26 October 2011

Let 'em eat poutine

Say... aren't these the malcontents... who want to break away from Canada?

" -- QUEBEC -- The province has always maintained it would create a replacement registry, suggesting the cost would amount to only 'a few million dollars a year'."
Yeah... wasn't that what the Federal Liberals said "once upon a time?"
“Without the data and the software I would hate to think how much it would cost to replace the current registry.”
Well... your buddy Teflon Jean pissed away 2 billion taxpayer dollars... let's see where you end up.


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...majority government.


Anonymous said...

Yes and they probably expect Canadians to pay for it through equalization payments.

Anonymous said...

Quebec can squander their payments any way they want. More for guns means less for health care and education.

Neo Conservative said...

not that the charest liberals would wanna be "wagging the dog" right about now, huh?