07 October 2011

Remember back... you were a kid...

...some oldster told you what to do... you'd just beat him 'til he toppled?

-- Yeah... me neither...

-- OTTAWA -- A 57-year-old Gatineau man who was badly beaten while trying to stop a young man from stealing a pumpkin in Aylmer last week died in hospital on Thursday.

After the cyclist told the young men to leave the pumpkins alone, one thief attacked him and inflicted serious head injuries, police said.
But don't you worry... the "justice" system is all over this...
On Saturday, police arrested a 19-year-old Pontiac man and charged him with assault causing bodily harm. The teenager was released following a promise to appear in court.

Upgraded charges against the 19-year-old are now being considered by Crown prosecutors.
Hey, Peace Moonbeam... those prisons all the leftbots are screaming about... you actually believe they're for the highschool pothead down the block?

Wake up and smell the homicide.


Patsplace said...

Here's hoping that the family of the Grandfather that was murdered take care of business.

Neo Conservative said...

well, pat... i was kinda hoping the police would actually step up and do their job.


Sean M said...

Well, since we live in the deranged cult of trudeauvia, the young murderer will somehow become the victim, given a University education in the "Liberal" arts and then sent free to steal what he wants when he wants and if anyone complains, well, he'll just beat them to death too. So goes the cult of imbecility called Trudeauviastan.

Neo Conservative said...

you beat a man to death for any reason... never mind a pumpkin... you deserve to feel the full weight of the law.

lock this asshole up and weld the door shut.