30 August 2013


"Just think, this kind of 'leadership' is coming our way when Shiny Pony becomes Prime Minister of this country. There'll be some international crisis brewing, and Pony will be busy tweeting pictures of himself high-fiving Justin Bieber to his throngs of adoring fans and swooning women."

"Makes you wonder if western civilization is even worth saving at this point."
Oh, c'mon... you haven't even given Finance Minister Theresa Spence a chance.


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minority report**********


Once again, the purportedly compassionate, intellectual left reveal their true selves...
"And I will be here to read you bitch aboot(sic) it you winy(sic) fat unhealthy neo-cunt."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 10:56 pm, August 30, 2013
Crude and barely literate... the hallmark of contemporary liberalism. Say, nonny... can I put you down for a couple or three Syrian refugees?

Dateline 2038

lend me your ears
"CFN, the Celebrity Funeral Network, is reported to have won the bidding rights to the Obama funeral, and plans are underway to hold a three day funeral, to be broadcast from the spot where Chicago once stood. And corporate sponsors have already lined up to cover ad buys for the flowers, vehicles for the funeral train and logos for the coffin itself."

29 August 2013

In other "dope makes you smarter" news...

...Justin plays the Mandingo card...
At an event this week, Trudeau used the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech to lambaste the Charter of Quebec Values, suggesting a link with segregation.

“Oh, my god,” said Bernard Drainville, the PQ government minister responsible for the charter, when asked for a reaction Thursday.

“I think he should make a little bit of an effort to elevate the debate — instead of lowering it."
I still believe the Conservatives should hire a tour bus for Justin... and set up a country wide speaking tour.


UPDATE: Angel dust in his weed?
"Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau isn't ruling out compensation for Omar Khadr for the time the convicted terrorist served in Guantanamo Bay."
Maybe Prime Minister Shiny Pony could appoint Omar head of the armed forces as he reshapes Canada's role in international relations.


LAST WORD: They have a dream, too
"Anti-police violence" protesters in Toronto attack innocent drivers and smash car windshields.
(via BCF)

28 August 2013

Did he pull out his penis before or after...

...he started waving that knife around? The point is, I don't think cops were dealing with a man who was gonna respond to "pretty, pretty please"...
knife to a gunfight
Alok Mukherjee, chair of the Toronto Police Services Board, took a similar view. “I always worry about the possibility that if we give more hardware, whether police officers will still make every possible effort to use their skills and communication and de-escalation before they use the hardware.”
If Sammy Yatim's father (and let's give him the benefit of the doubt) couldn't live with, never mind reason with his own son... why does Alok Mukherjee assume the cops (faced by a screaming man with a knife) would be able to "use their words" to soothe Sammy's inner demons?

There are a whole lot of other people involved in this situation, who knew and apparently cared enough about this guy, that they could have gotten him the help he so obviously needed.

I guess it's easier just to put it all on the cops.


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Heck, isn't that how they do it in Syria?
As of Tuesday evening, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin said he didn't see the need at the time for an apology to the wrongly accused officer, but after police officials met Wednesday with members of the ombudsman's staff and gave them "concrete information" exonerating Dennis, Marin said he was sorry.
Remember Barack Obama vilifying the Boston cop in the Louis Gates boondoggle? Just standard operating procedure for the lunatic left.

Perhaps Mr Clouseau, er... Marin should stick to arbitrating rent disputes. Investigating doesn't appear to be his strongest suit.

That hateful, racist George W...

...wait a minute...
The West Wing has thus far brushed off suggestions Obama make a symbolic trip to the predominantly black, bankrupt city of Detroit — because “there’s not a goddam we can do right now to help them,” according to one Obama hand.
Just another story you won't see on the CBC.


Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind," written in 1962, hit No. 2 on the Billboard charts just before the crowd gathered in Washington. When the folk-music trio Peter, Paul and Mary sang the song for the 250,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial that day, it became an interracial anthem for change. The song itself drew inspiration from two others: The lyrics brought to mind Woody Guthrie's "Bound for Glory," which included an allegory about newspapers blowing down city streets, and its melody came from a slave protest song called "No More Auction Block."

Sam Cooke, the black gospel and rhythm-and-blues singer began performing the Dylan song immediately after the march. He had been working on a song about the hurt he felt as a black man living with racism yet also with hope for better times. In December 1963, Cooke recorded "A Change Is Gonna Come." The song became a hit on black radio, another anthem of yearning for a nation without racial rancor.

Now, half a century after the lyrical promise of that inspiring music and poetry, there is the inescapable and heartbreaking contrast with the malignant, self-aggrandizing rap songs that define today's most popular music.

In Jay-Z's current hit, "Holy Grail," he sings about "psycho bitches" and uses the n-word seven times while bragging that he is "Living the life . . . Illest [n-word] alive." Another top rapper, Lil Wayne, released a song in the spring with an obscenity in the title, using the n-word repeatedly and depicting himself as abusing "hoes" and "bitches."

Similar examples abound in the rap-music world and have persisted for years with scarcely any complaint from today's civil-rights leaders. Their failure to denounce these lyrics for the damage they do to poor and minority families—words celebrating tattooed thugs and sexually indiscriminate women as icons of "keeping it real"—is a sad reminder of how long it has been since the world heard the sweet music of the March on Washington.
Progress? Methinks not.

27 August 2013

Justice in Junkieville

Of course, a society that resorts to vigilante tactics, however successful, is a society in decline...fight back for justice
"The incident prompted Vancouver police to caution residents against taking matters into their own hands, even though Ms. Smith’s bike might have been lost if not for her sleuthing."
The police can't help out... what'cha gonna do?

In other "crime is down" news

Saturday afternoon, one of the busiest intersections in the city, just down the street from the largest police station in the city...
Toronto Police are searching for video footage to help identify a suspect in the brazen daylight attack of a woman whose nose was severed. The 76-year-old woman was transferring from the streetcar to the subway at Dundas station on her way home shortly before 2 p.m. on Saturday.

As she rode an elevator down from Dundas Square, the man assaulted her, cutting off her nose, then fled.
Call me an alarmist, but when thugs start cutting bits off old ladies in broad daylight, I'd say you've reached some sort of a tipping point.


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Police in Toronto are investigating a pair of robberies from people after they were injured in collisions.

Investigators say a man was robbed on Wednesday after being struck by a car in Toronto’s east end (at the Lawrence and Birchmount area). Witnesses say that as the victim lay bleeding on the street waiting for paramedics, a woman walked by and stole the rolls of coins he had been carrying.

Last Saturday, a cyclist was struck by a car (at Oxford Street and Spadina Avenue) and police say a man grabbed her bag and rummaged through it while she was semi-conscious.
Hospitable Hogtown.

Senator Mac Harb... unlike Duffy or Wallin...

...he's the scumbag you don't see every night on the CBC...
Liberal Senator Mac Harb could no longer realistically count on keeping his generous pension if he was charged and convicted of any wrongdoing related to the Senate expense scandal.

So he quit and that means even if he is found guilty in a court of law his pension is safe.
Mr Harb also wrote a letter of resignation to the Governor General... mostly praising the accomplishments & work ethic of, wait for it... Liberal Senator Mac Harb...
"Reflecting on my 28 year career devoted to public service and to improving the lives of Canadians and those living in the least developed countries, I am proud of what was accomplished. As a parliamentarian, I was fortunate to have several of my private members’ bills – primarily those focused on human rights and the rights of children – incorporated into legislation including National Child Day."
Of course, there was just one pesky little financial fly in the self-indulgent ointment...
Today, notice was filed with the Ontario Divisional Court and Senator Harb delivered a cheque to the Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Internal Economy for $180,166.17, resulting in a total reimbursement of $231,649.07.
So, realistically... he just earns back the stolen money in two years via his gold-plated pension.

Abolish the Senate. Do it now.


UPDATE: Candy from a bunch of babies...
OTTAWA - Disgraced senator Mac Harb is taking a 10% pay cut by retiring as he awaits the outcome of a criminal investigation into spending irregularities.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) said Tuesday that the Liberal appointee is entitled to begin immediately collecting a pension of $123,000 — about $12,000 less than the $135,200 senators earn annually, plus other perks.
It's like the cops surround a fleeing bank robber... and after he pushes the bags of money out the window... they allow him to go free.

Well, that... plus he was given his robber job by the Prime Minister.

26 August 2013

C'mon Gene, negative, uh... stuff?

Is that what we're calling it now?
Let’s make something positive with all the negative stuff, because there are a lot of positive things,” TCHC president and CEO Gene Jones said at the barbecue at the Swansea Mews housing complex, located in the Windermere Avenue and The Queensway area, Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon’s barbecue comes just hours after a double shooting in the community.
Swansea Mews... that sounds so familiar. Hang on, wasn't that the place where... good grief.



Meet TCH president and CEO Gene Jones...
"Galloway questioned Jones about reports that a security light was not working at the spot where Montaque was shot. There are reports the light had been out for more than a week."

“'There’s a process that we have to go through,' said Jones. 'We have public dollars that we have to protect. There’s a procurement process that we have to go through. We can’t just go up there and pull out a light bulb.'"
Wait... there's more...
Gene Jones, president and CEO of Toronto Community Housing told reporters he said he doesn't have any magic solution, but finding jobs for disenfranchised youth could go a long way to keeping them out of gangs.
That's funny... we find jobs for people these days? So they won't shoot people? On what page of the Capitalist Pig manual did you find that little gem, Gene?

It's interesting to note that Mr Jones, who makes $200,000.00 a year, was brought in from the United States to "organise" the TCH community. I wonder if Mr Jones will be getting his 10% performance bonus this year...
-- TORONTO -- Less than two months into the new year, three young people — including a nine-year-old boy — have died from gunshots.
Apparently the poverty industry pays really well. Watch out Gene, a couple more community barbeques and you'll put yourself out of a job.


UPDATE: Does Gene deserve a bonus?
"Although Toronto Community Housing has provided police with surveillance footage from the town house complex’s 69 cameras, the one facing the scene of the crime had been spray-painted black and a number of others were not functioning."
It's a jungle out there.

That hateful, warmongering George W...

...wait a minute...
"Military sources suggested the early hours of the 2011 campaign against Col Muammar Gaddafi could form a template for any operation. The Libya campaign began with a blitz of Tomahawk cruise missiles from US warships and from a British Trafalgar Class submarine."
Oh... it's St Barack of Chicago whose finger is on the button?

Well, carry on, my friend.

23 August 2013

Bright lights, big city...

...Toronto media downcast, disappointed as double homicide reveals absolutely no police involvement...
Two teens are dead after a shooting near Jane and Finch on Friday afternoon.

Emergency services were called to an apartment building at 287 Grandravine Dr. at 1:30 p.m. where one teen, identified by friends and family as Oshe Whyte, was pronounced dead.

On Friday evening, after he was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries, police confirmed the second teen had died.

UPDATE: Two murdered teens id'd
grandravine double
One died on scene and was identified as O’She Doyles-Whyte, 16. The second teen, identified as Kwame Duodu, 15, succumbed to his injuries in hospital a few hours later.
No word yet on whether Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin, Alok Mukherjee, chair of the Toronto Police Services Board, various & sundry union heavyweights and the Ontario Coalition against Poverty will be inserting themselves into these latest investigations. No public demonstrations or parades have been announced.

Heck, as long as the Ontario Liberals...

...have all that extra healthcare cash lyin' around... wait a minute...
"Their work permits expired Dec. 15, 2012, but they didn't return to Jamaica. In November 2012, they applied to stay here on visitor's permits."
open wallets
Both were receiving workers' compensation benefits from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), as well as medical care funded by the WSIB. Beginning in September 2012, Mr. C. encountered other health issues unrelated to the accident.
Hmmm... if the Liberals are gonna give gratis OHIP to folks on visitors visas, that money'll have to come from somewhere.

Here's a thought... how about snatching it back from those gimpy old retirees? It's not like they can put up much of a fight, right?
With health ministry changes to OHIP-funded physio for seniors that were set to kick in Aug. 1, 77-year-old Doreen Smith has no idea what’s in store for her.

Designated Physiotherapy Clinics Association executive director Tony Melles countered no matter how the ministry spins it, their contentions about extending services to 200,000 more people just don’t make sense.

“The funding for physio is being slashed and they think the only way they can improve access is by putting seniors in exercise classes.”

Almost no notice was given to those most impacted, namely seniors receiving such services in either clinics or in retirement and long-term care homes, and the 1,000 physiotherapists who work in DPCs.
And what do our Liberal Overlords have to say about all this?
“Wait a minute ... there are no cuts, we are enhancing care,” Health Minister Deb Matthews insisted, her voice rising.
Yeah, Deb... I know a couple of guys from Jamaica who would probably agree.


LAST WORD: How's that poll going?
it's a liberal thang
It has been estimated that there are as many as 18 million OHIP cards in the province, but we only have 12 million citizens.

How much of our health care budget is spent on services provided to people with counterfeit cards. The budget this year is $25.5 billion dollars, a 7.3 % increase over last year.
Now people won't have to lie and cheat... we'll just bestow our "free" healthcare benefits on anybody who walks in the door.

Well... except maybe all those whiny old folks.


Anybody got a better idea?
PLAN Z is a three-part plan that reeks of simplicity and facts. It will also infuriate bedwetters, people who love Jesus, and those who make decisions based on being “compassionate.”

FROM THE COMMENTS: Time for a paradigm shift

Business as usual...
1. Homeless People; A. Ignore them and let them run amock
2. Violent Criminals; B. House/clothe/feed/educate them
3. Animals; C. Perform medical and product testing on them
1. Homeless People; B. House/clothe/feed/educate them
2. Violent Criminals; C. Perform medical and product testing on them
3. Animals; A. Ignore them and let them run amock
Hmmm, as long as it's all or nothing... sign me up.

22 August 2013

In other "9 meals from anarchy" news...

If things went to shit, just how long would it be before your neighbours were munching on a broiled haunch of, well... YOU...
playing with fire
"You can only assume that these glitches are going to continue into the future," says Todd Schoenberger, managing director of the BlackBay Group in New York. "This is a huge, huge negative. It's another black eye for Wall Street. This is not good for the retail investor. How are they supposed to trust what we do?"

Knight blamed the malfunctions on a software upgrade and said the episode would cost a whopping $440 million, a burden that will force the company to raise capital to cover.

The price tag on a market that already had been bleeding investor money is yet to be determined.
Toss in the Car-Salesman-in-Chief's ongoing trillion dollar boondoggle and you have the recipe for the perfect financial storm.

21 August 2013

You can't use Tasers...

...you MUST use Tasers... I wish the lunatic left would make up its uber-elastic hive mind...
It’s pretty clear that there are many who want a piece of poor Sammy Yatim now that he’s dead and can be made into a cause or useful instrument.
poor little knife-wielding crazy
Worse, the only justice they have anything to do with is the sort preferred by the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. “No! No!” she cried. “Sentence first — verdict afterwards.”
The fact that young Mr Yatim had been exposing himself and brandishing a knife in a very public venue continues to be seen as irrelevant. The fact that Mr Yatim had, at the moment he was shot, charged at police, screaming like a madman with a knife in his hand is similarly glossed over.

Perhaps they'll have to rewrite the procedural manual at the Ontario Police College. Apparently, coppers are supposed to wait for the club to land, the gun to fire, or the knife to penetrate their person. Until that's cleared up, the next time you encounter a raving lunatic with a knife, I suggest you call Andre Marin or Alok Mukherjee.


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While trying to help this apparent victim, Constable Garrett was suddenly attacked with a knife and suffered a mortal wound to his throat. Although dying, Constable Garrett somehow managed to draw his firearm and pursue his attacker, firing off his entire clip of 17 bullets. Constable Garrett was able to wound his murderer with his last shot before he succumbed to his injury.
Which of the two endings above do you prefer?

19 August 2013

Sure, it's easy to ignore Fox news...

...but when one of Obama's biggest media cheerleaders stops sippin' the kool-ade...even the liberal media is worried
Think about three recent presidential declarations. A few weeks back, the president appeared on CBS to claim that the secret FISA court is “transparent.” He then appeared on NBC to claim that “We don’t have a domestic spying program.” Then, as mentioned above, he held a press conference on Friday to suggest there was no evidence the NSA was “actually abusing” its power.

I guess it’s possible Obama has merely been “wrong” but has not been lying. But the implications of that would be just as bad — albeit in a different way — as if he were deliberately lying.

It would mean that he is making sweeping and wildly inaccurate statements without bothering to find out if they are actually true. Worse, for him merely to be wrong but not deliberately lying, it would mean that he didn’t know the most basic facts about how his own administration runs.
Not all unicorns and fairy dust after all.

17 August 2013

No Whore like a Politician

Friday: Legalise dope... Saturday: Pretend to be a Muslim...

oh what a lucky man
"I have the extraordinary privilege of representing the community of Montreal, the riding of Papineau, that is one of the two most lucky ridings of Quebec, because we have the highest number of Muslim Canadians living in the riding."
So, now... "luck" equals "Muslims?" Not sure what that even means, but I guess that makes Yemen the luckiest place on Earth.

Say... you think Justin talked about how dope makes people smarter and better looking... or how homosexual communities add to the vibrant cultural mosaic in Quebec?

Call me cynical, but I'm guessing he has a slightly different version of that speech he trots out at the synagogue.

(via Blazing Cat Fur)


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"I could go on and on about how there is still an imbalance between the "masculine" and the "feminine" in our society and world. Women are still being violated, trafficked, raped, beaten and deprived of their most basic human rights because of one reason: they are women."
She's gotta be talking about those stuffy old Mount Royal Protestants, right? Hmmm... did Justin even bring Sophie to the mosque? I'm not seeing any pictures.


LAST WORD: Has Justin converted?
No non-Muslim is permitted to participate in our ritual prayers unless he has taken the oath of Islam and declared that Muhammad is the last Prophet of God and that the worst sin is ‘shirk,’ the belief that Jesus is the son of God.
C'mon, Shiny-Pony... fess up.

16 August 2013

Ask a Journo-Canadian

When police shoot a knife-wielding 18 year-old lunatic on public transit... it's a national tragedy worthy of parades & protests and allegations of police death squads. When yet another 15 year-old is gunned down in Toronto's vibrant ethnic northwest paradise, it's just business as usual...
A 15-year-old boy who was shot at a shopping plaza in north Toronto last month has died in hospital, police said on Thursday.

The unidentified teenager was taken to hospital on July 28 after he was shot Yorkwoods Gate Plaza near Jane and Finch at around 10:15 p.m. ET.

In a release dated July 31, police said the teen was approached by two men in a vehicle who shot him “several times” before fleeing the scene.
And in other obscure Toronto shooting news...
Two men who were wounded in a shooting in Toronto’s east end are now in stable condition after surgery, police say.

The suspects are described as four black males who were wearing dark clothing.
No parade here either.

Remember... it's only a tragedy when Canada's national broadcaster gets to shit on the cops.


"Every single policeman you see, every clip he has on him has 15 rounds. Every time they pull their weapon, it’s attempted murder."
Yup... death squads.

15 August 2013

WKILL is calling for further fratricide...

...interspersed with intermittent bouts of grievous bodily harm...
"The death toll, which stood at 525, according to the latest Health Ministry figures. Health Ministry spokesman Khaled el-Khateeb put the number of the injured on Wednesday at 3,717."
That's some Religion of Peace.


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...a hopey-changy magic wand...
Hagel’s tepid response falls in line with the commander-in-chief’s own wait-and-see reaction to the deepening Egyptian crisis. President Barack Obama has refused to call the military takedown of Morsi’s elected government a coup, and will continue to send the $1.3 billion in military aid that the U.S. gives to Egypt each year.

With the Obama administration clearly still willing to write a $1.3 billion check, the Pentagon seems to have had little influence in prevention the Aug. 14 massacre. And Hagel’s telephone diplomacy may have even less influence on directing whatever steps al-Sissi may yet take.
From the same guys who outlawed the use of the term "Islamic terrorist."

In her master's McSlippery footprints

Another Wynne-ing strategy by Ontario's Liberal overlords...
"On April 18, the government announced its plan to eliminate OHIP-funded physiotherapy, a cost-cutting move that will greatly reduce the amount of physiotherapy care available for thousands of seniors in long-term care homes, or house-bound in retirement homes."
Say... is OHIP still on the hook for the Liberal Party's "dicks for chicks" program?

Monica Lewinsky... an insignificant hiccup

Your own "non-profit" foundation... now that's forever...
The nexus between Clinton Foundation donors, foreign governments, and corporate interests has long been a concern to government watchdog groups. As of 2008, the Clinton Foundation raised at least $46 million from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, and other foreign governments — the very governments Secretary of State Hillary Clinton eventually negotiated with.

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You don't like those numbers... just stop counting.


LAST WORD: It ain't just Detroit
Hamilton isn’t the first economist to say the government understates how much it owes. Claims that the real liability facing the government is $70 trillion date back several years.

“The earthquake will come via a collapse in the market for U.S. government bonds as domestic and foreign investors realize that the only way Uncle Sam can meet his future spending obligations is to print massive quantities of money. It will happen here just as it has happened in every other country that tried to spend far beyond its ability to pay.”
Hope and change, my ass.

13 August 2013

Never a Community Organiser around...

...when you really, really need one...
obama's previous job experience
"At 6:12, police reported that a 23-year-old man was shot and critically wounded. At 6:15 a 21-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman were shot in the same incident. Then at 6:20 a young man, 17, shot himself in the groin by accident. Next a 13-year-old boy was shot at 6:47. And by 7:13 sixth person was shot."

RELATED: Six degrees of Barack Obama
In the 2004 Illinois Democrat primary race for the U.S. Senate, front-runner Blair Hull just happened to be forced out of the race after David Axelrod just happened to manage to get Hull’s sealed divorce records unsealed, which just happened to enable Obama to win the primary, so he could face popular Republican Jack Ryan, whose sealed child custody records from his divorce just happened to become unsealed, forcing Ryan to withdraw from the race, which just happened to enable the unqualified Obama to waltz into the U.S. Senate, where, after a mere 143 days of work, he just happened to decide he was qualified to run for President of the United States.
And everybody lived happily ever after.

Ask a Journo-Canadian

WTF!!!? You're saying it's a "glass half full" thing?

Of course, it's more than a little unfortunate it's half full of blood, brain matter and broken teeth...
jump up and down on his headLet's ask a "COMMUNITY" advocate...
“We can say that we are becoming more tolerant. And thankfully that’s because of people like Dwayne who have helped push the envelope.”
Sure thing, I guess you CAN SAY THAT. In fact, you can put on your ruby red slippers and sing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" 'til the cows come home... but what miniscule part of "BEATEN, STABBED, SHOT AND RUN OVER BY A CAR" are you missing here?
"International advocacy groups often portray this Caribbean island as the most hostile country in the Western Hemisphere for gay and transgender people."
Just another journalistic journey you ain't gonna see featured on Canada's national broadcaster.

12 August 2013

Notorious local thug, Angus McTartan...

...charged, once again, with... wait a minute...

oops there goes another...
Mohamed Salim, 28, of Toronto, faces nine charges including attempted murder, discharging a firearm endangering life and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

Abdiweli Abdi, 25, of Toronto, is charged with assault with a weapon and weapons dangerous.

RELATED: Angus has been busy
A man in his 20s is being rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries following a shooting in the city’s northwest end.
The northwest end... right in the heart of Toronto's little Glasgow, right?

11 August 2013

Our Mother, who art in...

...sweet steamin' pile of holy crap...
"I, in turn, have become desperately proud of her pride. I’m so in love with her big poos that I can’t bear the idea of them stopping."
Yes, indeedy... it's an Andrea Dworkin world.


"I hope this little girl isn't too damaged by her upbringing and will be able to tell her mother to f*** o** when she leaves the house at 18, hopefully to mature and become an independent, functional adult."
What about the Toronto toddler who was being raised "genderless" by his "left-o-spheric" parental units?

10 August 2013

09 August 2013

07 August 2013

One People... One Law...

...yet another antiquated Canadian conceit...
TORONTO - Toronto Police officers are investigating allegations of hate speech after a speaker at a controversial anti-Israel rally said Jews must vacate that country OR BE SHOT DEAD.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), the group claiming to have complained to police, identified the speaker as Elias Hazineh.

The speech was made last Saturday at an annual Al-Quds Day rally at Queen's Park.

The Al-Quds rally of 2011 featured Muslim commentator Zafar Bangash, who at the time, called Israel an "apartheid state" of "oppressors and criminals."
Let's face it, you come from a place where small claims court has been supplanted by "throw him off a tall building"... you're likely gonna feel Canadian laws are just too precious.

Yet again, the fruits of multiculturalism expose their bitter pulp.


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Orwell was right

If mandatory Obamacare is such a good deal, why did Members of Congress & Congressional Hill staffers demand to be exempted?
Last week, when President Barack Obama came to the Hill to meet with Senate Democrats, he informed them that he would personally get involved to sort out the confusion, and the White House said that OPM would issue guidelines this week.

The guidelines, released Wednesday, allow for members and staff to retain their subsidies from the government.
So... Obamacare for the great unwashed and not for the politicians and their cronies.

Some animals ARE MORE EQUAL than others.

06 August 2013

03 August 2013

Bodycount 2013

In other "rose by any other name" news...
The event was billed by one promoter as a “sexy...not skanky affair” and a “classy” event telling women to wear shorts and “chic” swimwear.
Just another story you won't see on "The National."


RELATED: Remember... it's not Caribana...

...'cos, if you don't pay, you don't play...
According to Alexander, the Caribana Arts Group has asked for $250,000 from the FMC to use the Caribana name. Gomez wouldn’t comment on the specifics of what an agreement would look like.
Multiculturalism... it's not as simple as you think.


UPDATE: Obviously just a coincidence
TORONTO – Toronto police say they are investigating three separate shootings that took place on Saturday night in the city’s downtown core.
The joint was jumpin'.