25 October 2011

It's about "scary"... why not do bazookas?

Gun Control forces target statistically insignificant issue of "deer rifle" criminality...forget the factsI've gotta say, right up front... these guys must be way smarter than yours truly... because, even after racking my dumb as dogshit rural brain... I can't figure out how going after Farmer Bob's varmint rifle was supposed to obliterate the deadly spectre of urban handgun crime.

And, wow... they're really bringing out the (forgive me) "big guns"...

"Jean-Guy Gagnon, a former deputy chief with the Montreal Police Service, and chair of the national firearms strategy council of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, says that unless certain particularly dangerous firearms are reclassified before the long-gun registry is abolished, it will be easy for organized crime groups to boost their arsenals with military-grade weapons without leaving a paper trail."
I've gotta confess, I learned a thing or two here.

For instance, who knew that "organized crime groups" have, to this point in time... been registering their "particularly dangerous military-grade weapons."

Of course, "registration"... it's so obvious. Maybe that's why these thugs have to use all those cheapshit, chrome-plated Saturday Night Specials they smuggle in over our porous border with the U.S.

Obviously, without a "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry" there'll be sniper nests on every Toronto street corner.

I'm also wondering, given the somewhat awkward admission that "rifles are rarely used in Canadian crimes"... how authorities pick out "particularly dangerous" ones. Maybe it's just the models with the cool black plastic pistol grips... or whatever scared Wendy Cukier on tv on the weekend?

It's about saving lives, maybe we should be restricting or prohibiting cars based on statistics about vehicle-related fatalities...
"Surprisingly, though: no calls for a Lexus registry or the closing of the locks — not even a puny “memorial” on the grounds. Weird, huh?"
Oh, right... we're not allowed to talk about that.


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...instead of, you know... law-abiding Canadians...
"Police seized the collection and charged him with 14 firearms-related criminal offences. All charges were dropped 10 months after the raid."

"In August, Sedge launched a lawsuit against the Toronto Police Services Board and 19 police officers from 55 Division and the Guns and Gangs task force."
Hey, everybody knows... only cops deserve scary looking guns.


"Harper has suddenly realized that liberals will shoot back once his vigilantes can own 1000 rifles with nobody knowing because they won't need to be registered."

"I look forward to being heavily armed and nobody will be the wiser."
Oh, Nonny... you do all the work for me.


LAST WORD: Here's a pleasant surprise...

...a political party who keeps their promises...
done deal
"Farmers and hunters, she added, are the 'strongest environmentalists in the country'."

"They’re upstanding citizens who work hard. They take their kids and grandkids out hunting and shooting and those kids, by the way, probably aren’t involved in gangs in the streets."


obituary said...

Meanwhile our local pack of coyotes is becoming increasingly more brazen and the neighbours are afraid to let their cats or dogs go outside never mind let kids play outside unwatched. That's what varmint guns are for. Protection, from varmints on four and two legs. Esp those who are with the government nanny state.

Michel_T said...

For the record, bazookas (or mortar tubes for that matter) are non-controlled items...

I don't know how many of them are floating around in Canada. But the last thing we need is for some not so smart politician to ask for a new registry!

Neo Conservative said...

"obituary says... our local pack of coyotes is becoming increasingly more brazen"

not to mention larger.

i use the lawn tractor to maintain a network of paths here at the halls, and this summer, mowing out back, i became aware of something surveilling me.

after looking around, i saw what looked like a german shepherd about 15 meters off the path... just staring me down. it was obviously not afraid at all and my guess is... had he been in a pack, i would have had a fight on my hands.

we now refer to this lone animal as "king coyote and keep a weather eye for him.

if i get another chance to put a .223 remington through his admittedly impressive cranium, i will certainly take that shot.

meanwhile, former liberal attorney-general michael bryant's car has still killed more people than any of my guns.