over 40%."
That's who's driving policy? What are your thoughts on blind surgeons?

19 October 2020

Smell the "Professional" Journalism

Having a daily crisis is saving their failing business model... think about that...insert alt text here
On Sept. 22, CNN triumphantly announced that 200,000 people had died from COVID-19 in the United States. They tried various ways of rubbing in the 200,000 figure.

Their best effort was an infographic blaring, “US COVID-19 deaths are equal to having the 9/11 attacks every day for 66 days.”

Here’s a less biased, but less catchy, comparison: 2020’s attributed COVID-19 deaths were equivalent to having another 2017-2018 flu and pneumonia season boosted by 13 percent.

Those with good memories will recall seeing more “Wash Your Hands” and “Cough Into Your Elbows” posters.
And there's this...
The CDC itself caused a stir at the end of August by estimating that the virus directly caused only 6 percent, or now just over 11,000 of the 187,000 attributed deaths. Most of these deaths were in the elderly.
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
"Historians will note that Covid-19 was the most successful melded use of psychological and biological warfare in human history."

No Deer... No AR15s

Cops rounding up local farmers, hunters and skeet shooters as we... wait a minute...toronto's most wanted
TORONTO • "An armed suspect was arrested in Etobicoke Saturday morning after he allegedly fled from officers in a stolen car, crashed into a parked vehicle, and shot at the windows and door of a locked office building to try to get inside."

"Police identified the suspect as 22-year-old Ismail Patel."
"The gangbangers will balance themselves."

18 October 2020

Samuel? Samuel Who?

Timing is everything if you're fighting Islamophobia...insert alt text here
Thousands of pro-immigration protesters took to the streets of Paris, demanding that the French government give amnesty to the “undocumented” migrant population just one day after a Chechen migrant beheaded teacher Samuel Paty in Paris.
This is the second attack to take place during the Charlie Hebdo trial.

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LAST WORD: The ultimate cancel culture...

Nobody, really nobody, could imagine, on October 9 when I posted it, that it would end with this killing,” Paris Imam M’hammed Henniche added.
I'm gonna call bullshit here.

Amy Barrett's Crucifix...

...Causes Democrats To Hiss In Terror...insert alt text hereRELATED:
Calling it the “Barrett Rule,” George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley says it “would allow not only for the packing of a court but the packing of the court with guaranteed ideological drones.”
At some point in time, even Vito Corleone had to step away from the family business.


Here are the protestors the media has a problem with...
"Hundreds of protesters gathered downtown for most of the afternoon on Saturday, calling for an end to the COVID-19 lockdown measures."

"The demonstration was held by a group known as 'The Line' WHO CLAIM TO BE a civil liberties movement."

Yeah, Geraldo... I'm just sick and tired of stepping over piles of corpses in the street.

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"Dangers looms when one person tries to regulate the lives of millions."
LAST WORD: Speaking of "protestors"...
"Joe Biden, do you still think that Antifa is 'just an idea?'

17 October 2020

About as Biden as it gets

Perhaps he simply doesn't remember...insert alt text here
“I know you’d ask it. I have no response. It’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask,” Biden replied, sounding annoyed.

It's not a smear if it's a fact...
Although the Biden campaign has denied that the former VP ever met Pozharskyi officially, it has not denied ever meeting the man.

Former VP Biden has claimed he never spoke to Hunter about his business dealings overseas.
It's just another day on the Joe Biden campaign trail...insert alt text here
Joe Biden visited the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami on Monday and told a group of young girls he wanted to see them dance “when they’re four years older.”

Not creepy at all.

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Carycruz Bueno, a postdoctoral researcher at Brown University took to social media to explain that Black AirBnB guests may be traumatized by Trump signs.

She also stated that the American flag could be a symbol “used in many places to scare Black people.”
The University of Michigan is all in.

16 October 2020

The capricious & unknowable "Will of..."

...well... you know...insert alt text here
French police on Friday shot dead a man who minutes earlier had killed a middle school teacher by slitting his throat in the street in a suburb of Paris, police said on Friday.

Witnesses had heard the attacker shout “Allah Akbar”, or “God is Great.”
UPDATE: Drawings = Death Penalty
"The victim in the beheading was a teacher who had shown cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed during a class."

 Well, then... I guess he deserved it.

Charlie Hebdo... that sounds so familiar.  

UPDATE2: The usual suspects...

A suspect shot dead by police after the gruesome beheading of history teacher Samuel Paty, 47, in an attack near Paris was 18-year-old Moscow-born Chechen refugee, Aboulakh Anzorov, officials said Saturday.

He had been granted a 10-year residency in France as a refugee in March.
UPDATE3: The family that preys together...
"Anzorov’s half-sister had travelled to join ISIS in Syria in 2014, the same year the group declared its Caliphate."


...HOME OF THE... sweet baby jebus...
By July 26th, there were two separate petitions calling for Mead’s article to be retracted.
insert alt text here
On July 27th, the Faculty of Arts and Science at Mead’s own university, NYU, issued an official statement. It began by noting that Mead’s article “has caused great distress within our community.”

While the statement acknowledged that “Professor Mead has the same rights to freedom of expression as we all do,” it rejected “the article’s false, prejudicial, and stigmatizing assertions about the culture of communities of color.”

On 31 July, Mead’s article was retracted.
"When did the “F-U” Twitter-verse replace effective rebuttal via actual facts and evidence? When 280 characters of emotional nonsense can destroy academic papers, the tail is effectively wagging the dog."

Remember Trump ordered two scoops...

...of ice cream on the campaign trail...and it was national news...insert alt text here
"Tonight also represents an opportunity for ABC to set itself apart from the raft of media companies, new and old, that have dedicated the last 36 hours to suppressing a damning report about their favorite candidate."

"Despite having 90 minutes in which to ask Biden the question, Stephanopoulos never did so, nor did anyone in the audience."
A TALE OF TWO TOWN HALLS:insert alt text hereRELATED: It's time to fight back...
The RNC claimed that Twitter is “engaged in arguably the most brazen and unprecedented act of media suppression in this country’s history."

15 October 2020


A long time coming...insert alt text here
On Friday, October 9, 2020, we positively confirmed the identification of the person responsible for the DNA sample found on Christine’s underwear.

Calvin Hoover, of Toronto, Ontario, was 28 years old in 1984. He was known to the Jessop family at the time of Christine’s disappearance.


Idiots, explosives and falling anvils...
"I hope that you aren’t suggesting that I do not have my own mind or I could not think independently or that I would just decide, 'Oh, let me see what Justice Scalia said about this in the past.'”

"I assure you I have my own mind."

The longer this goes on... the more supremely judicial Judge Barrett looks. 

It gets better... by which I mean worse...

Boston University’s Ibram X. Kendi called Barrett and her husband “white colonizers” who use their black children as props and “civilized” them “in the ‘superior’ ways of White people.”

Well, I imagine there's no looting & burning allowed in the Barrett household, if that's what you mean.

BIDEN CAMPAIGN: "Once upon a time"...

The farce toddles unsteadily along...
"And if Joe Biden never met with Vadym Pozharskyi, the Biden campaign would say so. They do not say that. Their answer basically is that the entry... Meeting with Ukrainian businessman buying access to the Vice President does not appear on Joe Biden’s official schedule."

"Hunter Biden had previously contradicted his father’s claim never to have spoken with his son about his overseas business dealings in an interview with the New Yorker."
Twitter locked the account of @TeamTrump, an official Trump campaign account.

14 October 2020

He looks you right in the face...

...and he lies...insert alt text here
A “smoking gun email” obtained by the New York Post SHOWS JOE BIDEN LIED when he said he’s “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

According to an email dated April 17, 2015, Biden, who was then the sitting vice president, MET IN PERSON with Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma.
BONUS BIDEN:  ♫"Hit me baby one more time"
Also on the laptop is a 12-minute video that appears to show Hunter smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman.

UPDATE: Big Tech Information Coup...

Facebook said it would rely on its fact-checking partners to determine the story's legitimacy, but until then, it is taking steps to tamp down on its spread.

Twitter is blocking the post from being shared on its platform.
LAST WORD: Trump campaign weighs in
“For what possible reason could all of these foreign countries and entities be shoveling money at people named Biden, if not to influence official U.S. policy?"

"American journalists have a responsibility to relentlessly question Joe Biden about all of this, in detail."

TORONTO: Who's Zooming Who?

most wanted
Five people are in Toronto police custody following a shooting early Tuesday morning in Ice Condos: the waterfront towers with an alleged abundance of AirBnb units.

According to TPS, a gun has been recovered after two bullets were allegedly shot through the wall and into the unit next door shortly before 3 a.m.

The building has consistently 'come under fire' by residents and FairBnb, a coalition against unfettered short-term rentals, for its illegal parties and safety risks.
A 17-year-old boy from Toronto is the third person charged in a shooting at a short-term rental on Aberdeen Avenue this summer. Police allege three young men had rented a room at the property and were in Hamilton to make a rap video.