07 October 2011

Hang on a second... I could've sworn...

...this came down to a 2% difference in the popular vote, but that's not anywhere close to how our "professional journalists" are torquing the headlines, is it?

Is there a mandatory "Obfuscation 101" course at J-school?

I swear... there's more "bait & switch" in the MSM than all my weekly junk mail combined. To present any of this as objective journalism is an insult to my intelligence.

Go ahead and be a partisan... but you don't get to call it journalism.

Gawd... I miss actual news.


dmorris said...

Heh,yep,"remember 60% of voters didn't vote for Harper".

I wonder if the same hypocrites will remember that 63% DIDN'T vote for McGuinty.

I won't hold my breath waiting.

syncrodox said...

I wonder when the calls for proportional representation will start as a vast majority of Ontarians clearly did not vote for a Mc Guinty government.

Given the outcome, shouldn't Hudak and Horvath be given the opportunity to form a coalition government?

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... 'remember 60% of voters didn't vote for Harper'."

the lunatic left lives in that fantasy orwellian world where the rules only tilt one way. proportional representation, my friends, is only to be applied to the advancement of socialism.

and compassionate, intellectual, metrosexual toronto is still pulling the levers of power for the rest of the province... as dalton pulls on theirs.

but, you know what? this is a start.

wait'll you see people's faces when that samsung deal turns out to be a billion dollar corporate giveaway with no discernable, tangible return.

i mean, if wind power is such a sure bet... why aren't we (ontario taxpayers) funding a totally homegrown industry?

fwiw... i passed by durham college on the 401 at whitby yesterday, twice... and both ways, the series of giant fans on the top of the building were sitting there totally immobile.

where's my wind-generated electricity, dalt? and if samsung doesn't deliver... do we get our billion dollars back?


Dr.Dawg said...

This is too ripe to resist.

You're right. As I said today in a post at my place, McGuinty ended up with a staggering 17% mandate from the total electorate. Hudak even less than that.

More than half the voters stayed home. Democracy is in trouble.

Why not support PR and stop accusing us of hypocrisy on that issue? Fair Vote Canada has folks from right across the spectrum on its board.

I'll live with the results of PR. Maybe that would get more people to the polls.

Neo Conservative said...

"dr dawg says... I'll live with the results of PR."

hmmm... there's a lukewarm endorsement if i ever heard one. could it be there's a downside to pr?

oh, right... greece...

"The party boss wields huge power over the choice of candidates, because he draws up the candidates' list. Worse still, the leader of a Greek political party is automatically elected even if everyone in his constituency voted against him because he places himself at the top of the candidates' list - which means that, under PR, he is first to be given a seat."

"The result of this cosy system of patronage is that the two parties which have dominated Greek politics since the country's military dictatorship collapsed in 1974 are more like family businesses than political parties."

"In reality, however, these parties are run by dynasties who connive and reach consensus. Their only concern is to stay in power. Grandfathers, fathers, sons and nephews have jostled for turns running the birthplace of democracy."

kinda run like a union, right? or that david lewis - stephen lewis dynasty thing? hells bells... the nepotism even extended to saint jacko's funeral... didn't stephen lewis's daughter-in-law get a starring role?

you politburo types kill me. reread your orwell, dawg... then tell me how fair proportional rep is.


syncrodox said...

Yeowch...dat dawg been ms. mewed

Dr.Dawg said...

That's only one form of PR.

Educate yourself about STV and MMP.

MMP mixes riding reps and list reps, but nothing says the lists need to be closed--they could be assembled by regional primaries, for example.

I prefer STV, however, which has no lists. On that point, at least, we might agree.

Neo Conservative said...

"dawg snootily snorts... That's only one form of PR. Educate yourself about STV and MMP."

calm down, dawgle-puss... not all of us could afford to attend upper canada college (like, for instance, your buddies mike ignatieff & avi lewis). oh man... if only i had a degree in something useful... like scottish poetry.

soooo... let's forget about greece... how about, uhmmm... the weimar republic... oh wait...


Dr.Dawg said...

Heh. Germany has PR now. Not sure what your point is.

Have a good weekend.

Neo Conservative said...

dawg... you actually think germany is better off than canada... economically, politically or otherwise?


ps... dawg, that wasn't you throwing in all those "heil hudaks" a few minutes ago, was it? nah... i didn't think so. just coincidental, i guess.

i swear... the things some people do to get my attention. you have that problem too?