03 October 2011

I'm from the government... I'm here to...

...scour your arteries...where's my free crack pipe?


Al the Fish said...

More Danish pastry for us!
You'd have to pry my bear paw from my cold dead hands!

Neo Conservative said...

lemme see if i can follow this government-generated logic... we'll target the folks who use too much butter on their pancakes... while handing out shiny new syringes & crackpipes to drug addicts.

as neophyte used to say when he was little... "thats makes tiny sense."


Anonymous said...

A new revenue stream?

A new way to tax Ontarians in order to get a desired behavior modification?

A 'common sense' justification?

Better not let Dalton know about this....

Neo Conservative said...

for all we know, samsung is already hard at work on some eco-friendly organic vein lubricant.