13 October 2011

Planet Chaz

Hey, Peace Moonbeam, I'm no tyrant... you wanna turn yourself into a vague approximation of a member of the opposite sex... knock yourself out.

Heck, why stop there? The stars are, well... Krypton, to be precise... the limit.

more lithium pleaseJust don't expect me to pay for it...
more lithium right nowHey, Dalton... are you listening?



"Kind of a swap meet page for organ donors? Could call it Switch-Gear or some such."

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Project Empowerment runs its job skills training courses on three-week cycles and helps roughly 1,000 D.C. residents per year, according to Jones. The city's first transgender-only class enrolled in mid-September and graduated 17 people last Friday.

The program is run through Project Empowerment, an $11 million-a-year program paid for with D.C. tax dollars that helps hard-to-employ city residents such as ex-convicts and ex-addicts find work.


Rural and Right said...

I am sure that Curious George (Smitherman) is listening ... and loving it.

Neo Conservative said...

i just wanna know what cher... no stranger to plastic surgery herself... truly thinks of her little girl morphing into, well... whatever (no penis yet, right?) chastity/chaz now is.

no politically correct bullshit... just the straight mom truth.

i've always thought the biggest fear a man might have for his daughter (i have the one child, a boy) is that she ends up on the stripper pole.

where does this "procedure" figure into that equation?


Anonymous said...

Gee don't you just love the angst of it all?
Life would be perfect if only I was a man / woman / rocket scientist / whatever.
Of course I want y'all to pay for my "procedure".
I am spit ballin' here but how about a web-page where "inneyes" could trade parts judged superfluous with "outeys".
Kind of a swap meet page for organ donors?
Could call it Switch-Gear or some such.
Could be a Country Song "I is what I is but I ain't what I used ta be"
John 11:35
Cheers Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

"bubba says... Could be a Country Song"

i can hear it now... "i wish i had an oscar-meyer wiener..."


Al the Fish said...

Better name for the new reality show: Swap Meat!

(I hereby declare myself new champion of the internet!)