31 May 2017


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Kathy Griffin troubles me; WHO are her associates? WHO are her sponsors?

Has she ever traveled to RUSSIA? Has she ever HAD CONTACT with a RUSSIAN
Hmmm... shouldn't there be a "trigger warning" attached to this photo shoot?


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UPDATE: As Sean Penn knows...

..."You never go 'full retard'"...
“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the network’s communications department tweeted Wednesday morning.

ADT — the largest home security company in North America — announced it would pull its advertising from CNN over the photo, while the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico announced it had cancelled Griffin’s upcoming performance, which had been scheduled for June 16.
Thus endeth the lesson.


LAST WORD: Let's ask Dilbert
Persuasion-wise, Griffin’s photo was so over-the-line that I assume it ruined the movie for a lot of people following the anti-Trump script. The audience in Griffin’s movie just had a mirror held up to them. If they liked what they saw, they will stay in their seats. If they don’t like being the villains in their own movie, they might change the channel.


If middle-eastern Muslims weren't so busy slaughtering each other, us infidels would really be in trouble...
A powerful bomb hidden in a sewage tanker exploded in the morning rush hour in the centre of the Afghan capital on Wednesday, police said, killing at least 80 people, wounding hundreds and damaging embassy buildings, including Canada's.

Wednesday’s attack provided another clear demonstration that Ramadan, which began at the weekend, would provide little respite from the violence across Afghanistan.

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Two blasts ripped through the Iraqi capital of Baghdad just days into the holy month of Ramadan, killing at least 27 people and wounding more than 100. ISIL claimed the first and deadliest suicide car bomb attack, which took place shortly after midnight at a busy ice cream parlour in Karrada, killing at least 16 people and injuring at least 75 - with children among the victims.

Scenes of panic and carnage followed the explosion in the Shia district, where last July ISIL bombed close to 300 people to death in the worst attack in 13 years of war.

ISIL considers members of Iraq's Shia Muslim majority to be heretics and frequently carries out attacks against them.
Holy, holy, holy.


LAST WORD: The way the bomb bounces...
The Palestinian Authority has paid out some NIS 4 billionor $1.12 billion — over the past four years to terrorists and their families.

AKA Taxpayer dollars

Just one more thing to think about while you're sitting waiting for a doctor for 6 hours in that crowded hospital emergency room...insert alt text here
The whole giant rubber replica duck tour of Ontario is expected to cost about $200,000, Parrell says, 90 per cent of which will be covered by grants, most of them from the Ontario ministry of tourism, culture and sport.

UPDATE: Is Ontario stealing artist's I.P.?
“I was shocked. They don’t have permission to show my duck again. And they are charging money for tickets. I want this rubber duck for the whole world to see. It is sad. They make it into this joke, but the rubber duck is not a joke. It is serious artwork which connects all people in the world.”
(via reader Rich)

30 May 2017

So why the cultural appropriation?

Prof. Nicolas Fabien-Ouellet has a unique theory: Canadians can’t claim poutine as their own because at one point in their history, they initially made fun of the Quebecois who ate it.

That, in turn, lead, Fabien-Ouellet, says, to widespread “poutine stigma,” which, in turn, is responsible for the mass oppression of the French-identifying Canadian minority.

Who you gonna believe?

...the Canadian Medical Association... or the know-nothing celebutard spawn of a career politician who is looking to buy the vote of every college age kid in the country? insert alt text here
"Simply put, cannabis should not be used by young people. It is toxic to their cortical neuronal networks, with both functional and structural changes seen in the brains of youth who use cannabis regularly."

"The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has stated unequivocally that 'cannabis is not a benign substance and its health harms increase with intensity of use'."
Justin Trudeau lied about his projected multi-billion dollar deficits. He lied about switching to a "proportional representation" electoral system.

I could go on, but you get my drift... right?


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More remarkably, Liberal Health Minister Jane Philpott launched a consultation on raising the smoking age to 21 while at the same time arguing the legal age for marijuana should be 18.

29 May 2017

Brought to you by the same folks...

...who just authorised another 70 million dollars for IVF for the "socially disenfranchised"...lunatic left
Ontario Attorney General and Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi plans to propose legislation that would create “safe zones” around abortion clinics where protests and demonstrations would be banned.
Making babies... killing babies... what's the difference, huh, Kathleen?


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...Liberals pass new law prohibiting cancer...
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 29, 2017) - Working people from across Ontario have shared their lived experiences of insecurity, intimidation, precarity and poverty with the "Special" Advisors and with their MPPs.

While their struggle is reflected in some of the recommendations in the Changing Workplaces Review, legislation must go further to improve the lives of working Ontarians.

You've come a wrong way, Baby!

And all the black women will be sitting at the back of the theatre...
"Congratulations Alamo Drafthouse!!! You're fighting sexism with sexism!" stated another man to the New York theatre. "Way to make women look equal to men and vice versa by separating them."

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...a continuing series...
"Protesters also put up signs that included language such as 'I’m sick of white tears' and 'Fuck your white complacency'.”
Perhaps, at some point, one of these incidents won't be a hoax.


LAST WORD: Hunter College - The Final Solution
As of press time, “Abolition of Whiteness” does not appear to have been added to the list of courses that satisfy the “Pluralism and Diversity requirement,” though at least 30 other Women and Gender Studies courses are included, including one course on “Feminist Political Theory” and a special topics course on “body politics.”

28 May 2017

I'm from the government...

...I'm here to save you...
Security service sources this week revealed that five terror plots were foiled between the Westminster attack in March, where Islamist Khalid Masood ran down a number of pedestrians and stabbed a police constable to death outside the Palace of Westminster, killing five, and the Manchester bombing.

And sources in government confessed there are at least 23,000 jihadists in Britain, after the public had been previously led to believe there were around 3,000 known jihadists, with 500 subject to active investigations led by MI5.

27 May 2017

26 May 2017

More stuff you'll never see...

...on Canada's national broadcaster...
“I was telling Steve Doocy on the way in here, if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on Fox Television Friday. "It’s everywhere. It’s constant. It’s nonstop."

25 May 2017

Coming soon...

...to a concert venue near you...
The arithmetic is not difficult: Poland and Hungary and Slovakia do not have Islamic terrorism because they have very little Islam.

France and Germany and Belgium admit more and more Islam, and thus more and more terrorism.

Yet the subject of immigration has been all but entirely absent from the current UK election campaign.

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Robbing Peter, then robbing Paul...

...then robbing...
TORONTO - Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plan to cut hydro bills by 25% comes with an electrifying price tag. A review by Ontario Financial Accountability Officer Stephen LeClair says the minimum cost is $45 billion, but that number could soar to anywhere between $69 billion and $93 billion if the Fair Hydro Plan is financed with borrowed money.

24 May 2017

Killing free speech in Canada

I’m not trying to win the argument; I’m trying to have the argument...”
Frances Widdowson, an associate professor in the department of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary and co-author Albert Howard published a book entitled “Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation.”

The title gives you the drift of her position. Some members called her talk “hate speech” worthy of a Criminal Code investigation. One colleague asked if she’d “like to take it outside.”

23 May 2017

As opposed to that piddley-ass...

...no big deal "terrorist alert"...

murderI can't wait for the usual media suspects to start screaming about "Islamophobia"...
The UK is on a "critical terror alert" with military troops set to bolster police forces after the Prime Minster raised the threat level to its highest possible rating. Theresa May made the sombre announcement in a live television statement from Downing Street on Tuesday evening.

It means a terrorist attack is considered imminent. This is the first time in a decade that the assessment has been placed at the highest level. It has only been at critical twice in nearly 11 years - once in August 2006 and again in June 2007.

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Theresa May’s unprecedented decision to deploy up to 5,000 armed troops at key strategic sites makes her the first Prime Minister to use the new plan for a show of force in the face of major terrorist threats.

Mrs May announced that the police had asked for military support, and the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon approved the request, meaning Operation Temperer is now in force for the first time.

UPDATE: From the comments...
The father and younger brother of the Manchester Arena bomber have been arrested in Libya. The Telegraph understands Hashem Abedi, 20, the brother of suspected attacker Salman Abedi, was arrested last night in the capital Tripoli by counterterrorism forces on suspicion of links to the Islamic State group.

Three armed vehicles arrived to take away their father, Ramadan Abedi, an administrative manager of the Central Security Force in Tripoli, late Wednesday afternoon.
I'm guessing the Libyan security apparatus is layin' down a marker with the Donald.

When will they ever learn...

...when will they ever learn?murdering bastards
"The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for 23-year-old Salman Abedi's suicide bomb attack, which left 22 people dead, including children."

UPDATE: The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...insert alt text here
Eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos was killed in last night's devastating terror attack in Manchester, it has been confirmed.
I'll say it again... the "Will of Allah."

Hey, don't take my word for it...
A chilling message from an ISIS supporting group Yaqeen Media, said vehicle attacks will take place in the UK. It stated: “Today we fight you on our land, and tomorrow on your land, by Allah’s permission. “Soon, the vehicle attacks will be witnessed on your streets, by Allah’s permission.”

IRONY ALERT: Ariana Grande... the awakening
"Even if you voted for Trump and are now quietly horrified at his broken promises and dangerous rhetoric, you are welcome here, and this is your march too."
I know what I'm horrified at... and it isn't the guy who has declared he will... ‘obliterate this evil ideology.


LAST WORD: Ask an educated, "moderate" Muslim...
London Mayor Sadiq Khan previously claimed terror attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a modern city such as London.
There's somebody you want in a position of responsibility.

Another double murder in Hogtown...

...must be Tuesday...insert alt text here
Toronto police are investigating a double homicide in the city’s east end. Officers were flagged down in the area of Logan Avenue and Gerrard Street East at around 11:50 p.m. and directed to a vehicle with a gravely injured man inside.

Investigators, with the assistance of the emergency task force, entered the home on Cavell Avenue and located the body of a female inside.

UPDATE: Save one, forget the other...

...but don't call 911...
The first of the two deaths unfolded as the driver of a white Acura was attempting to drive his relative — a man in his 20s — to hospital. The investigation into the man’s shooting led police to the woman’s body in a Toronto Community Housing Corp. apartment at 96 Cavelle Ave., near Pape and Danforth Aves.
Surely, not the same "community housing" that city council is once again vowing to clean up.


UPDATE2: Surprise, surprise
TORONTO - A man found mortally shot in a car in Leslieville late Monday has been identified as Abdiqani Abshir, 24.

The Dumbest Generation

In their never-ending pursuit of social justice, know-nothing college students burn the wrong witch yet again...
“'Lou Reed was a difficult and sometimes unpleasant person, but transphobic he was not,' Sounes said. 'Reed was a bisexual who had close friendships, and conducted love affairs with transgender men'.”

“They literally found a pro-trans song to be transphobic because it implied being trans is uncommon/unusual. Look at when the song was written for a little perspective.”

"In the mid-1970s, Reed was in what was essentially a marriage with a transgender person who went by both Ricky and Rachel."

22 May 2017

Just another long weekend in...

...the center of the universe...gun  free zone
Armed with a double-barrelled sawed-off shotgun and a .40 calibre handgun, the shooters opened fire on a group of people nearby, Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said in a statement released Saturday.

“The man who was armed with the shotgun attempted to conceal it, at which point he discharged a round, striking himself in the leg,” Douglas-Cook alleged.
Police declined to say which Jane & Finch gun club these two geniuses belonged to.


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She was minding her own business, walking next to the Eaton Centre.

Then from out of nowhere, a man ran up behind her, jumped into the air and drop-kicked her.
And the hits just keep on coming...
A Toronto man missing since December who was found dead last week near Peterborough was murdered, police say. Bayram Abolhassani-Larki, 19, was last seen near Front St. W. and John St. in Toronto on Dec. 12 at about 11 p.m.

LAST WORD: Cultural Relativity
"Black Lives Matter might more accurately be named White Killers Matter, because it only seems to care about black lives that are ended by white people. And that, of course, is because Black Lives Matter isn’t about justice, but about racial agitation."
"The number of concealed carry permits in the United States has topped 15 million over the last year, according to data collected by the Crime Prevention Research Center."

"That’s the largest one-year increase ever in the number of permits issued."

21 May 2017


The chief commissioner of the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls has admitted to a “poor communication strategy” in the wake of intense criticism about the inquiry’s progress.

The commission is also planning to ask for an extension, now that only one hearing is scheduled to take place before the fall.
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Crucially for a prevailing stereotype related to the issue, nearly 90 per cent of murders of aboriginal women were solved, a rate that barely differed from that of non-aboriginal women (88 versus 89 per cent).

Of the 2,500 murdered aboriginal Canadians, murdered in Canada between 1982 and 2011, fully 71 per cent — 1,750 — were male, and 745 were female
Let face it... this is simply another government exercise in publicity...
The overall risk to Aboriginal women is about what you would infer from just combining the very high general Aboriginal exposure to lethal violence with the much reduced general female exposure to it.

No third, additional element of risk is apparent in the numbers: over the 1980-2012 period covered in the RCMP report, for example, StatsCan estimates that 14 per cent of all female murder victims were Aboriginal, but 17 per cent of male murder victims were.

The lack of a statistical smoking gun makes an emotional debate more complicated.
LAST WORD: Not a race thing at all
The consolidated data from the nearly 300 contributing police agencies has confirmed that 70 per cent of the offenders were of aboriginal origin, 25 per cent were non-aboriginal, and five per cent were of unknown ethnicity.”
Note: In 62 per cent of the cases, aboriginal females who were victims of homicide were killed by a spouse, family member or intimate relation.

20 May 2017

19 May 2017

Back to the future

parallel society?
"To a large degree, black America still segregates itself with no end in sight. And isn’t that really the rub of the whole 'separate but equal' Harvard graduation?"

"Sixty years after the so-called civil rights movement it appears that black self-segregation may actually be increasing, which is just insane."
Hmmm... couldn't happen here... right?


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Black Lives Matters™
wants a separate, segregated country, free of "white man's" rules and police oversight...how did that liberia thing work out?Of course, these social justice warriors are forgetting that mythical kingdom already exists... it's called Africa.


LAST WORD: Victimhood Inc...

...the membership drive...
“Society,” Ms. Tuvel, an assistant professor at Rhodes College in Memphis concludes, “should accept such an individual’s decision to change race the same way it should accept an individual’s decision to change sex.”

The paper, despite her declarations of support for transgender rights, contained “egregious levels of liberal white ignorance and discursive transmisogynistic violence.”
I just love watching the lunatic left eat their young.

At a cost of $550 million each

...in 2010 dollars...
The B21 will funnel huge amounts of money to Northrop-Grumman and, in the event of a thermonuclear war... will arrive at the bubbling remains of targets several hours after the Navy’s D5 Trident II missiles get there.

The aircraft relies on the assumption that, in thirteen years when it enters service, anti-stealth technology will not have reached the point of making it even more obviously useless.

18 May 2017

The first thing we do is...

...hang all the lawyers...
Judge Lisa Porter heard from Padowitz and assistant state attorney Peter Sapak before Monday's jury selection as they debated whether Patterson's penis would be flaccid or erect if and when it is presented to the jury.

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I saw this quote on CNN.com today: “The episode is the latest woe for Trump, whose administration is engulfed in a series of scandals linked to Russia.”

A “series of scandals linked to Russia”? Would it be equally accurate to characterize it as a series of stories manufactured by the media, none of which have been confirmed to be a big deal?

If you can sit passively while watching the Opposition Media turn “hope” into “asked Comey to end the investigation,” you are part of the slow assassination of President Trump.

And you are also part of the slow assassination of the next president, and the next. If Trump goes down from leaks, Mutually Assured Destruction kicks in automatically.

LAST WORD: And justice for none
The operator of an illegal daycare in Vaughan has been sentenced to 22 months in jail and three years of probation in the death of a two-year-old child back in 2013.
If Olena Panfilova had killed my child, I'd have sentenced her to 22 months in my septic tank.

The wisdom of Justin Trudeau

The town suddenly became a haven for recreational pot users, drawing in transients, panhandlers and a large number of homeless drug addicts, according to officials and business owners. Many are coming from New Mexico, Arizona and even New York.

“Legalized marijuana has drawn a lot of kids here from other states and the impact has not all been good,” said Marinseck, 58, while holding a cardboard sign asking for “help.”
Hmmm, sounds a lot like a certain part of Vancouver.


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Approval for the pilot project was highest among millennials aged 18 to 24, Atlantic Canadians, and supporters of the federal NDP and Liberals.
Yeah.. I'm shocked.

17 May 2017

Trudeau Liberals to look into vote on...

...safe sniffing cubicles in west coast pet stores...
VANCOUVER -- A harm reduction group on the front line of Vancouver's overdose crisis can now include a small, furry mouse on the list of lives it has saved.

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Give me your tired... your sexually ambiguous, too dumb to recognise life-threatening weather, wannabe soccer players...
WINNIPEG -- Five months after nearly freezing to death on a treacherous walk across the Canada-U.S. border, and still learning to get along without the 10 fingers and thumbs he lost to frostbite, Seidu Mohammed is happy.

He gets to stay in Canada.
Apparently, now we're taking any warm (OR mostly frozen) body who can stumble across the border.

16 May 2017

Truth? What's that?

A 70-year-old Swedish woman is facing up to four years in prison after being dragged into court and threatened with jail for a two year old Facebook post which is factually correct.

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In 2013, Canada's hundreds of cancer charities spent $2.7 billion in total, but only 45 per cent went towards fighting cancer in multiple ways, including supporting patients, awareness, advocacy, as well as research. Fifty-five per cent, or about $1.5 billion, went to fundraising costs, salaries and other overhead.

15 May 2017

And Winston Churchill wept...

"One of Britain’s top private schools, Highgate in north London, has a uniform policy allows female pupils to wear trousers, dark blue jackets, and ties but boys can’t choose to wear the grey pleated skirts that make up part of the girls’ uniform."

"They are now bringing in 'gender-neutral uniforms' that would allow boys to wear skirts."

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...
"I don’t know if having 20% Muslim citizens is anywhere near the tipping point. But consider that gays represent perhaps 10% of the country, and that was enough to change laws. Consider that the United States is strongly pro-Israel while the Jewish population of the United States is under 2%."

"The size of the minority seems less important than their level of motivation."

"Muslims appear to be motivated."

13 May 2017

The New Entrepreneurs

An Ontario teacher is working to clear her name and her credit score, after someone appears to have used her identity to open credit cards, take out a loan and purchase a luxury SUV.
insert alt text here
While her personal bank information was fine, the credit bureaus told her that someone had taken out numerous credit cards in her name, ringing up between $1,000 and $5,000 in charges. Her address was also listed as being in North York, which isn't true. Two cellphone numbers that weren't Douglas's were also registered to her.

Other car purchases were also listed on her credit report, and police told her that a $60,000 loan had also been taken out in her name.

Forget about Disneyland

"The more I learn about Elon Musk’s Boring Projecta batshit idea to build a tunnel that sends cars at breakneck speeds under Los Angeles — the more I want to take a ride.

The twisted genius just posted video of a test sled zooming through a test tunnel. Holy shit, it’s like going into hyperspeed, and I want to ride!"

12 May 2017

Not Me, Not Mine, Not Today

A man with a concealed carry license shot an armed man who tried to stick him up late Wednesday morning on the Southwest Side, Chicago police said. Shortly after 11:30 a.m., the victim was standing outside his vehicle in the 5300 block of South Pulaski Road when two men approached and demanded his car keys, police said.

Instead of handing over his keys, the victim shot one of the men in the groin area. The other man took off, but he was caught a short time later, police said.

The other robber, whose exact age is unknown, was arrested. Charges are pending against both, police said. A weapon was recovered.
You wanna be safe in Barack's Chiraq... you better be strapped...
On March 10, 2017, Breitbart News reported that concealed carry rose nearly 50 percent in Chicago in 2016, compared to 2015. Moreover, the number of Chicagoans seeking Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) cards skyrocketed.

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According to Michigan Live, Hamtramck High School’s girls-only “Princess Prom” is “intended to create a safe space for Muslim girls who normally cover up in hijab to let their hair down in an environment with no boys and no cellphones.”

That said, it’s telling how “letting their hair down,” an afterthought for most women, can somehow be thought of as “empowering” for anyone who lives in an American city.

No word on whether students who identify as “non-binary” or transgender will be allowed to attend the prom.
I'm thinking I know the answer to that.


LAST WORD: Oh Canada... before you get all smug...

...and self-righteous...
According to police, Dalvin Lewis, now 49, was born in Jamaica and has strong ties to the Montego Bay community. On Thursday, Lewis was arrested at Pearson and was charged with first-degree murder.
Police say that between April 19 and April 20 of this year, a 15-year-old Brampton boy rushed into retail stores, jumped on top of counters while brandishing a knife and demanded money.
One man is dead and another is in hospital following a shooting in Brampton late Thursday night.

A 28-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene.
The Toronto man police accuse of killing another man outside a Queen Street bar may be extradited back to Canada, after a dramatic arrest in Aruba.


You just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet... Here's something that you ain't never gonna forget...
The average Ontario hydro bill will soar by $195 a month by 2027 under the Liberal government’s hydro plan, according to a leaked cabinet document obtained by the Progressive Conservatives.

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Debt for you... debt for the grandkids...
For the next 10 years, a new entity overseen by Ontario Power Generation will pay that difference and take on debt to do so.

Then, the cost of paying back that debt — which the government says will be up to $28 billion — will go back onto ratepayers’ bills for the next 20 years as a “Clean Energy Adjustment.”

11 May 2017

That vacation list keeps getting shorter

In some cases their criticisms embarrassed the ruling party which repressed them – in Kenya these radical critics developed the bad habit of getting killed in car crashes on lonely roads at night, with only the police as witnesses of their demise.

Something of the same happened in Zambia: after one particular accident in which a political figure was killed while “swerving to avoid a black dog running across the road”, it became common to describe similar fatalities as “black dogs”.

Good Question

A lot has happened in the last 25 years...
Armed citizens kill more crooks than do the police. Citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as police do every year (1,527 to 606). And readers of Newsweek learned that "only 2 percent of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal.

The 'error rate' for the police, however, was 11 percent, more than five times as high.

George F. Will, "Are We 'a Nation of Cowards'?," Newsweek (15 November 1993)
All those "safe spaces," right?

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...Centre of the Universe...
The vehicles were driving northbound on Warden when shots were exchanged. It happened at the beginning of rush hour at around 5 o'clock just north of Eglinton Avenue

Staff-Sgt. Rouette of 41 Division tells Metroland Media Toronto that for an unknown reason shots were fired between the two vehicles, before one of the vehicles crashed on the lawn of a home on Warden.
Get out while you can.

10 May 2017

Yes He Can

just an ordinary guy
It seems like Obama has taken a page out of Leonardo DiCaprio's book of “do as I say, not as I do” and took a private jet to Milan. Not only that, he had a 14 car convoy to get into the city, which also included protection from above with a helicopter.

During his post-presidency vacation, Obama spent many weeks in French Polynesia on music mogul David Geffen's 450ft superyacht, which surely does not frugally sip fossil fuels like he wants the rest of the country to do.
Exactly how many $400,000 speeches do you have to make in a year to be officially considered a member of the 1%?


UPDATE: Livin' La Vida Loco

Apparently $400K a speech is just chump change...insert alt text here
President Obama flew into Italy’s business capital yesterday, and according to local media headed straight for the extravagant Park Hyatt hotel, which can cost up to £7,100 (€8,400) a night.
During his visit, this simple man of the people took time to lecture the little people about the environment...
During the conversation in Milan, Barack Obama argued with his former chef Sam Kass about how many steaks he had cooked him. Kass said that he probably cooked “thousands of steaks” for the president, but Obama interrupted.

“I don’t think, thousands,” Obama protested.
Saving the environment... Obama style.

09 May 2017

Take the money and run

Sen. Don Meredith says he will be moving on with his life and "will not engage" in a constitutional fight over his expulsion from the Senate.
Remember, this sleazebag is picking your pocket...
Senator Don Meredith will receive a $25,000 annual payout for life even if he is expelled from the Senate. That pension payout relates to his roughly six years of Senate service.

Stand by for breaking news...

...on gravity holding shit down...
CHICAGO—This city’s police officers have been warned of the increasing use by gang members of rifles able to pierce police body armor, after a spate of shootings with assault-style weapons.
They've been warned? That virtually any rifle over .22 calibre will rip through a kevlar vest?

Apparently, Shibani Mahtani is unaware that ordinary police body armour is only designed to stop handgun calibre rounds... but let's not let that stop this "professional" journalist from making up scary stories.

And it's all the fault of those evil firearms, right?
CHICAGO -- Police said 10 people were shot in Chicago late Sunday afternoon, and two of them died, after suspected gang members opened fire on a group attending a memorial for another man killed earlier in the day.
Sweet baby jebus.

Non-Silence of the BLMs

Toronto cops are welcomed at the Pride Parade, so long as they keep their weapons, uniforms and vehicles away.

According to Pride Toronto executive director Olivia Nuamah, LGBTQ officers and “their allies” are invited to march in the parade provided they adhere to the aforementioned rules.
I wonder if that sentiment would change if some Islamic terror group decided to target the Pride parade?


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...a sparkley pink lining...
Toronto City Councillor John Campbell recently suggested putting a motion forward to pull $260,000 in city funding from Pride Toronto.
Call it a win-win situation.

08 May 2017

Victimhood Inc. - The Reboundening

I'll see your puny Blackitude and raise you a bubbling cauldron of Aboriginality...irresistable force, immovable object
"We apologize to anyone who we offended and hurt by our presentation."

RELATED: Speaking of presentations...nazis on the brainI guess a billion plus dollars in yearly taxpayer subsidies is no guarantee of quality news coverage.


UPDATE: In other "Cultural Appropriation" news...
According to an article in the “intersectional” blog The Establishment, people who don’t have to live in tiny houses living in tiny houses is a “troubling” example of “poverty appropriation.”

LAST WORD: Airbrushing the Politburo
"Back in 1988, when the Sun's Paul Jackson was at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, he broke a startling story that showed Tommy Douglas, now revered by the CBC as 'the greatest Canadian of all time,' eagerly recommending the CASTRATION OF HOMOSEXUALS and chronic criminals."
Thank you, Canada's National Broadcaster.

07 May 2017

06 May 2017

Elections aren't about "Truth"...

...they're about entrenched power...forget truth**********

UPDATE: France - the re-surrendering...cheese eating surrender monkeys
Paris' main Mosque said on Sunday that the election of centrist Emmanuel Macron as France's next president over far-right leader Marine Le Pen was a sign of reconciliation between French religions.

"It is a clear sign of hope to French Muslims that they can live in harmony and respect of French values", La Grande Mosquée de Paris said in a statement.

05 May 2017

Ontario Human Rights Commission...

...just put a bullseye on Muslims looking for rental accommodation...
After almost a quarter century of being a law-abiding, hard-working member of society, he never imagined his adopted country would label him a human rights violator and order him to pay $12,000 in compensation to his Muslim tenants.

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One female teacher at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney's southwest said the final straw was when she received death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, saying they would behead her.

She said she was abused by students when she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom.

04 May 2017

03 May 2017

Fifty year old sleazebag gives up...

..."cash for life" sinecure to "get a little bit of strange"...
OTTAWA — The Senate ethics committee is recommending that disgraced Sen. Don Meredith be expelled for engaging in a sexual relationship with a teenage girl — the first such recommendation in the history of the upper chamber.

The Senate ethics report found Meredith, 52, had sex with the woman once before she turned 18 and twice afterward, and also engaged her in explicit online chats.

Senate ethics officer Lyse Ricard concluded that Meredith, a 52-year-old, married, Pentecostal minister, had begun a relationship with a 16-year-old girl that later became sexual; she also found that Meredith had abused his position as a senator to take advantage of the teen.

UPDATE: Hon. Rev. Dr. Don Meredith
And the ugly picture painted by the excellent report Senate ethics officer Lyse Ricard wrote in March is that for the next two years, Meredith engaged in a calculated effort to both woo her and wear down her doubts. From the moment he met her, Meredith pursued her.

A word, first, about that report. Meredith’s lawyer took the position that the draft version of it went into “an unnecessary level of detail.” By “unnecessary,” it appears the lawyer meant “mortifying.”

LAST WORD: Even if he gets fired....

...you, the Canadian taxpayer, are still on the hook...
Senator Don Meredith will receive a $25,000 annual payout for life even if he is expelled from the Senate. That pension payout relates to his roughly six years of Senate service.
Because, as we all know, MPs and Senators make the law.

02 May 2017

In·de·fen·si·ble - ˌindəˈfensəb(ə)l/

A pretend apology is no apology at all...once a liar, always a liar
"In other words, as many times as he said 'I’m owning my mistake,' he did nothing of the sort. And he owned up to it only when caught by a reporter squarely in the mess he’d created."

UPDATE: Troops call it "Stolen Valour"...

...CBC calls it "an Odd Boast"...odd boastIn the real world, Harjit Sajjan wouldn't be allowed to carry Shane Stachnik's jock.


UPDATE2: Flee, flee... run away!!!
"Harjit Sajjan has bowed out of an annual fundraising event originally set up for veterans of the war in Afghanistan, an event whose main beneficiaries include military personnel returning from combat."

01 May 2017

The new snack-based economy

"As they briefly went back and forth on the price, she finally agreed to perform the act for $25 and Chicken McNuggets. How many Chicken McNuggets was not specified in the report."
I smell an advertising opportunity.


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Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pughis asking for help from the FBI as the city struggles to contain a soaring murder rate. She pulled no punches earlier this week when she said the violence is out of control.

The number of killings shattered a 20-year high this early in the year and his week, Baltimore reached a grim milestone: 100 murders before the end of April. It’s the first time that’s happened since 1998.
Maybe chasing cops out of Baltimore wasn't such a great idea after all. Or out of Toronto schools, for that matter.


LAST WORD: The usual suspects