10 October 2011

It's like apples and kumquats

-- TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- An Iranian military commander said Sunday that the protests spreading from New York's Wall Street to other U.S. cities are the beginning of an "American Spring," likening them to the uprisings that toppled Arab autocrats in the Middle East.
Yes, of course, you knucklehead... it's exactly the same thing.


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Conspicuously living among the politically active in the makeshift village in Zuccotti Park are opportunistic junkies and homeless people - making the most of the free food on offer.
Where are the protests happening?

Also present and infuriating the hard core of activists are a number of teens looking to turn the gathering into an urban rave.

Among the banners and flags are now discarded packets of condoms, cigarettes and bottles of spirits, while naked youngsters happily get together with just sleeping bags covering their modesty.


Anonymous said...

Actually it is exactly the same thing - nihilists, anarchists, Muslim thugs - they love death and hate the West.

Neo Conservative said...

refresh my memory... how many people have died in the wall street protests?

fact is, the pampered, overfed nihilists and anarchists mostly enjoy seeing themselves on the nightly news.

so sorry, no... not the same thing at all.


ebt said...

So, in Iran, instead of an Arab spring, they'll have a kumquat May?