16 October 2011

Bright lights, big city

The aunt of Christopher Rookwood — the city’s 39th and latest murder victim — is now reliving the nightmare of grieving over another family member.

Rookwood’s cousin Nate Thompson was lured to a Jane-Sheppard townhouse complex and shot in the head in August 2010.

At the other end of the city, Toronto Police are continuing to piece together why a 19-year-old was shot in a stairwell of an east-end apartment high-rise.


Anonymous said...

What is Toronto's murder number at now?

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

read slower friend, it's right there in the post... averages out to about one per week.

you can either call that "acceptable losses" for a city that size... or simply horrific... depending on whether or not you're a glass half full kinda guy.

i guess the opposition is trying to say that after the conservatives build those new prisons... there'll be all those empty cells.

call me cynical, but i suspect that's not gonna be a problem.