31 January 2008

Dear Lloyd

I've gotta confess... I don't have huge expectations of CTV National News.

I think I know... in a general sort of way... where you guys lean on most issues. Tonight, however, you managed to surprise me again.

I'm talking about the story where you claimed that "some people" are calling the guy who took his diaper-clad babies out into a -50 degree storm, well... calling him "the victim" in this thing.

Now Lloyd... I've gotta tell you... I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

So, in the interest of clarity, who... besides this guy's immediate family... is saying dear ol' dad is... in any way, shape or form... the victim here?

Because it's totally beyond the pale... and I just don't believe it actually happened.


Abu Laith al-Libi gets his fondest wish...

Rest in Pieces... you freakin' sociopath...
-- DUBAI -- An al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan, described by Western intelligence officials as one of Osama bin Laden's top six lieutenants, has been killed, a mouthpiece for the organization said on Thursday.

Mr. Libi was "martyred along with a group of his brothers on the territory of Islamic Pakistan", said a statement from the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Fajr Media Centre posted on a website often used by Islamic militants.
Hey, Sammi... ya hearin' footsteps yet?
Mr. Libi appeared in a video issued in November with al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri to announce that a Libyan Islamist group had joined the organization.

Hypocrite.... H... Y...P... O...

Premier McSlippery tries, yet again, to work his "rhetorical judo" on a politically-correct and pussywhipped populace...
Ontario's Liberal government won't prevent Canada's largest school board from establishing a controversial new black-focused school – a position critics say flies in the face of the party's much-touted opposition to funding religious schools, which helped propel it to victory in the last election.
And who's gonna pay the freight on this baby?
Implementing the adopted recommendations to combat high dropout rates among black students, which includes the proposed black-focused school, is expected to cost the school board about $850,000, which McGuinty insists the province will not provide.

But he wouldn't say whether that means the province won't bail out the cash-strapped school board at the end of the year, as it has in the past.

"The point I'm making today is that we're not going to be providing any additional funding for this particular new policy," McGuinty said.

Board officials, who are projecting a $41-million deficit, have said they will find the money for the school in their $2.3-billion budget.

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To a cynical media wondering how this will miraculously solve an astounding 40% dropout rate among Toronto's black teens, Connelly could offer no compelling details of how this "bold, innovative" strategy will work -- at least not yet.

Instead, in what seems like a decidedly backwards approach to the problem, the trustees have narrowly voted to build it and then figure out if they will come -- and if it works.

"Does this mean that when a graduate from these schools enters the workforce they will seek employment in a black-only company, live in a black-only community, surround themselves with black-only friends, and absorb themselves in a black-only culture?"

Fountain of Youth

You wanna 'stay young'... get off your ass...
Researchers also report that people can start later in life — one man took up running at 62 and ran his first marathon, a year later, in 3 hours 25 minutes.

It’s a testament to how adaptable the human body is, researchers said, that people can start serious training at an older age and become highly competitive.
Speaking of which... time for a little chainsaw therapy.

Later, folks.

Introducing Darth Taser

If you're the sort of person who's been losing sleep over the ease and comfort of Taliban prisoners... perhaps you'd better skip this one...
Introducing the TASER XREP – the eXtended Range Electronic Projectile. XREP is a self-contained, wireless projectile that fires from a standard 12-gauge shotgun.

It delivers the same Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) bio-effect as our handheld TASER X26, but can be delivered to a distance of up to 100 feet, combining blunt impact with field proven TASER NMI.

30 January 2008

Wednesday CTV Moonbat moment

See, Lloyd... if that were actually true... they wouldn't be dead, would they?
-- "He really loved and cared for them." --

RELATED: CBC joins the 'peecee' party...

According to Pravda-West, the story has now... contrary to previous accounts... evolved to state that the father was so incapacitated by the cold... he couldn't speak for eight hours...
"Because of his injuries, Christopher wasn't able to speak until about eight hours later. When he did speak to investigators at around 1:30 p.m., he asked about his daughters."
That's funny... that's not how the story was initially reported...
The father of the girls was picked up by police early Tuesday morning, suffering from exposure to the extreme cold.

"He was conscious, he was awake," said RCMP Sgt. Brad Kaeding.

How low will they go?

The Globe and the Fiberals are so desperate... they try cooking up yet another manufactured crisis...
A Liberal MP says Prime Minister Stephen Harper should apologize to Greek Canadians for suggesting in the Commons Wednesday that opposition MPs are convinced of a government scandal because those involved are Greek.
You know what, Steffi?

You... and your "save the Taliban prisoner" pals... and the rest of your thin-skinned politically correct arse-lickers... might want to consider raising something more consequential than somebody's potentially hurt feelings.

Maybe if you tried bringing up some "actual issues"... more people would pay a bit of attention to you.

I can't wait for Craig Oliver to demand a Royal Commission on Racism on tonight's CTV MOONBAT report.

Good grief.



It's all a misunderstanding...
"What he said was he wanted Harper to stop insulting "GEEKS" in reference to the CPC making light of poor Steffie's ineptitude."

LAST WORD: I have three testicles!!!
"When I heard Harper's statement, I tore open my shirt and ripped the hair and gold chains off my chest. I tried to console myself by drinking Ouzo, breaking plates and yelling "Opa" in anguish."

"I tried playing a soulful tune on my bouzouki, but as everyone knows, every Greek song starts off slow but speeds up near the end, so you can't help but form and line and dance around the restaurant."

Posted by The Greek

Innocuous G and M headline...

Soft-pedals horrific, inexcusable behaviour... that has killed one baby and left another missing.
“Our belief at this point is that they probably left the house together, the girls with the father, and unfortunately they didn't make it to the neighbour's house as he did.”

Sgt. Kaeding said the body of the three-year-old girl was found, clad only in a diaper and T-shirt, between her home and a neighbour's house.
So why would a national newspaper be tiptoeing around this story?

Like real-estate... this one is all about 'location, location, location'... in this case, the Yellow Quill First Nation, east of Saskatoon.
He said there is “some concern” that alcohol use by the father may have contributed to the girls' being outside in bitter cold that felt like -50 with the wind chill factored in.


UPDATE: Second "baby" (my word) found dead

Interesting revisionism by the Globe... the original headline talked about a "missing girl"... like this was some sort of everyday "teenage runaway" thing.

Now they refer to the "second girl"... assiduously avoiding the use of the term "dead babies".

Move along folks... nothing to see here.


UPDATE2: Note... original G & M article has been replaced a number of times... is now being spun totally from father's family point-of-view.


RELATED: Toronto Sun fills in the blanks
RCMP Sgt. Brad Kaeding said a man from the community had been picked up about 5:30 a.m. suffering from frostbite and hypothermia, and was taken to hospital in nearby Kelvington.
The Globe mentions the man "asking" about his daughters... it seems the Sun has a slightly different take...
However, it wasn’t until eight hours later that the man informed police his daughters were missing.

It was so cold that humane society officials were recommending people not even allow their pets outdoors.
This one just makes me wanna put my head down and cry.

Who are these people?


LAST WORD: Surprise... there are sociopaths here too


What's flat, black & glows in the dark?

I'll give you a hint... it ain't gonna be Tel-Aviv...
"We are moving towards the summit of our nuclear path. The political issue of our nuclear programme - which was our biggest political challenge since the revolution - is about to end in favour of the Iranian nation."

"Your mighty palaces will fall through the grace of God".

Shades of Mark Steyn

This story goes a ways towards confirming a central thesis of 'America Alone'...
Other maternity units have turned expectant mothers away because they could not cope with unprecedented increases in the local birth rate.

When Labour came to power, the NHS spent around £1bn a year on maternity services, with one baby in eight delivered to a foreign-born mother.

Ten years on, spending has risen to £1.6bn, with almost one baby in four delivered to a mother born overseas.
And no one here has even started considering the societal impact... they're simply too stunned by the financial implications.
While the number of babies born to British mothers has fallen by 44,000 a year since the mid-1990s, the figure for babies born to foreign mothers has risen by 64,000 - a 77% increase which has pushed the overall birth-rate to its highest level for 26 years.
Looks like Canadians aren't the only ones dealing with an imploding health care system.


The night the lights went out...

In Toronto...
“It's not about segregation, it's about self-determination.”
Now, call me crazy... but I'm pretty sure... that's not how Martin Luther King would see it.


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"How is it that Faith-Based schools are so unthinkable that an election was lost over it, but Race-Based schools are not a problem?"

"If segregation is such a great idea, why stop at race-based schools? Perhaps we should have separate buses, water fountains, washrooms and restaurants for blacks?"

LAST WORD: The citizenry of Toronto weighs in

I guess the squeaky, politically correct wheel, really does get the baksheesh... uh... I mean grease.


29 January 2008

Apparently, you can never...

Have nearly enough lockstep socialist claptrap...
“Is Mr. Harper saying that the British, the Dutch and the Americans are imperilling their national security by releasing information about their detainees to their public,” Mr. Layton asked.

Mr. Harper replied... “I guess what it means is that Canada makes its own policies.”
Ooooh... that's gonna leave a mark.


We've heard from the crazies...

How about we give equal time to the secular Muslim Canadian Congress?
“Islamic banking is nothing more than an attempt by Islamists, with backing from Middle Eastern financial institutions and their Western partners, to scare Muslim Canadians into believing that they should pay more to the banks and demand less in return, as an act of religiosity,” said MCC president Farzana Hassan in an open letter to CMHC.

It asked the Canadian housing agency to abandon its study into the issue, which it said it is costing $100,000, and said a better approach would be a banking system that seeks to integrate Canadians.
Alrighty... this is the voice in the Muslim community... that never seems to get those big headlines.
“What we need is a better deal from the banks for all Canadians, rather than dividing us up into religious groups and pacing obstacles in the way of better integration of all Canadians,” Ms. Hassan said.

“Religion has no place in the banking or mortgage industry.”
One people... one law.


UPDATE: This is interesting...

It appears as though the politically correct lapdogs at the Globe and Mail have watered down the actual statement...
"Sharia Banking is an obscene attempt to fleece an already marginalized Muslim community while promising them the exact opposite. On the one hand Imams are warning Muslims of hellfire if they deal with the existing banking systems, and on the other the same clerics are being paid by banks to herd Muslims towards a system that is based on lies and deception."
Well, well, well...


Loopy "Lucy" and friends...

And their passion for socialist street-theatre...
All in all, it looks more like a fun afternoon's "work" for some Vancouver street urchins, with lots of booze involved. Richard Warman is the odd man out: he's not a street kid just having fun with his fellow nose-pierced left-coasters; he's a lawyer, who has found a way of turning this sort of thing into a money-making career.
This guy sure doesn't sound like any lawyer I've ever met.
Until this video, I only knew Warman as a collection of facts and figures -- as a serial complainer-of-fortune at the Canadian human rights commission, and someone who conned the Canadian Jewish Congress into supporting his "anti-racist" antics, to their deep discredit.

Now I have a much better picture of the man: a jumped-up, self-righteous student politician who is no longer a student, a political activist who can't connect with or persuade real people in the court of public opinion, a petty squabbler who hasn't yet outgrown the childish antics of leftist street theatre and pie-throwing.
Good grief.

(h/t ffof)

My own personal Chalk River

Here at the Halls we're having a bit of an infrastructure problem.

Like a lot of our neighbours, we heat with wood, but the Halls have been built so tightly, we need a constant supply of fresh air to keep the fire going... and to carry away any by-products of combustion that might escape the stove.

Unfortunately, last week... we found out about a recall on a part for our air-exchanger. After contacting the manufacturer we were told that they were sending us a replacement part, but that we had to shut down the air exchanger until it arrived. The company talked about “overheating”, but I suppose what they really meant... was that our house could burn down.

So the options here are... shutting down the unit and go without heating... which means heading for a hotel until the part arrives... or continuing to use the unit until the part arrives at the end of the week.

Now given that the unit has been operating flawlessly since it was installed in 1995... I did a little calculation.

I figure the odds of the unit bursting into flames and burning down the house... before we get our part at the end of the week... is somewhere between Stephane Dion finding his missing courage and Elizabeth May becoming Prime Minister of Canada.

So anyway... I've made an executive decision here. And unless this blog suddenly goes suddenly goes silent in the next couple of days... you'll know that it was the right choice.

That sounds so familiar.


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"She has her head up her ass."
"We nuclear engineers, we like belts and braces, and then we keep our hands in our pockets," he said, referring to the overlapping safety systems.

"She's saying that if we take our hands out of our pockets, our pants will fall down, even though we've got belts and braces."

28 January 2008

Soft on terror, abroad & at home

The next time you hear about some unfortunate wretch killed by a scum-sucking criminal... ask yourself... "Why are Steffi and the Pussycats blocking passage of the Conservative 'get tough on crime' bills?"
Federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion says he won't press the Liberal-dominated Senate to push tough new gun laws through Canada's Upper House.

Bill C-10 calls for much tougher minimum sentences for gun offences and creates two new offences -- break-and-enter to steal a firearm, and robbery to steal a firearm.
More socialist horse-pucky from the party of... "Be kind to your Taliban."


RELATED: Another armed GTA home invasion

Strangely enough, farmers, hunters and gun collectors were NOT implicated... yet again.
Police said two men armed with handguns stormed into a house in the Bayview Ave. and Elgin Mills Rd. area on Sunday at 8:25 p.m. Once inside, the invaders demanded money from the three people in the house.

They fired several shots, hitting a 21-year-old man twice in the legs. He was taken to hospital, where he was recovering yesterday, police said. The other two victims weren't injured.
So who are the shooters?
The first suspect is described as a male, possibly Middle Eastern, 25 to 28 years old, average build, 6-foot-2, with a pony tail and several tattoos on his arms. He was carrying a handgun.

The second suspect is an Asian male. He was wearing a mask and carrying a handgun, police said.

Calling all doughy old lefties...

Let there be lightweights...
The Salvation Army Gateway shelter will soon be glowing with lights using pedal power from old exercise bikes.
Sort of a hamster wheel for hippies... I love it.
The WeloBike project launches Feb. 12 at the Jarvis St. shelter and volunteers are needed to come in and pedal away for at least 30 minutes at a stretch.
Hey... how about an initiative that pays squeegie-kids to generate power for Toronto's methadone clinics while we're at it?

Kill two birds with one stone.

Oh yeah... one last little observation.

Did anybody else notice that they spent 3000 bucks for the cool bike-generators... plus the money for deep-cycle batteries, plus special lights... and bear in mind they need volunteers to travel to the shelter to do the pedalling... in hopes of lighting a single room?

Anybody have any idea how long you could power one light fixture (without, by the way, a bank of lead-acid batteries, special light fixtures and a dozen daily leftard volunteers) for 3500 smackeroos?

Just askin.


Genocide 101

When the Toronto District School Board sets up its new Afro-centric schools... will they be dancing around current events?
-- NAIROBI, Kenya -- Ethnically driven violence intensified in Kenya on Sunday, and police officials said at least 19 people, including 11 children, were burned to death in a house by a mob.
I guess I just never understood what the problem was... with the way things were set up here in Canada.

On the other hand, even Kenya... previously held up as the jewel in the African societal crown... is beginning to resemble the SAW movie franchise.
Even the Kenyan military, deployed for the first time to stop antagonists from attacking one another, has been unable to halt the wave of revenge killings.

More than 100 people have been killed in the past four days, many of them shot with arrows, burned or hacked with machetes.


RELATED: Today's 'Afro-centric values' update
Somalia Attack Kills Aid Workers

Victims include two doctors of international medical aid group Doctors Without Borders, a Somali driver and a reporter

RELATED: Thinking out of the box

While we're talking education...

"Would you like company propaganda with that?"
McDonald's has won approval to offer courses which could form part of a qualification at the standard of A-levels or advanced Diplomas.

Universities secretary John Denham said it was an important step towards ending the old divisions between company training schemes and national qualifications.
Of course... not everyone is convinced this is the way to go...
"Just last week, a report revealed that some universities have concerns over diplomas. We are unsure whether those institutions would be clamouring to accept people with McQualifications."
No kidding.


Immaculate Perception

"I made this sandwich 10 years ago. When I took a bite out of it, I saw a face looking up at me - it was Virgin Mary staring back at me. I was in total shock."
I bet.

Sorta like your family and friends... when you started yipping about a grilled cheese miracle.

Then again... maybe crazy is the new normal.
eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said the company had decided to allow the auction to continue.

"There's nothing to indicate that the seller isn't willing to give up this cheese sandwich to the highest bidder," he said.

27 January 2008

While Al Gore fiddles...

His nonsensical ditty of climactic armageddon... bio-diversity burns...
Official estimates say there are about three million Ankole cattle in Uganda and smaller populations in bordering nations. An unknown — though by all accounts large — percentage of them are in the process of being turned into something else.
And it ain't gonna take thousands of years either.
After one cross with a Holstein, the brown Ankole cow will produce a black calf with darkened horns. After two, the horns will shrink and a dappled coat will appear.

The third generation will basically look like American dairy cattle.

Apparently "Lucy" Warman's boyfriend...

Knows a thing or two about hate-speech...
"I hear Stormfront runs a whites-only dating service, however. You might want to check that out."
And while I knew Vitamin K was a ladies man... I had no idea he was also a warrior.
"I told her I was a pretty good shot, but no thanks, honey."
I'm with BCF here, Warren... don't be a tease, let's have the whole story.

And don't forget to dish about how you got to be such a "good shooter".

Over to you, babe.


Stephane Dion...

Serves up his "Unhappy Meal"... "Would you like democracy with that?"
Shoal Lake Chief Marcel Head, who is chairman of an interim executive committee for the riding association, says they just want the democratic process to be allowed.

“We're being dictated as to what we can do, who to support, who to vote for and that's not right.”

RELATED: Oh, those rascally Liberals...
They're just all about "the equality".
Except when they're not.


26 January 2008

CTV's moonbat moment of the week

The CTV Ottawa affiliate CJOH... started off their piece on supporting U.S. army deserters in Canada... "A small group of freedom fighters..."

I almost fell outta my chair.

First of all, there is no... as there was for the Vietnam War... draft in effect in the United States. This is an all volunteer army.

All these people went out of their way to qualify to enlist in the American military. Maybe they should have considered the possibility that, as soldiers, they might be sent to fight a war. To label the people who violated their oath and deserted their duty to their country as "freedom fighters" beggars belief.

It seems the CBC isn't the only Canadian media outlet that considers itself a media subsidiary of the lunatic left.



RELATED: They don't even pretend to be evenhanded
Anyway, good on Pamela Wallin for her non-partisan, classy handling of this issue. Craig Oliver must be frustrated that she didn't play the game.

C'mon... what leftwing media bias?

Check out this headline from the Canadian Press...
-- "B.C. prison locked down after inmates set fires over privacy concerns" --
Betcha you couldn't guess... in a million years... what this is actually about...
"Dave Lefebvre, a spokesman for the medium-security facility, says inmates were unhappy after last week's media reports about a woman being stopped at the gate when her toddler's stroller tested positive for cocaine."
Burn baby, burn.


The real story that got missed: "Woman attempts to smuggle cocaine into prison using her baby, family services does nothing."


The sound of silence

Tired of getting their asses kicked every time they tried fighting actual soldiers... the jihadis have fallen back on a favorite tactic... kidnapping unarmed women.
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) -- Gunmen kidnapped a burqa-clad American aid worker and her driver in southern Afghanistan's largest city early Saturday, the latest in a series of kidnappings of foreigners in the troubled country.

Cyd Mizell, who worked in Kandahar for the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, was snatched from a residential neighborhood as she was on her way to work.
That's some Religion of Peace.

Who exactly is this woman... this horrendous enemy of Islam?
A professor at Kandahar University, Mohammad Gul, said Mizell taught English at the university and gave embroidery lessons at a girl's school.

"She is a very patient and calm woman," Gul said. "She was always thinking about Afghanistan's future."

The Asian Rural Life Development Foundation runs food-for-work, irrigation rehabilitation, health care and restoration projects around Kandahar, according to the group's Web site. The group also has projects in Vietnam, China, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.
Well, of course... what right-thinking jihadi wants anything to do... with stuff like that?

Funny... I'm not hearing anything from the usually rabidly vociferous Taliban Jack. Aren't these kidnappers the very people Jacko is always saying he wants to negotiate with?

Suddenly the poster boy for the downtrodden third world can't find anything to say?

Funny how that works.


Ezra sends a love note..

To Kinsella and friends...
Kinsella and Warman are lawyers by profession, but they try to avoid real lawsuits -- better to win by the mere threat of one.

Compare their high school braggadocio towards little bloggers, with this rather meek demand letter sent to the Post in response to a column I had written about him. It was properly ignored; Warman didn't dare sue a monied defendant with real lawyers, and Kinsella chose his paycheque over speaking up for his principles.
As a lawyer himself... he knows a little about the bluster and bluff of the serial litigant.
I get defamation threats all the time, like this one, just this week from Syed Soharwardy. (Here is my reply.)

That reply is not just me being lippy; it's knowing the difference between empty, blustering, Kinsella-ish threats made as a political tactic, and a real legal problem. (I'm pleased to say that, in nearly four years of publishing, the Western Standard was never once served with a defamation lawsuit, despite receiving 50 or so Kinsella specials.

RELATED: Mike Brock on Vitamin K...
What Kinsella either does not understand, does not want to, or simply prefers to misrepresent, is that people like myself believe that hate is best confronted in a free and open society.


On the weighty matter of state-enforced censorship to prevent "hurt feelings"...
I've seen the civility issue come up before, as when I've posted something in my usual, er, robust manner.

Inevitably someone objects that I am doing XYZ cause "more harm than good" and that the "average Canadian is turned off" by mouthy/rude/outspoken/sarcastic/whatever commentary.

To date, none of these critics has accepted my challenge to send me the name, address etc of these turned off average Canadians, or the names and addresses of actual people who haven't voted GOP because 'Ann Coulter is so obnoxious'.

Yes, my Islamic brothers...

Please come in... but could you leave your machine-guns and bulldozers by the door?
-- Egypt -- "These provocations cause us concern and our Palestinian brothers should note that the Egyptian decision to host them and ease their suffering should not result in threats to the lives of our sons in the Egyptian forces," he said.
Yeah, sure... that gracious invitation.

Sorta like the German decision to host that party at Omaha Beach.



-- The sequel. --

Who says size doesn't matter?


RELATED: And the Academy Award...

For the Best Special Effects goes to...
"They had closed the curtains in the rooms to create the impression that Hamas leaders were also suffering as a result of the power stoppage," one journalist told The Jerusalem Post.

"It was obvious that the whole thing was staged."
(h/t SDA)

Mayor David Miller...

Calls on Harper government to enact total ban... on senseless murders...
Shawn Mclean, the shy, mentally challenged young man who was shot Tuesday night, passed away this evening, becoming Toronto’s fourth homicide victim of this year.
Loudly proclaiming that "murder has only one purpose"... Toronto's mayor explained that no one will be safe... until legislation prohibiting the taking of other people's lives is enacted.
The young, schizophrenic man was believed to be walking home from the North York Sheridan Mall when an unknown assailant shot him in the neck.

He was left to die on the icy sidewalk, bleeding and alone, when he was found by a passer-by on the east side of Jane St. near Chalkfarm Dr.

25 January 2008

Then I saw her face...

Now I'm a believer...
Sunny says, get off your ass.

Stop making babies unless you can provide 100% of what they need. Don’t “buy” stuff on credit that you can’t afford to pay off. Get an education (the more “disadvantaged” you are, the easier it is to find someone to pay for it).

Fido didn’t bust his hump learning how to kill rabbits just so he could take care of Spot’s fat ass and Spot’s fat-assed puppies.

Also, she has taken my sage advice and agreed to a platform espousing the flat tax. Everybody pays 10% of their gross income.

(h/t rightgirl)

No good deed...

Goes unpunished...
"Police brutality!" people began to yell. "Take some pictures!"

Some attendees rushed outside and recorded the action on video or cellphone cameras.
Of course... there are usually two sides to every story.
Police said the incident was sparked when they tried to get the man out of the intersection, where he was almost hit by a bus.

UPDATE: Thank goodness for the compassionate left
Officers ended up scuffling with a man they described as a known street-level drug dealer outside the event.

The 35-year-old man was standing in a busy intersection, screaming and ignoring demands to get off the road.

“They try and go arrest him and he punches one of our policewomen, breaks her glasses, and she gets a cut over the eye,” Vancouver police spokesman Constable Tim Fanning said Friday.

Officers were unable to subdue him but a passing transit police officer stepped in to help, using his taser to stun the man so he could be handcuffed, Fanning said.

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"Hmmm... a mental patient menacing people in public with a large knife... yes, this is clearly a case of racism."

Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me twice... shame on me...
But in 1978 - even in Copenhagen, one didn’t see these Muslim immigrants. The Danish population embraced visitors, celebrated the exotic, went out of its way to protect each of its citizens.

It was proud of its new brand of socialist liberalism - one in development since the conservatives had lost power in 1929 - a system where no worker had to struggle to survive, where one ultimately could count upon the state as in, perhaps, no other western nation at the time.
(h/t reader farmer phil)


RELATED: Egypt reacts to... Islamist threat
Egyptian security forces have begun shutting down the border with the Gaza Strip two days after it was blown open by armed Gaza militants.

What's all the fuss about?

You just have to think of them as... long-distance fireworks...
"I did not hear Mr Holmes describe the 4,100 rockets which have been launched at Israeli cities aimed at the killing of Israeli babies and children, innocents, as a humanitarian crisis," Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman told reporters.

RELATED: And, of course...
Police said the attackers entered a study hall in Kfar Etzion and stabbed three students before they were shot by security guards. The wounded students were taken to a hospital for treatment, Israeli rescue services said.

Also late Thursday, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at Israelis outside the Shuafat refugee camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem, killing a border police officer and seriously wounding a female officer, police said.
Funny how selective that media spotlight seems to be. You so seldom hear about Israeli victims.
David Baker, an official in Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office, denounced the attacks. "These terror attacks are an example of the brutality of Palestinian terror which Israel battles on a daily basis."

LAST WORD: Then there's the Twilight Zone.


24 January 2008

Another media manufactured crisis

Sorry guys, it's all pink light and no heat... what Commie Bob Rae thinks... matters less than nothing to me.


RELATED: A little trip down memory lane
The picture of Canadian special forces in this SRC (CBC) article, which was also on their homepage, was taken in the fall of 2001 when the Liberal party was in power under Jean Chretien, long before Canada had any more than a few dozen JTF-2 members in Afghanistan.

I remember because the picture was on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen back then when the debate was about the LIBERALS letting our armed forces transfer Taliban prisoners over to US forces.

You don't have to be Isaac Asimov...

To see the possible adverse consequences here...
A team of U.S. scientists is reporting that it has constructed the genome of a living organism for the first time.

Its proponents envision making micro-organisms that gobble up pollution, produce hard-to-make drugs, pump out clean energy, or, at the whimsical end, flowers designed to bloom on your birthday.
Or a bacteria that eats plastic... or human flesh.

I'm just sayin'... let's be careful out there.


Hey. Dalton...

Tell me more about how you're fixing the health care system...
Jean Keegan spent one whole day last week sitting in a city medical clinic for 40 pills.

Keegan, 88, said there were other ways she could have spent her day but without a family physician and in need of prescriptions - which help her deal with an undiagnosed pain in her right side - she had no other choice.
My personal record down at Belleville General Emergency... is seven and a half hours with a sick, fevered child.

Maybe if Health Minister Smitherman can take a few moments from his campaign championing gay organ donors... he could see about getting us a few more doctors?

Pretty please.


"Who does George Smitherman represent"?
And Crazymamma reminds OCAP boy... it ain't a socialist paradise just yet...
Do you care what car choice I make when buying? Do you have a right to care? Do you care where I spend my money for my holidays? Do you have a right to say where I can shop for groceries? Do you have a right to say who supplies my undergarments?

I have a right to shop Walmart or Victoria's Secret, why should Health care be any different?

It's none of your freaking business how I spend my money on any service that is LEGAL in CANADA.

RELATED: I'm just glad the TDSB...

Has all that surplus cash just lying around.
The Toronto District School Board is set to spend at least $820,000 to help black students succeed -- with a plan that includes setting up an Africentric alternative school.

Less than a week before a special meeting where trustees will vote on creating the controversial school, the board released a report breaking down costs of four proposals aimed at black students.
Funny, though... seems not everybody is inside the tent here...
Trustee Josh Matlow told the Sun trustees are increasingly divided on the controversial issue and the vote will be close.

He said creating a black-focused school would lead to student segregation and tabled his own proposal as an alternative to the Africentric approach.

Mark Steyn presents...

The Fog of Warren...
"The Ottawa Citizen and Southam News wish to apologize for our apology to Mark Steyn, published Oct. 22. In correcting the incorrect statements about Mr. Steyn published Oct. 15, we incorrectly published the incorrect correction. We accept and regret that our original regrets were unacceptable and we apologize to Mr. Steyn for any distress caused by our previous apology."

Wearing out their welcome

"The Palestinians left us with nothing. It's true, they are dear to us, but today, they were like locusts."
Well, guys... that's actually the least of your problems.

Try to imagine the blowback if one of those crazy Hamas shitheads launches some of their mobile missiles from Egyptian territory.

You think Israel is just gonna say, "Hey... don't worry about it... we understand."


UPDATE: Alrighty... problem solved
Now that the Palestinians are getting supplies from Egypt, Israel wants to sever ties with Gaza altogether. Israeli spokesman Arieh Mekel.

"We expect the Egyptians to solve the problem," he said.

Egypt rejects the idea. Responsibility for 1.5 million Palestinians would be an economic burden, and Egypt's government fears that open borders with the Hamas-ruled area could strengthen its own Islamic fundamentalists who oppose the pro-western regime in Cairo.


"If they thought locking themselves in the garage with the car running would help them win a gold medal, I’m sure they would do it."

"Our job, obviously, is to prevent that."

RANDY WILBER, a physiologist for the United States Olympic Committee, on athletes’ reaction to pollution in Beijing.

I've got an idea

Indentured slavery went out over a hundred years ago... how about the community ponies up and pays this guy a living wage?
Members of the GTA Sikh community are rallying to save their lead priest from being sent home to India after eight years as their main spiritual adviser.

Gurdeep Singh, 38, was refused landed immigrant status last year and community members fear he may be scooped up and sent packing by immigration officials.

He said the priest doesn't receive wages but his expenses are paid for by the temple, which has a congregation of about 10,000.
If he's so highly skilled and universally revered... what's the problem? And, by the way, who's paying his OHIP... and, more importantly... saving for his retirement?
Lawyer Mendel Green said Singh was refused landed immigrant status because his English skills were lacking and officials fear he may go on welfare.

"Immigration is treating these highly skilled priests as temporary workers," Green said yesterday. "The community must have the stability to know their leader will be here tomorrow."
Maybe this poor guy should dump Mendel Green and get himself a labour lawyer.


23 January 2008

The Price of Freedom

It has been said many times before... freedom isn't free.
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- A Canadian soldier died when a bomb exploded under his armoured vehicle Wednesday, as the military struggles to regain control of a notorious district southwest of Kandahar city.
It's important to remember that the citizens of Afghanistan are paying the price of bloody jihad as well.
A roadside bomb killed five local Afghans and injured three others on the same road on Jan. 19, the commander said. "Our men and women are doing dangerous but vital work in a country that is one of the poorest in the world."
This brave Canadian was willing to place himself in the line of fire to uphold the rights of people like those above.

He will be remembered.


"If you live or come to Ottawa, try to go to the national military cemetery in Beechwood Cemetery on Hemlock Road and St. Laurent."

UPDATE: Latest casualty identified
CEFCOM/COMFEC NR–08.006 - January 24, 2008

OTTAWA – Killed yesterday in Afghanistan was Sapper Étienne Gonthier, 21 year old, of 5th Combat Engineer Regiment based in Valcartier (Québec). He was part of a team of sappers conducting route clearance ahead of a convoy in the Panjwaiyi District.

LAST WORD: Welcome readers of Canadian Cecilia

It's always nice to be linked to... yet again... by the poster boy for the intellectual, caring left.
Remember Canadian Cecilia's message to Wanda Watkins, whose son Lane was killed in Afghanistan?

"With all due respect, Wanda, fuck you and your grief. It's not the job of the rest of Canada to continue to let its soldiers die just so you can sleep better at night."
Of course... CC has always been a real lady's man.

I should be flattered, I guess... CC has linked twice to this same post.

Because... "he wins"... he says.


BREAKING: Clinton stuns nation

"It is with a great sense of relief that I say to all of you today, 'Screw it. I'm in.'"

In a show of respect, Clinton then completed his introduction of Hillary Clinton, calling her a "wonderful wife and worthy political adversary," and warmly shook her hand as she approached the podium.

A clearly shocked Mrs. Clinton got halfway through her speech about the nation's obligation to its children before walking briskly offstage

Afghanistanly with Manley

Well... thank goodness we've cleared all that up...
"So you got that? This is a disaster for Dion, except when it’s bad news for Harper. It’s more of the same, except where it’s a call for change. There aren’t any real solutions, though it’s just what the troops have been demanding."

That Chinese economic dream...

Is starting to look like a Dickensian nightmare...
One of the main reasons for the outages is that there is not enough coal in the country. Coal-fired power plants provided about 83 percent of China's electricity output in 2007.

Chinese state media are reporting a nationwide power shortfall of 70 gigawatts, which is equivalent to the entire generating capacity of Britain.

Musharraf insists nukes are safe

Pervez... it might've been a little more reassuring... if you hadn't chose to start your speech with that tidbit...
Mr Musharraf said that he was "not concerned" about political turmoil at home following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto last month, and insisted his country was stable.

"I can assure you that nothing will happen in Pakistan," he said. "We are not a banana republic."
Uh-huh... somebody better mention that factoid to Stephane Dion.


22 January 2008

David Miller and Dalton McGuinty...

Are huge proponents of prohibiting already illegal acts... but how about we just look at keeping convicted murderers in prison?
-- Toronto -- A paroled murderer who stabbed a man during a crackhouse binge has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Kevin Humphrey, 43, was on parole from a life sentence when he stabbed Richard Kent multiple times with a folding knife and then slit his throat on Oct. 16, 2006 in a crack house near Church and Wellesley Sts.

Months before, despite three breaches of parole, he was paroled again when an expert deemed him manageable in the community.
And... Falconer report notwithstanding... I'm pretty sure more social workers ain't the right answer...
Police believe a critically injured teenager was shot and dumped from a car on a Jane St. sidewalk Tuesday night.

The young victim, who carried no identification, was on life-support at Sunnybrook Health Centre, where he was not expected to live, police said.

“He’s a young guy. We don’t know who he is or where he came from. We’re canvassing the area and need some witnesses to come forward,” says Insp. Dave Saunders.

RELATED: Check out the further wisdom...

Of the National Parole Board.
Mr. Latimer is serving a life sentence for the murder of his disabled daughter Tracy.

The parole board denied him parole in December, saying, among other things, that he showed no remorse for his actions.

“The panel that denied his parole was plainly more interested in extracting a tearful apology from Mr. Latimer than it was in performing its proper function.”

Surprise, surprise, surprise

Shawn Brant is back in the news...
A 16-year-old legal battle involving a well-known native dissident, a small parcel of land and the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte landed in Belleville's Superior Court of Justice Monday.

Three weeks has been set aside to hear a complex $750,000 civil lawsuit brought against Shawn Michael Brant, his father Ronald Leslie Brant and Andrew Clifford (Cliff) Miracle by the Tyendinaga Mohawk Council over the ownership of territory land along the north side of Old Highway 2.
And guess what... it involves wily white man taxpayer bucks as well.
At the same time, he said, the father-and-son team secured a $250,000 loan from Ohwistha Capital Corp. in addition to borrowing a further $180,000 from Industry Canada.
Not too surprisingly... the law of the land very quickly got tossed out the window.
"In the fall of 1992 you have a situation where a $200,000 building has been put on land where there is no signed agreement and no one has paid anything (for the land)," he said.

"And that's when the litigation starts."
Read it all.


Hey, Jacko

Are these the kind of people you're gonna negotiate with?

And guess what... these are ostensibly the good guys...
-- KABUL -- An Afghan court on Tuesday sentenced a 23-year-old journalism student to death for distributing a paper he printed off the Internet that three judges said violated the tenets of Islam, an official said.

The three-judge panel sentenced Sayad Parwez Kambaksh to death for distributing a paper that humiliated Islam, said Fazel Wahab, the chief judge in the northern province of Balkh, where the trial took place. Judge Wahab did not preside over the trial.
Obviously, free speech doesn't get along all that well with Islam.

That sounds so familiar.


It's not just about us...

They cry... "It's about putting bandaids on the booboos of all Canadians..."
Although this blow-back heat comes as the direct result of our specific complaints, such attacks on the very principles of the provincial and federal Commissions to whom we submitted our case threatens the interests of us all.
Thanks anyway, guys... I'm good with that whole "free speech in an actual democracy" thing.


RELATED: Funny... no free speech over here either

Curious how Toronto's various "communities" suddenly go deaf and dumb when the situation involves anything more than "hurt feelings".
As Hou Chang Mao's grief-stricken son and daughter struggle to understand their father's senseless slaying, homicide detectives are struggling to deal with a community that has so far been unwilling to provide clues in the hunt for the shooters.

A poorly attended community meeting at St. Anne's Church -- just steps from where Mao was killed Thursday on Gerrard St. E. -- left 55 Division Insp. Peter Yuen feeling "utter disgust."

21 January 2008

The caring, compassionate...

Religion of Blown to Pieces...
The bomber walked into a funeral tent for a local tribal leader and blew himself up among mourners, who included Salahuddin provincial government officials and members of a local U.S.-backed anti-al Qaeda Awakening Council.

"There was a big explosion. The tent was filled with the body parts of mourners. No one can be identified," said one survivor, Ahmed Abdullah, a Salahuddin government official.
Yessiree, the good ol' funeral bomb.

When you care enough to send the very best.


RELATED: Speaking of incomprehensible violence
-- TEHRAN (IRNA) -- An Iranian parliamentarian on Monday warned the Dutch government over possible screening of an anti-Islam film.

Alaeddin Borujerdi, the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Chairman, told IRNA that if the film is screened in the Netherlands, it will trigger extensive repercussions from Muslims throughout the globe.

That Northern Nookie...

Really is a walk on the wild side...
New research suggests that the rate of some sexually transmitted diseases is increasing much faster in the Arctic than in southern Canada.

The paper says rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia infection are about eight times higher in the three territories than the provinces.

A McSlippery slope

From the people who brought you, -- "I won't cut your taxes... but I won't raise them either." --
The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario study, authored by Trent University professor Harry Kitchen, recommends the 400 series highways, the Queen Elizabeth Way, the Don Valley Parkway, the Gardiner Expressway and both the Red Hill Creek and Lincoln Alexander Parkways should have tolls applied.
Never happen... you say.

Oh yeah?
The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario is scheduled to meet with Transportation Minister Jim Bradley on Wednesday to discuss the issue.
Bend over Ontario... the Taxman cometh.


The Interview: Ezra Levant

You won't wanna miss this one... tonight at 8 EST on TVO...
Free speech or hate speech: former Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant on his fight with the Alberta Human Rights Commission over the magazine's publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.
You can warm up with these.


LAST WORD: Look who just woke up...

After the international MSM picked it up... the Globe and Mail couldn't continue to plead ignorance.
It was so banal, so routine. When she walked in, she seemed happy. With a smile, she reached out her hand to shake mine. I refused — to me, nothing could have been more incongruous.

Would I warmly greet a police officer who arrested me as a suspect in a crime? Then why should I do so for a thought crime?

This was not normal; I would not normalize it with the pleasantries of polite society.

What the @#*%*!!!

Good sweet [fill in your deity here]... the inmates ARE running the asylum...
Barb Hill, director of policy development for the John Howard Society, said maintaining special diets during incarceration is critical.

“We’re a multicultural society. Just like there are lots of people on the outside who come from different religious and ethnic groups, the same happens in prison and we have to respect their religions,” she said.

“I know how important it is for people to maintain their religious diets.”
Just one small question here Barb... if these guys are so freakin' religious... how in gawd's name... DID THEY END UP IN PRISON?

(h/t ffof)


I thought we had solved this problem over 200 years ago. It was called, "Bread & Water".

See, what I don't get is...

Dalton McSlippery hasn't had too much trouble finding 100 million dollars to appease the homegrown terrorists holding Caledonia hostage... but he can't deal with a healthcare system that appears to be imploding...
The Ontario government rejected a proposal to fund two neurotrauma beds at a Toronto hospital, as droves of critically ill patients with brain hemorrhages were being sent to the United States for emergency medical care.

Emergency room physicians have described harrowing scenes, where patients with hemorrhagic strokes and other types of cerebral hemorrhages have languished for up to eight hours, as health-care workers begin the search to locate care.
Now, I'm no economist... but I'm pretty sure shipping patients... and, just as importantly... critical care personnel... to the United States isn't saving any money either...
Tom Chan, medical director and chief of emergency at the Scarborough Hospital, said none of these patients have known brain problems and then find themselves in emergency. Sometimes, the only solution is to be rushed by air or land ambulance to the United States.

"As soon as you hear that, patients freak because it's a ways away, but then your staff freaks because I'm going to be sending my staff with the patient," Dr. Chan said. "Then all of a sudden, it's an issue. Maybe they won't get to the border, maybe they won't be able to get their patient to the border. ... It's anxiety all around."
It's time to stop the fiberal madness.


In Africa, one man's ethnic cleansing...

Is the next guy's re-election platform...
The Sudanese authorities have given a senior government position to a man accused of co-ordinating the Janjaweed Arab militia in Darfur.

The Janjaweed has been accused of trying to 'cleanse' Darfur of black Africans.

His appointment as a ministerial adviser will be seen as another set-back in the faltering peace process in Darfur, and is likely to increase rebel suspicions about the motivations of the authorities in Khartoum.
But where is the sainted United Nations... you might ask.

Oh, they're much too busy chasing other villains.


RELATED: It ain't just the Sudan

Remember Kenya... widely celebrated as "an African success story and land of tolerance"?
He explained how the elders blessed the young men, who then split into teams of 50 to hunt down Kikuyus with bows and arrows. He did not feel bad about shooting them, he said.

“We attack people, we burn their homes and then we take their animals,” Mr. Kibet said matter-of-factly.

A sneak peek

Let the speculation begin.
-- OTTAWA -- John Manley's report on Canada's future role in Afghanistan will likely recommend that troops stay in Afghanistan until 2011 while also criticizing the federal government agency responsible for delivering aid to the war-torn nation, CTV News reported last night.

The widely anticipated report from the former Liberal foreign affairs minister is also expected to criticize NATO for not taking on its share of the burden and will say that Canada's role should be reconfigured from counterinsurgency to training the Afghan police.

20 January 2008

Whatever happened to actual news?

I'm just so tired of this mindless moonbat propaganda...
"It is the same in Canada. The MSM quickly, but with a pious face, announces the death of every Canadian soldier."

"However, when Canadian soldiers were in Bosnia, the MSM was silent about any casualties... I guess because it was ok for soldiers wearing blue helmets to get hurt in the name of the UN because they were not shooting their guns, but not once they put on a green helmet."

Posted by: Brian at January 20, 2008 3:42 PM

Apparently Field Marshall Dion...

Has decided... instead of invading Pakistan... he's gonna go with Plan B...
-- KITCHENER, Ont. -- Federal Liberal caucus chairman Anthony Rota says "we haven't picked a time to overthrow the government," but the official Opposition is ready for an election campaign, if and when the time is right to defeat the minority Conservatives after Parliament resumes next week.

I'm guessin' more like underlick.

(h/t reader Maureen)

The Pals start lobbin' missiles...

At the U.N. building... maybe these guys will feel a little differently...
The United Nations condemned the Israeli measures, saying they are leading to a humanitarian crisis among Gaza's 1.5 million residents.
Hey, guess what, Mohammed? You don't get to change the rules of the game... after you deal the cards.
Israel says it will ease the closure when the rocket attacks stop. But Hamas is defiant. It issued a statement saying that Israeli sanctions would not weaken "the determination and steadfastness" of the Palestinian people."
Isn't it nice that Hamas has all these civilian lives to ante up?

That's some Religion of peace.


I'm a little late to the party, here...

But, wow... I mean... holy freakin' pissin' away my tax dollars while conducting an inquisition...
"Guess that's what happens with a Drama queen foolishly takes on an accused anti-semitic computer techie, eh -- don't tug on "Ubermensch's" cape next time, Richie boy."
I'm gonna go out on a limb here... and guess they don't teach this particular tactic at most law schools.


UPDATE: Kathy Shaidle backs 'er off a bit


RELATED: One gal's devious Drama Queen...

Is apparently another man's knight in shining armour...
Toronto lawyer Warren Kinsella, whose 1994 book, Web of Hate, enraged the radical right, calls Mr. Warman "extraordinarily courageous.

Most people do not understand that when you speak up against terrorists -- in this case, far-right terrorists -- they do not thereafter engage you in scholarly debate. Sometimes, they want to kill you. Warman knows that, but he keeps going."

That makes him, in Mr. Kinsella's estimation, "one of the bravest people in Canada."
Uh, Warren... maybe you need to get out more.


LAST WORD: Ezra lays it out
The commissions are set up to attract complaints from people who don't like free debates, who don't like the rigors of a real court, or who simply see a punitive government process in which they'd like to entangle their enemies.

Is it any surprise that such a system appeals to foreign-born radical jihadis like Mohamed Elmasry and Syed Soharwardy, and domestic litigators of fortune like Richard Warman?