05 October 2011

There's gotta be a really profound lesson...

...in there somewhere... right?

-- OTTAWA -- The city has paid out more than $330,000 in contribution rebates for last fall’s election campaign, according to the city clerk’s office, and expects to write cheques worth about another $27,000 in the months to come.
Lemme see... yet another tax on people who choose not to have a fiscal relationship with political parties? We're actually bribing people (with their own money, no less) to make political contributions?

I don't get it.
In an effort to encourage residents to get politically involved, the city offers partial refunds on contributions to local election campaigns — up to $187.50 on a contribution of $300.
I guess it's no worse than, say... Premier McSlippery using resident's money to buy shiny new syringes & crackpipes, eh?

Anyway, Ottawa... just something else to think about while you're writing out that beefy municipal tax cheque.