27 October 2011

The perils of "feelgood" journalism

Is it just possible, Peace Moonbeam... that very publicly soliciting the assistance of an accused serial killer's mummy... might not serve the cause of objective journalism, or... more to the point... actual justice?mommy's little angelBut, but, but... it feels so good... and what could possibly go wrong?professional journalism againProfessional journalists... your ethical & intellectual superiors.

Meanwhile... over at Canada's very own little Pravda... "What is this fact-check you speak of?"

-- TORONTO -- The CBC "misrepresented" calls embattled Mayor Rob Ford made to 911 in which he did not call the operators insulting names, the city's police chief said Friday.
"Misrepresent," huh? Is that anything like, oh... I dunno... a lie?
In a statement, Bill Blair said he had listened to the three emergency calls Ford made and felt it necessary "to set the record straight" about the calls.
I guess it could have been worse... the CBC could have asked Mary Walsh's mother for her opinion.


Rob R said...

Moments in great headline writing:

"charge mother of Mark Moore with allegedly destroying evidence"

They charged her with destroying evidence. Therefore, it is alleged that she did so. They did not charge her with alleged anything.

Neo Conservative said...

what's a mom to do, huh? hey... maybe it's just a cultural thing that us cold-hearted canucks simply can't understand.

i mean, lookie here...

"The gun and drug trafficking charges against Steele are based exclusively on selected wiretaps that were among 250,000 recorded in Project Green Apple."

"His mom, Valarie Steele, a social advocate, former president of the Jamaica Canadian Association and an adjudicator with the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, has been charged with perjury for allegedly lying about her son's comings and goings while he was under a strict 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew."

regardless... basing a supposed "news" report on what mom thinks of her alleged serial killer son... let's face it, that's just phonin' it in.

how about putting the pro back in professional?