29 October 2010

One for the good guys

"Peter Lindsay, lawyer for the three men, successfully argued that Mr. Bennett - whose record of 43 convictions, many for theft, reaches back more than 30 years - was the only criminal involved in the incident, and that Mr. Chen responded reasonably each time the thief escalated his bid to evade capture."
Of course... it's a funny kind of victory... I imagine David Chen is out at least ten thousand dollars in legal fees... but that's how the cookie crumbles in Dalton McGuinty's socialist paradise.


The Phantom said...

Process is the punishment Neo. Chen got slapped in the penalty box for "unnecessarily rough play".

The friggin' dickweed judge too this long to "deliberate" because he thinks citizens shouldn't be allowed to make arrests, but he can't say that, so he put these three guys through the wringer and washer just to let us peons know not to step out of line.

Chen no doubt got the message, next shoplifter won't be arrested. It isn't like abitual criminals and crack heads are going to be running to the cops because somebody punched them out, after all.

There's this phrase farmers use around here, about shoveling and shutting up... is that reference indirect enough to keep the Gestapo off my doorstep, do ya think?

Neo Conservative said...

"phantom says... the process is the punishment"

yup... just like the liberals infamous "farmer bob rifle registry".

what dipshit crown prosecutor decided to make an example of david chen?

just a thought... how many frontline police officers ya think could we have hired for 2 billion dollars?


Anonymous said...

You said a mouthful Phantom.

Next time Chen should simply beat the hell out of the guy take any cash, dope, jewellry ect the guy has on him and let him go with the promise that he'll get it twice as bad if they ever seem him again - anywhere. (Then ditch the dope & jewellry).

Hey judges, lawyers, activists and other members of the ruling elite!

We may be simply the low, unenlightened, knuckle dragging masses but we are learning..... ;D