13 October 2011

More Community Clinics?

I dunno... what would Jack say?

"TORONTO - At least one city councillor is fuming over plans by a consultative committee for suggesting on Tuesday that permits for body rub parlours be increased tenfold or more from the existing 25 to 'several hundreds' by early next year."

"'This will make us the biggest pimps in North America,' an outraged Giorgio Mammoliti said on Wednesday. 'These clubs will be springing up in strip malls and residential areas across the city.'"
Damn... that sounds so familiar...
hooker heavenChalk up another one... for the center of the compassionate, intellectual socialist universe.


Anonymous said...

More Community Shiatsu Clinics?
Red Light, Green Light, open all night.
Pathetic, I guess everyone can't work at the Safe Injection Sites.
Cheers Bubba