30 November 2009

From the people who brought you...

...lead-painted baby toys...
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tested 41 problematic homes and compared them to 10 healthy ones built around the same time and in the same neighborhoods.

"We have found a strong association between problematic drywall which contains high degrees of sulfur, and the corrosion and health symptoms that people are reporting."
Hey, this is Canada... nothin' to do with us, right?
China is Canada's second largest trading partner after the United States. Two-way trade between the two countries totalled $53.1 billion in 2008.
Do yourself a favour... start reading the labels on all of your foodstuffs... and medicines.
The next time you reach for a vitamin C tablet, you may want to rethink it. According to recent industry reports, 90% of all vitamin C sold in the U.S. is manufactured in China.

China also produces half of all aspirin, 70% of penicillin, 35% of acetaminophen (most commonly known as Tylenol), and the majority of vitamins A, C, E, and B-12.

Worse, former chief of the Chinese Food and Drug Administration, Zheng Xiaoyu, was recently sentenced to death after being convicted of accepting bribes equivalent to nearly $1,000,000 in exchange for allowing the release of unsafe drugs.

Stand by for another U.N. resolution

No wonder these guys just laugh at us...
Pirates currently are holding 11 ships and 264 hostages, according to the EU's taskforce.
Let's face it, folks... this is simple economics.

In fact, I'll go further... it's a form of hyper-capitalism, in that, there are huge profits to be made for those who are willing to risk their, well... capital.

You wanna cool down the market here... you have to have the resources (no problem there) and the political will (oh-oh).
Think El-Al... it's that simple.


A few other...

...not scientifically or statistically provable facts about pot...

4. It's made British Columbia and its underground economy far too viable; without it (and Chinese real estate speculation), the province would be just another geographic catch-basin for the country's cranks, flakes and dimwits - like California without either Hollywood or Silicon Valley.


Mr. Colvin claims that for 18 months, he tried to get Ottawa's attention on the subject of torture and that his pleas fell upon deaf ears. The evidence, much of it from the two occasions he has presented it publicly, suggests his memory is flawed.

As he is revealed, by his own words, Mr. Colvin discovered the abuse story shortly after or as this newspaper did, and then spun himself into a hyperbolic fury over it.
In a rather pathetic, self-pitying update... Kady & Company whine... "Mom always liked you best."


Help me out here, Peace Moonbeam

You let this animal outta the cage... what exactly did you think was gonna happen?
His criminal history includes at least five felony convictions in Arkansas and at least eight felony charges in Washington. The record also stands out for the number of times he has been released from custody despite questions about the danger he posed.

Clemmons had been in jail in Pierce County for the past several months on a pending charge of second-degree rape of a child.

He was released from custody just six days ago, even though was staring at seven additional felony charges in Washington state.

-- SEATTLE (AP) -- A sheriff’s spokesman in Washington state says Seattle police have fatally shot the man suspected of gunning down four police officers.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer says Maurice Clemmons was shot and killed early Tuesday in a Seattle neighborhood.

RELATED: What part of "terrorist"...

..is this guy not getting?
"The Ministers rely on CSIS' position that once a terrorist always a terrorist," Mr. Justice Edmond Blanchard wrote in decision released today.

But the Federal Court judge ruled instead that terrorism suspects can change over time and that lengthy incarcerations do minimize the threat they pose.

Nah... I'll pass

Does anybody else remember when the system reported actual NEWS?

Apparently some guy whose sole contribution to humanity... is that he made hundreds of millions of dollars playing, get this... golf... is trying to cover up what he does when he isn't clubbing balls around the great outdoors.

Sorry... just not interested.


RELATED: Herding the sheeple
That belief is held most strongly in Quebec and less so in the Prairies, a survey conducted by Harris-Decima on behalf of the Munk Debates has found.

LAST WORD: Climategate? Never heard of it
The now non-secret data prove what many of us had only strongly suspected — that most of the evidence of global warming was simply made up. That is, not only are the global warming computer models unreliable, the experimental data upon which these models are built are also unreliable.

It is an act of treason against science. It is also an act of treason against humanity, since it has been used to justify an attempt to destroy the world economy.

29 November 2009

Not so neutral after all

Swiss voters have approved a right-wing-backed proposal to ban construction of new minarets by 57 per cent, a surprise result that could damage Switzerland's economic ties with Muslim states.

“We just want to stop further Islamization in Switzerland, I mean political Islam. People may practice their religion, that is no problem.”

“We want to stop the further developments – minarets, (the call to prayer), Sharia law.”

Beria? Beria who?

Hey... you're a little hazy on that whole fraudulent climate data scandal thingee... don't sweat it... Saint Google will steer you right.


RELATED: Finally... a week later

The MSM reluctantly discovers "Climategate"...
The e-mails, between top climate change scientists, appear to reveal top scientists were suppressing information that contradicted the widely held theory, backed up by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, that climate change is man-made.

The e-mails also appear to reveal a pattern of preventing climate change dissenters from publishing their work in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.

UPDATE: Momentum beginning to build
Penn State University has announced that it has begun an investigation of the work of Michael Mann, the director of its Earth System Science Center, following revelations contained in the Climategate documents that have emerged from East Anglia University in the UK.

28 November 2009

Christmas. Who needs it?

Not Best Buy, that’s for sure.

After all, Best Buy is loathe to use that hateful word in its advertising. It’s so “religious” and tinged with racism, America, and tradition.

It makes Best Buy shudder to think of using that foul word, Christmas.

But, advertising for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha? Heck, why not? What could be more welcoming and tolerant?
(via sda)


Our changing world

Have grievance... will travel...
Russia's federal security chief earlier said that an explosive device equivalent to 7 kg of TNT caused Friday evening's deadly derailment. Traces of explosives have been found at the scene and prosecutors have opened a criminal case on charges of terrorism.

Russia's health minister said that the death toll from the attack remained unchanged. 18 people are still missing almost 24 hours after the train went off the rails near the town of Bologoye in the Tver Region, approximately halfway between the capital and St. Petersburg. 96 people were injured.
Only a matter of time Canada.


RELATED: But that'd never happen here, right?

Yeah, Peace Moonbeam... you keep on telling yourself that.
Some Scarborough Buddhists are accusing the outlawed Tamil Tigers of setting their temple on fire for a second time, sending three monks fleeing to safety.

Toronto Police were scouring the Maha Vihara Buddhist Meditation Centre, a Sri Lankan temple on Kingston Rd. near Military Trail, yesterday for clues left by arsonists.

27 November 2009

Hey Toronto... maybe if you ask nicely...

...David Miller will pay for your cable service too...
Who's watching the tube at Toronto City Hall and other city buildings?

Just about anyone, it would seem. And an audit report estimates that Toronto could save more than $150,000 a year on its cable bill.
RELATED: Meanwhile, out on the streets
Toronto police are investigating after another bus in the city's west end was struck with bullets.

It was the second night in a row a west-end bus was sprayed with bullets.
I wonder if "his blondeness" was watching the news.


LAST WORD: Number One with a...

...well, you know...
Three suspects are on the lam after a shooting in the city's west end this afternoon.

A 44-year-old man was in an 11th floor apartment at 710 Trethewey Dr., near Jane St. and Lawrence Ave. W., when three suspects entered and left him with a non life-threatening gunshot wound to the arm just before 5 p.m., Toronto Police Staff-Sgt. John Matthews said.

The shooting happened about a minute drive away from the scene of a drive-by shooting last night, where about 10 rounds were fired into cars, a passing TTC bus and a nearby apartment.

Unfortunately for the United Nations...

....Cranky Toddler Nation has their number...
"The great nation of Iran will never bow to pressure and intimidation vis-a-vis its inalienable right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy,"
Hmmm... maybe, "Stop, or we'll admonish you again,"... just isn't gonna do it.


UPDATE: Ok, Barry... now you say it


From the people who brought you...

...the "Glasgow Handshake"...
A controversial Scottish brewery has launched what it described as the world's strongest beer - with a 32% alcohol content.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin has been unveiled by BrewDog of Fraserburgh.

BrewDog was previously branded irresponsible for an 18.2% beer called Tokyo, which it then followed with a low alcohol beer called Nanny State
And don't say you weren't warned...
"This is an extremely strong beer; it should be enjoyed in small servings and with an air of aristocratic nonchalance. In exactly the same manner that you would enjoy a fine whisky, a Frank Zappa album or a visit from a friendly yet anxious ghost."

"I suppose it's a nice effort but according to ratebeer.com it's only third on the list."

Canada shows the way

Not sure what everybody else expects here, but I'm guessing you're not gonna turn a couple thousand years of violent, near stone-age theocracy into full-fledged democracy overnight...
-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- An Afghan-Canadian academic who returned to Afghanistan to serve as governor of the volatile Kandahar province narrowly escaped an assassination attempt Friday.
But, sometimes... you do what you can... despite great personal risk.
Tooryalai Wesa, who lived in Coquitlam, B.C., before he was appointed to the post late last year, was on his way to a mosque for prayers marking the Muslim holiday of Eid.

He swept to power in the span of a few days after his childhood friend, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, summoned him from his home in British Columbia to Kabul to offer him the job.

Wesa was born and raised in Kandahar, but fled Afghanistan in 1991.

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Turning back the clock... to the 15th century.

Yeah, let's give these guys nuclear weapons.


A Tale of Two, Cities, er... Provinces, er...

...totally separate countries...
The first video (the fourth video on this external website) shows Caledonia resident Randy Fleming walking down the side of Argyll Street South last Victoria Day -- May 24, 2009 -- with a Canadian flag tied to a stick slung over his left shoulder.

He saunters on to the edge of the occupied site, at which point he is grabbed by a black-clad OPP officer, escorted a few metres off the site, and is then pounced on by several other officers. An officer is seen taking the flag from Mr. Fleming, quickly rolling it up and handing it to another officer, who rushes away with it.
Hang on a second... the cops jumped a guy... for carrying the Canadian flag?

I guess there's some sort of reasonable explanation here? You know... maybe they were just cracking down on any and all provocative displays? Cooling off the whole situation, lock, stock and barrel?

Apparently not.
In the second video (the first video on this external website), taped on July 15, 2009, native protesters carrying Warrior Society flags and Six Nations flags walked down the middle of the street, followed by a number of pickup trucks, some draped with Warriors flags and signs.

The native march had an OPP escort -- with a cruiser, its lights flashing, slowly driving behind the marchers. As the last of the marchers enters the occupied site, an officer is seen talking with them and gives a wave as he gets into his cruiser to leave.
Oh, no Canada.


26 November 2009

Mayor Miller's office withholding info...

...on which Toronto area gun club, shooter belonged to...
Toronto police have issued an arrest warrant for a man wanted for first-degree murder. Kevin Phouthonesy was shot dead while sitting in his parked SUV with his girlfriend in front of a townhouse complex on Sentinel Road on Nov. 3.

On Thursday police released the name and photo of a suspect wanted in connection with the case. Robert Owen Cave, 20, is wanted for first-degree murder.

UPDATE: The Rocket gets Redder
A 25-year-old male was shot in the left shoulder last night as he rode a TTC bus in the north end of the city.

The bus was traveling westbound on Sheppard Ave. near Jane St. when someone shot at the bus around 9:15 p.m., police said.

It's all relative, isn't it?

I mean, compared to the CBC, or Lloyd & Lisa... these guys are gonna be the McNeil-Lehrer of the jihadi-sphere...
The CRTC approved a request to carry Qatar-based network Al Jazeera English via satellite, in a decision released Thursday, noting that “AJE will expand the diversity of editorial points of view in the Canadian broadcasting system.”
Heck... no biggie... here's a timely story they can lead off with.

Meanwhile, if you wanna do something useful... wander over here.


UPDATE: Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

Just watched Bobo Fife & CTV's spokesman for the undead, Count Lloyd... bantering back & forth about our "diabolical" Prime Minister.

I'm afraid Al Jazeera's gonna just have to stand in line.


25 November 2009

Another Ig-noble attempt...

...to stir up scandal... bites the dust...
Retired general Rick Hiller, who as former Chief of the Defence Staff was Canada’s top soldier, told a Parliamentary committee that diplomat Richard Colvin’s warnings in 2006 contained nothing to “warrant the intervention” of himself or other top military brass.

He ridiculed Mr. Colvin's allegation that all detainees handed over to Afghans were likely tortured. "How ludicrous a statement is that?"

RELATED: Setting the record straight
Hillier also slammed Colvin's claim that many of the detainees who had been arrested were innocent people, saying "nothing could be further from the truth."

"We detained, under violent actions, people trying to kill our sons and daughters, who had in some cases done that, been successful at it, and were continuing to do it."
Okay Iggy... who's on deck?


"I just saw the defense 'critic' Ujjal Dosanjh read a statement to Rick Hillier to which Hillier tersely replied, 'Is there a question in there somewhere?'"


LAST WORD: Media Moonbattery richly rewarded
Anybody else see Bob Fife lose his erection on CTV National News tonight after the Hillier testimony?


Your money... his friends

"Convivial gatherings, such as the Scotch tasting, which bring together members from all parties, have proved to be quite helpful in softening members' attitudes towards one another," said Milliken.

"And it has been quite gratifying to see partisanship set aside and friendships begin, whatever else may occur in the chamber. This can only be a benefit to their working relationship."
So... this "taxpayer-funded frat party" is actually an invaluable team-building exercise? Seriously?
Milliken hosted the blind taste test Tuesday evening, the bill coming out of his $170,000 annual hospitality budget.
Well, Petey... it's a tough life... but I guess somebody's gotta do it, huh?


Maybe basing your defense...

...on an episode of CSI Miami wasn't such a master stroke after all...
Christopher Little has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Julie Crocker and Paula Menendez.

Superior Court Justice Michelle Fuerst said lawyer John Rosen did everything he could in Little's defence. Rosen tried to convince the jury that Menendez could have killed Crocker and then hanged herself in the garage of the home Little and Crocker lived in when they married.

While we're going on about "torture",,,

...and, you know, "rule of law"...
But the OPP, it was clear, would not enter the occupied land, would not make arrests as they would in the usual course, and had actually "negotiated" with the natives that the lone cruiser which was posted by the DCE entrance was not allowed to respond to calls from residents like Mr. Brown, and that only a "roving" squad car could do that.

The roving squad car, of course, roved only around the edges of DCE, never entering it, either in pursuit of suspects or to make arrests.

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24 November 2009

Yesssirree... it's that evil Optimus Harper

Enter the "Transformers" inspired world of Jane Taber..."Oh my gawd, here it comes... everybody down and cover!!!"
"Once again if the NDP and the other opposition parties are at all serious about getting to the truth, they will actually hear from those who want to testify before the parliamentary committee," Mr. Harper said. "There are a number. Let them be heard."

"What is the opposition afraid of, other than the truth?"
Why can't that "blasty" Harper guy be more like gentle, thoughtful Michael?
Michael Ignatieff is crisscrossing the country early next year in hopes of “reaching out to Canadians...”
Journalism by Janie... clearing up all those confusing, grey areas.


This is the end

Call me crazy... but the fuzzy-bunny "Red Star" starts crappin' on your pseudo-socialist pipe dream... truly... it's all over...
Mr. Donolo, I hope you're not wearing a hat because I am about to blow your mind. Six words: A reality show about the Liberals! I'm no political expert. But in my previous life as a television critic, I reviewed hundreds of unscripted programs and I can tell you this: None of them were as morbidly compelling as your party is right now.

Combing the betrayal of Survivor, the desperation of The Amazing Race and the dysfunction of The Osbournes, Candid Liberals (working title) could run for years and make both of us very rich.

Each week, cameras take viewers (read: voters) into the Official Opposition.

Where is Bob Rae going with that fake moustache and Fodor's guide to Sri Lanka? Why does Marc Garneau spend hours gazing into the sky?

Who hacked into Janine Krieber's Facebook account and updated her status with, "I wish my husband was just like Michael Ignatieff! He is the best!"?
Hey, Janine... be careful what you wish for.

(h/t reader rich)


"The Liberals already have a show on television, although it is more a fantasy program that a reality show. It's called the CBC."

POSTSCRIPT: Another Inconvenient Truth
"Anybody know where Iggy & Company stand... on non-Canadian inflicted atrocities?"


Hmmm... Olympics... glitz, glamour...

...uh, homicide, hungry kids... teenage crack-whores...

C'mon now... don't rush me.

The real takeaway here is... we're talkin' about La-La Land, the spiritual home of Canada's compassionate, intellectual Liberal tradition... and once again... they're Number One!

So the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association must be all over this homegrown travesty, right?

Well... not exactly.



Alien invasion... Torontonians in shock...
"This is way better than watching squirrels," said Brittany Rosenbloom, a researcher at the Hospital for Sick Children. "It is pretty cool."

"I have tons of work to do but this is more fun," said office worker Sobia Khan.

UPDATE: Brutal species-ist cops end animal odyssey...

...Liberals demand charges and immediate public enquiry...
Before the morning's entertainment came to a dramatic end, OCAD student Amanda Seebeck, originally from Montreal, said: "Tellement mignon. She's so cute. I want to hug her."

No way, no way, no way...

...screeches Opposition parties... too many facts may spoil the nasty, blood-soaked narrative...
A high-ranking Canadian diplomat is jetting back from a Beijing posting to defend his record against allegations that Canada transferred prisoners to certain torture in Afghanistan – but opposition parties may not let him testify.

David Mulroney, currently Canada's ambassador to China, served as the government's point man and chief fixer on Afghanistan until May.

He was singled out by Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin during explosive testimony last week as one of the senior officials who tried to contain and suppress his warnings about the torture of Afghan detainees in 2006 and early 2007.
Funny how that works, huh?


RELATED: The pot is starting to boil
-- OTTAWA -- Canada’s former top soldier will be in the hot seat Wednesday as a parliamentary committee tries to get to the bottom of allegations Canada was complicit in the rape and torture of Afghan detainees.

Retired Gen. Rick Hillier and retired Lt.-Gen. Michel Gauthier will be grilled by MPs trying to find out what military brass and government officials knew, and when.
This should be interesting.


Not sure I understand how this works...

...but apparently, in Liberal Land... "ya dance wit' the one what backstabbed ya"...
"I just spoke to Stephane," Ignatieff said Monday. "Stephane is a colleague and friend and has given me absolutely magnificent support throughout my leadership."

Francesco Miele, a spokesman for Dion, said the former leader won't be commenting on his wife's tirade other than to stress that "he's always been loyal to his leaders and his party and he'll always be."


Liberal "colleagues & friends" apparently take precedence over, well... everything else.

You "bus-under" your wife... to protect the guy who planted a 14 inch bowie knife in between your political shoulder blades? And then, incredibly... you use the word "loyalty"?

I got nuthin'.


23 November 2009

Taking the pulse of...

...modern-day Canuckistan...
Let’s start by saying there’s never been a better time to be a Canadian mink, or a seal, or a lab rat. Canadians today are more likely to moralize about the treatment of animals than about the lives of our fellow humans.

Just 22 per cent oppose euthanasia, but 41 per cent condemn medical testing on animals, the survey found. Abortion is considered morally wrong by 22 per cent of Canadians, fewer than the 31 per cent who have moral qualms about wearing fur.

But while four in 10 oppose animal testing, only 17 per cent take issue with researchers using human embryonic stem cells.

As for capital punishment, 53 per cent of Canadians consider it “morally acceptable,” a jump of six percentage points since Reid last asked the question in 2007.

RELATED: The Church of St Algore...

...will it weather the truth storm?


If only there was a law

Citizens of Quebec rise up en masse... demand "Explosive Liquids Registry"...
-- MONTREAL -- Two more Italian cafes have been firebombed in Montreal, bringing the number of attacks in recent weeks to seven.

Police say a Mafia turf war, an offensive by street gangs, or copycat arsonists could be behind the firebombings.

Police have few clues - because the establishment owners aren't talking.

UPDATE: And two more today...
Local crime experts have suggested mob factions may be quarrelling, while others have said the murder of a prominent drug trafficker last winter has left a power vacuum.

RELATED: Oh, don't you worry...

...they'll be back.


KARMA UPDATE: Violent thug meets destiny
Toronto's 54th homicide victim has been identified as someone who had belonged to the notorious Malvern Crew street gang.

Alton Reid, 35, had been attending a birthday party at the Atlanta banquet hall on 1240 Ellesmere Rd. in Scarborough on the weekend when someone walked in and started shooting sometime after 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Four people were found wounded at the scene, and Reid showed up later at hospital.

LAST WORD: Vancouver drug thug identified...

...as latest Hogtown homicide victim...
A man shot to death outside an upscale Toronto condo on the weekend is believed to be an accused drug trafficker from Vancouver targeted by his killer or killers.

“He's organized crime, he came to Toronto from Vancouver, where he lives, for a specific purpose, and he was targeted,” a Toronto police source said of Shane Kelter, 32.

U.S. authorities said last fall that Mr. Kelter worked for Jason Ming Wei, a Canadian operating out of Temple City, Calif. Two Toronto men were also charged in the sweep and accused of helping transport Mr. Wei's drugs.

Media reports from last fall say Mr. Kelter was linked with a gang called the Independent Soldiers.

Stephane "whipper"... also dipper flipper?

I'm trying to imagine the flop-sweat puddling on Peter Donolos' desk this morning...
"Perusing reports of Janine Krieber’s anti-Ignatieff missile, er missive, this morning, I notice a discrepancy in the English- and French-language coverage."

"In La Presse, we read that Stéphane Dion’s wife may be thinking about joining the NDP — a point that Chantal Hébert also makes on her L'actualité blog."

"In English, there’s no mention of what would be a rather startling development should it come to pass."

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For the Conservatives...

...this one was about principles... but what the hell were the fiberals & dippers thinking?
Everyone expected a squeaker. But thanks to 18 Liberals and New Democrats, the bill sailed through by a comfortable 164 to 137 votes.

Most gun control supporters believe Ignatieff was perfectly happy to have eight of his members bolt from their peers to reassure rural Canada that the Liberals hadn't lost touch with their sensibilities.

Which leaves the NDP, where a full third of MPs broke ranks with party policy and voted to abolish the long-gun registry.
Hmmm... so if spending all this taxpayer money to harrass duck hunters & farmers isn't actually affecting horrendous rates of urban crime... does this mean we get our two billion dollars back?


Hey, Okanagan-Coquihalla...

...does Michael Ignatieff have a way cool surprise for you...
Maclean's: ...you described your job since the Olympics as basically “being Ross.” What does that entail?

Rebagliati: At a certain point, everybody has to face who they are as a person.

Maclean's: How are you making your living these days?

Rebagliati: ...This afternoon, I’m going to be driving a pilot truck for a friend who delivers houseboats... I do what I can, when I can, however I can.

A dangerous game

If the Iranians wanted to do something useful... they'd be practicing mass-casualty drills... because, let's face it... Israel doesn't bluff.


UPDATE: Obama administration responds...

"Don't make us warn you again... pretty puh-leese!"
"Spokesman Wood stopped short of predicting that the grouping's next meeting on Iran, at a date and venue still to be determined, would produce decisions on penalties."

22 November 2009

It's an ill-wind, that...

...blows no moonbats...
In an embarrassing blow to the movement to combat global warming, hackers have posted hundreds of e-mails from a world-renowned British institute that show researchers colluding to exaggerate warming and undermine skeptics.

UPDATE: What the fuckin' fuck?!

Are you serious? They just made all this stuff up?
At least one e-mail seems to describe how best to destroy e-mails that might become subject to Access to Information requests: "Can you delete any e-mails you have with Keith...Keith will do likewise.

"Can you also e-mail Gene and get him to do the same?...We will be getting Caspar to do likewise."

Dear Mayor Miller...

...help me out here... how does taking varmint rifles from my rural farming neighbours... do absolutely anything to the bodycount in the center of the universe?
-- TORONTO -- A violent morning in the city has left one man dead and five people wounded from gunfire. The bullets started flying around 3:20 a.m. on the street around 1001 Bay St., just north of Wellesely St. and a block from Queen's Park, according to Toronto Police.

The man, whose name was not immediately released, is the city's 53rd murder victim of the year.

About 15 minutes later, gunfire erupted at a banquet hall in the city's east end. Officers responded to the Atlantic Party Hall, on Ellesmere Rd., just east of Midland Ave., and found four people suffering from an assortment of injuries, police said. A fifth victim walked into a hospital later.

One man suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound and is now fighting for his life, police said.

RELATED: "Holmes I think we have a clue!"
A white stretch limousine, a white Hummer style limousine, and a black 2005 or 2006 Infinity SUV were also seen fleeing the scene and could be possible suspects in the shooting.
Tallyho, Constable... let's head straight for Rosedale.


LAST WORD: Toronto the Good
Murder toll in Toronto during the past three weeks:

- Nov. 2: Theodoros "Freshie" Tiku, 27, gunned down allegedly by a rival gang member on Gough Ave., near Pape and Danforth Aves.

- Nov. 3: Kevin Phouthonesy, 24, shot dead possibly over drugs at a housing complex on Sentinel Rd., southwest of Keele St. and Finch Ave. W.

- Nov. 4: Gerald Robert Brown, 67, a retired dentist, fatally stabbed in his home on Bedford Rd.in the Annex.

- Nov. 7: Jeff Munro, 32, beaten to death in the Don Jail allegedly by three fellow inmates.

- Nov. 8: Ming Yang, 27, a Chinese citizen, fatally stabbed -- allegedly by a co-worker -- at a sushi restaurant on Bloor St. W. near Bathurst St.

- Nov. 11: Robert Flaggello, 18, an aspiring cop, shot dead in a laneway next to a barbershop at Vaughan Rd. and Glenora Dr.

- Nov. 17: Alex Rundle, 28, shot dead in a home invasion on Wincott Dr., near Kipling Ave. and Dixon Rd.

- Nov. 22: A 32-year-old man was ambushed outside a friend's Bay St. condo by a gunman who was waiting for him to be dropped off by a limo.

Stephane, cher... where's my jockstrap?

Looks like Janine Krieber got tired of being a "good little girl."

Now, if the Liberals ever decide to hold an actual leadership election... instead of, you know... another glitzy coronation... they could do worse than a shoot-from-the-hip, hard-charger like Ms. Krieber.

Of course, all that depends on whether Professor Milquetoast is willing to back the straight-up-the-middle-play... which, of course, in this particular instance, as with so many others... he wasn't.
Sources say Mr. Dion, a Montreal MP, was not involved in producing the note and that people in his camp persuaded Ms. Krieber to delete the message earlier Saturday.
And what heinous words did Mrs Steffi dare impart to the Facebook masses? Something you're not gonna hear any of the backroom boys say out loud...
“The party base understood in 2006 and Canadian citizens are understanding now. Ignatieff's supporters didn't do their homework. They didn't read his books. They contented themselves with his ability to navigate the cocktail circuit.”

“Some of them are enraged today. I hear: 'Why didn't anyone tell us about him?'"

"We told you, loud and clear. You didn't listen.”
Hey, Michael... you think they're still holdin' that slot for you at Hah-vuhd?

You might wanna check on that.


RELATED: Where, oh where is the Puffin King?
Ignatieff's pre-planned absence from the Commons during the detainee debate sparked speculation that the leader wasn't comfortable with the issue, given past writings which some critics allege amount to justifying the use of torture on terrorist suspects.

Ignatieff has always vehemently denied endorsing torture of any kind but Krieber's broadside against his written "insanities" only added fuel to the fire.

FROM THE COMMENTS: The compassionate, intellectual left responds...
"The Liberal Party of Canada may be a fucking disaster these days but you're still the biggest tit around."

21 November 2009

20 November 2009

Yeah, sure... "Canadians" my ass

Now that just doesn't sound right... what Canadians are we talking about here?
Hoggan did a second survey of a group of about 1,000 people it termed “thought leaders,” or top members of business, universities, government and the media, and found that for these people, the environment was the most important issue, followed by the economy.

The tracking of elite opinion was done because it often foreshadows views that eventually spread to the general public.
Of course, screw random sampling... AND actual journalism... let's just hear from "our betters".

Way to go, Globe and Mail.


AIRBRUSH UPDATE: From shame to chagrin...

Globe decides to tone down blatant propaganda...

PUNCHLINE: Okay, now I get it...
"Mr. Hoggan, who is also chair of the Suzuki Foundation..."

RELATED: Who is James Hoggan?
My appearance Thursday morning was, to my knowledge, just about the only time that The Current has ever invited a climate change skeptic.

For this I was grateful, even if I wasn’t the headliner on the show that morning: That honour went to James Hoggan, the owner of a public relations firm who was promoting Climate Coverup, his book attacking global warming skeptics.

To "Serve and Protect"...

...their political masters...
It is the most astonishing thing, but the Ontario government is bitterly defending a lawsuit in which key police witnesses admit most of the allegations, chiefly that the OPP stood by and did virtually nothing as a Caledonia, Ont., family was terrorized during a native occupation that began almost four years ago.


Lemme make this as simple as I possibly can... "Never let the muzzle cover anything you're not willing to destroy."

If you back your car outta your driveway without verifying that there is no one behind you... and you kill someone... that's simply not excuseable.

Similarly, if you pull a trigger, without verifying your target AND backstop... and that round kills an innocent bystander... that's manslaughter.


See Dalton, it doesn't really matter...

...how many glasses of single malt you toss back... you're never really gonna get that unforgettable taste of ass outta your mouth...
A closer look at the documents shows that on behalf of the warriors who seized control of the land in 2006, the ORC has paid in the past three years $152,869 in municipal property taxes, $1,533.14 for no trespassing signs and $7,802.27 in property management costs. There is also an invoice to pay $103,044 to a construction company to "install fencing."

The Government of Ontario website says that since the beginning of this problem, the taxpayers have so far paid out $64.3 million in expenditures.


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LAST WORD: In Dalton McGuinty's socialist paradise...

...there's no such thing as a "bad boy"...
Police say Mr. Kalogerakis was “executed” in front of his terrified 62-year-old mother, who was tied up and “subjected to brutal treatment.”

You can't sell this fuzzy-bunny drivel...

...in the bleeding heart of Canadian hippiedom... you know you're in serious trouble.
-- VANCOUVER -- More than 80 per cent of British Columbians believe that gun crime is at least a moderately serious problem, but only eight per cent believe that Canada's $1 billion long-gun registry has been effective at preventing crime, according to a survey conducted by pollsters Angus Reid.
Hmmm... maybe they should have polled some "thought leaders".


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The room was reportedly furnished with Nazi flags, stuffed animals, plants and computers, according to neighbours, who have described Hughes as a harmless man who loved the environment and dabbled in neo-Nazism.

19 November 2009

There's goes Africa... and pretty much...

...the rest of the entire third world...

Here's a thought... for arguments sake, let's just get on board with the latest media-perpetuated socialist hysteria around the alleged torture of "ALL" prisoners handed over to the Afghani government.

Never mind that one of the tenets of captured Taliban training manuals is for imprisoned jihadis to claim that they have been tortured & otherwise abused by the Christian Crusaders.

Anyway, veracity aside, how about we just totally roll over on this one and refuse to deal with... financially, militarily or otherwise... any & all regimes worldwide that have been accused of abusing their own citizens.

The money that we save on "foreign affairs" alone will pay down the deficit in very short order.

Bye-bye China... I'm sure gonna miss all that cheap plastic lawn furniture.


UPDATE: I'm gonna go with this guy
Former chief of defence staff Rick Hillier said Thursday he never heard suggestions that Canada may have been complicit in the torture of detainees in Afghanistan.

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That's why the Liberals are spitting bullets over these Tory pamphlets: they know that Volpe can't afford to lose another 9,000 votes, but a few more "war crimes" comments from Ignatieff, and they will.

Ignatieff's war crime comments weren't a slip of the tongue; they were the reiteration of Ignatieff's long-held views about Israel -- views that may have been fashionable in Ignatieff's academic circles in the U.K., but that are shockingly out of touch with Canadian political norms.
I can't wait for the next "Fiberal scandal."


LAST WORD: Taxpayers lose... yet again
Remember David Dingwall’s famous testimony that he was “entitled to his entitlements?” The meter was running even as he said it.

Back in 2005, Mr. Dingwall, a former Liberal cabinet minister, was called to explain the expense bills he racked up as Master of the Royal Canadian Mint.

The irony? He billed the mint $39,789 in expenses for appearing at the committee.

Maybe it should be GTTA...

...as in "Going to the Angels"...
Homicide detectives are on the scene of what may be Durham's second slaying in less than 12 hours after a woman was found dead in a Whitby ravine.

The death has not yet been deemed a murder, but if that is the case it would be Durham's sixth of the year and the second killing since 11 p.m. Wednesday when a 32-year-old man was stabbed to death in Ajax.

Three arrests in GTA murder

Appearing in Brampton court today will be Shevon Bailey, 21, and the 15-year-old, whose name is protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Immigration officials have been called in to assist with the case of the youth.

Isaac Kawakye, 18, was arrested Saturday and charged with the murder.

The Sun has learned Bailey was supposed to be under house arrest in Toronto over a previous charge for which he had been released on bail.

Nope, guess again... not Afghanistan

Look who's getting a taste of good ol' fashion democracy...
The new act will allow Nisga'a citizens to own residentially zoned property in fee simple, the common way in which land is sold in Canada.

Holding land under such a title allows owners to take out mortgages and leverage the land for other loans, things they previously couldn't do.

They can also lease the land and build equity in their homes.
Holy crap... is Canada's own little Berlin Wall starting to crumble?

Be still my heart.



If there were any real justice in the world... we would kill this guy 26 times... very, very slowly.


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Emrah Bulatci, 25, bowed his head and wept as the jurors delivered the verdict in N.W.T. Supreme Court. He had been charged in the death of Const. Christopher Worden in Hay River on Oct. 6, 2007.

18 November 2009

Oh, no Canada

Here we go again...
Tahawwur Hussain Rana, a 48-year-old immigration consultant and businessman, is at the centre of a flurry of international media attention since his arrest last month by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, but only now are details of his Canadian connections starting to emerge.

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OHIP, eHealth... now HST

Remember way back when... you know... you used to have a say in what the government did with your money?
-- TORONTO -- Premier Dalton McGuinty won't agree to hold public hearings on the HST across Ontario, but says he expects voters will pass judgment on the new tax in 2011.

McGuinty says people can call talk radio or write letters to the editor about the 13 per cent single sales tax, adding he'd be surprised if voters don't consider the HST in the next Ontario election.
Just don't be bothering Dalton about it... 'cos he's not listening.


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...the left is in disarray...
In October, Obama only garnered a 47% approval on the economy; now it’s 43%. Disapproval on Afghanistan rose to 49%, up seven points in a month.

Both are issues on which Obama has tried to be seen as taking charge, and Americans increasingly wonder if he’s up to the task.

That's some "spiritual" advisor

In December 2005, several youths listened to Aulaqi's "Constants on the Path of Jihad" speech on a laptop, six months before they were charged among a group known as the "Toronto 18," which was accused of planning to blow up downtown Toronto and military targets, the Toronto Star reported last month.

Don't blame me... I didn't...

...vote for him...
The effect of earlier confrontations with natives -- particularly at Ipperwash and Oka, was to terrify Ontario's government into a state of near paralysis.

Premier Dalton McGuinty is a man heavily disposed towards confrontation avoidance. His solution to potential conflict is often to try and buy off the other party, with juicier employment contracts, for instance, or, as in this case, by buying up much of the land at dispute and letting the natives have the run of it.

The McGuinty government's approach to native problems is to do as little as possible and hope it goes away.

Not surprisingly, that has done little to dissuade natives from further confrontations.

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Do the right thing

Make a difference...
Witnesses who followed two gunmen after a west-end shooting, only breaking off when they were themselves shot at, are being credited with the arrests of two men.

The witnesses, age 23 and 20, were residents of the area, near the Jane Street and Alliance Avenue, and decided to get in their own car and follow the men to get a licence plate number for police, said Const. Drummond.

Anthony Johnson, 18, of Toronto, and George Senior, 21, of Toronto, face 52 gun-related charges.

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One man was fatally shot in a home invasion in Etobicoke Tuesday night that reportedly saw victims diving out of windows to avoid the bullets.

A second occupant of the house had unspecified injuries in the invasion on Wincott Dr., in the Kipling Ave.-The Westway area, a quiet residential neighbourhood with bungalow-lined streets.
Mayor Miller's office, yet again, scrambles to identify which Toronto area gun club the shooters belonged to.


17 November 2009

Ooooh... that's gonna leave a mark

"Telling us more about Ignatieff's organizational team than we know about his policies doesn't seem like a good start to me."

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It appears that Mario Laguë was not only hired by Paul Martin to put a brave face on the sponsorship scandal, but Ignatieff’s new D.Comm was also part of a three-man panel with Chuck Guité that hired then Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano’s Chief of Staff to replace Guité, who was retiring.

"Copping a feel"... in Caledonia, or...

...some animals are more equal than others...
"All I did was drive past and take pictures out the window, they pulled me over for a chat. Full tactical stop, with shotgun."

"Scary stuff. Meanwhile the "Mohawk protesters" otherwise known as organized crime, are using the DCE and Dave Brown's back yard for a motocross track, shooting range, pissoir, and generally behaving ugly 24/7."

"No tactical stop with shotgun for them."
Funny how that works.


Yes, Noel... of course it could...

...in exactly the same way that smoking crack can enhance your understanding of bosonic string theory...
Cheating can make someone a "better partner" and in fact lead to an improved relationship, says the founder of a website that facilitates extramarital affairs.
This guy sounds so sure of himself... I guess he must be basing his thesis here on personal experience?

Well, funny story there...
Biderman, who has been married for seven years and has two children, says both he and his wife have never cheated because they are "very honest with one another about what we need and how our relationship will work."

That's just crazy talk

Experts, on whom the incompetent depend to explain the complicated world they fail to understand, are unanimous. "It's Reagan's fault," says Professor Wilton Chumpley, a consulting sociologist from the University of Twerp in Belgium.

"Remember how in the 1980s that actor-president mislead people into thinking they could spend their own money and run their own lives without expert help?