21 October 2011

And you call yourselves...

..."professional journalists?"...mommy's little angelC'mon, now... why just rely on a single referral from Mom?

"Mark is a very loving and kind person," Hyacinth Moore said one day after the 27-year-old was charged with 56 gun-related offences.
Where's the syrupy attestations from his various "baby-mommas?" Could it be they're saving that up for the 11 o'clock tv propaganda blast?

Meanwhile... back at the ranch...
-- TORONTO -- A couple dozen police officers combed an Etobicoke neighbourhood for evidence after a shooting left one man dead and another wounded early Friday.

UPDATE: Shooting victim identified...
Nigel Caine, 20, was found suffering from gunshot wounds on the front lawn of a home on Monet Avenue near Rathburn Road and Highway 427 just after midnight on Friday.

Caine died of his injuries in hospital.
That's funny... looks like the Globe didn't talk to Nigel Caine's mom. Maybe they only do one side of the street.


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trustworthy?  you decide.Looks like Firefox has a few reservations about rap too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Halls of Mac

Would you mind explaining a little bit about the advertisement on your site for 'Open Media.ca".

Prior to the last election I answered a survey on Open Media and since then you would have no idea of my inbox. It's all Liberal all the time. Unreal.

At least once a week Ralph Goodale/21 emails regarding the latest desperate fundraising need...

Earlier, before their StrongStart funding campaign, it was the runup to the election. It has been a calvacade of Dryden Ignatief, Rae/14x, Garneau Donolo, Robillard, Smith, P. Martin, Chretien!!,Turdeau desperate pleas for money to defeat the so-called hated Tories.....

OpenMedia.ca is in my opinion....mining dollars for the Liberals. Please drop them from your site if you can forego the few bucks it nets you. Or at least warn your readers.


Neo Conservative said...

i placed a link here to openmedia when it was pointed out to me by a friend... it is not a revenue generating device.

i have had no feedback... from either side of the political fence... since i did this.

i support the petition they have proposed...

"We oppose mandatory Internet surveillance. This scheme is poorly thought out, costly, and will leave our personal information less secure. Unchecked mass surveillance is a breach of our fundamental right to privacy."

i have no idea what your issues with liberal spam actually are... but you may want to look elsewhere.