29 October 2011

So, who exactly, is Big Bucks Bob Rae...

...sucking up to these days?there's no problem a liberal can't spend his way out of


Jen said...

Rae sounds just like layton, what layton said to quebec he says the reverse in western canada. and what layton said in western canada was not mention in quebec. Well Bob Rae is the same. Remember, he was an NDP- Rae is only trying to buy votes and knows very well where and who he can pluck the feathers from.

Neo Conservative said...

try imagine being bob rae.

you're a lifelong ndp stalwart, but in the name of furthering your stalled political ambitions, you jump to the liberals... only to have the big red ship sink under your feet.

to add insult to injury, your ol' dipper buddies suddenly (and beyond any reasonable expectation) become the official opposition.

he must feel cursed.


Anonymous said...

That's a rhetorical question, right? As otherwise, the answer would be, "who've you got?" Do note that the Bobster is speaking at the Economic Club of Toronto on November 9th, on the topic, "We can't take prosperity for granted: Leadership in Turbulent Times." ha ha ha LOL, you can't make this kind of thing up. Either he'll be talking about Stephen Harper's economic stewardship, or he'll be flapping his gums on a subject about which he has long since demonstrated that he knows absolutely nothing.

PS - don't confuse me with your pal Nonny. I'm just too lazy to come up with a nom de plume. You can call me Ishmael.

Frances said...

Where has Mr Rae gone - except, maybe, Alberta - where he hasn't found a cause to throw money at?