08 October 2011

What would PM Ignatieff have done?

On the one hand we have these repentant Canadians and their sad families...

"It’s going to be tough because we’ve got a government that’s proven to be somewhat unresponsive to prisoner-transfer requests in circumstances of offences that are arguably much more minor offences."
On the other side of the fence we have that "unresponsive", hard-hearted ogre... Stephen Harper.

After all, it was just that single "offence"... you know... executing a major arms purchase for a violent terrorist group.

I mean, c'mon... it could happen to any one of us... right?


These men had access to every advantage this country had to offer, including post-secondary education and a bright, shining future... but they tossed that aside to deal guns & explosives...
"Sarachandran earned a computer science degree from the University of Windsor in 2002 before returning to Toronto to work at the Tamil Youth Organization, a non-profit group he now acknowledges was “part of” the Tamil Tigers network."
And, if it hadn't been for post-911 scrutiny... you could have been reading a totally different... bloodier story.

Language... and spin... are more important than ever. Don't count on the MSM to give you the whole story.


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-- KINGSTON, Ont. -- Jury selection begins Tuesday in preparation for the trial of three Montrealers accused of murdering four family members who were found dead in a submerged car at Kingston Mills Lock in 2009.
Note that the "four family members" were his first wife & three daughters... yet curiously, there's not a single word about "honour killing".


Anonymous said...

These guys did more damage and are less repentant than those kids from Mayerthorpe that the Crown railroaded into giving false confessions. On the other hand, they have a way better PR team.

Anonymous said...

The MSM will present stories that will make the bleeding heart lefties demand the PM Harper bring them back and release them to their families with a healthy financial bonus. Leave the ba$!ards where they are.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

W.W.I.D? (What would Iggy Do) Well might you ask Neo.
Send a challenger Jet, a big cheque and an apology.
These guys want a Dion Do-over?
I think the adults now running this Country are handeling this just right.
We don't want these terriosts, not now not ever.
Oh and pull their Canadian Citzenship from their unworthy hands.
If it saves just one life.....
Cheers Bubba

dmorris said...

"three Canadians have signed an open letter from prison acknowledging they were wrong and renouncing political violence."

“We incorrectly believed that violence could achieve the goals that we sought,”

"But since being caught in New York shopping for $1-million worth of surface-to-air missiles and AK-47 assault rifles ..... the men have apparently had a change of heart."

Sorry to burn up your resources Neo, but I thought those facts just had to be out there.

These guys were BIG TIME weapons smugglers! Pros!

They've had a "change of heart"!!

Holy f***! If I had a dollar for every con who's had a change of heart.....!

Throw the book at 'em,bury 'em in the prison system,or better yet, send'em home to face justice there.

What bleeding heart shithead thought this story would pull at Canadians' heartstrings?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny bleats... those kids from Mayerthorpe"

uh, seriously... you mean the "kids" who were accessories to the murder of 4 rcmp officers? are you writing this from some halfway house?

pull your head outta yer ass and recognise which side you should be on here.

ps... it's not the side of the psychopath who killed the cops.


jwkozak91 said...

The LTTE were the most violent terrorist organization outside the Arab world. They invented the "human 'smart' bomb", fer cryin' out loud! And what terrorist organization has a navy and kamikaze air wing? At their height in the 1980s, the Tigers did.

Neo Conservative said...

sure... now they're sorry... now that their asses are sitting in a cold steel cage.

let them come up with actionable intelligence to barter their way to a shorter sentence.

and then deport them to sri lanka.


hunter said...

You have to know that the lefties in Canada are going to be all over this like a fly on pooh!

Expect marches on Parliament as soon as they can remember what they are protesting.

Frances said...

Neo - the Mayerthorpe kids were accessories because the RCMP had let the man terrorize the town. Not to excuise what they did, but they could not have known the results of their driving the man back to his home. What they would have known is that their lives would be made miserable if they didn't go along. And the Mounties wouldn't have done anything - they hadn't for years.

Neo Conservative said...

well, frances... it seems the great karmic wheel rewarded all of the parties in this particular situation... some, perhaps, more harshly than others.

doing nothing is still making a choice.