04 October 2011

Okay, Peace Moonbeam...

...exactly how, on Gaia's green earth, does eyewitness testimony, unimpeachable physical evidence... AND A CONFESSION... not totally annihilate a belated "not guilty" plea?

" -- Detroit -- Prosecutors have his hospital-bed confession, dozens of witnesses, remnants of the explosive and an al-Qaeda video featuring the 24-year-old explaining his suicide mission."
Of course, we all know, defying all logic & reason... this thing will drag on forever and a day.

No wonder the crazies just keep on coming.


mauser98 said...

highly trained terrorist, Abdulmutallab, tried to detonate plastic explosives by chemical reaction with matches and acid.(wikipedia and others). his Al-Queda masters forgot to explain electricty is required.

Neo Conservative said...

and just today... more capricious & unknowable will of allah...

Mogadishu’s ambulance coordinator Ali Muse said at least 70 people had been killed by the blast. Initial official estimates were lower, but were expected to rise as the dead and wounded had been taken to a number of sites in the capital.

Witnesses said a truck exploded at the gate of a compound housing government ministries in the K4 (Kilometre 4) area of Mogadishu, where students and parents had gathered to await the results of scholarship exams.