23 October 2011

No more taxpayer subsidy

Let's stop the bleeding right here...

The non-partisan information commissioner has given the CBC a grade of “F” for its secrecy — but it still violates her order for it to disclose the truth. It’s spending millions in legal expenses to hide how it’s spending billions in other expenses.

Let’s privatize the CBC. If some private billionaire wants to use the CBC as a weapon, that’s his business. In the hands of the CBC’s unethical management, it’s everybody’s business — and it’s got to stop.


Harry98 said...

I agree. This has gone on far too long.

Pissedoff said...

I agree get rid of the muck pile. I only wish I had confidence that Harper had the balls to do it.

hunter said...

CBC is running scared, but that will not change the Liberal ingrained culture, the only option is to privatize them like the CWB.

Anonymous said...

As soon as we stop subsidizing political parties with tax credits that forces all taxpayers to support parties they don't agree with.

Neo Conservative said...

"hunter says... only option is to privatize"

or continue to piss away a billion canadian taxpayer dollars per year, i guess.

hey, pissed... where do the liberals & dippers stand on this one?


Anonymous said...

Simple solution, if CBC don't open their books, then they don't get the money!

Jen said...

The occupiers instead of going after businesses that do not take money from their employees should park it at CBC and Union hq where a huge chunk of their money go to paying and lavishinf the ceos with huge bonuses.

Maybe, just maybe the occupiers would wake up and realized that they are being used by the unions and CBC to run a story. Then and only then would the occupiers demand 'no more subsidies or dues.

Neo Conservative said...

everybody's screaming about the coming recession... but we're gonna continue to give cbc a billion dollar yearly taxpayer subsidy?

i don't get it.