31 December 2015

The very richest are able to quietly...

"...shape tax policy that will allow them to shield billions in income."
Think this sort of thing doesn't happen here in Canada?
A plan to create a flat hydro distribution fee will force up the bills of the province’s most modest electricity users to the benefit of power guzzlers.

It’s Robin Hood in reverse — it will mean the small customers will subsidize large customers.”
Dream on.

30 December 2015

Those violent, knuckle-dragging Neo-Con...

...wait a minute...warm squishy liberalsHmmm... Roland Windsor Vincent... that sounds so familiar.


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...exposes violent western Canada cowboy subculture in shocking headline...
Alberta man arrested after Air Canada flight forced back to Toronto
Just another damn Alberta shitkicker... uh, wait...
Jaskaran Sidhu of Fort McMurray, Alta., has been charged with two counts of mischief, assault causing bodily harm, and endangering the safety of an aircraft.
Great Gamil Gharbi, Batman!


LAST WORD: #BlackLiesMatterToo
A year-long Washington Post investigation revealed that the high-profile deaths that spark so much media and activist attention — “white police officers killing unarmed black men — represent less than 4 percent of fatal police shootings.”
Funny how little you hear about the other 96%, because... professional journalism.

28 December 2015

Too much money in your pockets?

Kathleen Wynne is gonna fix that...
Back in the real world, the idea of Wynne’s incompetent, spendthrift, debt-ridden government lecturing Ontarians about not saving enough for retirement - and that she has a plan to fix everything - is absurd.

When combined with another Liberal money-sucking scheme - cap-and-trade - that should be enough to put the Ontario economy under water for years.

27 December 2015

An "Alternative Christmas Broadcast"

"Crusaders and Jews don't dare to come on the ground because they were defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan," Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said in a 23-minute long audio message released through an Isil-run internet account.
Merry, merry.


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...is the Muslim on Muslim component here...
Ramadi was recaptured by the army itself, without relying on the militias, who were kept off the battlefield to avoid sectarian tensions with the mainly Sunni population.

“The complex is under our complete control, there is no presence whatsoever of Daesh fighters in the complex,” Numani told Reuters.
That "sectarian tensions" thing... that translates to Sunnis and Shiites chopping off each other's heads. (Nb. - that "chopping" remark... that's not a figure of speech).

25 December 2015

Quite an ambititious scheme...

...for peoples not previously known for their medical achievements...
The Islamic State's religious scholars have ruled that taking the organs of non-Muslims is permissible under Islamic law to save the life of a Muslim, because killing apostates to eat their flesh has previously been allowed.

The revelation comes in a January 2015 document that was captured by U.S. special forces in Syria in May and obtained by Reuters.
That's some Religion of Peace.


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Here’s how it works. Let’s say that one day you walk into class and declare to all those present that you are a baboon. It took some time and a great deal of mental anguish, but you have finally discovered that you are not really a human being, but a baboon. You don't look like a baboon. In fact, you look just like a human being. And yet, the baboonist interpretation explains why you don't have any friends and why you have such bad table manners.

What more do you want?
Everything, apparently.

23 December 2015

The Liberal Legacy in Ontario

Ontario, historically an engine of economic growth in Canada, became a “have-not” province in 2009-10 and began to receive equalization payments for the first time. Since then, the province has received more than $14 billion in equalization payments, contributing to rapid growth in the size of its overall transfer envelope.

Ontario’s fiscal problems have emerged because the provincial government has failed to restrain its spending growth.

As a result, the province has continued to spend more than it takes in, running persistent budget deficits even as increased transfers continued to pour in from Ottawa.

22 December 2015

Forget your dreamy hypothetical utopia

If police could have stopped bus-beheader Vince Li, or PATH killer Rohinie Bisesar or mugger Calvin Nimoh before they murdered innocent bystanders... would it not have served the greater good?

So what about this? Sammy Yatim tried, and fortunately failed... to kill Bridgette McGregor.
"She held up her purse in front of her as Yatim came at her with his knife and she says she recalled feeling the thud of the knife against her purse."

“I need you to know that Yatim was dangerous,” she told the jury after she broke down crying on the stand."
Sammy Yatim was yelling about pussies and niggers as he chased passengers up the streetcar aisle. When confronted by armed police officers, he refused to put down his weapon and he reaped the inevitable whirlwind.

Watch the video where batshit crazy Sammy saunters down the streetcar with his penis in one hand and a switchblade in the other. No one on scene that night was gonna miraculously banish whatever snakes were swimming round Sammy's brain that night.

There is, however, one indisputable fact you can pull from this bubbling stew of insanity & violence... Sammy Yatim will never, ever get a chance to try kill anyone else again.

And I'm good with that.


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...more mysterious abuse of aboriginal women...
Saskatchewan RCMP are asking for the public’s help in locating three suspects wanted for attempted murder. At around 1:50 p.m. CT on Dec. 6, officers were called to a residence where a woman had sustained a gunshot to the head.

When police arrived at Onion Lake Cree Nation where the incident occurred, the suspects had fled.
Let's start the investigation.

Wonderful news, Manitobans...

...your previously puny judicial bench has been corrected and "strengthened"...

chicks with dicks
Manitoba's attorney general, Gord Mackintosh announced, "Diversity is valued, along with the other qualifications. The fact that Kael is transgender is exciting.

Mackintosh said the the provincial bench wasn't "REFLECTING THE FACE OF MANITOBA" and needed to "BE STRENGTHENED.
Well, pardon my ignorance... from this point on, I will scrupulously refer to Manitoba as Canada's own transgender province.
In addition to being transgender, McKenzie is also Metis.
Hey... twofer!


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"Chest masculinization surgery has also been added as an insured service under the provincial health insurance plan," said Healthy Living Minister Deanne Crothers. "People who don't identify with their biological sex and strongly identify with the opposite gender need timely access to quality care and services to help them transition," said Crothers.
And that's not all...
Already, the province provides coverage for gender transition-related surgeries including orchidectomies (removal of testicles), penectomies (removal of the penis), vagioplasties (reconstruction of the vagina), mastectomies (removal of breast tissue), hysterectomies (removal of the uterus) and oophorectomies (removal of the ovaries).
Thing is, you don't even need the surgery to change your sex...
Manitoba will no longer require proof of transsexual surgery in order for someone to change the sex designation on a birth certificate or birth registration. Individuals will be able to change their sex designation if they provide a statutory declaration and a supporting note from a health-care professional.
That's easier than reregistering a used car. Sounds like the tranny community gets the best of everything.

Now I'm just waiting for the Vampire-Canadian community to start demanding supplemental dental coverage and regular home deliveries of bags of blood.

But, what about the rest of us? I talked to a friend of mine the other day, who took his 89 year-old diabetic father into the local emergency room. Twelve hours later, without a diagnosis, or even a meal for his dad, he left in frustration and disgust.

21 December 2015

Hussein Obama announces "Assault Car" ban

Murderous metal strikes again...evil pieces of steelAnyone found in possession of any 1996 Oldsmobile in the USA after Friday at 6pm will be charged with "possession of a prohibited automobile."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reported to be in the initial stages of setting up a new "Long Car Registry" to deal with the offending vehicles.


UPDATE: Police identify driver of killer car


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Trudeau government guts Revenue Agency...

...Canadians will no longer be subject to yearly auditing of their finances under a new... wait a minute...our aboriginal brothersOkay, false alarm... apparently this only applies to our aboriginal brothers & sisters...
OTTAWA — The federal Liberal government showed more solidarity with Canada’s First Nations on Friday as it lifted sanctions against indigenous communities that have not complied with a Conservative spending-transparency law. Bennett... also said she’s suspending court actions against those First Nations not complying with the law.
So, more special laws... for special people.
Aaron Wudrick, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's director, said the move makes no sense.

“A law without consequence for non-compliance is a toothless law,” he said. “As such, soon many First Nations people across the country will again be in the dark as to how their elected leaders spend public dollars. Suspending enforcement of this law is wrong, and completely undermines the very principles this government claims to be advancing.”
What do our aboriginal friends say?
Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde welcomed what he called a “new approach,” predicting it would result in “real accountability by all parties.”
So Perry, removing the legal requirement to be accountable will result in "real accountability?" No wonder people living on reserves are shitting in plastic buckets and drowning in substance abuse, family violence and assorted endemic criminality.

I wonder... would removing the onus to momentarily cease forward motion at stop signs improve traffic safety?


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...maybe trust-fund millionaire Justin can explain it...
University dining halls aren’t exactly famous for serving gourmet dishes, but Oberlin students say their meals aren’t merely bad—they are racially inauthentic, and thus, a form of microaggression.

Liberal students at a Canadian university, for example, recently shut down a free yoga class for disabled students because yoga has its origins in Hinduism, meaning it doesn’t belong to white people and they shouldn’t practice it.

There’s something deliciously ironic about Oberlin students—some of the most privileged people in the world, as evidenced by the $50,000 they pay annually in tuition—whining about the bun-thickness of meals prepared by lowly paid cafeteria workers.
Perhaps the "End Times" are, justifiably, truly upon us.

20 December 2015

A not-so Charlie Brown Christmas

It seems there may be a little extra kick in this years "holiday" punch...
Berlin (AFP) - The Islamic State group may have stolen "tens of thousands" of blank passports that it could use to smuggle its fighters into Europe as refugees, a German newspaper reported Sunday.

The head of EU border agency Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri, said that passports issued in war-ravaged countries such as Syria where conditions are chaotic mean that no one can guarantee "that documents that look real were actually issued by an official authority".
Well, no one except Justin Trudeau... who apparently possesses extra-sensory super powers not available to us mere mortals.
Asked about the report, the German interior ministry offered a similar assessment. "In light of the large number of entering migrants, it cannot be ruled out that among them are for example, criminals, war criminals, members of militant groups or terror organisations. or individuals with extremist views."
Might I suggest, instead of celebrating the holidays at a crowded public venue this year... a quiet gathering at home with friends and family. Just in case.


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19 December 2015

If you can't trust the news...

File this under, "I get by with a little help from my friends"...

In his meeting with the columnists, Mr. Obama indicated that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and made clear that he plans to step up his public arguments.
Government by CNN. I guess that's what happens when you refuse those security briefings. But you'll never find that out by reading the New York Times.

If you think the CBC doesn't protect their "APEC hottie" in a similar fashion, you are truly naive.

When exactly did media organisations turn into full-blown propaganda shops?


UPDATE: How government really works
“Was Tashfeen Malik actually given an interview in the K-1 process, do we know that?” Sen. David Purdue, R-Ga., asked FBI Director James Comey during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing.

Comey replied that “the process requires” an interview, but that he didn’t know if one occurred.
Wait a minute...
At another hearing that same day, Leon Rodriguez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, told a House panel no interview was required.
Feeling safer yet?


RELATED: Meanwhile, back at the birthplace...

...of the modern welfare state...
Parts of Stockholm, Trelleborg and Malmo have taken on a new, distinctively Middle Eastern look and feel. Sexual assaults, killings and gang activity are all on the rise. But the flood of new refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and North Africa in 2015 has been a wake-up call for many Swedes, who are now getting armed.

Demand for firearms licenses is increasing; more and more Swedes are joining shooting clubs and starting vigilante groups.

According to police statistics, there are 1,901,325 licensed guns, owned by 567,733 people, in Sweden.”
Apparently, there is a limit to what people will put up with.


"In all despotic regimes media is inseparable from ruling authority."

18 December 2015

From our ever expanding...

..."You don't need a Weatherman" file...
"The reason that ISIS exists is the same reason that Syria can’t be fixed. ISIS didn’t get so big because Muslims are angry about our foreign policy. It got huge because Sunni Muslims hate Shiite Muslims."
Remember, this is happening in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey... you see a common thread here?

If you think centuries of animosity will suddenly disappear because these folk have access to ski hills, shopping malls & musical theatre, you are way past delusional.

And after they've wound up their intramural squabbles... have you ever pondered what's next on the "establishing the New Caliphate" list?


UPDATE: My melting pot overfloweth

When your "immigration policy" flows "from the heart outward"...
"Hundreds of asylum-seekers arriving in Norway had mobile phones containing images of executions, severed heads and dead children, police reveal."
Oh, relax folks... I'm sure Justin screened out all the immoderate Muslims.

Tear Jerker-in-Chief Michele Mandel...

...demonstrates how little you have to know to be a "professional" journalist...
"The accomplished 40-year-old MBA with an impressive resume in the business world and no previous record."
Not so, says a rival news organisation that apparently still believes in "fact-checking"...
"The life Bisesar lived online was largely a mirage, at least in recent years. Karl Gutowski, who knew Bisesar for eight years said Tuesday she struggled to find work after completing her MBA in 2007. Bisesar, 40, networked hard, he said, but could never land anything for more than a few months at a time."
Perhaps that piece of paper from B-School can get you in the door, but it obviously doesn't guarantee you can do the job.

But there's more to this story. If any one of Bisesar's alleged legion of friends had cared to step in, this whole tragedy might have been prevented.
Gutowski said Bisesar’s successful friends helped her through years of unemployment, letting her sleep on their couches or lending her money.

“She’s been able to sustain herself from a large network of friends,” he said.
Instead of getting Bisesar the help she desperately needed, these friends subsidised this obviously mentally-ill woman, letting her couch-surf and live a fantasy existence for most of the last decade...
"Gutowski said her mental health deteriorated in recent years. She was hospitalized in 2014. She was alienated from her family and she appeared to be increasingly paranoid."
Michele Mandel's theme appears to be, "Who could have seen this coming?"

The answer, sadly, seems to be "a whole lot of people."

17 December 2015

Internationally known for its film festival...

...and all those random murders...randomSeems there's never a Constable Forcillo around when we really, really need one... mostly because we're too busy trying to toss them into jail.

Question: If Islamic terrorists do start killing people in Canada's multicultural capital... how will we even know?


UPDATE: CBC devotes one sentence...

..to the murdered woman...
Rosemarie Junor, 28, was stabbed inside a Shoppers Drug Mart store in the underground PATH system that runs beneath parts of Toronto's downtown core.
They then return to their slobbering coverage of the person they obviously regard as the real victim...
At Bisesar's brief court appearance Wednesday morning, her lawyer, Calvin Barry, told reporters "she seems really sad," but he wouldn't comment on other aspects of Bisesar's life.
Well, that's not true. According to media hack & wannabe co-counsel Michele Mandel, ol' Calvin is claiming his homicidal client has been "traumatised" by recent events... unlike, you know... the family & friends of Rosemarie Junor.

They call it "journalism."

16 December 2015

Yeah, yeah, no death penalty... I get it

insert text hereI would trade five hundred homicidal Calvin Nimohs for one brilliant, giving Mark Ernsting.

How about, instead, we raise a half-million dollars for the defense fund (or whatever else they might want it for) for the first convict who is so outraged by this horrific crime, that (after a trial and a guilty verdict, of course) he permanently displaces a couple of Calvin Nimoh's cervical vertebrae...insert text here...'Cos let's face it... that's the only way to guarantee this murderous freak will never kill again.

And, heart-breakingly, look whose exemplary life Crazy Calvin chose to terminate...
TORONTO - A 39-year-old cancer researcher went out for a walk near Ryerson University Tuesday night and was stabbed to death in a violent robbery. A spokesman at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research confirmed Ernsting was an employee. “He was a senior biomedical engineer in the Drug Discovery Program.”

For the last couple years, he also worked as an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Ryerson University.

Homicide Det. Paul Worden said Nimoh was “known to police.”
You think my idea is "cruel and unusual?" Well then, let's just bring back the death penalty.


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...and people got kidnapped left & right?

Yeah... me neither.
A 56-year-old Ajax man, Mahmud Fahad, is facing charges after allegedly plotting to kidnap a Toronto businessman.
Hey, here's an idea. Let's import 25,000 more non-Englsh speaking people who regard us as infidels from the most violent place on earth to settle in our largest cities.

What could possibly go wrong?

They call it... "Journalism"

Rule #1... "If you can't say something nice..."jill the ripperRule #2... "Mitigate the crazy..."are you fucking shitting me?Rule #3... "If you can work 'white privilege' into the narrative... so much the better.


RELATED: My melting pot overfloweth

Rule #4... "Make the accused into the victim."poor murderer
"She seems very quiet, very demure and obviously very shaken by what's going on," said Gary Batasar, Yordanos's lawyer.
Say, Gary... how did her infant son seem? Oh, that's right... he's dead.

In other GTA news...
Unlike other domestic abuse cases, she didn’t have to endure “tremendous pain or discomfort before she died,” lawyer Brian Burgess told the court.
Yes, Counselor... because your client shot her in the head.


UPDATE: In case you didn't get it the first time...

...that stabby woman deserves your sympathy...poor, poor psychopath**********

UPDATE2: In other "professional" journalism news...

The CBC deathmongers are outdoing themselves today.

15 December 2015

The one election promise...

...the Liberals will be sure to honour...pass the cheesies
Will clerks be trained to recommend different strains of weed for the discerning toker? How will in-store sampling work? Will the LCBO give pride of place to “artisanal” pot from Ontario, as it currently does for locally-produced beer and wine?
Time to pull out the ol' Cheech & Chong records.


Will the "closed" signs now read: "Dave's not here, man?"

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These were legendary shows about actual information that didn’t involve reality TV Stars arguing over the price of frivolous trinkets.” But the mystery still baffles many historians on how the stories about the past simply disappeared in favour of programs about a reckless northern airliner and three about UFOs.
I got nuthin'.

Everything you need to know about...

...Canada's national broadcaster...compare and contrastRemember... this is all about $90,000... which, unlike the proceeds of every other government scandal I can think of, was actually returned to government coffers.

Now, don't get me wrong. Duffy is a crook, a greedy small-minded grifter. He deserves to be pilloried in the Sparks Street Mall... and I'm not using the term "pilloried" figuratively.

Thing is, he's a crook the same way a government official trying to flog, say... a Shawinigan golf course, who is revealed to be putting pressure on another government official to lend a shitpile of taxpayer monies to other people interested in, well... buying a Shawinigan golf course... is a criminal.

Of course, we the people are all complicit in these types of crimes. The Canadian Senate, for all the talk of sober second thought, is simply a featherbed in perpetuity for party shills and unelectable bagmen. We all know that... but we do nothing.

None of this is new or particularly elusive information. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll read about it at the CBC.

Here's an experiment... try searching on the recent Ontario auditor-General's report at the CBC website. It led me to a webpage that showed general info about the website itself. I tried it all kinds of ways and got zip. But that's what the CBC does. It's a vast propaganda organ to advance socialist idealogy.

You have to go elsewhere to get information about the left leaning parties in Canada...
"A big, complicated and massively costly government screw-up, in contrast, sometimes leaves people cold."
suck & blow
"Let’s see if this warms you up."

On Wednesday, Ontario’s Auditor-General announced that, between 2006 and 2014, thanks to incompetence and mismanagement on the part of the province’s Liberal government, Ontarians overpaid for electricity to the tune of $37-billion.
That's 411,000 times more money than the Duffster stole, and believe me, there are no Liberal operatives stepping up to replenish the kitty. Am I the only person left in Ontario who knows how to do basic math?
And over the next 18 years, consumers will be overpaying to the tune of another $133-billion.
There's a number too depressing to feed into the calculator.


UPDATE: Duffy testimony goes pear-shaped
One hour into the cross-examination in his own criminal trial, Sen. Mike Duffy had already lost his temper and admitted to major errors in his memory of how he got appointed to the Senate.
But, of course.

14 December 2015

You get the kind of government...

...you deserve...
School officials reportedly asked Colton to zip up his jacket and cover the image because the shirt was banned due to its representation of a weapon.

For clarification, the “rebel blaster” is not an actual weapon. It only exists in the Star Wars universe.
Sunny ways, my friends.


"Wow! Seriously? I'm old enough to remember the first Star Wars movie. I haven't killed anyone....yet."

"Meanwhile, t-shirts with pictures of genocidal maniacs like Mao, are probably encouraged."
The fact is, we've just gotta do something about those scary white American males.

LAST WORD: I guess it's easier to demonise...

...t-shirts and legal firearms owners, than it is to go after actual criminals.

Wake up Toronto.

Oh, hey... you're welcome

Our continuing series... another "social justice warrior" bedtime story...


BONUS: Global Warming Sideshow

Lets' ask the father of the global warming movement.

Or, maybe, this guy...
"The last goose will gladly have surrendered its swollen liver — foie gras does not come without exertion — to the last epicure environmentalist."

12 December 2015

The master of "bait & switch"

His "middle class tax cut" will cost Canada billions of dollars. He has pledged another three billion to "change the world's temperature."

He then pulled back sharply on the refugee throttle and climbed down from his promise to restore veterans offices. He also repudiated all of his "freedom of information" pledges and now there's this.

Let's face it, Canada... you've put P.T. Barnum in charge of the box office... and for the next four years those clumsy, garish clowns are gonna be continually tumbling out of the tiny red car.


UPDATE: About that $10,000,000,000 deficit...

...well, we sort of lied...
By targeting debt-to-GDP, the Liberals could instead be prepared to run annual deficits of up to $25 billion in the coming years.

RELATED: Gold in them thar hills...

As long as you're a non-English speaking Syrian Muslim.


LAST WORD: There's still legal dope, right?
"Beyond sunny ways, this is a government that looks to be light on core principles. It had best discover some, before it loses yet more credibility."

11 December 2015

Hillary goes full Justin

Well, she sure doesn't want to talk about the 20 trillion dollar deficit her boss has accumulated...menopause
In Atlanta, Clinton promised black ministers she'd run on a "love and kindness platform." "We've got to do everything we can to weed out hate and plant love and kindness."
Of course, not everyone agrees...religion of peace
Man: "What do you tell [Palestinian] youth in the West Bank?"

Girl demonstrates with a long knife: "Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!"
That's some "Religion of Peace" you've got there.


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While running for US Senate, Hillary stopped at an upstate New York 4-H Club. As one Secret Service agent says, Hillary saw farmers and cows and then erupted. “She turned to a staffer and said, ‘What the fuck did we come here for? There’s no money here.’ ”
Feel the love.

10 December 2015

From the folks who brought you...

...the highest electricity prices in North America...
Undeterred by reality, the Wynne government also announced it will spend $20 million installing charging stations for electric vehicles all over the province.

These would be the same electric vehicles that so few people are buying that the private sector has no interest in building the recharging stations themselves, as opposed to, say, gas stations.

RELATED: 2.8 billion taxpayer dollars

Meet the folks that Prime Minister Care Bear is enriching with your hard-earned money. And that's just the beginning...
"Whatever the outcome, it has already been established that the words 'compensation' and 'liability' will not appear in any agreement because of fears that they could open rich countries up to hundreds of billions of dollars of legal liabilities."
But, of course.

Just remember...

...when that first inevitable beating, rape, murder or nail bomb shatters your naive complacency... it wasn't Stephen Harper whose "sunny ways" & "outward hearting" made the tragedy possible...insert text hereThis just isn't the same thing as bringing in bringing in a bunch of Tool & Die journeymen from Glasgow, or multi-generational dairy farmers from the Netherlands...
"My final point is that the Middle East is a tar baby, and takes up far more American bandwidth than it deserves. There are no real nations there, just tribal and religious warfare. It is a pre-national, semi-civilized part of the world. There will be no end to that in our lifetimes."
Thank you, yet again, Prime Minister Care Bear.


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...that's considered entertainment?

Call me a naysayer, but I'm just not sure Hockey Night in Canada is gonna meet some folks expectations...
Allahu Akbar,” the crowd shouts...

Horrific new video shows Islamic State militants beheading two “magicians” accused of sorcery as a crowd of people cheered. Children were among those witnessing the beheading, which apparently took place in Sirte, Libya.

Video shows the militants sharpening a machete before presenting the men and preparing them for death. The video cuts out as the men are killed, but puddles of blood are seen on the ground, and lifeless bodies are later put into the back of a van.
I'm just a little unsure our new Islamic neighbours are gonna fit in around here.

09 December 2015

There is no place for politics...

...or political correctness on the battlefield...
There is nothing gender biased about this, it is what it is. You will never see a female Quarterback in the NFL, there will never be a female center on any NHL team and you will never see a female batting in the number 4 spot for the New York Yankees. It is what it is.

In regards to the infantry…there is no trophy for second place. You perform or die. Make no mistake. In this realm, you want your fastest, most fit, most physical and most lethal person you can possibly put on the battlefield to overwhelm the enemy’s ability to counter what you are throwing at them and in every test case, that person has turned out to be a man.
Lest you feel this experiment was rigged to fail by the paternalistic military...
This was as stacked as a unit could get with the best Marines to give it a 100 percent success rate as we possibly could. End result? The best women in The GCEITF as a group in regard to infantry operations were equal or below in most all cases to the lowest 5 percent of men as a group in this test study. They are slower on all accounts in almost every technical and tactical aspect and physically weaker in every aspect across the range of military operations.
(via Maggies Farm)


RELATED: I talked about this...

...back in 2006...
Ok, here's what I think. If I came home from work and my house was on fire... who would I want running up that ladder to pull my kid to safety?

At that point I wouldn't be thinking SAT scores, or where anybody came from, or even gender... assuming that the woman who sprang into action was the biggest, strongest, most single-minded sonofabitch on the scene. I'd just want my kid safe on the ground beside me.
With the exception of Margaret Atwood et al, I think, if we're being honest... that's what we'd all want.

08 December 2015

Who exactly, is Farhat Hashmi?

...and why does she need those security guards at her world famous center for charity & social justice, the Al-Huda Institute of Canada?

On her website Ms. Hashmi claims her school/agency/madrassa is "tirelessly serving humanity by promoting education along with numerous welfare programmes for the needy and destitute..."

Yup... "tirelessly serving"... and there's plenty of crackerjack advice here...
"Any woman who dies and her husband is pleased with her, will enter Paradise."

UPDATE: Oh, c'mon, I'm sure it's just a coincidence
A girl and three young women left Canada to join ISIS in Syria after studying at the Al-Huda Islamic Institute in Mississauga, Ont. — a school whose sister institution in Pakistan is now connected to the mass shooting in California.

The Al-Huda Elementary School said in an emailed statement to CBC News that the school would be closed all Tuesday because staff and students are "at risk of backlash" following yesterday's story.

The school also said in its statement that it's committed to working with authorities on this or any other matter. Haq also said that local police have been providing support to the school since the story broke.

Peel Regional Police, however, said they have not received any calls about the school.


UPDATE3: Apparently Farhat also has a thing...

...for "The Strong Horse".


RELATED: Who is Saima Jamal?
"Right now she's part of the refugee welcoming committee in Calgary."

Don't you worry though... Toronto city councillor Josh Matlow is on the job...
"Toronto is a diverse & respectful city. Donald Trump is a fascist," Matlow tweeted. "I'm writing to the owners of the Trump Tower today to make this request."
Yup... the GTA is waging their own war on terror.

Because, let's face it...

...12 billion dollars a year doesn't go as far as it used to...it's just money, right?
“It’s time for a new fiscal relationship with First Nations that gives your communities sufficient, predictable and sustained funding. This is a promise we made, and a promise we will keep.”

RELATED: Justin's gonna open the taps...

...but who actually benefits here?

Let's ask Henry Sharphead...
For managing a band of scarcely 2,000 people, Mr. Sharphead makes, after taxes, 30% more than the head of Canada's fourth-largest province.
Lest you imagine that's some sort of anomaly...
"At least 80 aboriginal chiefs and band councillors made more money last year than Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and at least 200 were paid more than their provincial premiers, according to newly released federal figures."
Remember, one of Justin's election promises was to repeal audit controls on the billions of dollars given to aboriginal chiefs.

Speaking of "financial relationships"...
The Musqueam band in 1995 tried to raise the rent to $36,000 a year, which sparked a legal battle that ended up in the Supreme Court of Canada. That court determined “fair rent” at six per cent of the current land value and capped the rents at $10,000 a year.

The lots are serviced by the City of Vancouver, to which the owners pay taxes.
Remember, bands of migratory stone-age hunter-gatherers own the whole country.


LAST WORD: No Homicide Detective left behind
Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the government will consult the families of victims over the next two months to get their input into how the inquiry should be designed and what it needs to accomplish.
Sweet Baby Jebus.

Cheaper by the dozen

That works out to... you throw in all the maimed & wounded for free... $2071.35 per murder...

california girls
"A $28,500 deposit was made to Syed Farook’s bank account from WebBank.com on or about Nov.18, some two weeks before he and his wife Tashfeen Malik carried out the San Bernardino massacre."
Yet another bloody tally for the Religion of Peace, er...
Hired Assassins


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...how to tell the difference.

07 December 2015

But if you claim you're...

...a Kardashian sister trapped in an old man's body, you get your own TV show...what's the difference here
MOORE, SC • Deputies said a Charleston man who told them he was “turning into the Hulk” was arrested after causing a disturbance at a bank Thursday morning.
Life can be so unfair.

Think this sort of argle-bargle isn't happening here?

Think again.

A billion here, a few billion there...

...pretty soon you're talkin' real money...more Liberal bait & switch
The Liberals had promised the lost revenue from their “middle-class tax cut” would be offset by a new tax bracket for income of more than $200,000. Federal sources confirm the numbers do not balance, which will add to government deficits in coming years.
Of course, it turns out this particular election promise will actually cost Canadians 2 billion dollars. Don't worry, though... the Liberals have an answer for that... they assume you'll run down to Walmart and spend your share of the "tax cut" on plastic lawn furniture and cheap sweatpants, which, in my humble non-cabinet ministerial opinion will actually stimulate China's economy much more.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau added that the middle-class will “invest” the proceeds of the tax cut in the economy, predicting it will stimulate growth across the country.
Let's review Justin's record so far.

We've got... a refugee plan that will cost billions and potentially import fundamentalist fifth columnists, a climbdown on those offices for military veterans... and 3 billion dollars for carbon credits which will likely end up in a Swiss bank account to buy Lamborghinis for Field Marshall Bongo from the Congo.

Remember, Canada... you voted for this.

I think I'm gonna need some of Justin's legal dope to take the edge off here. Sunny ways.

06 December 2015

"Say, honey... could you stop at..."

•...the grocery store on the way home... we're all out of milk, assault rifles and hand grenades...•

farmers, hunters & target shooters•"And don't forget, there's a sale on Koran toilet paper."•


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Evil stainless steel out... only plastic cutlery allowed in USA from now on...
Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment a knife-wielding attacker was Tasered by police after injuring two people in a terrorist attack at a London tube station. Scotland Yard has now confirmed anti-terror police are investigating after eyewitnesses claimed they could hear the man shout 'this is for Syria' and 'all of your blood will be spilled' during the frightening ordeal.
Only a matter of time, Toronto.


UPDATE: Your moral & intellectual superiors...
Other newspapers, however, expressed the need for voters to support candidates they would otherwise abhor in order to keep Marine Le Pen’s party from the gates of power.
So much for simply reporting the news.

05 December 2015

04 December 2015

03 December 2015

Was President Hussein Obama right?

If you believe in "micro-aggressions" & "cultural relativity" why wouldn't serving bacon at a "Christmas Party" be considered "workplace violence?"some meat is murder
Today's killings in San Bernadino, CA took place because a County Employee who was Muslim went berserk over Pork being served at the Christmas Party event!"

"The prohibition of pork in Islam is derived from the following verse of the Qur’an:"

Forbidden to you are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Allah.”
[Al-Qur'an 5:3]
(For the record, I have no idea what "undead meat" might be... but it sounds a little off-putting... not that I would ever commit mass murder because of it.)

The way the two jihadis were uber-prepared to go to war suggests that they were just looking for the right reason to spring into action.

Local law enforcement reports that they found thousands of rounds of ammunition and a dozen IEDs (and supplies for making more) at the shooters home, which suggests something may have set them off prematurely before they could put together an even deadlier attack.

But what if pork products at the "holiday" dinner were actually the causal event that sparked this mass murder?

If this article is credible does this mean the end of the corner delicatessan as we know it? Will we soon see a ban on pulled pork sandwiches in Lotus Land?


UPDATE: Could it be that simple?

Is the mainstream media just too politically correct to report that all these people died because a devout adherent of the "Religion of Peace" went homicidally ape over bacon rolls?
This certainly makes it seem like there was another – much bigger, more significant – attack planned, and that for some reason Farook lost his shit and decided to shoot up his co-workers in a fit of rage. That also makes it believable that this was a case of premature detonation.
I guess we'll see.

The most interesting part of all this...

...is watching Hussein Obama and the liberal media... unlike Farouk's own father... tapdance around the "M" word...
Mr. Farook’s father also identified his son as “very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”
That seems pretty clear to me.

Apparently, though... not to everyone...
At the White House, President Barack Obama said after meeting with his national security team that it was "possible this was terrorist-related" but that authorities were unsure. He raised the possibility that it was a workplace dispute or that mixed motives were at play.
I just want to know... if the shooter had been a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, would Obama still be using all these weasel words?


LAST WORD: What's PM Twitter saying?more weasel wordsWhat actually happened to all those people, Justin? You make it sound like they died in an earthquake.

I guess it actually was an "Act of God."

Here's a hint... they were m••••••• by a m•••••

Yes, yes... IT'S A MYSTERY.

02 December 2015

Apparently... #BlackLivesMatterMore

You don't see something... make sh!t up...
A recent Kean graduate has been charged with being responsible for a series of tweets threatening black students at the school two weeks ago, acting Union County Prosecutor Grace H. Park announced Tuesday.

Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24, of Union – a black alum who graduated in May – was charged by summons with third-degree creating a false public alarm.
McKelvey left a campus protest midway and walked to a computer station in a university library to post fake hate messages...
The first message around 10 p.m. said "kean university twitter against blacks is for everyone who hates blacks people" and a tweet about there being a bomb on the campus, and then continued with several other tweets about shooting black students at the university.

After making the posts, McKelvey returned to the rally and spread awareness of the threats, authorities said.
Note that McKelvey was also the school's 2014 homecoming queen and president of the Pan African Student Union. So this isn't some impoverished, uneducated street thug from the projects... this is an example of the best & brightest the New Jersey black community has to offer. More to the point, the liberal media was all too eager to take the initial story of vile racism and run with it.

Something to consider the next time you hear about another all too convenient outbreak of racism.

01 December 2015

I'm afraid the Prosecution lost me at...

..."his penis in one hand and a switchblade in the other"...
What surrealistic porn/slasher flick was playing in this guy's doped up frontal cortex when he decided to square off with a half dozen armed police officers?

Watch the video and tell me what you would have done.


UPDATE: Prosecutor's theory falls apart

Prosecutor Milan Rupic has been using the fact that Officer Forcillo's partner reholstered her firearm to suggest that she didn't see Sammy Yatim as a threat.

There's just one small problem with that argument...
"I thought that based on Mr. Yatim's behaviour and actions that he was going to get himself shot," Constable Iris Fleckeisen said. "He was hostile, angry, belligerent, and he was very defiantly and prominently displaying a knife in his right hand."

Fleckeisen provided her own interpretation of that moment, saying Yatim made a "very deliberate, intentional motion forward" in the moments before he was shot. "Mr. Yatim looked like he was coming off the streetcar," she said, adding that Forcillo's shots were consequently not unexpected.
Fleckeisen says she actually reholstered to call for a taser. She also says...
"That night was and remains the most terrifying moments of my life."
Prosecutor Rupic forgot Trial Lawyer Rule #1... never ask a question you don't already know the answer to.

This trial is over.

APEC hottie's "pants on fire"

Oh, look... he got us again...
Before taking office, Justin Trudeau promised to end fees for processing information requests; empower the information commissioner to order documents released and subject ministers to the act.

But Trudeau’s mandate letter to Treasury Board President Scott Brison abandons some commitments and weakens others.
More Liberal Bait and Switch... who could have seen that coming?