11 October 2011

Police death squad targets seniors?

Shouldn't the headline actually read... "Professional journalist attends meticulously-scripted homage to knife-wielding mental patient?"knife wielding mental patientSo... seriously... what's the deal here?

You're the owner's idiot nephew... and they saved the headline job just for you?
it's gotta be nepotismVex? Vex? Forsooth, I fear a touch.

I don't get it.


Frances said...

Actually, when you read the article, you begin to wonder if it was 'suicide by police'. What was the family thinking, having their mentally fragile sister as virtually full-time caregiver to an elderly mother with some dimentia. The stress of looking after Mum would be enough to cause issues.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... mentally fragile sister as virtually full-time caregiver"

yup... the family is so "devastated" they set a place at the dinner table... for sis's picture... and invited the media over to share their grief.

sounds like sis & mum both got shunted off to where they weren't seen or heard... until it was too late.

this isn't on the police. you've got a mentally or physically ill relative, you don't just cut them loose and hope for the best.

we had mrs neo's dad here at home with us for almost two years before he died. it was no picnic... but he was family.


dmorris said...

But it DOES make you wonder if the Police aren't a bit trigger-happy on occasion.

And,of course, the rationing of the health care system quite possibly comes into play as well,mentally ill people are left pretty much on their own,no facilities or doctors to take care of them.

I wasn't there,but it seems odd that a couple of big,tough cops with tasers,batons,pepper spray and pistols,had to kill a middle aged woman with a knife.

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... kill a middle aged woman with a knife"

one... that's not what the headline says... is it? just some frail ol' granny.

two... a mental patient with a weapon is the very definition of "life-threatening" situation.

three... with today's suckass political correctness... your average police recruit is very seldom "a big,tough cop" anymore. they're just as likely to be a tiny, empathetic woman.

you have painted a picture here with your comment... middle-aged woman versus "big tough cops".

what happens if one of these supermen gets their throat slashed with a knife?