27 October 2011

Welcome Back Khadr?

Coming soon to an "affordable housing" enclave near you...no thanks, he's all yoursYeah, you know... a new chapter... a kind of Anne of Green Gables thing...

Some lawyers believe Mr. Khadr could be out in less than a year if he takes his case again to the Canadian courts.


Jen said...

Question is 'will cbc, ctv, all newspapers, liberal, ndp and bloc leaders be at the airport to welcome their boy Kadhr, to canada?

Remember, day after day the opposition parties and the media showed their endying love for Kadhr by their daily attacks on the conervatives for not dealing with the matter at that point.

Nevertheless, under Chretien- Martin's terms in government, did absolutely nothing to bring back Kadhr back then when he was a teenager. I am sure that Kadhr is aware of this which means.... .

The opposition like to play with fire just to embarass the conservative government. Well,
I bet that the opposition are going to get what they craved for.

The liberals are not going to like it one bit.

dmorris said...

I bet a pint of good beer if Little Omar is released on his return to Canada,he sues the Canadian government,and is paid at minimum 10 million dollars of "government money".

Too bad the traitorous little sonofabitch couldn't spend a few months in Dorchester or one of Canada's other fine Rehabilitation Institutions,where one of the inmates just might administer the justice Little Omar truly deserves.

Anonymous said...

If only the US medic who saved this POS had been of the same morality as the Khadr family this f@#$wad would have bled to death where he lay.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

the stark reality here is... omar gets north of the 49th parallel... he'll be out on the street before you can say "improvised explosive device".

and, rest assured, there will be lawyers lining up down the block to sue the canadian government for many, many millions (c'mon, you think he's gonna work the drive-thru window at tim hortons?) of dollars.

otoh... he stays with the yanks... he does a minimum twenty at club gitmo.

you wanna send a message to prospective homegrown terrorists... those are your options.


FREE said...

What will happen if a bunch of non-liberano's meet him at the airport?

Neo Conservative said...

what makes a person a good canadian?

here's a hint... it ain't a piece of paper.