31 October 2015

Not in deep enough, apparently

Don't pay enough taxes? Kathleen Wynne will fix that...
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says her government will try to expedite the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the province to coincide with Justin Trudeau's bold commitment to bring in 25,000 refugees by the end of the year.

"We need to align with what the new government is going to do,'' Wynne said.
Don't blame me... I didn't vote for them.


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Around 700 of the 4,000 refugees who have been housed in Lower Saxony over the past week have gone missing and authorities mostly have no idea who or where they are.
No one seems to be worried that a set of Syrian documents including passports can be bought all over the middle east.

30 October 2015

If it works for Glamour Boy...

...it ought to work for Missus McDeficit...celebutardfest
"They have got away with every crazy thing they have thought to try to get away with. They have three whole years to let this die down before they go back to the voters."
Meanwhile, Ontario burns.


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...on what you mean by "infrastructure."


FROM THE COMMENTS: The always gentle left replies...
"Canada rejects assholes. And you continue to act like a conservative asshole."
Oh, my... somebody got up on the wrong side of the futon.

29 October 2015

Once a Maoist, always a Maoist

Remember, though... the government he most admires starved millions of people to death...

celebutardfestThis disastrous one-child policy created a society without enough women to ensure most people could have a chance at choosing a mate. Reversing that decision 30 years later is, curiously, being presented as an economic policy.
"The party is seeking to eradicate poverty as defined under current standards, lifting the country’s remaining 70 million poor people above the poverty line by the end of the decade."
Oh, by the way... good news, dudes, in another 20 years, there may also be enough marriageable women to stave off societal collapse.

Don't you worry, though... Justin's still a believer.celebutardfestAnd a feminist...
During the event, which itself was widely criticized for sexist and patronizing undertones, an audience member asked Mr. Trudeau which nation’s “administration he most admired.”
To which Justin replied...
“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say 'we need to go green.'"
Sadly, our boy wonder cum leader is talking out his bunghole...pants on fire
Given decades of environmental neglect and China’s heavy reliance on coal — which produces 70% of the country’s energy — it would be difficult to produce a dramatic improvement quickly.
P.S. - Dear Justin... three decades isn't "turning on a dime."

It could have been worse, I suppose. If he'd fallen in love with the Burmese Junta, by 2019 we'd all be knee deep in heroin.

Click on the headlines to read the articles.


UPDATE: The terrorists celebrate...
Pro-ISIS Activists React Joyously On Twitter To Canada's Elections

28 October 2015

Liberal "Dynamite Registry"...

,,,apparently falling down on the job...

Typical knuckle dragging, rural, neocon Canadian gun nut arrested for... wait a minute... where exactly is King St. & Spadina Ave?halls of macadamia/Which Toronto Skeet Club did this guy belong to... 'cos it sounds like a rockin' hangout.

Maybe the Integrated Guns & Gangs Task Force could help us out here.

27 October 2015

Own property in Ontario?

Kathleen Wynne's Liberals will be taking a bigger bite out of your equity...
“Ontario home buyers are already charged a provincial land transfer tax, so by adding a municipal tax, they’re essentially doubling the tax burden on Ontario families,” said Patricia Verge, president of OREA, in a release.

“If the Ontario Liberals follow through with this plan, homebuyers will be forced to pay $10,000 in total land transfer taxes on the average priced home in Ontario, starting as early as next year.”
Since 2010, homeowners in the center of the universe have been bending over and grabbing their ankles for their Liberal overlords...
On a $1 million home in the city, the buyer must pay a tax of $16,475 to the province and a $15,725 tax to Toronto.
You have three more days to let the Liberals know how you feel about this.

Don't shoot the messenger, I sure didn't vote for them.


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..the Liberals Green Plan cost 8 billion taxpayer dollars?

Because it's a scam.


UPDATE: Her relations with Unions...

...but you get fucked...
Unfortunately for Wynne, the size of the meal keeps growing: from $2.5 million paid to three unions when the news broke a week ago, the figure quickly grew to $3.7 million, and on Tuesday was reported to be as high as $7.1 million.
Remember, this is the story the Globe & Mail refused to run on election day because it would've blown back at Wynne favourite Justin (PILF) Trudeau.


POSTSCRIPT: Remember, the income tax...

...was a temporary measure to fund World War I.

How long before the Liberals decide to impose a special "Car Owner" surtax? Once you're on that "tax & spend slippery slope, where does it stop?

How about a tax on people who eat red meat, or are exclusively heterosexual? Somebody has to pay for all that "social housing."

What new federal taxes will Justin's Liberals impose to support years of Liberal deficits?

26 October 2015

I'm guessing none of the folks...

...on this streetcar will ever vote Liberal again...
The initial monologue from Yatim, who had chased off all the passengers by swinging his knife at a young woman and then parading up the aisle with his penis in his left hand and the knife in the other, was little short of crazed.
Bear in mind that the woman in question has said she would have had her throat slashed had she not jerked back out of the way. In non-Justin circles, we call that attempted murder.

So, switchblade in one fist... his dick in the other... screaming racial invective...
“Get the fuck out of here, all of you,” he yelled, knife in hand, to the escapees. “fuck those bitch niggas.” Then, “You’re off. Run. Don’t walk. You’re fucking niggas.”
What do you do with a mad dog?

You put it down.

Sorry folks, James Forcillo deserves a commendation, not a murder trial.



Next time you get mugged, try calling a politician...brave new world
"Facts are stubborn things, but it is probably asking too much for anti-cop bigots to recognize them. Yet for the president of the United States to cheer their movement is more than a mistake. It is another tragic illustration of how Obama is taking America backward."
Exactly what sort of facts are we talking about here?
"The New York City murder rate is typical. Year in, year out, about 90 percent of homicide victims are nonwhite males, as are 90 percent of their killers."
Funny how seldom things like that get mentioned in the media. And that's incredibly corrosive and misleading.
"For the president to emphasize that there are brutal and racist cops, presumably white, without citing the staggering rate of black-on-black crime distorts both problems."
Now that Canada has elected Justin "Obama Lite" Trudeau, will we see a similar swing to so called "progressive" values?

When did cops become the enemy?

24 October 2015

23 October 2015


...wait a minute...

dudley do-right again
"There ARE NO DOCUMENTED CASES where the [blanked out] technique has been used in a criminal offence in Canada."
Your RCMP... solving complicated technical problems that don't actually exist.

Don't you guys have 25,000 military age Syrian male "refugees" to screen in the next 60 days?

Enjoy Bruce, er... Caitlyn's TV show...

...while you can...
"What more needs to be done to combat the high suicide rate among transgender people?"
Unfortunately, despite Bruce Jenner's newfound celebrity as the latest & greatest Kardashian sister, if there is a solution to transgender morbidity, it resides outside the surgical realm.

Anyone who looks at the academic literature, as compiled by folks like the National Institutes of Health, will see that the suicide rate for pre & post-op transsexuals is nearly identical at just over 40%.
Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.

Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.
The established facts, which the transgendered community do their best to suppress, show that transsexualism is a psychiatric condition that is not "cured" by cutting off your existing genitalia and replacing them with a surgical facsimile.

It's all there in black and white...
The review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals by the University of Birmingham's aggressive research intelligence facility (Arif) found no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically effective.
Actually, it's worse than that...
Research from the US and Holland suggests that up to a fifth of patients regret changing sex.
20% regret changing genders, over 40% attempt suicide.

This is not a problem you can solve "from the heart outward."


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The trouble with Conservatives...

...is that they don't understand the importance of theatre...
I have a vision of Bill, the master of the form, sitting in the darkness off the stage where she was prepping for this event. “Hillary, dammit. One more time. Really look like you’re mad. Think of... no, never mind. Not Monica mad... just normal mad.”
The truth may set you free, but it sure don't win elections.

Of course, winning is only the first step. At some point you have to gather your supporters and start leading.a liberal supporter speaksBravo... spoken like a true believer.

22 October 2015

52 million dollars here...

...52 million dollars there... pretty soon you're talkin' real money...you just have to speak liberalLet's ask the people who use the system what they think...
The additional costs include $15.7 million to hire more IT staff at the ministry and to train social assistance case workers who complained the SAMS program was too complicated and too time consuming for them to use.
Now let's ask Liberal Social Assistance Minister Helena Jaczek...
“They’re finding the situation stable, they can rely on it,” said Jaczek. “They’re being relieved of some of the manual tasks they had to do in terms of calculation of benefits and so on.”
Anyway, the proof is in the pudding, as they say...
At one point last December, just a month after it went online, SAMS queued up $20 million in overpayments for people living on social assistance.
Remember, these are the same people who have gifted us with the highest electricty rates in North America.


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Liberal education minister Liz Sandals says she didn’t ask for receipts or any other proof of payment before agreeing to pay the teachers unions $2.5 million for their bargaining costs. The Ontario education minister just paid what they wanted.
Looks like Momma Kathleen will be able to help Justy out with his deficit spending initiative.


"It’s great to see Justin is keeping his election promise of spending on 'infrastructure'. He’s starting with 'himself'. His mother Margaret (the new PMO spokesperson?) told CBC, the golden couple won’t be moving into 24 Sussex right away because it needs $10 MILLION dollars of renovations."
No surprise here, I guess... Justin's expense account as a director of the Katimavik program would have made Caligula blush.

PM-elect calls for Syrian "safety break"

Awright, awright, nobody works, nobody gets hurt... well, except for all the Kurds...
“It is a bad news for us. Canada was a major partner in the coalition and it was a great help to Kurdistan,” Jabar Yawar, chief of staff for the Kurdish Regional Government’s Peshmerga Ministry said in an interview posted Wednesday about Mr. Trudeau’s plan to end this country’s combat operations in Iraq and Syria.

A spokesman for Mr. Trudeau declined to comment on the comments from the Kurdish peshmerga.
I bet he did.

No real surprise here, you won't even agree to revoke convicted terrorists citizenship, it's not like you're gonna shoot at them. What's next, diplomatic recognition for the "Islamic State?"


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There's any number of reasons that countries have a "Foreign Affairs" department. I guess we're lucky Justin didn't just Tweet it out to the world.

21 October 2015

Despite the flush of victory rhetoric...

...I'm thinking "first promise to be broken"...no fractious moron left behind
"In an election based on proportional representation... the Liberals would drop from 184 to 135 seats, while the Conservatives would inch up from 99 to 108 and the NDP would have a much higher profile with 68 seats instead of its current 44."
Will Justin really cut the Liberal Party's throat?

Look for "#Gerald Butts kicks Justins nuts" to very shortly start trending.

Look on the bright side...

It's not like Ontario WILL EVER elect another NDP government...
“While Mr Trudeau is the product of two political families — his father was prime minister — he came to politics late, after working as a snowboard instructor.”
So much for Canada ever being taken seriously again on the world stage. The only way this could be worse is if pictures of Justin as a mime start to surface on social media.
The lad himself has the media savvy of the selfie generation, and can more or less handle the bofferball questions from a sympathetic press."

"His sincerity shines when it comes to a small range of policy enthusiasms, such as the legalization of marijuana and brothels, and he is visibly convinced that peace is much nicer than war.

UPDATE: Intellect Optionalpretty piece of fluff
While Canadians are pretty well aware that they elected a very attractive new leader, the rest of the world is like, “OMG, who is this beautiful, beautiful man?”
It's true, who wants "brainy" Stephen Harper when they can have "studmuffin" Justin?

Especially, you know, in a Prime Minister.


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...for the Italians, isn't it?

Pierre's son has reiterated his intent to change Canada over to a proportional representation system of voting.
Only parties passing a 3% minimum threshold in the first round are assigned seats. If the party receiving the plurality of the votes passes a 40% threshold, it is attributed a minimum of 340 seats (54%). The remaining 277 seats are allocated to the other parties in a proportional fashion, and no second round takes place.
Italy has had over 60 fractious governments in the 70 years since World War II.

20 October 2015

Hey Canada, that new tax...

...on stupidity? The first installment gets billed today...
"The Liberals promised to up that to 25,000, beginning immediately. The platform promises to spend $250 million, including $100 million in the current fiscal year, 'to increase Syrian refugee processing, as well as sponsorship and settlement services.'”
That's $10,000 per refugee, right? That just might cover welfare housing & food for one year, but let's remember these people are not well educated, don't speak the language and have had minimal health care, so that figure needs to be multiplied, probably by at least four to cover "sponsorship and settlement services."

And it needs to be spent every year until Ahmad is employable. Call it a billion dollars yearly.

That's just one Justin promise... and it doesn't improve a single middle class Canadian life.

That's what you voted for, Canada. They promised us billions of dollars in deficit spending, and fuddle my sainted duddle, they'll deliver.

From the heart outwards, baby.

P.S. - Remember the Liberals "revenue neutral" long gun registry? Allan Rock promised that it would "pay for itself" through user fees.

Two billion dollars later, the Conservatives had to shoot the ailing beast and put it's crippled ass out of it's non-functional misery.

Dalton McGuinty's "Green Plan," adopted by Kathleen Wynne has put Ontario 8 billion dollars in the red. In Ontario, we now pay the highest electricity rates in North America. It is killing manufacturing jobs daily.

Government exists to perpetuate itself. Bureaucrats must spend all the money they're given or their budgets will be cut. Justin promised to slash a hole in Canada's national purse and enough people got on board that it's actually gonna happen.

This is a sad day for Canada.


LAST WORD: A Liberal Supporter speaksliberal supporterA sad, sad day.

19 October 2015

The mere fact that...

...Canada's answer to Paris Hilton is even on the ballot makes me fear for my country...

toronto sun endorses harper
Harper successfully led Canada through the worst recession since the Great Depression, emerging in better shape than almost any other developed country.

Since then, he has successfully balanced the federal budget and positioned Canada for modest surpluses for the next four years.
ottawa citizen endorses harper
There are two serious issues facing Canada right now: Ongoing economic uncertainty, and an increasingly unstable situation in the Middle East. In the face of the worst economic downturn in a generation, Harper has made sure that Canada remains on secure economic footing, something both his opponents’ plans put at risk.

When it comes to confronting ISIL and the threat of global terror more generally, only the Conservatives are prepared to treat the matter with the strength of conviction it deserves.

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Today’s busy voter deserves to know just how much their potential future prime minister is lacking in credentials.

In terms of career experience, all the 43-year-old’s chalked up is a couple years as a teacher in British Columbia. After that, he entered an engineering program but soon dropped out, then started another MA program but dropped that too. He became an MP shortly after, in 2008.

In other words, Justin Trudeau spent the years before entering politics dabbling in this and that, drifting about without any commitment to work or school.


LAST WORD: Justin's pals throw elbows

The return of Chretien-style politics.

17 October 2015

Self defense...

...is the only real and credible defense...

Remember, your local police force... (excuse me, police service)... aren't the guys who pump out your septic tank and prevent all that shit from backing up into your home.

That, my friend, is on you.

Contemporary "Peace Officers" are the bored functionaries who show up after you're knee deep in liquified turds, tear up your sodden, stinking backyard and leave you struggling with the bill.

You want peace of mind & safety of person, it's all up to you, Van Damme. Too many cops these days are box ticking bureaucrats or obvious affirmative-action lottery winners (encoutered a largish female officer recently who would've had trouble with a flight of stairs, nevr mind a drunk, dusted up biker). For the moment, they still get to tote guns, (although Gawd & CBC forbid they should actually use them) but that may change under Justin "From the Heart Outward" Trudeau.

Unlike all those popular television shows, the police do not anticipate, calculate, isolate and otherwise prevent crimes. There is no magical carp breeding database a la CSI Miami that utilises electron microscopy & fish mites to take down aspiring Unabombers.

Let's look at just one particularly egregious example.
"An Ohio man had a 14-year-old girl dropped off at his home, held her captive for months, raped her and impregnated her."
Well, bad (even horrific) things happen in this screwed up world, right? It's not like anybody could have seen that com... wait a minute...
Sheriff’s spokesman Michael Robison Thursday confirmed that Jackson wore the electronic monitoring device from Jan. 22 to July 31 of this year. "We conducted our typical unscheduled and unannounced home visits," Robison said."
Hang on a second... can we assume the electronic bracelet wasn't simply an offbeat fashion statement?
"Jackson contacted the teenager through Facebook in February after pleading not guilty an abduction case involving two females who said he held them against their will at a hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio in 2014."
So this freak had a history of abducting women and still no alarm bells?

Seems no one was able to see what was going on despite all the clues. Electronic monitoring, unscheduled visits and Jackson still pulls this off. The only thing the cops didn't do was bring this guy beer and pizza. It was even total happenstance that this guy was even caught.
"Jackson was arrested in Utah last week when he tried to run away from drug task force officers conducting a routine stop at a bus station."
Moral of the story? Like I said, it's all on you. Just something to consider at 3am and you wake up to the sound of breaking glass.


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But wait, it ain't over 'til it's over. Just a typical GTA weekend.

Yet again, farmers, hunters and sport shooters are off the hook... but that won't stop the lefties from going after legitimate firearms owners... as opposed to organised criminal enterprises.

Golden Age of Millionaire Celeb-u-tards

Why would this take anyone by surprise?celeb-u-tards uniteIt's already happening right here in staid, boring Canada.


The reason we voted for Harper, despite his shortcomings, was because this election does indeed come down to values, and the value we cherish is responsibility. Responsibility is the opposite of entitlement.

Anyone can promise unicorns and rainbows if they max out the credit card. New infrastructure, bigger family benefits, fatter CPP cheques, the list of Liberal goodies is endless. But just because interest rates are low, doesn’t mean you borrow to buy more house than you can afford.
Harper has outshone his predecessors on the environment, the economy, clean government and native empowerment.

16 October 2015

Don't you fret, they'll find the real killer

Three days before the federal election, Canada's national broadcaster goes full O.J.harper derangement syndromeCBC twitter feed reveals that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is behind online threats that have locked down Wilfred Laurier University.

Hasn't anyone told them, you never go full O.J.?

Just imagine what they could do with that extra 150 million dollars in funding that the Liberals have promised.


UPDATE: Not PM Harper after all
Wilfred Laurier president Dr. Max Blouw said that the university was alerted overnight when it received a call from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Sissiboo... keep up the good work.


IN OTHER CANADIAN JOURNALISM NEWS:info-tainmentAnd, please, please, please... tell me you've run out of Justin "selfies."

15 October 2015

Complicated, many layered cultural issue?

How about... "it's a chastity belt for your face?"


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DAKAR, SENEGAL—Chad’s police spokesman says police have arrested 62 women for wearing full veils in public as the country steps up security against extremism following a multiple suicide bombing attack.
Those racist cops.

14 October 2015

Liberal Scumbaggery surfaces even before...

...they crown their new Emperor...
In the email, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press, Justin Trudeau's national campaign co-chair Dan Gagnier advises five TransCanada Corp. officials to target the right people in a new government as quickly as possible so they can help shape either Liberal or NDP decisions on a national energy strategy.
So Justin's national campaign co-chair is out on his ass for the political equivalent of insider trading and, of course, the Liberal Party issues a statement blaming the controversy on the Conservatives and their "negative and mean-spirited politics."

Seems to me it's a little simpler than that...
Conservative campaign spokesman Stephen Lecce dismissed Trudeau and the Liberals as "a party run by elite insiders who sell their influence to the highest bidder to the detriment of taxpayers."
Funny isn't it... Justin's always characterising the Prime Minister as a lackey of the big corporations.

The co-chair of the Liberal election campaign started working for TransCanada Corp. last spring, providing advice to the firm on its controversial Energy East pipeline project at the same time as he was trying to help Justin Trudeau win the next election.

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...look you right in the face and lie their asses off.


LAST WORD: From the Liberal websitefiberals
You took risks, made sacrifices and worked hard to become a Canadian citizen. Don’t let Harper take that away. Changes made by the Harper Conservatives will create two classes of citizenship and give a politician the right to revoke your citizenship without a trial.

Only Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party will protect you, your family and all Canadians by repealing the unfair sections of Bill C-24.
Fact: C24 applies only to people who choose not to renounce their former alliegance and become exclusively Canadian citizens.

Fact: Only people convicted of serious crimes who choose dual citizenship are affected.

Fact: Fear mongering like this is beneath contempt.

Well, that's a shame, Ken...

I was looking forward to seeing the self-proclaimed "country's finest national news and comment," but I won't be strong-armed into suffering through your advertising...resistance is futileI guess I'll just google "Tilt Cove, Newfoundland" and go see one of the other 102,000 results.


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...being bombarded by unwanted advertising, switch to Firefox with the AdBlock Plus extension.

Mohammad Shafia's New Caliphate

Convicted honour killer continues his reign of terror as Corrections Canada looks on helplessly...halls of macadamia/Ask psychologist Robert Groves, who worked in Kingston Penitentiary. Here's his testimony on security threats facing Canada.
Shafia was "self-appointed" in his role in the prison, and said about 25 men gathered for prayers. "They were not all Muslims but believed that they dare not refuse to attend Friday prayers," he told the hearing. "This form of intimidation is what one finds routinely with zealot extremists."

Groves's testimony focused on the potential for radicalization of the prison population.
Yup, sounds like Mohammed is full of remorse for those four cowardly murders.


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Let's ask Mohammad Shafia's three daughters and "spare" wife if they agree with Justin & Tommy Trotsky about the niqab... oh, wait... they're all dead.

Shafia appeal to be heard by the same people who ordered Omar Khadr back into Canada.

13 October 2015

All downHillary from here

American voters start to come around, realise celeb-u-tard vote will irreparably harm nation...coming to their senses
In hypothetical 2016 matchups with top-tier Republicans, Clinton trails all the Republicans tested. She trails Ben Carson by 11 points and Donald Trump by 5 points. Jeb Bush has a 4-point edge over Clinton, while Carly Fiorina is up by 3 points.
Okay, Canada... it's your turn. Would you really elect Canada's answer to Paris Hilton? A man who puts Communist China at the top of his "most admired" governments list?

Do you really want to find out what it means to "grow the economy from the heart outwards?"

12 October 2015

Let's elect her...

...the wife of the guy who put his genitals before his country.slick willie
“And a mutual friend said, ‘Call Matt Drudge. He’ll put it on his website. He doesn’t care about offending the Clintons.’ So I did, and he did, and the world exploded.”
And, you know if he gets a chance, he'll just do it again.

Just ask Gennifer.

10 October 2015

Millionaire socialist Justin...

...might not be a math whiz, but look how deeply he feels your middle class financial pain...
It doesn’t take much analysis to demonstrate the party couldn’t possibly keep all the promises it’s made, unless it was willing to borrow far beyond the $10-billion annual limit it set itself.
Justin is ready to smash Canada's national piggy bank and spend money we don't actually have... THAT'S HOW MUCH he cares.

Try telling Mastercard you're just spending your way back to prosperity for the next four years and see how quickly they yank your plastic.

And remember... the sainted "Son of Pierre" is all about defending the underdog...oh baby**********

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If we can accommodate fairly recent cultural affectations like the niqab, what's wrong with the thousands of years old tradition of Oriental gambling dens?
Illegal gaming houses are popping up all over north Scarborough and some are using drugs to lure gamblers from the area’s Asian community, police say.

Two establishments — one on Sheppard Ave E. and another on Pharmacy Ave. — were raided last month. Two others on Montezuma Trail were also shut down — one in August and the other on Wednesday.

Alexander Ly, 34, Bao Li, 50, and Mei Huang, 43, have been charged with keeping a common gaming house.

If we're going to recognise one society's cultural traditions, how can we, in good conscience, reject those of any other?

Justin's all for the niqab and he's promised to get cracking on legalising drugs. If he comes out for homebrew casinos he'll be hitting the cultural relativity trifecta.

09 October 2015

My guess is, if Mike Harris...

...had set aside $70,000,000 a year to give golf club memberships to one-armed Ontario men, he would have been tarred & feathered.oh baby
"Ontario will add $50 million a year to the $20 million it already spends on 'assisted reproduction.'"
Kathleen Wynne, despite running horrific deficits and apparently unconcerned about the possible appearance of a conflict of interest, will now use additional tens of millions of taxpayer dollars annually to subsidise in-vitro fertilisation.

Obviously, one of the significant demographics interested in IVF will be women suffering from so-called “social infertility” - that is, women who reject the increasingly obsolete and icky idea of male-female procreation... (which would've absolutely, positively in no way influenced Ontario's first gay Premier).

But, hey... let's look at the numbers.

IVF currently accounts for about 2% of live births in Ontario. With only a 30% success rate and an estimated 4000 women taking advantage of the Premier's largesse, this would result in 1200 births annually at a additional cost of $58,000 per Corningware baby.

For the religious and ethically sensitive among us, note that multiple eggs are removed for each procedure and extra fertilised embryos are routinely destroyed if not used.

Now, call me a middle aged, non-disabled, caucasian, Christian male... but surely there are better ways to serve the greater good?

How about 70 million dollars a year to find families for the 47,885 Canadian children in foster care, 62 per cent of whom were aged 14 and under. (source 2011 Census)

That's 12 choices apiece for each of those 4000 Ontario women. Of course, that'll never happen.

Sorry kids, Kathleen Wynne has 1200 hypothetical babies per year who are apparently more important than you.


POSTSCRIPT: If you build it...

...they will come, er... suck you dry...

Note that the province of Quebec which pioneered IVF in Canada, is shutting down after demand and costs soared much higher than expected.

Surprise, surprise.

08 October 2015

Only that horrible Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...ooh lala
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Tuesday told lawmakers that he had requested five French citizens be stripped of their nationalities over the 2003 Casablanca bombings that left dozens dead.
Perhaps the PM isn't the only person who's worried about these guys.


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...these guys are coming for us...
"In one case, a middleman said it was essential the smuggled bomb-grade uranium go to Arabs," said Constantin Malic, one of the Moldovan investigators.

"He said: 'I really want an Islamic buyer because they will bomb the Americans.'"
And if America turns out to be a hard target, why not Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto?

The Great Ontario Snow Job

Just something to think about while you're sitting stalled in traffic this winter...
The provincial auditor reported in April that the Liberal government did save money on winter road maintenance over the last five years, but at a cost that included taking twice as long to clear highways of snow or ice than it did previously.

Prior to the contract changes in 2009, Ontario’s most travelled highways were cleared about 2.1 hours after a storm, but auditor general Bonnie Lysyk said that increased to an average of 4.7 hours by 2013-14.
But wait, it gets better.fooled againKathleen Wynne decided to hand back the monies that these companies had forfeited for non-performance and then buy them new equipment.
The auditor reported that the Wynne government waived $4.8 million of $13.3 million in fines levied against contractors in the winter of 2013/14, while another $5.2 million was being reassessed, reducing the fines by up to 76 per cent.
It's like Dalton McGuinty paying a huge corporation a billion dollars not to build a gas plant. The malfeasance never ends.
Carillion has eight contracts with the province - worth $87 million a year - to maintain highways around Chatham, London, Peel and Halton regions, Simcoe, Huntsville, Thunder Bay, Bancroft and the Kingston area.
Who owns Carillion and how much do they contribute to the Liberal Party of Ontario?


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This past winter, the service cuts hit home. The explanation given was a reduction in the number of plows and the closure of three salt yards in Northumberland County.

The current contractor, Carillion Canada Inc., is only allowed nine plows compared to the 17 run the previous company, Cruickshank Construction. Basically, the service was cut in half to save money.
Despite measures such as this the provincial Liberals are still running a horrendous deficit. Where is all that money going?


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What else are Kathleen Wynn's corporate friends at Carillion up to?
Sundridge, ON – On November 12, 2013, the Ontario Court of Justice ordered Carillion Canada Inc. to pay a total penalty of $250,000 for violating two counts of the Fisheries Act for “the harmful alteration, disruption, or destruction of fish habitat”, and one count of violating Section 36(3) for “depositing or permitting the deposit of a deleterious substance into waters frequented by fish.”

The violations stem from repeated sediment spills, and the subsequent destruction of fish habitat in Stirling Creek, which is part of the the Magnetawan River watershed near Parry Sound.
Not surprisingly, the government itself was mixed up in this incident.
The sentencing decision for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation took place on September 24, 2013, when it was also ordered to pay a total penalty of $250,000.
Anybody else seeing a pattern here?

07 October 2015

06 October 2015

Hey Toronto, there's a lesson here

The next time some banger tries to light you up... try calling a social worker...
"I don't think police officers are going to engage potential gang members the way they did before Gray," said Michael Greenberger, a law professor at the University of Maryland.
This is Canada and you are free to identify with the good guys or the bad guys.

But remember... there are consequences.


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...leave us alone...
"Rape and other forms of assault and exploitation greeted young women who ventured into the neighborhood. Some of them were as young as 14. 'Rape is as common as bullshit on Haight Street.' They were accurate on both counts. Venereal disease and vaginitis were epidemic."
There is no such thing as Utopia. Wake up and smell the human race.

Of course, it may already be too late.


"ah, yes... i understand the phrase "perfect, unaccented English" is the secret conservative code words for the military to begin rounding up all "non-old stock canadians", tattooing barcodes on their foreheads and sending them to the secret cia prison on baffin island where they will be turned into "soylent green""

"you caught us, global news."
On one hand, Harper’s done a great job with the economy.

"On the other hand, Jason Kenney complimented an 11-year-old on his English."


Hey Dan, just a thought... you know what might be even better than that...obama's home townNot to put poison in your veins several times a day...
"The best thing would be to have Narcan," said Dan Bigg, the group's director.
That's like saying the answer to rampant alcoholism is having a fridge full of donor livers. And where is Obama's buddy Rahm Emmanuel? I thought he was gonna save Chicago... from thugs like this...
"The men are members of the Unknown Vice Lords street gang, according to court records."
where's rahm?Maybe #Blacklivesmatter needs to beef up their Chicago chapter.



You best be checkin yo privilege, dawg...

CHRISTOPHER SKINNERYou could be forgiven for thinking that Christopher Skinner's killer was a blond blue-eyed denizen of Rosedale because virtually no media outlet is showing pictures of his killer, Agustin Alexander Caruso, who just plead out to manslaughter.Agustin Alexander Caruso
Cops were finally able to track down the man they believe drove the SUV that ran over Skinner, 27, and left him for dead on Adelaide St. — after a group viciously attacked him.
They beat Chris Skinner senseless and then ran over him... twice.

Manslaughter or murder, you tell me.

05 October 2015

When David Suzuki...

...in his magnum opus, "A Matter of Survival" warned the nation...
"There are too many of us; we consume too much; we pollute too much..."
I guess he wasn't thinking about his own five children.

Similarly, when Professor SaintZuki lectures the hoi-polloi about their egregious carbon footprint, he likewise exempts his own extensive real estate portfolio.
Suzuki, who's made a name for himself fighting for the environment and against development, owns four homes, including one property he co-owns with a fossil fuels company.

His primary abode is a sprawling mansion in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, worth approximately $8.2 million.
But, hey... it gets better...
Saint Suzuki despises lobbyists, and says they have a disproportionate control of political power in Ottawa. But Secret Suzuki himself has nine paid lobbyists registered in Ottawa’s lobbyist registry. Not one. Nine.
If you can herd the notoriously complacent Canucki sheeple, thar's gold in them there eco-hills.

On building the inevitable wall

If you vacation in Mexico... you're part of the problem...
"It’s clear as glass by the end that Mexico is no more prepared to emerge from its quagmire of crookedness, crime, armed conflict and poverty than it was when I was a kid. Yet somehow, despite it all, the enormous tourism industry is still flourishing."
Who cares, huh? As long as the cerveza flows and the sun keeps shining.
You can still go down there on holiday if you want, but don’t watch Cartel Land on the plane, and don’t take the kids.
Still think Trump is a racist?


I was no fan of the largely fictional "Zero Dark Thirty", but watched the documentary "Cartel Land" the other night and it's a tour de force.

The inescapable conclusion is that, once you rise above the ranks of ordinary Jose Citizen, there are no good guys left.

Horrifying & informative.

03 October 2015

02 October 2015

Pencils write poetry...

...chainsaws clearcut forests.

Remember... it's only what's in your hand... not what's in your heart or head...news cycle
"Good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second."

And then he shot and killed them.
But this isn't actually about facts, is it...
"All he ever did was put everybody before himself. He wanted everyone to be happy. No matter if he was sad or mad, he would always try to cheer up everybody," she said of her stepbrother – though she'd only met him a few times and had not spoken with him in about a year.
Thank you, fourth estate.


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...from law-abiding American citizens, there will be no more crazy people, no more criminals...

The media is really bearing down on this "teetotaling Nazi" meme, trying to paint the shooter as a racist, tea-partying neo-conservative.

Sadly for our brothers in journalism, it turns out this nutbar was born in England, went to a special needs school, was afraid of insects but worshipped Satan. Despite his Nazi/Lucifer leanings, he also says on a dating profile that he's "mixed race" which adds yet another layer of nutso to the crazy Nazi cake. Not exactly your typical NRA member.


LAST WORD: It's Hammer, er... Barack Time

But enough about that, let's talk about me.
During today’s 12-minute address, President Obama referred to himself 28 times.
Not a single word about Chris Mintz.
Barack Obama came out immediately Thursday to condemn the Second Amendment for the mass murder of 9 people and the wounding of at least 7 more. What he didn’t mention was the heroism of one student who tried to stop the killer.
And, of course, no invite to the Whitehouse... that's reserved for children of Islamic activists who bring fake bombs to school.

Bacon makes everything better

"So what can you do to help? Use the hashtag #FreeTheBacon and tweet out a picture of your genitals immediately... What? What, we can't...?" Bacon continued before being cut off and discouraged by a voice offscreen.

"I'm being told that you should not do that. Really? Really? See, this is the problem, this is the problem right here!"

This is an issue of gender equality. Let me be on the show, come on! I'll play a naked wizard or something."

01 October 2015

Racist, knuckle-draggin' Conservatives...

...like that xenophobic Stephen Harp...wait a minute...
Can Canada be anti-immigrant while setting new records in immigration? Last year Canada led the G7 in population growth, and 60% of it was from immigration.
Hmmm... what we need here is an expensive, complicated solution to a non-existent problem...trudopeYet another Justin brainwave.


BREAKING: Euro-Pop Quiz

Who was it that said, "let me in, or I'll blow your house down?"
"Eurotunnel services were suspended on Saturday after more than 200 migrants broke into its French terminal in a 'massive and organised' assault."
They don't recognise your borders, they couldn't care less about your laws.

They find your religion and cultural norms disgusting.

This isn't about charity & human kindness anymore.

It's an invasion.

I'm with Chuck Darwin...

...inevitably, some less capable members of the herd are gonna fall by the wayside.

Or, as CTV would have you believe... "Merciless Calgary killer stalking weak-willed, ill spoken dumbasses"...

crack the ripper
"At first, I didn't like it; I'd get sick," he told CTV Calgary. "I kind of just did it because it was always around. Eventually, I got over the sickness of it, and that's when it started to become enjoyable."
Oh my goodness, yes... a crafty, elusive serial killer...
"Fentanyl kills. Fentanyl could be hiding in any drug you're taking."
Good Gawd... you turn the corner and fentanyl bashes you over the head and jumps down your throat.

I have to say, in my many decades on this gawd-forsaken rock I am no stranger to pharmaceuticals, (both legal & other) but I have yet to meet this elusive, merciless killer. What have I been doing right?


UPDATE: Speaking of drugs

For Justin, it's Job #1
"An elected Liberal government would begin working to legalize and regulate marijuana 'right away,'" Justin Trudeau says."
(h/t reader rich)


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...have other priorities...
"Dear Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair,"
(via SDA)


LAST WORD: Why should Caitlyn Jenner...

...get all the fame?
The psychologist put in numbing eyedrops - acquired by Jewel during a special visit to Canada - and then a couple of drops of drain cleaner in each eye.

Jewel said: "It hurt, let me tell you. My eyes were screaming and I had some drain cleaner going down my cheek burning my skin.

"But all I could think was 'I am going blind, it is going to be okay.'"
Anybody got an extra award of courage hanging around?

I have to say, I'm loving this

A multi-national corporation (quite possibly run by alien reptiles from an alternative universe) tries to strongarm a Canadian family into taking their new credit card by cancelling the old ones while they are on an out-of-province vacation. Coincidentally, another blog post by this woman, totally unrelated to the cards, blows up and goes viral... we're talking over 17,000 hits in one day.use your wordsObviously, people are gonna read whatever else they see on the page... and I predict Green Scaly Heads are gonna roll at Reptile Corp.. I mean, we're talking behavior that would make a Gorn blush... and suddenly, it's being blasted out to the world.
The new card information indicated a annual fee of $99.00 plus $15.00 annual fee for an additional card and we were beyond uninterested in paying more fees for a card that we personally would receive no more benefit from.

We were also still quite unimpressed by the high pressure tactics used by the BMO telemarketer. My husband phoned BMO MasterCard, told them we were keeping the old cards and not using the new ones. We NEVER validated the cards they sent us. They are still glued to the paperwork.