31 October 2011

How often you find yourself thinkin'...

...there's just not enough suckass politically-correct petty bureaucracy in my life?

-- 2.2 DIDGERIDOO: --

Didgeridoo players are frequently used in Welcome ceremonies to ‘call’ speakers, special guests and the audience to begin the ceremony. A didgeridoo player may also be used as a soloist in other parts of the ceremony.

Professional didgeridoo players, registered with an agent, charge a standard industry fee. Fees may be negotiable, according to individual performers needs and the type of performance required.

The National Musicians Enterprise Agreement, certified in July 2003, contains the following minimum rates for musicians.

Category 1 performer, for a minimum 3 hour performance:

3 x $104.00 per hour + $12.43 make up and costume allowance + $ 4.00 instrument allowance + $28.37 rehearsal rate.

Total cost is $356.80 per performance
Professional didgeridoo players... there's a civil servant for that.


dmorris said...

At $104 bucks an hour,I am going to take up the didgeridoo,just as soon as I can figure out what the hell they look like.

Off to Youtube to peruse old Rolf Harris videos!

dmorris said...


Ah,the didgeridoo is a drone type instrument. I suppose it could be used to replace the Bass fiddle in a jazz band.

Anonymous said...

They actually pay for that noise?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... They actually pay for that noise?"

as a matter of fact... they pay the government mandated $104.00 per hour + $12.43 make up and costume allowance + $ 4.00 instrument allowance + $28.37 rehearsal rate.


Randy in Recording said...

They look like a hollow tree. The "artist" breathes in a "circular" fashion into one end. Pay particular attention to your recording levels and mic volume. I was sober when I tried to record one. Don't ask.