31 January 2010

How do Patrick Weir & Carmen Rogers...

...sleep at night...
"While the defence argued that Brotherston Sr. was acting in self-defence during a life-and-death struggle with (crack-cocaine addict and dealer) Taylor, who had a gun and a knife, Crown prosecutors Patrick Weir and Carmen Rogers insisted the prolonged beating and extensive injuries suffered by Taylor were not the result of self-defence."
The inmates are truly running the asylum.


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...when is British Columbia gonna go after the real killer in their midst?
"The B.C. Coroner’s Service received 24 reports of avalanche deaths during the 2008-2009 winter. Nineteen involved recreational snowmobilers and five involved skiers and snowboarders."
Time to ban winter outdoor recreation.

If it only saves one life.

Gotta love those Globe headlines

I'm just waiting for... "sitting on a throne made of human skulls"...You have to wait 'til the end of the article to get to the meat of this little vignette.
"While past Liberal governments never shied from stacking the Senate with party hacks, organizers, bagmen and supporters, Mr. Ignatieff said Canadians have to remember that the Conservatives had promised to act differently."
Hey, Iggy... you mean different like this?
“Prime Minister Harper is sending a clear message by appointing me senator to Canadians and Quebeckers that the Conservative government defends victims rights as opposed to those of criminals,” said Mr. Boisvenu, who promised to donate his senator's salary to the Murdered or Missing Persons' Families' Association which he founded.
Yeah... those knuckle-draggin Neocons and their dastardly "crime agenda."

Damn you Stephen Harper.


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...why did the dastardly Americans & Canadians send all those beastly soldiers?
"Jo Jo was shot and killed on the second day we were there. He was the victim of a car-jacking. I left him alone for two hours and he was driving in the city."

"A guy stopped him and told him to get out of the car. No one knows quite what happened next but he was shot twice and killed instantly. The jacker didn't even want the car, he just wanted to take the fuel."
Wake up, dopey... you're playing "Haiti rules" now.


LAST WORD: Speaking of Wyclef Jean...
"Jean has been ubiquitous these past weeks raising money for Haiti, and no doubt his tears are real. But financial records from Yele Haiti show that Jean has made sure the first person to get paid from Yele Haiti events was himself – including a staggering $100,000 fee for him to perform at one of his own events."
Funny how that works, huh?

30 January 2010

So which of my uber-compassionate...

...leftoid fanboy trolls is responsible for flooding the comments here with dozens of little love letters like this?I'm guessing... it's probably the same lost little boy who decided to spoof a bunch of comments here as "Carolyn"... and then accused me of stalking him/her.

My money is on this moron... it's just about his speed.

Perhaps tonight he's using his other personality... Martin/Martine...
"psst..Know what Neo honey, I'm actually a woman. Know what else? I think you're creepy."
Posted by Martin to halls of macadamia at 2:04 PM, April 17, 2009"
I guess it's true what they say... there's a lot more mental illness around these days than you think.

In other "pants on fire" news...

Two weeks ago, the Times of London rocked the global-warming movement by revealing that one of their pet claims — that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035 — was not only based on nothing but speculation, but also lifted incorrectly by the IPCC.

The UN body has a bigger problem today, as the Times now reports that the head of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, knew about the error for months, and never bothered to mention it at the Copenhagen summit.
Can't you just smell the science?


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Another small victory for...

..."We the People"...
U.S. President Barack Obama has abandoned plans to bring Khalid Sheik Mohammed – the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks – from Guantanamo to Manhattan for a criminal trial close to where the World Trade Center's twin towers collapsed.

Facing a revolt from New Yorkers and a congressional threat to withhold the hundreds of millions of dollars needed for security for the trial, Mr. Obama has bowed to the inevitable and is now expected to hold the trial elsewhere, likely at a military base.

“I think I can acknowledge the obvious,” an administration official said. “We're considering other options.”
Two words... King Midas.


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"And so what you have here, I think, is the worst of all worlds, because the president gets to have a monarchical occasion, in which he indulges in sort of cheap, parliamentary sneering without the leader of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition being able to yell across the aisle, nuts to you, which is what would happen if he was doing that at Westminster or in Ottawa or in Canberra, or any other self-respecting parliament."


The compassionate, intellectual left responds...
Good grief, Bully... you kiss your, uh... partner... with that mouth?

In Dalton McGuinty's socialist paradise...

...there's no such thing as a bad boy...
A 14-year-old boy facing sex charges in Toronto is the sole resident of a $350,000 Mississauga group home and gets $150 a week for allowance, officials say.

The boy, who has the latest computer games, receives his allowance in addition to having his meals prepared and laundry washed, sources said.

Sources said a number of CAS group homes in the GTA are for use by single youths. This one is a three-bedroom home, about 1,800 square feet, not intended for more than one resident.
Just something to think about... while you're figuring out how much money Dalton's HST is really going to cost you.


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"How does the premier get around that?" said a Liberal insider, referring to the political problem of calling a by-election in Grit-held Ottawa West-Nepean but not having one simultaneously in the Tory stronghold of Leeds-Grenville.

Because Watson and Runciman are resigning at the same time, tradition dictates both by-elections be held the same day – perhaps on March 11.
C'mon Dalton... ante up.

29 January 2010

Funny how the Canadian media...

...can turn themselves inside-out over poor little Omar... but nobody ever recalls the Papa Khadr - Teflon Jean connection.


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...to do a documentary on their egalitarean society...
"The Palestinian method is a departure from the more common approach, using religious schools to indoctrinate young men to be suicide bombers. Those schools are only open to boys."

"The Palestinian method is more effective, as they encourage little girls, as well as boys, to seek eternal salvation as suicide bombers."
Wake up folks... and smell the cultural atrocities.

This guy shouldn't see daylight...

...without looking through bars... until he's old & gray...
"Next time -- well, there will be no next time -- but next time I hear someone trying to blow something up, I'm just going to walk away," Abdelhaleem told the court.

If the hypothetical plot then succeeded, he said, he would walk into a police station and inform authorities: "I knew all about this and did absolutely nothing to stop it."

What sort of freak thinks like this? So much for True Patriot Love... and human decency.


"It's rather comforting that the only people to attempt these attacks on Canada are blithering idiots."

Regardless... lock him up... and weld the freakin' door shut.

The Lynch Mob gets caught with...

...their pants down...
"After months of wrangling with the federal government’s chief censorship body, the CTF was able to obtain records from the CHRC revealing that Chief Commissar Jennifer Lynch spent much more on flights and hospitality than she revealed online, and that what she disclosed was at times nearly half of the actual cost."
FIRE... THEM... ALL...

(via blazing cat fur)

28 January 2010


Screw the Supreme Court of Canada... we're gonna go with Aboriginal Justice...
In 2008, the Brants and Miracle were ordered to return control of the land -- on which sits Miracle's Mohawk Liquidation Centre -- to the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.

"What is it they say, possession is 99 per cent of the law?"
Well actually... I think that's the "Mugabe Doctrine"... in Canada, most of us actually try to abide by a little thing called the Criminal Code.

What this Intelligencer puff-piece fails to report is that this whole transaction was a scam from the get-go...
"Though they did not purchase or pay for the lands, they did "BORROW" hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ohwistha - an Aboriginal finance company that administered development loans for native businesses - and from Industry Canada to help them construct buildings there."

"None of these funds were repaid."
Small point of clarification here... it's only "borrowing" if you actually make an effort to pay the loan back.

And where exactly does an aboriginal finance company get this kind of valuta? I'm guessing it's part of the 12 billion dollars Canadian taxpayers shell out to prop up First Nations communities every year.

And finally... guess who's up to his eyebrows in this slick little shell-game?

Try thinking... aboriginal freedom fighter.

Polishing that Pink Apple

Well... all those vampire shows are pretty popular these days... that's gotta help...
“Liberals cannot win a government unless they have a significant gap in their favour with women voters.”
And if there's one thing we know about the Liberal Party... it's that they're all about the ladies...
-- OTTAWA -- (Liberal) Immigration Minister Judy Sgro is defending the government's policy of admitting foreign exotic dancers to work in Canada, saying the strip club business is "a strong industry" with "lots of customers."
Who says the Liberal Party of Toronto doesn't have any bold policy initiatives?
"We've got immigrant doctors driving cabs and badly needed tradespeople not even able to get into the country. But Liberals want to ensure the flow of new strippers and exploited sex trade workers continues!"
Go Iggy, go!


"I have always thought of the stripper shortage as a cleavage issue as opposed to a wedge issue."

That's my Prime Minister

-- OTTAWA -- The Conservative government is rekindling the controversial debate over youth justice with a plan to impose stiffer adult sentences for young murderers and rapists and lift publication bans for serious sex offenders, QMI Agency has learned.
That seems pretty straightforward... I mean who could possibly argue against that?

But, of course...
The memorandum also predicts the Liberals will publicly support the legislative reforms but work against them away from the cameras.
Yeah... we know the name of that tune, don't we?

I have just one question here

In all of those three dozen inquest exhibits... did the jury get to see a single picture of the battered, bloody corpse of Kathleen Hart... because in the weepy, con-sucking CBC article... she gets a total of ONE SINGLE SENTENCE...
"He was serving a 17-year-sentence for manslaughter for the beating death of his common-law wife."
Now, despite this... and contrary to all logic and reason... guess who gets to be the victim here. Here's a hint... it's not Kathleen Hart.

Think of it this way, Peace Moonbeam... ol' Martin just balanced the cosmic scales.


"Manslaughter is a charge for people who accidently run over someone and kill them. Did he accidently beat his wife to death?"

27 January 2010

Paging Syed Soharwardy

Oh brother... have I got a deal for you...
"The DTT Report recommends the disestablishment (closure) of 18 churches in the Diocese, the move of 13 of them to another nearby church to build a congregation large enough to carry out the church’s mission with enough funding from its members to support it."

"The thirteen church buildings vacated will be made available for sale or lease."
It's true... when one door closes... another one opens.


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"A report prepared for the national House of Bishops in 2005 warned that the Anglican Church in Canada is losing about 13,000 members a year and will face extinction by the middle of the century."

36 convictions... and counting

If they caught him three dozen times... wandering around with a loaded gun in his pants... would he be a dangerous offender then?
-- West Tatamagouche, N.S. -- She became furious once she learned of Mr. Naugle's record. The officers were talking about him, and when they got to the police station she asked whether they knew him.

“They said, ‘oh yeah, we have a nickname for him, the police know him as Super-Naugle,' ” she remembered. “He's super at what he does, drinking and driving.”
Only in Canada, you say?


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...the subtext the mainstream media, by and large ignored...
Villanueva’s citizenship application was denied two years ago because of criminal activities dating back to 2006 when he was associated with street gangs.

Villanueva faces weapons and robbery charges and is due back in court in April.
This guy was no cherry.


"if police in 33 and 41 by beat up too many teenget lead them head injury and lead to mental hospital this is too many lead from teen to youth those name of officers who beat to head of child to made them mental ill need to come up now"
Ah... yeah... well said... I think.

The ever-increasing body count

Two men and a woman are dead in three separate incidents in the GTA overnight.

Toronto Police were called to the Victoria Park Ave. and Ellesmere Rd. area around 5 a.m. Wednesday for a man suffering multiple stab wounds to his abdomen.
Rumour has it, Toronto Councillors are considering mandating the use of "plastic cutlery" throughout the GTA.


UPDATE: Brampton murder victim id'd
Vachon Tatchell, 21, of Brampton, was shot shortly before 9 p.m. on Sunday following a confrontation with his assailant and was transferred to a Toronto trauma centre. Homicide detectives indicated on Monday that they didn't expect him to survive.

Police arrested Kevin Phillips, 22, of Brampton on Monday. They laid a charge of aggravated assault against him.

UPDATE2: And a couple more...
Hans Meier, 69, was found critically stabbed in the stomach around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday in a home on Victoria Park Ave. near Paget Rd., north of Ellesmere Ave. E

Police have charged Kyle Laybolt, 21, with first-degree murder.

In York region’s first homicide of the year, a 52-year-old man has been charged with murder after a 48-year-old woman was found dead Tuesday night in a Richmond Hill apartment.

The victim was pronounced dead and a man was taken into police custody at the scene.

Efim Klimovich is charged with second-degree murder.

"The pressing issue here is the 14 pedestrians killed in TO so far this year."

"It is clear that the provincial automobile registry has failed to protect Torontonians and this can only mean that a national automobile registry is desperately needed to stop the bloodshed."
I'm just waiting for Iggy to suggest a national "Nerf Car" initiative.

The Toronto "Red" Star

"We only hire the best & brightest."

And it's not like this is even her first offence...

I wonder if the compassionate, intellectual Star offers their employees "Anger Management" classes.

You have to wonder why the People's Paper would put up with Comrade Zerbisias screechy cant...
...which she admits she "swiped from one of my favourite blogs, Canadian Cynic."

This, of course, is the same anti-semitic Canadian Cynic who makes a hobby out of attacking women online... but is most famous for his vile screed telling the mother of a slain Canadian soldier... "Fuck you and your grief."

And the Toronto Star? Apparently they're good with that.

I don't get it.

I guess you could always ask them.


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26 January 2010

There's a lesson in here somewhere

"In the same way that a ghetto childhood can help a boxer become heavyweight champion of the world, the Trabant's East German background gives it a clear advantage in its bid for the Worst Car of All Time title."

"The now-fallen communist state provided ideal conditions for the creation of a truly awful vehicle: a demoralized labour force, incompetently-run factories, and a iron-fisted political system that crushed innovation."
A compressed cardboard body? Who could have guessed that wouldn't work out?

For... and Against

The Socialist opposition has come out officially against a ban, saying it would be difficult to enforce. It says it is opposed to full veils in principle, but some members have expressed fears about any ruling that could stigmatise Muslim women.
You gotta cover all your bases.


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...their biggest problem...
-- OTTAWA -- A Liberal MP says he believes the federal government should investigate whether the pieing of Fisheries Minister Gail Shea by a woman opposed to the seal hunt constitutes an act of terrorism.

The animal-rights group PETA later took responsibility for the incident.

That's what's on the Liberal Party's to-do list?

Good grief.

"Dave, er... Iggy's not here man"

Despite the imposition of a code of silence on Mr. Rebagliati by the federal Liberal Party, for whom he plans to run in the next election, the former Olympian spoke openly about his desire to see marijuana legalized.

"Prohibition didn't work; this isn't working," he said after running with the torch, which some have even said resembles a giant joint.

He was ultimately allowed to keep his gold medal (he argued that he'd inhaled the smoke second-hand but the IOC's decision was based on the fact that marijuana was not specifically banned). But the headline-making incident took a deep toll.
So bong related activities aside... what's ol' Ross been up to?
"A cloud was following me, plus everyone knew who I was. It's like the perfect storm for someone to go into hiding, which is basically what I did for two years."

He was unable to collect his mail, go shopping, or pay his taxes. "I was completely unable to function. I was in shock, actually, coming back." He has had more ups and downs in the years since: lawsuits and money problems.
Yeah... that's what I'm looking for in an MP.

Way to audible, Iggy.

25 January 2010


If you're planning to blow shit up... you might just wanna do it north of the 49th parallel...
"Another suspect in the so-called 'Toronto 18' case has pleaded guilty to terrorism offences Wednesday – and will released from prison as early as Thursday."
...'cos it looks like Uncle Sam is through foolin' around...
Two Tamil-Canadians who were caught by the FBI trying to buy anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons for the Tamil Tigers three years ago have been sentenced to 25 years in prison with no chance of parole.

The sentences were lighter than what prosecutors had sought.
Yeee-ouch... that's gonna leave a mark.

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..is it really a win?
-- TORONTO -- A convicted Indian hijacker who came to Canada 15 years ago under a false identity was deported this morning, according to federal officials.

Ottawa designated him a public danger and ordered his expulsion but Mr. Saini countered he should not be deported because he had been pardoned for the hijacking.

While awaiting his fate, Mr. Saini, 46, obtained a law degree from the University of Windsor.
Yup... yet another triumph for fuzzy-bunny Canuckistan.

Every network seems to have one...

...but what exactly are the qualifications to become a television station "Health Reporter/Guru"?
-- NATPOST -- MS specialists blame the over-heated response in large part on that CTV documentary and an accompanying newspaper report, calling the stories one-sided depictions of preliminary, unproven research, including the treatment Dr. Zamboni evocatively terms the "Liberation" procedure.

"There have been reverberations across the world as a result of that media story," said Dr. Mark Freedman, a neurologist at Ottawa Hospital and a top MS researcher. "I think there are going to be millions of dollars spent now to follow a hoax.
Whatever happened to... "First... do no harm."

Oh, that's right... they're not doctors.

Bright lights, big city...

...another Hogtown homicide...
-- TORONTO -- A 43-year-old man was found beaten to death in downtown Toronto apartment Sunday afternoon.

Toronto Police were called to the building on Cameron St., near Queen St. W. And Spadina Ave., around 1 p.m. to investigate a reported assault.

Clayton Hill, 35, who was arrested at the scene, is charged with second-degree murder.
Exactly how long & how hard do you have to beat on someone... to squeeze the very life out of them?


FROM THE COMMENTS: Mr Hill's friends drop by...
"Clayton is a good man, you have no idea the circumstances that may be surrounding this situation."

"There has to be so much more to this."

UPDATE: Third victim of 2010 id'd
John Suk, 43, was found dead inside a run-down basement apartment Sunday afternoon. Toronto Police said Suk had been staying with a man for the past two weeks.
Three murders... not quite four weeks.

Another CTV Moonbat Moment

Here's some more of that carefully scripted nonsense that passes for news these days... when they're not screaming about Stephen Harper barbequing babies...
"the beloved mittens held so dear by so many..."
The big deal here is that, apparently, someone is counterfeiting Olympic geegaws.

Damn, Sandie... do I have to let go of my media-manufactured prorogue outrage... and shift it over to these "beloved mittens"?

And what's the deal with personally thanking the reporter for bringing us each story.

Is this something we're actually supposed to be grateful for? Isn't reporting on these earth-shaking events what these people get paid to do?

I don't get it.


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Where is CTV on the ongoing aboriginal suicide?
Inuit infants die at well over three times the rate of other Canadian babies, according to a massive new study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
Of course... the leftosphere is all too eager to blame this on racist Canadian society. Apparently, it's all about "inflicted" poverty.

Funny though... there's no money to feed the kids, but enough money for some things...
"Inuit mothers and pregnant women have high smoking and drinking rates."
Oh crap... I guess we're not really allowed to say that, are we?

24 January 2010

Speaking of Socialist Outrage...

...and selective memory... anybody else see Dear Leader Layton working the prorogue patsies on Parliament Hill yesterday?
-- SUN MEDIA -- Rae’s NDP won power Sept. 6, 1990. On Dec. 19, 1991, Rae prorogued the House. They didn’t come back until April 6, 1992. He then prorogued again, Dec. 10, 1992 — and didn’t come back until April 13, 1993.

By 1994, his government had run out of steam. They were running double-digit deficits and he’d doubled the debt. Some of his experimental policies proved laughable at best and disastrous at worst.

Limping badly, he prorogued for the third time on Dec. 9, 1994. The House did not sit again until the legislature was dissolved April 28, 1995.

For four-and-a-half months, this province had no sitting Legislature.
What's that, Jacko... no comment? And you, Mr Ignatieff... anything to say about your former college room-mate and fellow Liberal MP?

Yeah... that's what I thought.


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And we don' need no steenkin' questions...
"In view of the fact that Bob Rae has prorogued Parliament three times, Jean Chretien four times, and Pierre Trudeau eleven times, do you see Stephen Harper’s second prorogation as (a) a particular abuse of power or (b) the use of a legitimate constitutional tool?"

LAST WORD: Oh, Grace... now you've done it

It's straight to the gulag for you...
"I'm very concerned. I have grandchildren and I want to leave them a democratic country and this is no longer a democratic country," she said.

Isaak compared Harper to a dictator who she said is running the country as he pleases.
Of course, Gracie... any fool could see there's absolutely no difference between Stephen Harper & Robert Mugabe.

Thank you, oh wonderful CBC.

23 January 2010

Who says there's no death penalty...

...in fuzzy-bunny Canuckistan?
-- TORONTO -- A Markham man accused of the gangland-style hit on two men found stuffed in the trunk of the car in Pickering likely won’t be facing his rap alone, police announced Friday.

John Le, of Germain Cr., Markham, is charged with two counts each of first-degree murder, kidnapping, forcible confinement and using a firearm in the commission of an indictable offence.
Bright lights, big city... no forgiveness.

"I'm from the Community..."

"...I'm here to Organise you..."
"The collectivist only needs to conceal any hope of finding prosperity beyond the generosity of the State, and keep the lower class convinced that government is the only moral actor in the economy."

"Review the speeches of Barack Obama, and search for anything that suggests the poor should look anywhere beyond the government and its social programs for salvation."
Thank you... oh wonderful mummy.

Of course, there is one small problem.

He lies.

You've come a long way...

"There are others who are still out there who have been trained and who are clean skins -- that means people who we do not have a record of, people who may not look like al Qaeda terrorists, who may not be Arabs, and may not be men."
Feminism... thy name is Yemen.


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"Even his friends say Imam Soharwardy has often been the author of his own misfortune, and they acknowledge it will not be easy for him to leave his old image behind."
Make sure you don't miss the part about ol' Syed "protecting" Ezra Levant.

22 January 2010

Two Thumbs Up

When's the last time you heard an Auditor-General say something positive about the government?
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Auditor General Sheila Fraser wrapped up a five-day visit to Afghanistan on Friday, impressed with what she saw but concerned about the fate of Canadian projects after the pullout next year.

"There's really a strong development component to the mission, which I don't think Canadians are aware of and how important that is," Fraser said.
Just don't expect to see that particular soundbite on CBC.

Live and don't learn

Hey, guys... I've got an idea... let's head on over to Ezra's place... and ask him to shove a microscope up my ass...
"Khurrum Awan and Mohamed Elmasry hurt their reputations by attacking Maclean’s – and the Canadian value of freedom. They were almost universally denounced."

"Awan is about to find out that real courts are a lot more even-handed than the kangaroo courts he manipulated."
This is gonna be good.

What a difference...

...a year makes...
-- WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration has decided to continue to imprison without trials nearly 50 detainees at the Guantánamo Bay military prison in Cuba because a high-level task force has concluded that they are too difficult to prosecute but too dangerous to release, an administration official said on Thursday.
Ah yes... Hope, Change... and Crawford, Texas.

Sure... I guess "you could say it"...

...if you were on a paranoid, peyote-fuelled flight from reality...
Mr. Fineman, a frequent MSNBC political analyst, said Mr. Brown's truck could have been part of a racist code to Massachusetts voters.

"In some places, there are codes, there are images," he told Mr. Olbermann. "You know, there are pickup trucks, you could say there was a racial aspect to it one way or another."

Mr. Brown's truck has particularly bothered Democrats, ranging from Mr. Brown's opponent, Attorney General Martha Coakley, to Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry to Mr. Obama.
(h/t sda)

I guess the Grand Wizards are the guys driving the one tons, huh?

Good grief.

Wake up and smell the science

Who says the parole board doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground?
-- ST. JOHNS (CBC) -- CBC News obtained 17 pages of parole board rulings for Aggek, dating back to the late '90s.

The board noted repeatedly that Aggek was likely to commit a violent offence if he was released into the community.
But they let him go anyway.

Must feel good to be right, huh?

Goodness gracious... looks like I'm not the only one who's getting a little fed up...
This hardening attitude among Canadians is revealed in a new Angus Reid public opinion survey that found 62 per cent of respondents favour capital punishment for murderers, while 31 per cent believe that rapists should be put to death.


"I think we can expect this poll to disappear down the memory hole during the next federal election campaign - when The Count runs on the patented 'Scary! Hidden! Agenda!(tm)' platform."

21 January 2010

Just another victim...

...of our heartless, elitest society...
A 22-year-old paraplegic who has launched a $17-million lawsuit arising from his incarceration in the Toronto (Don) Jail on drug charges now has another court date in sight: He has been charged with dealing cocaine, marijuana and Ecstasy from his room at St. Michael's Hospital.

Further investigation revealed that a loaded handgun and a bulletproof vest were allegedly found in Mr. Milligan's room, along with other drugs.
I guess you never know when you might have to cap a rogue candy-striper.

Oh yeah... the best part of this was that the fuzzy-bunny Red Star held this guy up as their "Victim of the Week" just a little while ago.
Milligan was locked up at the Don between October and December 2007 after Toronto police raided his apartment and charged him with drug possession.

At the time, he was 19 and trying to adjust to life after a gunshot injury to his spine left him a paraplegic in the spring of 2007.
Live and DON"T LEARN, eh?


AIRBRUSH UPDATE: Now you see it...

...now you don't...
Pravda would be proud.


"Arrested for dealing dope while in a wheelchair in a hospital."

"I think that's the gansta' trifecta."
I don't get it. I'd have bet large... that Dawg & Company would have dropped by to defend this poor lad.

Oh well.

So Dalton...

...if this thing tanks... do we get our 7 billion dollars back?
-- QUEENS PARK -- Hudak warned that the agreement, which McGuinty will unveil Thursday at The Exchange Tower, could end up being "a massive multibillion-dollar giveaway to a foreign-based conglomerate without even the most basic of public reviews."

"At its core, it is a preferential, sole-sourced deal that is likely in violation of Ontario's procurement rules."
But of course... that's why we call him Premier McSlippery.


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Yeah... let's invest here...
In the 1970s, nearly 600 Canadian weather stations fed surface temperature readings into a global database assembled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Today, NOAA only collects data from 35 stations across Canada.

Only one station -- at Eureka on Ellesmere Island -- is now used by NOAA as a temperature gauge for all Canadian territory above the Arctic Circle.

Mr. D'Aleo and Mr. Smith say NOAA and GISS also ignore data from numerous weather stations in other parts of the world, including Russia, the U.S. and China.

Neither agency responded to a request for comment Wednesday from Canwest News Service.
Paging Al Gore.

Soften the Rules?

We think we must widen, for the Haiti crisis, the definition of family. So that Haitian families can bring in brothers, sisters, nephews. We must soften the rules for humanitarian reasons,” Mr. Ignatieff told reporters after a caucus meeting Wednesday.
Every day, somewhere in the world... there is a disaster... natural or otherwise.

Think of the misery in Darfur... or most parts of Africa for that matter. There are the rural parts of India. South America abounds with homeless street kids.

There have been... and will continue to be frequent humanitarian disasters worldwide.

Funny how Michael Ignatieff just happens to really, really need one... right now.

20 January 2010

Oh, what the heck, I'm sure he's...

...learned his lesson...
"Another suspect in the so-called “Toronto 18” case has pleaded guilty to terrorism offences Wednesday – and will released from prison as early as Thursday."
Well, cheer up... it could have been worse...
"Convicted terrorist Parminder Singh Saini will not be allowed to practice law in Ontario."

Your obligatory MSM...

..."Multicultural Moment"...

So the sentence starts...
"More than 200 ethnic groups generally live peacefully side-by-side in the West African country..."
but it unfortunately ends...
"...although 1 million people were killed in a civil war between 1967 and 1970 and there have been outbreaks of religious unrest since then."
Oh yeah... the headline?

"Muslim-Christian clashes kill 460 in Nigerian city"

Sorry guys, call me wacky... your idea of "generally peaceful" is obviously a little different than my own.


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The Youth Advocates Program represents the final stage of Alinskyism: its co-optation by the government-funded social-services industry.

Using a profile of past shooting victims that includes such factors as school truancy rates and disciplinary records, he has identified several hundred teens as having a greater than 20 percent chance of getting shot over the next two years.

The program will assign the 300 or so potential victims their own “advocates,” who will intercede on their behalf with government agencies and provide them with case management and counseling.
Good grief.


You're away for 34 years... that's what happens.

But what about "proroguing Parliament" you ask?
"We are in the 17th Parliament since 1958. In that time, there have been 40 sessions of Parliament – about one session per year, or two to three per Parliament."

"That means there have been 23 prorogations of Parliament in my lifetime."
It's just more Liberal smoke & mirrors.

19 January 2010

The Divine Right of Kings

C'mon... we all know President McDreamy is supposed to automatically get whatever he wants...
The President was not happy about the situation in which Ms. Coakley finds herself. “He was both surprised and frustrated,” Mr. Gibbs said.

“Angry?” one reporter asked. “Not pleased,” Mr. Gibbs replied.
Are you allowed to have tantrums in Camelot?


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In a perfect political storm, Scott Brown became the first Republican to win a Massachusetts senate seat since 1972.

The result is one of the biggest post-war shocks and given the fact the Democrats lost their supermajority, probably the most momentous.
Yee-ouch... that's gonna leave a mark.


LAST WORD: Eyes on the prize
"So in the most liberal of liberal states, in a race for the Senate seat held for two generations by a Kennedy, the voters were asked if they wanted to kill President Barack Obama's cherished health care reform package."

"I don't need solutions..."

"...I'm a Liberal..."
While Mr. Ignatieff was happy to criticize Mr. Harper, his new team and their approach to handling the economy, he would not say how he would slay the deficit should the Liberals form government.

Instead, he said it was Mr. Harper’s $56-billion shortfall and therefore it was his problem.
And they keep telling us Iggy is "the smart one."

But of course...

...10 million destitute, illiterate, starving people spread over 10,000 square miles... who wouldn't be itching to invade?
France accused the US of "occupying" Haiti on Monday as thousands of American troops flooded into the country to take charge of aid efforts and security.

The French minister in charge of humanitarian relief called on the UN to "clarify" the American role amid claims the military build up was hampering aid efforts.
Of course, the real lesson here is... never get in between a Frenchman & the emergency exit.
Alain Joyandet admitted he had been involved in a scuffle with a US commander in the airport's control tower over the flight plan for a French evacuation flight.
Flee, flee... run away!!!


"Forgive France. They are probably still upset about the Allies occupying the French beaches after D-Day."

Survivor: Extreme Moral Preening

"Even by the standards of Third World dysfunction, what country is such a basket case that it needs outside help to set up a goat farm?"
And Dawg... maybe you could read the whole thing before you start fulminating about drooling racists?
"Wake me up when Neo isn’t a) indulging in his masturbatory sexual fantasies b) drooling over dead Blacks in Toronto."
Posted by Dr.Dawg on January 18th, 2010 at 1:23 pm
Ah yes, once again... the compassionate, intellectual left.

Hey, Puppy... sued anybody lately?


"You gotta figure that these 'kids' fundraised and spent the equivalent of just about 100 more goats and associated feed, if not more."

UPDATE: Fine Young Cannibals

How hungry would YOU have to be... to loot & burn down your own neighbourhood?
"The population was throwing stones at us to stop us from preventing the looting," said Gabriel Diallo, a United Nations officer from Guinea. "They said we can't stop them from looting the food because they were hungry."

The looters then burned down the store, sending a black cloud into the air that added one more dystopian element to the scene.
So what's the deal here... did somebody actually say to themselves... "How can we possibly make this 'hell on earth' worse?"

I guess John Lennon had a point...

...maybe you'll just have to "Imagine" it...

These guys are always screaming about Israel being the stumbling block... but the truth is, they can't even get along with each other...
The Islamic Solidarity Games, due to be held in Iran in April, have been called off because of a dispute with Arab countries over what to call the Gulf.

The games had been postponed in October in the hope of striking a deal.
The only solidarity I see here... as usual... is right between somebody's ears.

18 January 2010

So that means, what...

...he'll be out on parole a week from Tuesday?
-- BRAMPTON, Ont. -- Toronto 18 terrorist Saad Gaya was sentenced Monday to 12 years in prison, minus seven-and-a-half years credit for pre-trial custody.
Ol Saad tried to pull this kind of shit in any Islamic country in the Middle East... they'd have julienned his ass six ways from eternity.

No wonder these guys laugh at us.


"At some point, Canada will have to grow up and understand that terrorists are real-life mass murderers not deserving of all the offender 'rights' that are afforded run of the mill criminals."

"Pass a law that requires a mandatory life sentence, (as in the rest of your life) for plotting or carrying out a terrorist attack. That's probably the best we can hope for since the public is too squeamish to sanction execution."

UPDATE: To quote "Crocodile Dundee"...

"That's not a knife... this is a knife..."
"Zakaria Amara, the mastermind of a 2006 terrorist plot to bomb Toronto, has been given a life sentence by an Ontario judge, a punishment that represents the courtroom climax of the so-called 'Toronto 18' case."
Okay... that's better.

Who will John McCallum and...

...the Liberal Party be weeping for this morning?
-- KABUL -- The Taliban quickly claimed success: “We have sent 20 suicide bombers to Kabul,” Zabidullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said in a telephone interview.

“We have launched this attack against the puppet government. Our fighters have killed many, many people.”
Memo to Canadian troops... please be gentle.


UPDATE: That tyrannical, controlling Stephen, er...

...wait a minute...
So we tried calling Mr. Rebagliati. We spoke to his wife, Alexandra, who also helps him out with media relations.

She said the Liberals had emailed her, told her they had been in touch with The Globe and Mail, and that her husband need not add any more.

She said he would not be making any comment.
Iggy shuts down the irrepressible Nickel Bagliardi.

17 January 2010

Remember how the OPP...

...bent over & grabbed their ankles in Caledonia?

Well, baby... you ain't seen nuthin' yet...
•Woman: "The JDL, the Zionists have a list with Richard Gere with a penis."•

•Me: "With a what?"•

•Woman: "A picture of Richard Gere with a penis beside him."•

•Me: "Where have you seen this list? I haven't seen this list."•

•Woman: "Google it."•
You have a special contingent of police bodyguards... maybe you feel can spout any insanity that hits the ol' brainpan.


UPDATE: What's that???? Celebrity Penis????

...Stoogeleft and pals are there with bells on.

Thank goodness for the compassionate, intellectual left.

Another Canadian falls

A Canadian soldier on a joint foot patrol with Afghan soldiers was killed Saturday after stepping on an improvised explosive device in southern Afghanistan.

The military identified him as Sergeant John Faught, 44, of the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry based in Edmonton.
He will be remembered.

16 January 2010

Mission Irrelevant

"Peter Kent isn’t feeling the love from his little brother these days."
Hey, Janie... as long as you're playing these infantile games... your next incredibly important mission, should you choose to accept it... is to corner Iggy's invisible, abandoned first wife & children and ask them how they really feel about Dear Ol' Dad.


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Wearing a disguise ain't gonna help.

More Bang for your Tourist Buck

How long you figure it'll be before somebody comes away with a sucking chest wound?
-- LOS ANGELES -- Alfred Lomas, 45, a former gang member and the creator of the tour ($65, lunch included), said this drive-by was about educating people on city life, while turning any profits into microloans and other initiatives aimed at providing gang members jobs.

But aside from its unusual logistical challenges — the liability waiver describes the tour as “inherently dangerous” and warns of the risk of death — the venture has also generated debate about its appropriateness.
Hmmm... I'm guessing a hit on the crackpipe, or kibitzing with the "ho's" is extra.

Two words... freak show.

15 January 2010

Be careful what you wish for

Scottish ski resort disappears under strange white substance...
After a two-day blizzard, the operators have had to bring in huge caterpillar vehicles and snow blowers to try to clear the approach road and the slopes.

"We had to contract in huge 17-tonne caterpillar earth-movers," Mr Matthew added. "They have spent two days now working about 18 hours a day trying to clear the roads."
Gimme my "Global Warming" right now.

200 years of "freedom"

The real job here is rescuing Haiti from itself...
"Haitian governments plead that the country is too poor to provide such services. There is some truth to this claim. However, millions and millions of dollars donated by foreign governments and charitable groups for infrastructure projects have been stolen by government officials. Cheating and corruption in dealing with these funds are widespread."

"Lastly, the economy is run for the benefit of the rich elite. There are too few just taxes to provide the needed income for the basic infrastructure which makes a decent life possible."
Relief efforts... meet reality.


"I spent seven months in Haiti as a CF soldier on a UN tour (UNMIH) back in the 90's."

"At that time it was not in the midst of a major "natural" disaster as it is now - instead it was in the routine of a long-term, self-made disaster which continues to this day."

"Money will never solve their problems."

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There is now evidence of crooks capitalizing on the generosity of people seeking to help quake-stunned Haiti -- spam e-mails that lead people to think they're donating to the British Red Cross, among other credible sounding organizations.
And there's a Canadian connection...
Symantec says the e-mail actually originated from a Canadian university Web mail server. The e-mail address used to send the message doesn't match the address where the donor is expected to send information.

In the first 36 hours after the tragedy, ABC News found that 64 new Web site URLs that seem connected to Haiti Earthquake relief had been registered.
Gotta love that entrepreneurial spirit.

The End of Time

"If -- God forbid -- Brown wins, he will be the first Republican elected in the state since Cotton Mather, and America will soon descend into a post-apocalyptic fundamentalist hellscape of witch trials and cross-burnings, interrupted only by the ritual mass bulldozing of corpses killed by lack of access to affordable health care."

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The new mainstream media was on display for all to see in one giant, embarrassing ensemble. All of them feminized, sensitized and diversified.
All the news that's fit to twist.

14 January 2010

Oh, c'mon... everybody settle down...

...it's not like he was going to... wait a minute...
-- Brampton, ON -- "What he planned to do can't be understated, he planned mass murder ... You don't set out to detonate three one-tonne bombs without knowing that a lot of people are going to be killed."
In other homegrown terror news...
Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Rana has been charged in connection to the 2008 wave of urban bombings that rocked Mumbai and killed more than 160 people.
Oh Canada.