31 January 2017

Payback is a Bitch

never explain, never apologiseThat was then...
1. liberal: says something
2. conservative: responds
3. liberal: you're a racist | sexist | bigot | pejorative du jour
4a. conservative: I am not a racist | sexist | bigot | pejorative du jour
4b. conservative attempts to give evidence for statement 4a.
5. liberal: not good enough
6. Go to step 3
This is now...
1. conservative: says something
2. liberal: you're a racist | sexist | bigot | pejorative du jour
3. conservative: f@ck you.

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...in mindless lockstep...pussybrain

30 January 2017

If this WAS just one of those...

...crazy random things that happens in peace-lovin' Hogtown... I'm pattin' myself on the back for taking to the lifeboats back in 2001...
••• TORONTO ••• Homicide detectives are now sweeping the streets near George Brown College's St. James campus following a fatal shooting along George Street, between Adelaide and Richmond around 2:40 p.m.

"I see a guy standing over another guy on the sidewalk and he's firing into him repeatedly." Police say it's not yet known whether this was a targeted shooting.
That's T•dot's third murder of 2017.

Three, oops ... spoke too soon... five murders in January...theatre fodder
41-year-old Anthony Earl Smith and 24-year-old Dylan Gill

UPDATE: Victim #3 identified...
A man killed in a mid-afternoon shooting Monday has been identified as a 39-year-old from Quebec. Sources told CP24 the victim, Anastasios Leventis, is believed to be linked to the (aboriginal) drug trade and that he was targeted in what sources said was a gang-related shooting.

UPDATE2: And Ali makes 4...
Toronto police are investigating after an 18-year-old man was shot and killed in Regent Park. The man, who police have identified as Ali Rizeig, was shot multiple times outside a townhouse on Gerrard.

UPDATE3: Missed jailhouse murder... that's 5
Officers responded to an assault at the Toronto South Detention Centre on January 26th at 6:30 pm after a fight broke out between two inmates. Victor Ogundipe 41, was rushed to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.
As befits Toronto's rich cultural diversity, all 5 individuals are from various minority communities.

Just more fodder for Toronto's thriving artistic community... click on picture above for details.

"Professional" Journalism 101

"Last night, shortly after the shooting, a witness who asked to remain anonymous told Radio-Canada that two masked individuals entered the mosque."

"They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!'"

UPDATE: And then, there was one...
CBC removes names of 2 arrested, awaiting confirmation of name of suspect
None of the usual talk of a "lone wolf" or "root causes" or "mental illness"... the Prime Minister has, for once, jumped straight to branding this individual a terrorist.

What's different here?insert alt text here**********

LAST WORD: Remember, Trudeau refused to call this guy...

...a terrorist...not a terrorist
Zehaf-Bibeau’s cousin, Ashraf Zehaf, told the Citizen through a translator this week that the gunman’s father, Bulgasem Zehaf, travelled to Libya to bury his son.

Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial, then rushed to Parliament Hill, where he was killed inside the Centre Block in a shootout with security.
And, for the record, if Canada still had the death penalty... if Bissonette is found guilty... I'd pull the lever on him myself.

This is about political correctness, hypocrisy and Justin Trudeau's blatant double standards.


"... are an important part of our national fabric, and this senseless act has no place in our communities, cities and country."
Remember how Justin Trudeau said these moving words when unhyphenated Canadian Nathan Cirillo was murdered by a Muslim terrorist?

...Yeah... me neither...
"On the one-year anniversary of a brazen Ottawa shooting that claimed the life of a 24-year-old Canadian soldier, Justin Trudeau avoided mention of the word terrorism."
That's funny... the PM of some of the people had no such compunction about this latest tragedy...
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the shooting, which he described as a 'terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge'."
Whatever could be the difference?


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Ixnay on the Uslimmay says the media
Cirillo was shot in the back with a rifle by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, A HOMELESS MAN, who minutes later rushed the Centre Block of Parliament.
Just a random crazy panhandler, right?

Well, no... but we don't talk about that.

29 January 2017

Prime Minister Paris Hilton needs to...

...stop thinking and talking and go back to his strengths...imbecile
"The Liberal Party’s popularity is slipping on the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 10-stop cross-country town hall tour."

"According to the latest Nanos Weekly National Ballot Tracking, the Liberals’ current ballot support is slipping below 40 per cent."
Watch the Libranos pivot back to "Justin, Justin... show us your tits!"

28 January 2017

"Linked to concerns about terrorism"

Concerns?!?! Whaddaya mean concerns?great againThe real headline here should be... "Elected official makes promises, KEEPS THEM... Nation stunned."
The president’s order also blocks the admission of refugees from Syria indefinitely, and bars entry into the United States for 90 days from seven predominantly Muslim countries linked to concerns about terrorism. Those countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
As Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway has pointed out, this order does not affect the other Muslim majority countries in the Middle East.

It's about "state sponsored terrorism," stupid!


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...what's wrong with that?

Meet Boketsu Boekwa
A Mississauga woman who threatened to “bathe” her neighbour’s family in blood has been convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.
It gets better...
Boekwa had pleaded not guilty to the charges, testifying she didn’t really plan to kill her neighbour. That was just a play, a “comedy” she and her son Marc Ekamba-Boekwa, 22, were enacting to lure police to their Mississauga townhouse. For what reason was never made clear.
Not sure what her "comedic plan" was, but it ended with her knife-wielding son, whom Ms. Boekwa thought should replace Queen Elizabeth on the throne, shot dead by police.

Maybe President Trump has a point. Perhaps people from countries like the Congo, that have institutionalised witchcraft, shouldn't be at the top of Canada's immigration wishlist. And, no... I'm not joking...
The information and analyses presented are all drawn from various research studies and from the experience our programme has gained through reunifying and reintegrating around 2,000 children in the cities of Kinshasa and Mbuyi-Mayi.
Sweet baby jebus.

27 January 2017

Maybe they can all go work for...

...the Clinton Foundation...
“The muscle memory is critical. These retirements are a big loss. They leave a void. These are very difficult people to replace,” said David Wade, who served as State Department chief of staff under Secretary of State John Kerry.
Well, there's an unbiased opinion. {sarc/off}

Good riddance Kerry Kiddies. There's a new Sheriff in town and the swamp just got a little less moist.

26 January 2017

They stab it with their steely knives...

...but they just can't kill the beast...
Asked if he was concerned that Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer had lost credibility with the news media, Mr. Bannon chortled. “Are you kidding me?” he said. “We think that’s a badge of honor. ‘Questioning his integrity’ — are you kidding me? The media has zero integrity, zero intelligence, and no hard work.”

You’re the opposition party,” he said. “Not the Democratic Party.”
Bannon doesn't just "not accept" their premise... he tosses it right back in their face. I'm lovin' it.

25 January 2017

Maybe it was those...

...magical pussy hats...insert alt text here
The Dow Jones Industrial Average just powered through the 20000 level for the first time ever, setting an all-time intraday high three trading days after the inauguration of Donald Trump. Moments after the open, the Dow shot up to 20033.77.
The lunatic left chose to characterise Trump as a Neanderthal... looks like corporate America doesn't have a problem with that.


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If Trump unleashes American know-how and strengthens the economy, then his cultural and domestic agendas, as well as his personal demeanor and language, however radical and jarring, will probably be accepted.
I imagine Hillary Clinton is stroking out right about now.


LAST WORD: Your loss, Toots!
“Trumponomics”, with its shift away from multilateral trading blocs, will not be allowed to “contaminate” Europe, a former European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner has insisted.
Sure, they can always use the Venezuelan model.

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...insert alt text here
"Until a question was put to him Tuesday by the Calgary Herald specifically about the 2014 trip, Trudeau had only responded to questions about the 2016 holiday by noting that the Aga Khan was an honorary pallbearer at his father’s funeral and that he had known him since Trudeau was a toddler."

24 January 2017


"While these films this year reflect the black experience, I'm still waiting for films that reflect the Latin experience, for a romantic comedy with two LGBTQ members, for a disabled or differently-abled superhero.

We've actually seen a step back in respect to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander experience with movies like Ghost in the Shell or Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange.

So there's still more work for #OscarsSoWhite.
And remember, calling the President's daughter (no, not Malia, silly) a dog is okay if you're a multi-millionaire Hollywood bigshot...insert alt text here**********

LAST WORD: "Isolated" and under siege

That is exactly how the New Blacklist works.new blacklist
The backlash was immediate and fierce, and there is no question Kidman's career was threatened when Joss Whedon, one of the most powerful director's working today, tweeted this out and faced no backlash
So, I'm voting with my wallet... no more Joss Wheedon movies UNLESS they are torrented.

If there is a point here...

...it certainly eludes me...
A Toronto-based theatre company is developing a play based on the intense police interrogation in which convicted sex killer Russell Williams confessed his crimes. The One Little Goat Theatre Company plans to premiere Smyth/Williams in March, with an all-female cast that will alternate the roles of the interrogating officer and Williams through the performance.
What's next... "Karla & Paul - The Musical?"

Hey, maybe they can turn it into a series...
TORONTO - Toronto’s homicide squad is investigating a fatal drive-by shooting that left a 24-year-old man dead early Monday.

Toronto Police identified the victim as Dylan Gill, of Toronto.
Let's not have too much identifying info, right? Gotta keep "the community" happy.

23 January 2017

Not me... not mine... not today

Stand and deliver...
Within 24 hours, the bucolic campus in Middletown, Connecticut exploded in outrage. Both the paper and Wesleyan University sophomore Bryan Stascavage were swiftly branded racist.
army of one
Granted, the column was provocative. But the 32-year-old former army intelligence analyst, who served two tours totaling almost 27 months in Iraq and attends Wesleyan through a special program for ex-service members, had ruffled feathers before at the famously liberal school.

In the end, it is primarily the story of one student who challenged prevailing views at one of the nation’s most liberal universities and of a group of student journalists who, after a shaky start, got their mojo back and saved their paper and its independence.

Oh, sweetie... no worries

Speaking as an unrepentant biological member (no pun intended) of the international patriarchy... "Not even with a gun to my head"...insert alt text hereNow, while I'm sure there's someone for everyone in this crazy ol' world... wearing apparel warning people to stay away from your apparently irresistable lady parts seems a little unrealistically narcissistic... no?

Can things possibly get any Hollyweirder? Of course they can...
"In October, the pop star offered to perform oral sex on anyone who voted for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton."
Slutwalk it off, grannie.


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...and women were glad of it...
"Forgive me for a possibly stereotypical misperception, but somehow I just can’t see Eric doing much more than stamping a warmly burnished Berluti loafer and throwing a bit of a hissy fit had someone pushed his baby-faced boyfriend out of the kitchen."

"Would it be unduly rash of me to suppose there’s some significant attitudinal adjustment on the way for our United States Army? Could this be a parable for these transformative times?"
As the new SECDEF is sometimes wont to say... "I don't get stress... I cause it."


LAST WORD: "Thanks for Nothing, Bitches"
“So, where were all these women when Hillary Clinton was speaking to near-empty arenas, or on Election Day, when such a turnout actually mattered?”

22 January 2017

"To see so many Hollywood elites..."

..."lose their minds is a pleasure," Sabo said. "I no longer see entertainers, I see left-wing soldiers doing their part in indoctrinating those they entertain."

"Hollywood is dead to a great portion of America these days."
See his art here."

It gets better...
"I thought I heard the women chanting 'Menstrual brew' which had me wondering exactly what this lot were on. But listening more closely it turned out to be 'Pence Sucks Too.'"

"I was grateful for the clarity. I thought it was just Trump they hated. But it turns out it is all men. Apart from the ones who are transitioning to women."

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...sweet fuck all...
It was huge. It was emotional. But it’s hard not to wonder what all these people were doing during the election, and what they will do after the protest has ended.
Trump was elected, right? I didn't miss some sort of military coup?

21 January 2017

The alternate universe of the CBC

Remember, the government gives these folks 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars every year...
"Confrontational, angry inaugural address leaves no doubt about which side Trump's on"...
Write your member of Parliament today about defunding this monstrosity.

In other media meltdowns...
"The butcher's bill has come due: President Donald Trump is about to victimize his own voters," Salon titled his essay.
On Friday's NBC "Today" show, Matt Lauer expressed fear that the unruly Trump crowds might target former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once again.

The Washington Post's Catherine Rampell agreed that Trump having the nuclear codes "is somewhat terrifying to me, given that Trump does not have the greatest impulse control and when he says that he gets attacked, he punches back."

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tweeted that Trump may have wanted military equipment at his parade, but "at least he didn't want the marching soldiers goose-stepping — as far as we know."
I'm tired of being manipulated. How about you?


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The angry feminists were out in force. There were more signs talking about “PUSSY” than on the Reeperbahn. Pussy this, pussy that, all held up by women no less. Aging unkempt women wore pink hats they knitted called “Pussyhats” in twisted solidarity.
Yup... nothing like respecting the democratic process.


How low will they go?

20 January 2017

Paramedics rushed to the scene...

...after Hillary Clinton starts bleeding from her ears...insert alt text here
"On the morning of the Donald Trump's inauguration, his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway dressed in a Gucci jacket she described as 'Trump Revolutionary Wear.' She did a little dance in her outfit before answering reporters' questions."
11:53 am EST - Vice President Pence sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas.

11:59 am EST - President Donald J. Trump sworn in by U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts. Now officially the President of the United States.

The End of Civilisation...

...as we know it...peoples cube
Headline story in our premier issue: I WAS FORCED TO SING AT TRUMPS INAUGURATION, the true story of a poor, but talented, single-mother, 1/16th Native American, trans-questioning, Chicago civil servant whom The TrumpHitler implacably forced to compromise her sterling liberal values to croon for The TrumpHitler's drooling delight while suffering the humiliation of the leering eyes of TrumpHitler's Deplorables Squads (with assistance by Russian hackers).
Arrrrgh... the yuge manatee!!!


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"In another secretly recorded video released by James O’Keefe, activists associated with DisruptJ20 are seen talking about 'throat punching' neo-Nazis if they get 'very loud with their views'."
The lunatic left in all their glory. See the Project Veritas videos here.


LAST WORD: Sick of Pravda North?
But what do I know? For a spectacular Interstate pile-up of conventional wisdom, do read Ann Coulter’s splendid column this week on Matthew Dowd, former Bush strategist and the Chumpy McArsepants in residence at ABC, who reliably got everything wrong, day in, day out, for the entire campaign season: If Dowd issued a severe winter storm warning, you could safely stroll down to town in your speedos. Yet there he is, apparently a permanent fixture on ABC’s “Powerhouse Roundtable”.
The spectacle continues.

The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama

In a last major act as president, Barack Obama cut short the sentences of 330 federal inmates convicted of drug crimes on Thursday. With his final offer of clemency, Obama brought his total number of commutations granted to 1,715, more than any other president in U.S. history.
And let's talk finances...
"The debt hike from $10.7 trillion to $19.9 trillion is not just some accounting concern. It is unsustainable."
Don't get me started on "the exponentially exploding racial divide."

It's like he was actually trying to make America implode.

19 January 2017

If you build it...

...they will come...
"This month, none of the health officials voiced any hope that the end of the crisis is in sight."
Remember, this is the province that fought for the right to hand out government financed diacetylmorphine, aka "prescription heroin" to it's burgeoning junkie population.

Just as a side note, Mrs Neo and I no longer even have a family physician as he has apparently moved on to greener pastures. Apparently, there's money to shoot up hardcore junkies... but not to provide enough family doctors for the rest of us.

18 January 2017


Out of the mouths of millionaire trust fund celebrities...imbecile
In Dartmouth, N.S., Monday, Justin Trudeau said that because his maternal grandfather was born in Scotland, he understands the immigrant experience.

RELATED: It's a French province...

...not Canadian, says Trudeau...
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused Tuesday to respond in English to several questions put to him in English in Sherbrooke, Que., telling the town hall meeting that because he was in Quebec he would speak French.

Ironically, one of the English questions put to Trudeau was about the availability of English-language mental health services.
He's only Prime Minister of French-speaking peoples?
The probe will focus on whether the Privy Council Office violated the Official Languages Act in its role of supporting the prime minister.
That's what you get when you elect Paris Hilton.

Now if BLM could just get rid of...

...all those pesky caucasians and gay people, it'd be a really proud day...
At Pride Toronto's Annual General Meeting Tuesday night, members voted in support of demands from Black Lives Matter Toronto, including the removal of police floats from future parades.

UPDATE: Not so inclusive after all...
A "disappointing step backward" is how a gay Toronto cop is describing an impromptu ‘yes’ vote during Pride Toronto’s annual general meeting to ban Toronto Police from having floats or booths in the annual Pride Parade.

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Does the Globe have no standards for what goes into this section? NEWS PLEASE

LAST WORD: We wuz kangz
What’s the big deal about making history palliative rather than factual, if it makes the black kids less angry?
(via FFOF)

Goodbye President Argle-Bargle

We need a "common baseline of facts." That always sounds to me like longing for a time when liberal mainstream media filtered the facts. That's over. What are you going to do about it?

The facts are open to debate now, and many voices can be heard. If you really love democracy, why aren't you thrilled?

UPDATE: They can dream, can't they?
As the nation prepares for the peaceful transfer of power on Inauguration Day, CNN is dreaming up scenarios whereby the Obama administration can keep power if President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence were blown up as they prepared to take to oath of office./
Sounds like inciting sedition to me.

17 January 2017


“I’ve heard from a number of people across the country that they are concerned about this (holiday), and that is why I take this very seriously and I’m happy to respond to all questions that the Ethics Commissioner and others may have,” Trudeau told radio host Sheldon MacLeod.
Wait for it... FLOP...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau twice refused questions Tuesday from a reporter who wanted to know if he had ever before vacationed with the Aga Khan, the billionaire leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims.
Shame on you, Justin.

That paranoid, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...
In late 2015, Vice-Adm. Norman went public with his concerns that Canadians had not been given accurate information about the growing price of planned new warships. He told CBC-TV in December, 2015, that it could cost $30-billion – twice as much as budgeted. His warning left open the possibility that Canada could have to buy fewer or less-capable ships unless Ottawa allocated more money for them.
Fresh on the heels of Justin's Liberals forcing lifetime non-disclosure agreements on 250 civil servants and soldiers.

Noted safecracker Willie Sutton...

...when asked why he robbed banks, replied... "Because that's where the money is"...
TORONTO - Police say they're looking for three suspects after a Toronto marijuana dispensary was robbed. A shot was fired during the robbery, and one of the employees was pistol-whipped and required hospital treatment. The suspects are described as black men -- two about six feet tall and the other five-foot-eight to five-foot-10 -- who were wearing black ski masks and black clothing.
Marijuana... the victimless crime.


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CHICAGO (CBS) — At least 39 people have been shot across Chicago over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend, leaving 10 dead.

Community Organizer?

More like Divider-in-Chief...
This anodyne term was created by Chicago leftist Saul Alinsky who created the position to “rub raw the sores of discontent”.
Many thought Obama's moderate sounding speeches meant he had tossed Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in the dustbin. Instead, upon entering the White House, he created Organizing for Action, which has trained 5 million Americans in Alinsky tactics.

When I said, “My favorite part of the Obama era is all the racial healing” two years ago, I thought I could retire the tweet in January 2017. But perhaps the Obama era is just getting started.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Behold... "Generation Snowflake"
"So now we are left with a bloated race grievance/ identity politics industrial complex that he nurtured. What are these people going to do?

Get real jobs, get real clients? I think not."
And speaking of untouchable cultural icons...mlk
“Not even Ann Coulter included one of the biggest names of all. You know, the guy with his own national holiday.”
Apparently Hillary Clinton was unavailable for comment.

16 January 2017

Can there be Reconciliation...

...if there is no Truth?
“He has made a claim, it’s been disputed and he hasn’t produced any evidence, and so the question is, where does he go from here?”
Maybe he's an aboriginal... trapped in the body of a colonial oppressor.


RELATED: A darling of Non-Native Canada.
“Think of all the Native writing awards he won. Some are cash awards, for Natives only. And how many Native writers, thinkers, Residential School survivors have gone unheard because he’s colonized their public space?”

Boyden has requested APTN organize a sharing circle with its Elder-in-Residence to create a “safe and sacred environment” for the author to answer questions about his heritage.

APTN responded by again inviting Boyden to participate in an interview. The author declined the opportunity.
Of course he did.

That whole "ripping off his shirt" thing...

...didn't come from anywhere strange...exhibitionist
"But Manning’s most controversial shot was of Margaret Trudeau — then-estranged from her husband, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau — sitting on the floor at Studio 54 with her knees and her long skirt hiked up enough to show that she was going commando."

15 January 2017

Lock Her Up!!!

No more Russian hacking smokescreen...
FBI agents wanted to aggressively pursue the Clinton Foundation investigation based on the recordings from informants and suspects in unrelated corruption cases, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Agents on the case also ran into roadblocks from DOJ and FBI higher-ups with Clinton connections when they tried to review emails on laptops obtained as part of a separate investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.
There's been a couple dozen layoffs at the Clinton foundation. Will Chelsea be losing her $900,000 per year job?


RELATED: Barack Hussein Stalin
Yep, you read that correctly. In all of US history only three people suspected of leaking sensitive information had been prosecuted under a 1917 law intended to punish spies. Since Obama took office, nine have.
Sounds a little like Justin and his 250 “lifetime” non-disclosure agreements imposed on soldiers and federal civil servants.
Trudeau’s promise of open and transparent government would also appear to be a fair distance removed from his recent rather astonishing statement that when he talks with foreign billionaires and wealthy Canadians at private, cash-for-access, $1,500-a-ticket, Liberal fundraisers, he champions the middle class.
Who's deplorable now?

14 January 2017

They look you right in the face...

...and they lie...
The report was issued days after President Barack Obama publicly denied the rising tide of crime. “There is no growing crime wave,” Obama insisted in an essay for the Harvard law Review, published Jan. 5.

The FBI report shows the largest cities saw shocking increases in violent crime compared to the first half of 2015: Overall, violent crime increased 9.7 percent. Murders spiked 21.6 percent. Rapes rose 11.3 percent.

13 January 2017

Federal laws are for "little people"

Trudeau said he never provided the commissioner with a list of friends and relatives that could be connected to government business nor did he disclose his relationship ahead of time with the Aga Khan.
All told, Justin's billionaire buddy has received $310 million Canadian taxpayer dollars for his "charitable" works.

And it just keeps getting better...
Before Christmas, the prime minister was deflecting criticism over the so-called cash-for-access fundraising issue in which senior ministers, including Trudeau, were rubbing shoulders with millionaires in exchange for the cash.

Worried that Trudeau’s brand as a middle-class hero was at risk by spending so much time with the world’s wealthiest people, the PMO hastily set up what his office is dubbing a national “listening tour” so Trudeau could “remain connected with Canadians.”
Hey Canada... how do you like your millionaire trust fund baby now?


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Liberal response to aboriginal murder spree... "let's play basketball!"
A group of high school students from a remote Saskatchewan First Nation devastated by a school shooting last year were given a whirlwind introduction to Toronto this week, including court time in the Toronto Raptors’ training gym with coach Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
I guess this is supposed to divert attention from Justin schmoozing billionaire pal Aga Khan and his Chinese millionaire supporters.

Once again, the triumph of reality television over substance.


O'Leary isn't Trump, he's closer to Ignatieff, a Canadian who lives and works in the USA, calls himself an American, and figures the top job might look good on his resume. So, no, this socialist paradise isn't ready for a Trump, yet.

Maybe by 2019 Trudeau will have destroyed our economy so completely we will be looking for a straight talking non-pc leader, but it isn't O'Leary, a liberal-lite American.

12 January 2017

That's what you get...

...for showing a little too much ankle, forearm or face...rape culture
The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, an agency under the Ministry of Justice, says the number of Swedes claiming to have been sexually assaulted has risen by 70 per cent in two years.
Hey... live and don't learn...
In the aftermath of last year's asylum-related sexual attacks at the "We Are Stockholm" youth festival, the Swedish police are now launching a new campaign said Dan Eliasson, head of the country's national police force. Officers will give out bracelets with the text "Do not molest me" to girls attending this year's festival.

LAST WORD: Self-inflicted injuries sting worst...
In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%.

You can take the Congressman...

...out of "the hood", but...insert alt text here
On January 6th, it came to the attention of the nation that a painting was hanging in the Cannon Tunnel on Capitol Hill which depicted police officers as pigs who are brutalizing black citizens.

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter took the painting down, calling it offensive, and set off a battle which is more fitting of a middle school lunchroom than the halls of Congress.
Which is also why even lifelong Democrats held their noses and voted for Trump. People are sick of these "professional agitators" purporting to speak for them.
Earlier this week Representative Lacy Clay (who, incidentally is both black and responsible for hanging the painting) told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Yes, some people find it offensive. I don’t find it offensive.
In fact, Clay is so much of a fanboy, he will be rehanging the painting back in a very public location.
Congressional Black Caucus and Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Mo., whose office for months had sponsored the display of the student artwork, announced that Clay and CBC members will “rehang” the piece Tuesday morning in the Cannon Tunnel.
You have to wonder how Representative Clay would feel about the painting if it depicted the black protesters as monkeys.

This is the legacy of Hussein Obama, whom history will inevitably come to regard as "The Great Divider."

Oh Canada

"If you don't register, do you have to wear a yellow star on your clothing?"
More to the point, after you obtain your "Non-Racist" membership card... what exactly do you do with it?


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Of the almost 800 people killed in Chicago in 2016... cops killed, wait for it... 11.who are the outliers
In one segment of questioning, 93 percent of polled officers surveyed said they were more concerned about their safety today than in the past. Seventy-five percent of those polled, said interactions with black citizens have become more tense.
Interestingly Caucasian and Hispanic officers have very similar views... Black officers... not so much.

11 January 2017

Courtesy of the folks who brought you...

...melamine in the baby formula...
All patients of a suspected illegal cosmetic surgery clinic in Delta are being urged to get tested for HIV and hepatitis by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

Zhuo Li is not a registrant of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is not a licensed physician listed on any publicly available database worldwide. She is believed to be a tattoo artist with training in esthetics and makeup application.
People freak out when Kellie Leitch talks about "Canadian values", but here's a good example of what she means... ie, no performing surgery without a medical license.

Because it pisses off...

...all the right people...aly-raismanAnd speaking of "the right people"...

Sworn Trump enemy John McCain admits HE handed smear dossier to FBI.

Sadly for the #NeverTrumpers... McCain foremost among them... the narrative is falling apart...
If NBC is right, they didn’t bring it to Trump — and even if they had, they were planning to use it as an example of garbage intelligence, presumably to try to show Trump why it’s important to trust U.S. government intel instead of his own “private” sources who’ve been telling him that Russia is innocent in the hackings.
Both Trump and the Russian government are dismissing the report in its entirety.


UPDATE: CNN just underbussed Buzzfeed


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My dick just put on a black cape and started whispering "I'm Batman."

10 January 2017

If you build it...

...they will come...
"Individuals can receive state grants to pay for the service if they can provide a medical note stating that they are unable to get sexual satisfaction in any other way, and to prove that they cannot afford to pay the costs themselves."
Try to think of a single government social welfare program that is under-subscribed...
"Under the original arrangement, would-be Mi’kmaq needed only to dig up some census or church records to prove one of their ancestors had lived in a pre-1949 Newfoundland Mi’kmaq community."
Tax free status... here I come.

Or perhaps...
-- OTTAWA -- Medical marijuana users are on the hook for more than $500,000 in unpaid bills for government-certified weed, raising questions about the effectiveness of Health Canada's troubled dope program.

RELATED: Because Granny Hillary says...

... Cartoon frog = Hitler...insert alt text here
Hillary Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, NBC’s Katy Tur, and Heat Street have also branded the cartoon frog a symbol for white supremacy, seemingly basing their claims on a Daily Beast article that interviewed two notorious trolls, Jared Taylor Swift and Paul Town.

During the interview, Swift and Town attempted to link the meme to white supremacy, with Swift boasting that he had managed to trick the media on his since-removed Twitter account afterwards.
Fake news much?

09 January 2017

On your marks... get set...

"Toronto’s first murder victim of 2017 was shot in the chest Sunday morning."

UPDATE: Meet Victim #1Anthony Earl Smith
Police have identified the man shot and killed in Toronto’s first homicide of 2017 as 41-year-old Anthony Earl Smith.

RELATED: What's up with Ottawa?
Canada’s capital is a small sleepy city of less than a million. Its average annual murder rate is only 10. That’s a weekend in Chicago. But last year something strange happened to Ottawa’s murder rate.

It shot up to 24 homicides.

LAST WORD: The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... Odin, no... uh, Jesus... oh, yeah... that guy, AGAIN..."
Four soldiers were killed and 13 people were wounded in Jerusalem on Sunday when a truck rammed into pedestrians near the Armon Hanatziv Promenade.

Looking death right in the eye

Euthanasia used to be one slippery son of a bitch... now it's mostly about the paperwork.
"Between 1999 and 2001, I helped eight people die, including the poet Al Purdy. Now, as I prepare to take my own life, I’m ready to tell my story."
This one has a particularly personal feel for myself and Mrs Neo. Two days after Christmas 2016, a family friend, who had found out last October that she had a particularly virulent type of ALS, resolutely & unflinchingly ended her own life.

Last night, we received a last "good-bye" letter from her, delivered by one of her closest pals, thanking us for storing & looking after her beloved motorcycle until a friend picks it up in the spring.

Rest in peace, Andrea. As always, for better or worse... you did it your way.

08 January 2017

07 January 2017

Whoever exposed DNC corruption...

...be it hackers, a state actor or some random whistleblower... they deserve a medal.

Instead... Canada's national broadcaster yet again, like their MSM sisters-in-sin, is out whoring for the criminal, lunatic left.insert alt text hereHere comes the CBC... at its Boogeyman best.
Putin and the Russian government aspired to help president-elect Trump's election chances when possible by discrediting secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavourably to him."

The release of the emails led to embarrassing media coverage for Clinton and triggered the resignation of the DNC's chief.
What was discreditable here was the conduct of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Paying agitators to provoke violence at Trump rallies. Taking secret debate questions from news organisations. Covering up Hillary Clinton's obvious physical disability. The DNC sabotaging Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. The list goes on.

And the CBC thinks the offense was bringing all these activities to the public's attention?

(nb. image borrowed from maggies farm)


RELATED: Let's pull this apart...insert alt text here
The administration also did not mention that the election hacking occurred largely because of Podesta’s own carelessness in using his security password. Moreover, it failed to acknowledge that the Republican National Committee was likewise targeted, but apparently had enough safeguards to prevent successful entry into its records.

Finally, the administration refused to mention that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange went on the record saying that he did not receive the email trove from the Russians.
Read it all.


LAST WORD: A lame duck's last quack
The absence of any concrete evidence in the report of meddling by the Kremlin was met with a storm of mockery on Saturday by Russian politicians and commentators, who took to social media to ridicule the report as a potpourri of baseless conjecture.

The report provides no new evidence to support assertions that Moscow meddled covertly through hacking and other actions.
No, not Pravda... this is the New York Times.

Of course Barack deserves his Nobel Prize...

...it's not like he dropped 30,000 bombs in the course of 2016... right?
"The U.S. dropped 26,171 bombs last year, 3,027 more than 2015. The majority of the bombs were dropped in Iraq and Syria."
Remember, only bomb strikes by George W. Bush cause collateral (ie. innocent children) damage.

See... I thought that California...

...was on the verge of bankruptcy...professional journalismI guess I was mistaken, because obviously, no government that was in financial extremis would be so irresponsible as to put a sex change operation for a convicted murderer ahead of paying for policing, fire fighting, paramedics and education, to name but a few of their responsib... wait a freakin' penis-choppin' moment...
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- A 57-year-old convicted killer serving a life sentence in California became the first U.S. inmate to receive state-funded sex-reassignment surgery.
The first thing I should point out here is that the photo above is purely for illustrative purposes. It is very obviously not a picture of a 57 year old convict. No doubt the state of California will be doing everything that it possibly can to protect that individual's privacy.

My concern here is not that some person, for whatever reason, has chosen to surgically alter their appearance. There are plenty of folk doing that these days, even in my neck of the woods. On Boxing Day, I was cashed out at Best Buy by a very helpful twenty-something who had hoops in his earlobes you could've tossed a shotgun shell through.

I mean, we won't even talk about the delusional mope I saw on the InterTubes who has had his ears surgically removed and face fully tattoo'd in his ongoing quest to become...and I shit you not... a parrot.

If you have a dream... and who am I to say that emulating a flying creature from a tropical rain forest isn't dreaming in colour... then by all means, have at it.

What I object to, is having you pick my pocket to realise your inner Polly.

Never mind that, in the USA, there are folk who are deprived of life-saving surgeries because they can't come up with the scratch to cover a $50,000 or $100,000 hospital invoice.

This is just wrong on so many levels.

06 January 2017

Root Causes yet again?

Seems there's always "a community" involved...insert alt text here
Five people are dead and a shooting suspect is in custody Friday after a lone gunman opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.

Video posted on Instagram appeared to show several people wounded in the baggage claim area of the terminal. One person appeared to be lying in a pool of blood with a head wound.

The airport is the 21st busiest in the United States and serves 21 different airlines.

UPDATE: Canadian connection?
Chip LaMarca, a Broward County commissioner, was briefed on the airport shooting by Broward Sheriff’s office. He told The Associated Press by phone that the shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight and had checked a gun.

UPDATE2: Not Canadian at all...professional journalism
ABC News is now reporting he went from Anchorage through Minneapolis to Fort Lauderdale.

UPDATE3: Not the Alt-Right after allinsert alt text hereSantiago was definitely mentally disturbed, but if he was calling himself “Aashiq Hammad”, recording Islamic religious music online, and downloading Islamic terrorist propaganda all in 2007, 3 years before his first deployment to Iraq, what do you really think is the root cause here?


LAST WORD: Barn empty... door firmly closedtoo little, too late
MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami International Airport (MIA) and PortMiami have upped their security measures following a shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.
Remember, when seconds count... the police are only minutes away.

U.S. House of Representatives...

...bitchslaps Barry O... lines up behind Trump's Israel policy...
Lawmakers voted 342-80 in favor of the bipartisan non-binding resolution, which declares unwavering support for Israel and insists that the United States reject any future U.N. actions that are similarly "one-sided and anti-Israel."

A visibly angry House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. opened debate on the resolution by saying that the Obama administration "abandoned our ally Israel when she needed us the most."
Look for a similar action in the Senate in the near future.


RELATED: The real Obama legacy
Sorry, Mr. President, the world isn’t afraid of you and your empty threats. Eight years of leading from behind has left America’s standing in the world diminished, its moral authority compromised and its foreign policy in tatters.

RELATED2: On top of a thousand domestic pardons...
The Pentagon announced the release of four Guantanamo Bay detainees to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Wednesday. Salem Ahmad Hadi Bin Kanad, Muhammed Rajab Sadiq Abu Ghanim, Abdallah Yahya Yusif Shibli, and Muhammad Ali Abdallah Muhammad Bwazir were all former al-Qaida members with a long history of terrorist activity.

Many of the detainees released under the Obama administration were deemed “high risk” and between 18 and 30 percent have returned to terrorism.

LAST WORD: Despite the negative MSM spin...

...most reasonable people will see this as "a feature"... not "a bug"...
According to the report, transition staff issued an order requiring all politically appointed envoys — which would include Bruce Heyman, who was a key donor and fundraiser for President Barack Obama — to leave their posts by Inauguration Day, without exception.
Draining the swamp.

Silence of the BLMs

Toronto Homicide Squad calls off roundup of local farmers, hunters and sport shooters...
Winston Poyser, 24, and Shakiyl Shaw, 23, both of Toronto, were arrested on Thursday following the execution of search warrants within the City of Toronto. Poyser and Shaw are both charged with first-degree murder in Hagley’s death.

Police say that Lenneil Shaw, 23, and Mohamed Ali Nur, 18, are also being sought for first-degree murder in connection with Hagley’s death.

UPDATE: The usual suspects
Two suspects wanted in the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old boy at a Weston Road pizza place this past fall have surrendered to police. The suspects turned themselves in sometime on Friday, less than one day after police issued a Canada-wide warrant for their arrests in connection with the murder of Jarryl Hagley.
Black Lives Matters Toronto was apparently unavailable for comment.


RELATED: The hoodz a'hoppin' this week
Toronto police are investigating after shots were fired into a North York home on George Henry Boulevard, near Sheppard Avenue and Don Mills Road early on Friday morning.

There were people in the home at the time, but no one was hurt. Police found at least eight shell casings outside the home.

"No left of center political party or interest gives a damn about the true root cause of this slaughter : the toxic suicidal gangster/drug/nihilist culture that has been fed into the black community by the culture industry."
No argument here.

05 January 2017

A syndicated TV show?

Man... I'm so old, I can remember when dolling up a 6 year old boy in dresses and bondage gear would have got you arrested.


RELATED: If you can't get a TV deal...

...just send it out over the intertubes...
In the Facebook live video which was partially broadcast on CNN and other media outlets, a man who appeared to be white was seen sitting on the ground in the corner of a room as his attackers, at least some of whom appeared to be African-American, laughed and made comments about "white people."

A Chicago police spokesman declined to give the race of the victim or the people detained.
Of course they did.


UPDATE: How it's done in Obama country
CHICAGO -- Four black people were charged with hate crimes Thursday in connection with a video broadcast live on Facebook that showed a mentally disabled white man being beaten and taunted, threatened with a knife and forced to drink from a toilet.

UPDATE2: Ask the mainstream media
"CNN host Don Lemon said Wednesday evening the broadcasted torture of a bound and gagged victim in Chicago was not “evil,” adding that the suspects had 'bad home training'.”

During the same discussion, Democrat strategist and former press secretary for Bernie Sanders Symone Sanders said the attack was “not a hate crime” if the suspects were motivated by “hate of Donald Trump.”

Sure, Trump is pure evil...

...but a party's a party.

Of course the reality is a little different...
"This guy is interested in trying to please the people who elected him, not the urban swells who write for or read the NYT or WaPo – he knows they will never stop loathing him even if he somehow simultaneously cures cancer, brings world peace, and convinces Coldplay to disband."
The problem for the media is that Trump is gonna be Trump... regardless of how they feel.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
"Funny how this story never made it to the CBC where 52% of Canada's alleged "journalists" pick up their cheques."

On CNN, on Wednesday...

...Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway wished Manson a speedy recovery but acknowledged that losing him as a potential Court pick was a significant blow.

“We’re moving on, of course, but this is very disappointing,” she said. “There’s only one Charles Manson.”
Just some more of that heartwarming lefty "serial killer" humour.

I'm guessing the family of Sharon Tate is suitably impressed.

04 January 2017

Your National Broadcaster...

...makes a single, solitary reference to "a shooting"... and nowhere uses the word "terrorism"... instead we get a litany of references to the murdered woman's personality & demeanor...
1) "very kind," 2) "always happy," 3) "outgoing, optimistic and loving," 4) "full of life," 5) "lovely person inside and out," 6) "a great mom," 7) "a great person," 8) "always a big smile."
It's a good thing she wasn't a grouch... or this would have been a one sentence article.

Remember... the CBC sucks up 1.2 billion of your taxpayer dollars every year... and this is what passes for reporting.


RELATED: Hmmm... smells of "victim blaming"...

Apparently there's some sort of media distinction conferred on "provoked" shootings. Also.. why exactly are there so rarely media descriptions of "urban shooters?" Don't we want to catch these guys?


LAST WORD: The Toronto "Red" Star...

...in a class by itself...
A missing verb, an extra 's' and a continued division of people into identifiable groups.


Safety Break!!! Nobody works... nobody gets hurt...
"I don't feel that because of the fact that some people physically can't walk stairs we should refrain from designing stairs or objects like this. That is like no longer making paintings because blind people can't see them."
"People in a coma are unable to use public space at all. Discrimination!"

Remember, the government...

...still has trouble delivering your mail... and that has your name on it...
“What all this reminds me of is Francis Galton and eugenics. The real criminal, in these cases, are people who are perpetrating this idea, not the people who are being looked at.”
Healthy skepticism about our political overlords is always a good thing.


RELATED: Uncomfortable questions...
"How hard would it be for the government to figure out all of our religious beliefs – citizens and non-citizens alike — without asking?"

03 January 2017

Worried about competing with...

...China's "economic miracle?"...
The prevailing attitude is chabuduo, or ‘close enough’. It’s a phrase you’ll hear with grating regularity, one that speaks to a job 70 per cent done, a plan sketched out but never completed, a gauge unchecked or a socket put in the wrong size.

Chabuduo is the corrosive opposite of the impulse towards craftmanship.

02 January 2017

The "Ferguson Effect"

Here's what happens when you emasculate local law enforcement...insert alt text here
The interview with CBS's "60 Minutes" focuses on the 80 percent decline in street stops by Chicago police and fall in arrests this year, even as the homicide rate soars to more than 750 people killed.

It repeats a narrative that has been repeatedly told locally since Mayor Rahm Emanuel in October 2015 said cops had gone "fetal" in the face of protests about police violence.
Well, for what it's worth... the final tally was just shy of 800, but hey... who's counting?totalsKnow how many of those were killed by cops? Brace yourself, Buttercup... a grand total of 11... not quite 1.5%.


RELATED: Or... he could just be lying...
Call it naivety, stupidity or a misreading of the situation, but Vaca said at the time he was sure they would not shoot him.
Who is gonna doubt a felon's word? Not CBS.

01 January 2017

Happy New Year

done like a dinnerAnd on the first day of 2017, I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet that Donald Trump could likely get himself elected President of Turkey, or Germany... or France... or...


RELATED: meanwhile, back at the ranch...
The new year got off to a violent start in Toronto with two shootings and three stabbings.
Funny, that's not the Toronto I remember as a kid.