25 October 2011

Driveway interview? More like assault.

Rob Ford should've taken a page outta the Jean Chretien playbook... grabbed this dumb bunny by her ugly, unfunny face and tossed her to the ground...
just another reason

"'I came out of my house and I was ambushed,' said Ford. 'It was pretty dark still and my daughter was with me, there was a black Jeep or something outside of my door, I sort of looked at it ... then two people who didn’t identify themselves came running up, they tried to get in my car and they stopped me from getting in my car'."

"The surprise "DRIVEWAY INTERVIEW" by the comedy show scared Ford’s six-year-old daughter so much she ran back into the family home. The incident prompted Ford to call Toronto Police."
Whatever your personal feelings may be about Mayor Rob Ford... this crosses a line. Funny how the CBC doesn't think to ambush Dalton McGuinty at his Rosedale mansion. Maybe because they'd have to try slip past his burly OPP bodyguard/driver.

More to the point, though... is this what you expect the CBC to be doing with your annual, involuntary billion-plus taxpayer dollar contribution?

How funny would this have been if the "warrior princess" had slipped underneath the wheels of Ford's car?


"Ford should have kicked her right in the nuts. The CBC is a cess-pool full of these vile lefty activists. What a disgrace."


Pissedoff said...

Said the same, Ford should have smacked her in the mouth.
Harper had better get rid of this money sucking embarrassment and all the idiots and soon.

Patrick Ross said...

Rushing Ford at his own house only demonstrates just how unhinged the 22 Minutes crazies are.

Anonymous said...

Lets kill 3 birds with one stone.

We have the CBC, $1.2 Billion in Corporate welfare, and the Occupiers Without A Cause.

Lets have the Home Addresses for the CUPE/OPSUE fat cats and the CBC Nabobs that handed out $10 million in bonuses to people that did the jobs they got a salary to do in the first place and have the Highest absenteeism rates in canada and never get fired.
Now have the Occupiers and THH22Minutes crew Occupy their front lawns or storm the driveways and frieghten their children as they try to get into the Benz or Porsche
to dive the princees to ballet lesson or interprative dance classes.

Why should the most wealthy white liberal parasite gets a free-ride by the Occupiers and the CBC news shows that never mention how Jack and Olivia gorged at the Public trough most of their lives and had 2 MP salaries with Gold+Plated pensions and a health care plans that candians can oly dream of .
The Jack-in-the-box funeral tour had a massive Carbon Footprint as he was shipped from Ottawa to quesbec, back to Ottawa, then to Toronto, back to Ottawa and they Quebec for cremation.

Oh the irony when the Champange Socialists and over-paid Public Union sector workers show up at the Occupy T.O. event to feel their pain and cut down to 3 meals a day as part of their protest for the greedy Corporations ( like the CBC,GM,Chrysler) oppressing all the Brown people working at the McDonald's where the Occupiers go to eat but are too good to actually work there as stooges for the Capitalists.
They love our free health care and education grants or loans, clean streets and free legal aid if they are on welfare,camping out in Toronto without a permit , parking a $30'000.00 truck on the grass with no tickets by the Police.
But somehow they are angry at the injustices because not every candians is in a Public Union with the Ponzi-scheme extortion pyramid scam where Politicians lie to them that they can retire one day with a huge bag on money and pensions while doing less and less work each year and get more and more money with each Contract.

My gawd, when the debt bubble hits canada and Ontario to the point it implodes, those Union workers will be in for one big suprise because the SCOC judges
will have to face the reality that
it IS NOT a Charter Right to demand to get money that does not exist awhiel the nation is bankrupt.
Sure Sid Ryan rants about how THEY didn't cause the mess , but i didn't either and why should my tax dollars bail-out CUPE's promises to the useful-idiots that didn't project forward to see that they were lie to and part of a ENRON pyramid scam where the base support ran out of Suckers ( tax payers) to prop it up so the FIFO workers can cash-in at the APEX that most CUPE people will never see at 65 when the well run dry.

Anonymous said...

Give the threats made against Mayor Ford, I think a mild response would have been a straight right to the head of the self proclaimed "Warrior Princess".
I think she must think everyone watches CBC? and that she is famous?
Launching yourself at someone out of the dark yelling at them stupid,stupid, stupid.
I think she is fortunate mayor Ford did not choose to vigorously defend himself and his child.
Cheers Bubba

Me said...

How funny would this have been if the "warrior princess" had slipped underneath the wheels of Ford's car?

Is that a trick question?


Anonymous said...

Ford should've decked her, but then I suppose he would be the bad guy.. this is what we get for over millions of our dollars... pfffttt

hunter said...

The CBC better apologize. Ambushing anyone at their own home, especially when a small child was present is disgusting, not funny.

I hope he presses charges against them.

Frances said...

Just waiting for them to try this on Calgary's mayor - or is he too politically correct to be ambushed?!?

Anonymous said...

A spokesman for the CBC said today that these ignorant trespassers were not on Mr. Ford's property but were at the end of his driveway. Subsequent footage showed Ms. Walsh was clearly between two vehicles which, unless they were backed out onto the street, were obviously in the driveway. So the spokesman for the CBC lied, which is nothing unusual for this outfit.

Sean M said...

Ford should have kicked her right in the nuts. The CBC is a cess-pool full of these vile lefty activists. What a disgrace.

Fenris Badwulf said...

On the other hand, this means that this tactic is now available to all sides.

If they firebomb Rotterdam, we can firebomb Dresden, so to speak.

Which is another way of saying that this is another step closer to brownshirts and Weimar republic style political violence.

Neo Conservative said...

i can't believe that even the cbc would attempt to defend this behavior.

at minimum, cut off the billion dollar taxpayer subsidy.

let the meritocracy deal with this diseased institution.